Nigel flylikeabird3

  • I live in on an island in the middle of the ocean.
  • My occupation is playing flylikeabird 3.
  • I am a Seegull. don't ask. :/
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  • This is White. I am Kingslayer's best friend. We have talked on this wiki before(if you remmeber) Now i know you think its probably dumb for me to talk about this to you about this now but, i havent been able to get hold of you on the game. Also im not allowed to talk to you personally on the game(for alot of reasons). Nigel buddy you dont have anything to be afraid of ...especially not Ryuik. She is a hacker but she cant get people actual fancy names to the detail, by which i mean that she might be able to superpoop and whatnot but cannot in any way find out where you live...unless ofcourse you told her.AND she doesnt have any special access to...well you know....dumb a##s like her cant do what it took two people a year to fully accomplish. I looked at her page and it looks like she has peoples fancy names to some extent but these names have some wrong letters which just proves that she stalked or was friends with these people and carefully noted down every fancy character ...but unfortunately she is dumb and couldnt get some things right. so that.

    Also she is a big liar trying to scare the sh*t outta ya, believe me if she had access to.. you know what..xd she wouldve gotten fancy names from 2011 and to the present date(and more)... i know she told you she has more but she cant be more f***ing wrong. Im calling this a bluff bluff. Now coming to the point want to inform gamevial about certain things(if you what im talking about) lemme tell you..dont..know why? they wont beleive sh*t. they will ignore your email and laugh behind the screen while reading it. its the truth. no matter what you say they wont beleive you... its better to stay quiet about assured nobody will get hurt because of this. We dont even give a sh*t about popular players and people we dont care what they talk about or who they hook up or break up with...we have this access since 2011, and no normal person was harrased because of this...oh and becarful about talking about this. i would like to talk about more things with you...on the game ofcourse..if you want. I will see about getting permission to face you personally. if not i would send a messenger... we could always talk on the wikia... and Nigel the enemy is not me or King remmeber that.

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    Nigel met Emma at city 7 after hanging out with frost and ruis and being annoyied by witherd foxy. venum is golden and he read nigels pagelol emma fracture her back trying to flip on the trampoline. they then go to hill5 - look at screen shots - from there it is emma left wheres emm.. nvm? she back lol my computer turned offemma it happend to me alotvenum me too im bored i dunno whyemm i got to go in a little while . ehfrost i have to go and catch a duck later today :/ u lo busy nigelvenum why venum i never catched a duck. yea?venum i have to catch it because someone abandoned it at a park:/ it was a pet once or a farm animal nigel howkindvenum why would someone do thatemma there cuteemma and nigel is a bird lovervenum ikemma it is probebly an old duck that stopped leying eggs or something(thats what this type is for) so they decided todump it :/ aaaww thats sad.emma thats unkind and harshvenum so im going to catch it along with another farm duck and give it to one of my friends who also takes in abandoned animals im goina go check the other scapes emma bye emma mission duck rescue for nigelvenum i rescued a chicken the other day it was limping on the side of the road, so i took it home :) we have a bad feral chicken problem where i live:/ cuz people keep dumping unwanted pets chickns are very cutefrost thats terriblefrost and the conservation people are pathetic :| yea they are i live to hold there fur and tickle itvenum ikrfrost the other day the conservation crap people pulled up at a playground full of children and shot a bunch of chickens infront of them and left the dead bodies :| btw nigel why dont u make an alliance for the bird rescue, ur perfect at it.venum then i got killed bye "weed" back who is "Weed?" i dunno emma i feel like i know ashkiemma shes frost killed by weed again.. no just djweed ryuik? hes tellig that his name is djvenum ryuik?o________________ovenum r u kidding mee.evenum fck that hoeweed i havnt seen ehr for yearsveun angryswan?wemma no i just dotn like nygelweed wanna know what ryuik did? ryuik went and has copied everyones fancy names and gave them out to people such as ariana and angryswan :| thats ryuik for ya, she got a whole list o names ik thatvenum she has everyones. alsmostvenum shes bad e.enigel and shes going to do what with these names? ryuin our lives? hahfrost. killed by weed again

    that afternoon 

    Pictures go with top

    Nigel found Ryuik at hill5 hanging out with Anya and a few others. he ask her to got o hill5 to appoliges but she refuse to. eventually someone lag the game so she decide to go angry followed.. seagullthenigel is here at hill5 with ryuik. angryswan... he poo on me. i want to hear what u have to sayryuik ok go away you!ryuik it angryswan. we go underground lol whatryuik neeangry im sorry for being an a sshole to u. about ur page and what not on the wikia did it not show lord new mapryuik wait ug... hill2 change name ryuk dont. im buba ryuik leaves? dfgioihghjo neves may be her? ryuik, r u here? bubbabutt!angry oh shut upnigel look for ryuik hill2 r u ryuik. neves. yes or no? ur not nigel. i am i lost my fancy name to hide nigeltheryuik is here i am nigel ryuik. boop!(^_^)angry say nothignryuik. kk. but angry just here to be nosey.neves i am nigel or "nyuik" i just said say nothingryuik "rigel"angry bak angyr not ther hill6 now now now!!!! go hill6 now!! she go so hil6! change anme now! nigelryuik okryuik she change her name thankgod nigeakabirdy boop is here ryuik? what. if the swan comes here we go to hill 3 ok nigel?ryuik yes? where did i keep those names? i forgotboop..... pls leave for now, it me nigel but go nigel toemmea and she goes .. u know where u kept those names e.e where?boop your.. not.. ryuik.. shadowis here fuc k thisnigel what(O_O)ngry im nigel and hes angryswan. dont tell him bout the names its golden names what names?!?!?angry hes tryna find out, dont tell em wait who's nigel i am. nigel poo on angry i belive in birdyshadow. brb back - whats rong weth u!angry being killed by nige and shadow boop is back what wrong with me? more like whats wrong with ur spelling :| angry is in the sky.. come down ya coward! aaaah nygle is a female nope u areshadow nigel is a manshadow i checkededboop emma is here emma lemma?boop hey emmao.o leave if u dont wan to deal with angryswan o...kayemma leaves wut!!!angryinbirgletter leave if u dont wan to deal with angryswan nut!!!!!shadowinbig letter shutup shadowulphangry make meshadow make me :dshadow shut upangry fail. well... yer moms a cow!>:Oangry ..?nigel this swan looks rly angryshadow. his anme says it all :| cow mothurs!!!!boop. :|nigel fat coowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!boot hahahahahah!boop
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  • add angryswan gallery on flab3 wiki

    finnish springs return

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  • more 
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  • these will all be deleted once i add them to my page, but some idiot banned my from the flab3 wikia for 3 days so i have to wait :/

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  • Fly Like a Bird Wiki

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    ≈•≈Lord Shen≈•≈

    608PAGES ON THIS WIKIEdit   Talk159there is a lot thats not done on this page yet, it will be done eventually when i have some time to do it. 

    i might dissapear from flab3 for a little while every now and then. 

    there are clones of me, so if for some reason im mean to you or rude, its probebly a clone and not really me.  

    this page is veeeerrrry long so if you want to find a certain part please look through the contents thingy first. 

    it helps. 



    [hide]#Nigel, Lord shen, Evilbird 

    2. Shen/Nigels time on Fly like a bird3 2009 - present. 
    3. 2009 
    4. 2011 
    5. 2012 
    6. 2013 - 2014 
    7. 2014 
      1. ace bandit alpahundercat kapro and blackwolf 
    8. 2015 
      1. The wasps attack 
    9. kapro the stalker 
    10. march 30 
    11. april 1 
    12. banned on april 16 
    13. mid 2015 
    14. November 
      1. Shen and Silver 
      2. cherie's mad at nigel. again.. 
    15. december 
      1. Shan, Rain and Gamerz the ghost 
      2. Nigel vs pristo 
      3. 433 the strange bird 
    16. January 
      1. the return of the ____(has some bad language) 
      2. thunder 
      3. gamerz gamerz and gamerz. 
      4. dinosaur returns 
      5. Emily vs silver=c__ 
      6. the start of "Levi" 
    17. february 
      1. Gull clan 
      2. Nigel, Spring and Jewel 
      3. feb 4 
      4. The deal 
      5. the hidden room.. 
      6. emily the stalker. 
      7. feb 11 
      8. valentines day 
      9. Vokun gone crazy 
      10. the discussion 
      11. Sachas return. 
      12. Nigel, Eren, Levi vs Vokun the crazy bird 
      13. the cloner 
      14. Vokun again 
      15. Nigel and delta 
      16. Levi and ryuik 
      17. the return of Frodo. 
      18. pristo's return 
    18. March 
      1. Vokun can't kill Nigel 
      2. Banning people 
      3. Levi's mistake 
      4. march 6 
      5. march 11 
      6. Nigel and 4949 
      7. Meeting Vokun again 
      8. Kappy and Nigel 
      9. Ariana's cloning again.. 
      10. Fan Ni Sha returns 
      11. Nigels stalker 
      12. The magical glowing trees. 
      13. Angry swan the liar 
      14. good friday 
      15. Nigel, Skipper and Live. 
      16. ABC's return 
      17. populars return 
      18. the racist birds 
      19. march 30 
    19. April 
      1. the Levi crisis 
      2. Levi crisis continued 
      3. April 3 
      4. Levi crisi 3 
      5. dear Lysa 
      6. Levi crisis part 4……. 
      7. Springs return 
      8. attack of the Polska, and Bop is back? 
      9. Bop is definitely back. 
      10. The very scary Kapro 
      11. the hawk that quit 
      12. let me in let me in let me in! 
      13. Nigel and Blackfire vs the hater 
      14. Face dude 
      15. Not again... 
      16. Icecream at Industy 7 
      17. The fight at Cityscape 1 
        1. The bird army 
      18. Ace forgotten? 
      19. The grey. 
      20. Lisha did what? 
    20. May 
      1. The name problems 
      2. Springs' here / the SoS 
      3. Fooled birds 
        1. Levi's stitches. 
      4. The glitches 
      5. you dum dum + ace's return. 
      6. Bola 
      7. the warning 
      8. Swift and Wither 
      9. yet another argument with cherie and donna
      10. may 13(will never be done)
      11. Classified 
      12. The very looong day. 
        1. vlad putin
        2. Felipe vs Felope   
      13. may 19(not finished) 
      14. Nigel and Frost's discussion. 
      15. gamerz problem continued 
      16. Mafia……? 
      17. a fatal mistake. 
        1. Nigels discussion with frost 
        2. The fatal mistake. 
        3. later on 
      18. the deal of 1 week. 
      19. a new problem. 
    21. June
      1. The return
      2. The k word. 
      3. june 17 
      4. _________________________
      5. The new day
      6. bothering the rabbit. 
      7. The liar? 
      8. Hide and Seek / the confusing hour.  
        1. the confusing hour 
      9. the new glitch 
      10. The banning of Giggetygoo
    22. july 
      1. Someone 
      2. a fatality. 
        1. lea°
      3. ABC?
      4. the "thing".  
      5. July 10 
      6. july 11 
        1. Donna causing trouble.. yet..again........
      7. the "stick". 
      8. Fefe 
        1. later 
      9. the lil' parrot 
      10. ariama
      11. july 22
      12. Im not alone   
        1. later
      13. july 25 
      14. july 27 
      15. July 28
        1. Felipe vs Bloodwolf vs Angryswan.   
        2. later on 
        3. lesson learned
        4. Glimmer 
      16. The _PKG
      17. the rebel
    23. August 
      1. today august 3(not done) 
      2. Discussing Vespula
        1. taste of her own medicine
      3. killer kat
        1. later
      4. The next few days 
      5. kidlat meets the one and only angryswan + rain and shan's return   
      6. the story of the pkg 
      7. yet more drama
      8. the giant chick. 
      9. yet another ol problem with cherie
      10. The angry baby.
        1. the hawk that quit pt 2
      11. plans for cherie. hehehe
    24. =
      1. a warning
      2. who is Champ?
      3. Nigels "wife"
      4. August 21
      5. Nigels weird dream
      6. the return of Angry.  
        1. the fake blood
      7. August 25 
      8. They did what?(not done)
      9. Confusion!
      10. Blackwolfs return. he is back to his old self. damn. :| 
      11. Ace?
      12. The lazy birds'
      13. kapro dont like sonic
    25. September
      1. The Zika infested pest
      2. ah what a pigeon can do.
      3. the secret of the chat. 
      4. someone's up to no good.
      5. Learn from your mistakes
      6. sept 11
      7. turn around
        1. Nigel vs blu!
      8. Sept 14 
      9. revenge  sweet revenge
      10. birds in a bin. 
        1. Tee is pee
      11. Top secret
      12. sept 24
    26. The Ryuik war
    27. Day 1
      1. a bad mistake
    28. day 2
      1. Ryuik's reality. 
    29. Day 3 onward
      1. ryuik'a problem
      2. Not done
    30. day 5
      1. sept 29
      2. Telling people
      3. that night
    31. October
      1. that morning
    32. Back to normal for now!
      1. The "butt poo poo head"
      2. City madness 
      3. secret
      4. oct 6
      5. Nigel, Eren and Peak
      6. Ryuik war aftermath
      7. Nigel, Jeff, Shaddowwolf vs Angryswan(not done)
    34. Main Enemies 
      1. Dapplefrost and the role-players 
      2. The wasps 
      3. Ariana 
    35. ~People Nigel Knew~ 
    36. •Cherie 
    37. *•Mafia 
    38. *Valerie Swift 
    39. Dinosaur 
    40. *Quill 
    41. *Drago 
    42. *Bella 
    43. ~ ♥ fan_ni_sha ♥ ~ 
    44. *Thug - 
    45. *•Donna(blackcatzcl) 
    46. •Lysa 
    47. •В.Путин.bop!/V.putin. 
    48. *•Dapplefrost - 
    49. *Shaddowwolf 
    50. Wrappedupfrodo 
    51. Ace Bandit 
    52. Ryuik 
    53. Kaprosuchus 
    54. Blackwolfking(i'm hot | ur not, Souf, Eyelsess jack.) 
    55. Grace 
    56. *•Vespula 
    57. *•Dominula 
    58. *•Malicafrons 
    59. *•Polesties 
    60. clockwork 
    61. *Cyborus 
    62. *King 
    63. *Alphaundercat 
    64. Gamerz 
    65. Thunder Demon 
    66. *Pip(female) 
    67. Silver 
    68. •fighter 
    69. *Redclaw 
    70. •Pristobrycon(has a lot of names) 
    71. *lyo lay loya 
    72. *Hawky 
    73. Thunderwings 
    74. golden fist(master wolf, other names) 
    75. Rain and shan 
    76. crackerjack 
    77. Emily 
    78. •Anya 
    79. queen Enya 
    80. Silverwolf 
    81. Silver = c*** 
    82. Yum Soda 
    83. Stormy the falcon 
    84. Pruplepaws 
    85. Greentea 
    86. Levi 
    87. Eren 
    88. •Jared 
    89. Blackfire 
    90. Wasp 
    91. Ice claws 
    92. Jewel 
    93. Blu 
    94. •Ariana 
    95. Springtrap 
    96. •Vokun 
    97. Whitewolf 
    98. Rookie 
    99. Death 
    100. Jeffiline 
    101. Eyeless jack 
    102. (gay)Ryan 
    103. digital 
    104. 4949 
    105. Faith 
    106. Frost 
    107. •Angry swan 
      1. Quotes(newest at the top):
    108. Fawful 
    109. Fallen 
    110. *Populargirl 
    111. Alphababycat 
    112. Skipper and Live 
    113. gaze 
    114. Zoey 
    115. Purpleguy 
    116. Dawn 
    117. Lisha 
    118. Cortika 
    119. •Polskawarriorxd 
    120. Peridot 
    121. •Luigi 
    122. Dutchess 
    123. ♀♀♀✰❀♥♥♥❀✰♀♀♀ 
    124. Icecream 
    125. yandere chan 
    126. Grey 
    127. Nazli 
    128. Kot 
    129. Bola 
    130. Giggitygoo(symonjoe) 
    131. babyhawk 
    132. Swift 
    133. Ruis 
    134. xxZoomxx 
    135. •Shadow the owl 
    136. •the joker 
    137. Noot 
    138. Random maaannnnn 
    139. Lola mint 
    140. bantomchicken and Eaglechick 
    141. Judy hopps 
    142. Viking 
    143. Oneshotkiller 
    144. Nutral 
    145. Mr. Mercedes 
    146. eatserling
    147. dj
    148. breeze
    149. lea°
    150. therealpoke and paczaji 
    151. Berry
    152. Galactic dragon
    153. Muffie
    154. Donaldduck
    155. Cocktail
    156. Imnotalone
    157. Wercia121
    158. Jack
    159. Maleowl and female owl
    160. glimmer 
    161. Souleater
    162. Sophia
    163. Chara
    164. vinnie
    165. chucky boy
    166. Emma
    167. Bombay
    168. Ice wolf
    169. 6ayemorya
    170. Hotwolf(lea's child)
    171. Champ
    172. Hebeccia
    173. Bendrowned
    174. Wolfie
    175. lifeofBoris
    176. Killergirl
    177. Semi-wolf
    178. Leonie10
    179. Kingslayer
    180. Kahlen and Tee
    181. Grunling
    182. 4apa
    183. muhammed
    184. Guardswan
    185. Blu
    186. Wildicekiller
    187. Killer baby
    188. Lyria
    189. Bill cipher
    190. Papidimmi

    Nigel, Lord shen, Evilbird Edit


    image by Nigel 2016





    Ace(best friend), Alphaundercat, Springtrap(once his mate), Gamerz, Levi, Eren, kaprosuchus, blackwolfleader (luna, wildpupp), Spirit(Giggetygoo, bloodwolf), Digital, Chucky boy, Emma, Frost, Ruis. see others on "people shen knew".


    MAIN ENEMIES: The wasps - Vespula -leader(recently returned), dominula(liar), Malicefrons(vespula's helper, killed by nigel), Polesties(malicefrons friend)., Pristobrycon(role-player/ former wasp). OTHERS - Angryswan(troll/stalker), Ariana(cloning), Vokun(hates him because of ace), Lisha(stalker),

    time been on Flab3

    7 years or more


    Nigel(used right now), Felipe, Evilbird, Lord shen.


    Peace Keeper Group. - lead by Kidlat and Ace bandit.


    ABOUT personality: often kind but can be quite rude with people he dosnt like. he also jokes quite a lot. 

    hobbies: playing flab3 

    favorite color: blue

    species:white peacock or cockatoo(in role-play)

    age: (I'm not telling u)

    clan: the PKG


    PERSONALITY Nigel is kind to other birds often helping out with making nests and helping new people(teaching them about the game, finding twigs, stuff like that), and jokes a lot but he can also get quite rude if someone insults him, often being quite rude back, he isn't afraid to use swear words against people. He also claims to own hills cape 5, and kills anyone who tries to take over.

    he tends to hold grudges against past enemies, one example is the shaddowclan, Even if the clan is just mentioned by another bird, he will often go on ranting about how he hates them and what they did to him a long time ago. he often plots to kill all of the Shaddowclan people, and anyone who joins, even making his own clan to go against them.

    he also likes to kill macaws when he's bored, often pooping on people named "blue" and "jewel".

    he also rarely is mates with anyone, The only person he has been mates with for a while is Springtrap. The reason he does this is so there are no fights, one time a mate he had a long time ago returned and got mad because he had a new one.



    • He has played all of the Fly like a bird series
    • his name "Lord shen originated from the movie kung fu panda 2
    • His name "Nigel" originated from the movie rio and rio2 and so did the name felipe.
    • his main enemie is Ariana and Angryswan.
    • he often calls people "birds" instead of people on the game.
    • he dosnt like the idea of roleplaying as cats on a bird game.
    • he hates the shadow clan even thought they are not on the game anymore. he will often rant about them even if the name is just mentioned.
    • he often ends up getting stalkers, right now his stalker is a bird with the name "Felope".
    • his favorite place is Hillscape 5 and Island 5
    • he calls himself a "Seegull", a play on name of seagull.


    Quotes from Flab3 (when people act weird or annoy him)

    "what is wrong with people these days….?"


    (to role players when they act dramatic)

    "Roleplay…… So dramatic!"


    (to vespula when he killed the wasp clan)

    Nigel:"Yes, i killed all of the wasps!"

    Vespula: "impossible!"

    Nigel:"no, it was easy really.. I just blew that sh__ up with a power washer!".


    (To Voken when she was about to kill him)

    "what do you want??? free pizza? i can do anything!! just don't kill me!!!!". -


    (ofte to random people, mainly ones named blu or jewel)

    "Hello birdies"


    (to polesties to fish)

    polesties: "your just a dirty flying rat"

    Nigel: "im not a pigeon…."

    Polesties: "dirty rat!"

    Nigel: "oh, how nice of you… such wonderful, nice names……."

    Polesties: "at least i'll always be better than you. dirty rat"

    Nigel: ya.. your better off as sushi…."


    (To Silver=C_nt right after he lagged him out of the game(he claimed nigel couldn't)

    S=C:"back". "what happened?"

    Nigel: "so much for the "lag proof""

    S=C: "Shut up……"

    Nigel: ;)


    (during Levi's mistake.)

    mathew : "wheres ryan?"

    Eyelessjack:"go look for him if you want to see him."

    mathew: "i can't find him anywhere"

    Eyelessjack: "walk around all places yelling his name, search al places possible!"

    Nigel : wait this is in real life???"

    Eyelessjack : "do you think i would make this up?"

    Nigel: "why are you talking about something like this on a game?"

    Eyelessjack: "theres no where else".

    Nigel :"well.. you could talk on the phone."

    Levi : "you should call the police…"

    Nigel "thank you levi, at leas there is one smart person here."

    Levi : "im not Levi, I'm his older brother"

    Nigel : "welcome to flab3, it can be weird".

    Nigel : "want me to teach you a bit about it?"

    Colin : "no… i want nothing to do with this game, for i am worried about my brothers(levi) sanity".

    Eyelessjack: "you look like a d___ to me".


    (to vokun after she told him she had 4 heads)(in vokun can't kill Nigel)

    Nigel: "you got 4 heads? oh.. well... i honsestly thought someone with 4 heads would be smarter than you.. but.. oh well ya live n learn.."


    (to Eren when they were being stalked by the flower thing)

    Nigel: "when your bored. you become a flower. dont become bored and be a flower"


    (to jeffiline when they were discussing the glowing trees)(in the magical glowing trees)

    Nigel: "well.. this is an industry.."

    Jeff: "industries don't have glowing trees"

    Nigel: "well, this industy is special…. they are a factory for making glowing trees! didnt you know?"


    (they are back's warning)(in let me in)

    Theyareback : *enters*"They are back! run before we all get skinned alive and out flesh painted blue!!"*leaves*

    Nigel: "Well that was… random."

    Noname(duchess) : "very.."

    Nigel : "if that was one of the wasps i am leaving."

    Noname : "uh……"

    Nigel: "i can't put up with that crap again!"


    (when there was a poo fight going on)

    Killer: "what are they doing"

    Nigel : "they trying to s___ on each other!"

    Silver:" dancing"

    Whisper:"what type of dancing?"

    Silver: "s__y dancing!"


    (kapro and nigel)

    Kapro:"i like killing people.."

    Nigel:"uh... dont kill me..."

    Kapro:"better not p!ss me off then.."

    Nigel: "i never piss ya off kappy! you know that! ;)


    (later that day)

    Kapro: "well, theres going to be a new skull added to the collection soon".

    Nigel: -.-

    (when kapro tried to change animals in rp)

    Nigel:"retard, you cant change animals..."

    kapro(glaring): "and then.. wait what did you just call me??"

    Nigel: "Nothing :)"

    Kapro: "you did the one thing i said not to do!"

    Nigel:" uh.. what?"

    Kapro:"PISS ME OFF!!!!!!!!!"

    Nigel: "uh.. im.. uh.. very sorry.. i would../cut off by kapro/"

    Kapro: "you get a 10 second head start... one.. two... three....."

    Nigel: "oh... crud."/runs/"aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!"


    (when nigel saw two ringecks, camka and super girl trying to get in his building)(during let me in let me in let me in)

    Nigel: "you can't get in, i locked the door".

    Noname(duchess):"ya, how did you get in..?"

    Nigel: "magic!"

    a few minutes later

    Nigel :"fine…i'll tell you."

    Nigel: "you go to the door and say "let me in let me in let me in" 5 times".

    Noname: "fine…"

    Noname: "let me in let me in let me in"

    Nigel: " no. let me in let me in let me in 5 times".

    after a few minutes

    Nigel: "let me in let me in let me in 1 let me in let me in let me in 2 let me in let me in let me in 3 let me in let me in let me in let me in 4 let me in let me in let me in let me in 5!, what don't you get?"

    later on

    Nigel: "find out how?"

    noname: "no"

    Nigel "i will show you"

    Nigel:*stands by building and says the password* "see?"

    noname: its not working"

    Nigel: "be a seagull"

    Noname: *as seagull* " now what?"

    Nigel: "do it"

    Nonane: "it not working"

    Nigel: "idk why, works for me?"

    Noname: "now i'll never know"


    (to popular girl after she told him that ace forgot him)(ace forgotten)

    Nigel:"how could he???????"

    Pop:"what did you 2 do together?"

    Nigel:"i helped ace a lot, and he forgot about me?????" 

    Pop: "What did you do to help him?"

    Nigel: "when he got chased away, when people were being mean to him, i was always there to help him… AND HE FORGOT ME???????"

    Nigel: "i was one of his best friends!!!!!!!!" 


    (to gamerz after he told nigel that he knew where Lysa lived.)

    Gamerz: "i know where she lives…"

    Nigel : "you do??"

    Gamerz: "yes!"

    Nigel: "can you kill her for me??? please??"

    Gamerz: "sure, i hate her too"

    Nigel: "ok then, kill her, n hang her up to rot!"

    Gamerz: "will do!"


    (when nigel started talking about Kapro's secret gf)

    kapro: "silence!"

    Nigel imediatly shut up

    Jeff: "like a king.."

    _____ (Kidlat meets the one and only angry swan) 

    Angry: "you have awoken me from my 10000 year sleep."

    Kid: "shen. this guy is creepy.... what do you advise?"

    angry: "waris will"

    Kid: e.e

    Nigel: ""er.. i think its ariana.. or angry.. or one of dem wasps... i say ignore it and it will get bored and leave haha......"


    (To emma mocking her for what she said/august 20)

    emma had said that someone named redd was nigel Girl friend when she wasn't.

    Emma: "i was just joking"

    Nigel: "that wasnt a joke" 

    Nigel:*pooes on emma* 


    Nigel(mocking emmas quote):"i was just joking" 



    the "damn you tree" song he sung to Eren.

    "damn you tree. 

    i hate you. 

    ima cut down all your friends. 

    if you crash into me again!"


    When Nigel and ace where hiding, Nigel accidentally gave them away. 


    /noname enters as he says this/


    Nigel: /realizing what he did/ "now that my friend is called bad timing!"

    Noname:/not realising nigel gave ace away/ "ace? where is he?"

    Nigel: "uh... at snow6!"

    / no name still doesn't realise its a trick/

    Nigel: "ima go find him at s6 bye! ^^"/leaves/

    / Noname left after falling for the stupid trick so Nigel(who went back right after he left) and ace went somewhere els/ 

    Nigel:"bahahaahaha it woked, what an idiot! hahahahahahaha"


    if you edit this i will ban you from the wiki, so don't bother.

    This is a very long page. so if you want to find a certain part go to the contents thing.

    this page also has a bit of bad language.

    I use the names Nigel, felipe, Shen and any others that i was using at the time that things happened. same for the people i knew) but i am the same person.

    I have alot of clones on FLab3 right now, so if you see me acting stupid or rude its probebly a clone. 

    People who played a long time ago call me shen but newer people call me nigel. some also call me felipe.

    this is written in my perspective, so its only what i know happened. if something happened thats wrong here, please let me know in the TALK PAGE. thank you. also, this is only my side of whats happened on flab3 over time, someone else's might be a bit different.

    Shen/Nigels time on Fly like a bird3 2009 - present. Edit

    this part is veeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy loooooooooonnnnngggg. 

    so don't expect to read it all in one day. 

    this part is what has happened to me on flab3 from 2009 - present.

    also, if you want to know who all the other birds are in this, you might want to check out the "people shen knew" part first then you would have a better idea of who everyone was. :) 

    2009 Edit

    Shen started playing fly like a bird3 in 2009 with the name fasty. he would often just hang out in the city often as a seagull. Gamevial then added the Hillscape and fasty would hangout there with friends. he met a bird who named herself "fasty's mate" so fasty and fastsy mate made a nest and stayed together. later another person named themselves "fastys daughter".

    2011 Edit

    Some time in 2011 Shen started using the name Lord Shen. At this time Clans were starting to be formed and Shen decided to join the ShadowClan. This didn't go well for shen didn't like role-play very much so the leader of the SC, Dapplefrost, made Shen leave. Dappleforst made up lies about shen so a lot of people didn't like hime. So Shen would often spam a room where there were role players and seemed to have a hatred for anyone who role played. he and Dapplefrost would often get into fights over who owned Hill5.

    2012 Edit

    in 2012 He met a bird named cherie at city1. He would often stay at city1 with cherie and a few other people. He Also met a bird named mafia and someone els named ryuik. Shen and Mafia would often fight over cherie each wanting to be her mate. mafia was then mates with cherie so Shen hated Mafia from then on. he also met a bird named Valerie Swift who he was friends with. Valerie kept having to break up fights between Shen and Mafia.

    2013 - 2014 Edit

    at one point mafia took over city1 and would only let certain people come to city1(with the help of his hacker friends). Mafia eventually broke up with cherie. Cherie and donna eventually left city1 and would stay at Industry6, so Shen would go there too. In late 2014 a lot of people left FLAB3 and it was often only Shen Donna Cherie Thug and a few other random people playing.

    he started using the name Nigel in 2014 and was often known as Nigel!

    in the middle of 2014 cherie and donna had started going back to industry6. Shen decided to join them there until one night shen and cherie were arguing. Shen ended up calling cherie a bad word so she hated him from then on. after about a month later a bird named Pic asked cherie in city1 if cherie would be his mate. cherie had said that she wouldn't be mates with anyone els except her own mate Thug, but cherie said yes to pic so he went and told everyone that cherie was his mate. Shen also found out and cherie knew that shen would go around telling everyone that she cheated on thug to get back at her for ignoring her. Thug finally decided that he had had enough of all this so he told cherie that they would break up. over the next few days shen tried to stop the break up but they broke up anyways. Pic disappeard after he found out about the break up. Shen watched as cherie and thug broke up at in6. Cherie and donna continued to stay at industry6 for a while but then moved back to city1.

    2014 Edit

    ace bandit alpahundercat kapro and blackwolf Edit

    In 2014 he started using the name Nigel(he got the name from rio2) so from here on i will be using the name Nigel seen as thats the name i used on the game. 

    In late 2014 a few people started playing fly like a bird 3 again after a lot of people left. One of the few was a bird named Ace bandit. Ace bandit started making friends fairly quickly, and Nigel was one of his friends. After about a month, ace was known by almost everyone. By then Ace had a girl friend, but he was found to be cheating on her. People started realizing that ace was cheating, and started turning on him. Because of this, ace started telling people that he had cancer, to try and get friends again. Nigel was one of the only ones who didn't fall for this, and accused ace of lying. He confronted him and his boyfriend Dishyan and told ace to stop. because of his lies, Nigel would harass Dace and Dishyan a lot, sometimes spamming the chat where they were. Nigel also tried to tell people that Ace was a liar, and slowly people began to realize that he was right. Soon everyone found out, and ace lost all of his friends. He was pretty much shunned by everyone in fly like a bird 3. even Dishyan left him. Nigel felt bad that he had caused all of this, and made friends with ace bandit again. Ace and Nigel got pretty close at one point. Ace was being harassed by almost everyone now, all of his girl friends, and a few others. Ace finally had enough, and committed suiced and left the game seemingly forever. 

    All while this was happening Nigel met a bird named Alphaundercat who he would hang out with a lot. AUC got an idea and made the glitches on fly like a bird 3 wiki, and Him and Nigel would edit it, making different -spams for the game for fun. 


    2015 Edit

    The wasps attack Edit

    Some time in february 2015, Nigel met a bird named "vespula". vespula was the leader of the "wasp" clan. Nigel was friends with her for a little while, but this didn't last long. vespula started trying to kill nigel, calling him a traitor for no reason. vespula also had 2 followers named "Malicafrons and Polesties". The two were often sent to try and kill Nigel but always ended up failing. Nigel also found out that someone named Dominula, who was once his friend, was one of vespulas loyal spies. Nigel hated dominula for this, and would often try to kill her. One day Malicafrons and Polesties had followed Nigel to Hillscape 5. Nigel had been hanging out with his friend Cyborus when this happened. They got into an argument, Nigel trying to convince the two that Vespula was only using them. They refused to listen to him, so eventually Nigel killed malicafrons with a fly swatter. He then told polesties that he killed the entire wasp clan with a power washer to scare her, and terrified, she ran away. 

    Nigel found Vespula a few days later looking for them, and told her what he had done. She refused to believe him, but eventually gave up looking after a week. Nigel tried to be friends with vespula, telling her that there was no point in fighting, but she refused, telling him it was "meant to be" and that they would always be enemies. After a few days vespula disappeared, seemingly gone, but Nigel then found her and a few other wasps role playing as fish. Nigel killed her after this.

    In may someone kept ruining pages on the Flab3 wiki, often deleting stuff or changing things. Nigel eventually found out that it was the wasps, for they had told him they "wouldn't only attack him on Flab3. 

    Nigel's message to EnderoftheEnd on May 30th when the wasps continued editing pages and ruining stuff on the wikia. they would replace whole pages with things like "we hate you" or "this is crap". 


    ≈•≈lord shen≈•≈


    ≈•≈LORD SHEN≈•≈

    The problem has already been addressed and the editor responsible has been banned since quite a bit ago, so I'll ask you to calm down, please. ~Aquila

    Ender never found out that it really was the wasps. if she only knew. 

    kapro the stalker Edit

    In March - May Nigel was being harassed by kaprosuchus and Blackwolfking who had been told by Cherie to kill him. Kapro would often follow AUC and Nigel everywhere. One time they were at Snowscape 6 or 7 and Kapro came on and started killing them emideatly. Nigel and AUC fled to hills cape5, where Kapro followed them, actually beating them in getting there. He wouldn't leave until they left. 

    march 30 Edit

    Nigel warning AUC about kapro on march 30:

    "oh and even better, that guy who was chasing us a few days ago? i think the name begins with a k.  well he is now following me around and not stopping. hes trying to make me leave.  well, i am fed up with this so i am NOT playing for a good week. " 

    and he banned me from lif...

    and then on march 31: oh thats why u wernt on?  oh well. i'm going on now, because me and my friends forgave each other, but i still gotta be careful of this hacker guy(the one who chased us) because he wants to make flab3  hell for me untill i leave, he even followed me for 3 hours... yes, when ever i went on, he found me?? idk, some kind of hack lets him know where u are....  oh and when hes not on, he sends blackwolfking to piss me off.... 


    april 1 Edit

    Kapro had also been following Nigel everywhere even to different games, And cherie had been spreading rumors as usual.

    Nigel and AUC's conversation about Kapro's stalking on Flab3 over the Glitches on Flab3 wiki:

    (april 1)Nigel: well, i tried going on but the hacker guy found me again.. its weird. i was talking to someone,said his name and he came??? its like he has some kind of tracker or somthing because he can find me, HE EVEN FOUND ME WHEN I WENT TO LIF????, HOW THE HELL DID HE KNOW THAT I WENT TO LIF????? oh, and then i went to butterfly game, AND HE EVEN FOUND ME THERE???

    I WAS ON FOR 5 MINS AND HE FOUND ME, I'M LEAVING. i might go on later.. idk.. everyone on the game is out to kill me, thanks to cherie(aka marie or bluebird).....     

    well,  see you later..


    Nigel same day : thats what i'm trying to find out.......   and, i went on with a different name on flab3, and saw him going to every room.  hes already made my friend leave...............    oh, and right now i'm using the name evil bird with no fancy letters.  i might use fancy letters.

    banned on april 16 Edit

    blackwolfking seemingly banned AUC and Nigel on kapros orders.

    Blackwolfking had been threatening to ban AUC and Nigel if they didn't leave(kapro had stopped and told BWK to make sure they left), but, seen as banning wasn't even a part of the game, The two would just laugh at this often mocking him. But one day Auc and Nigel couldn't get on the games multi player. for Nigel it first started with Lif, after the two had started going on there instead of Flab3(to get away from BWK and Kapro) the games multi player wouldn't work. it also happened to AUC. After a few days, this then happened on Fly like a bird 3. after they went back to that game and tried to talk. They could get on the single player but not multiplayer, they could get on multi player for 2 seconds then a message would pop up saying "Error". at first the two dismissed it as Gamevial's updating but then AUC went and asked a buch of his friends if they had the same problem(seen as if it was an update it would effect everyone). They didn't. 

    They finally got back on after 2 - 3 days and Blackwolfking was there mocking them saying stuff like "how did you like the ban?". They still went sure if it was him or not, but they didn't trust him after that. 

    . Nigels comment from the Glitches of flab3 wiki when they were first banned was: WELL, I NOW HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM AS I HAVE WITH LIF. I CANT PLAY FLAB3. I CAN GET ON FOR LIKE 2 SECONDS, THEN AS SOON AS I START FLYING, IT SAYS ERROR.




    oh, and should we have a plan if they find this wiki? because a while ago someone was changing everything on the flab3 wiki. just a thought.(this was later found to be the wasps)

    and on april 17 he said: I DONT GET IT,  NOW ALL THEY GAMES DONT WORK :(



    All while this was happening, Kapro found a better way to torture Nigel : Kill all of his friends and watch him beg you not to. Unfortunately, This was the time Ace bandit decided he would show his face again. Nigel was friends with him again, and the two would hand out together, seen as everyone els on the game seemed to hate ace. Kapros first had thought AUC would be a good target, but after finding they had been talking over the wiki, decided it wouldn't be any point killing him seen as he rarely was on the game. unfortunately this meant Ace was his second pick. So Kapro and Blackwolfking started to harass ace. They would follow him and Nigel around everywhere, not allowing them to talk. Nigel couldn't really do anything, seen as Blackwolfking was an immortal superpoo hacker, and Kapro was an invisible Noname. Eventually Ace had had enough and threaded to kill himself if they didn't stop (he was already doing stupid stuff like this be before - cutting himself, complaining about wanting to die, he would do this the entire time he was on flab3). Unfortunatly this time it wasn't a joke. Kapro and Blackwolf followed them to a snowscape one day and started harassing the two. Ace ended up leaving claiming he was "going to commit suicide that day". Nigel just thought he was doing that to be dramatic, and would be back the next day like he usually did, but he never returned. there were a few rumors around that ace had been sighted by a few people, but Nigel didn't see him. Nigel was the only one he really saw why ace left, so there were rumors that ace had gone crazy and whatnot(that were somewhat true). Nigel told people what happened but some believed him and some didn't.  


    after this AUC and Nigel contuied to make the glitches of flab3 wiki and would often spam flab3. One day AUC said that his computer broke down and couldn't play anymore and disappeared for a while. After AUC was gone Nigel met a bird named Cyborus who he would often hang out with.


    mid 2015 Edit

    some time in June - July 2015 Nigel had gone to cityscape 7 and say two birds(chloe and someone els) talking in colored writing. Nigel had seen this a few times before that month so he started demanding they told him how to do it. They eventually told him about the chat codes and how to use them. More and more people were finding out, and word about it was spreading fast. Soon almost everyone knew how to do it. Nigel also found out how to make the chat big and slanted. unfortunately people also found out how to use the chat codes as spam and yet again cityscape 1 was spammed nonstop. 

    Some time in September Nigel met a bird named Thunder demon. Thunder taught Nigel how to lag the game with the size chat code. Lagging the game would back everyone depart at once. Thunder asked Nigel note o tell everyone, but as soon as he left Nigel told Alphaundercat and a few other people. 

    In October 2015 AUC returned after he fixed his computer

    November Edit

    Shen and Silver Edit

    On November 6 Nigel went to industry 7 where he met someone named Pip(female) who he had seen before but not really talked to before. Pip for some reason was scolding someone named Silver, telling she would put her up for adoption if she didn't stop. Nigel made friends with Silver and the two went against pip, mocking her and making fun of her. Eventually Pip left and Nigel and Silver went to Hillscape 5 and talked a bit. After this the two decided to go check how pip was doing. When they got there they found Thunder demon was there too. Thunder was already mad at Nigel for he had gone and told his friends about the lag code when he promised not to. Thunder tried to get Silver back on their side but she refused. They decided to leave so Nigel and silver left and went to hillscape6 where Gamerz joined them. They told Gamerz about what Thunder and Pip had done to silver so Gamerz suggested they go back and kill the two. They went back and gamers and SIlver started killing Pip and Thunder while Nigel mocked the two calling them "abusive parents". Pip and Thunder finally left. 


    cherie's mad at nigel. again.. Edit

    On November 25 2015 Nigel went to city1 where he met cherie again, he hadn't seen her for months and was happy to see her again. for some reason she kept ignoring him and didn't talk to him much. as usual there were people spamming a lot in city1(some one spamming about how they hated someone as usual and a noname counter spamming that person) so Nigel decided to show them some real spam and lagged the game(the lag makes everyone depart). Cherie ended up getting lagged out of the game due to Nigels lag spam and got pissed off at him. Cherie wouldn't talk to shen at all due to being mad about the lag.

    Later that night he went to hill5 and met gamers, boom and a few others. Nigel then somehow found out that Gamerz was in the Shadow Clan, a clan that is Nigels main enemie. Gamer was able to convince Nigel to be friends with him again, but shen still doesn't like the clan.

    Nigel then headed back to city1 where cherie was and tried to apologize. but Cherie said he had gone to far for lagging the game(wasn't even aimed at her.) Nigel decided to end this by lagging city1 for half an hour. constantly making cherie depart. She eventually left and Nigel headed to city7 where he met Dishyan. Dishyan was one of Nigel's friends(he knew him back when ace bandit was around).\

    Later that Night Dishyan met Nigel and stayed with him at Hillscape 5 for a while. 

    december Edit


    Shan, Rain and Gamerz the ghost Edit

    On Decemer 8 Nigel went to snowscape 7 where he met his friends Shan and Rain. ghost was there harassing them so shen tried to stop it. Him rain and shan kept trying to go to different places but ghost would follow them everywhere. Nigel finally got the idea to change there names and go to hil5. ghost was tricked by this and left for a while.At Hill5 shen and rain met Bloodmoon, one of Nigels friends. Rain came up with the idea to start a group against hacking. They then found out that ghost was spying on the the whole time and said he would tell the shaddowclan(which would ultimately fail because the only person the SC was ghost..) about there plan. Ghost, Still mad that Nigel stopped him from killing rain and shan, told Nigel he would copy his name and make a idiot out of him. Bloodmoon,who was getting annoyed that everyone was ignoring him lagged the game, killing shan. Nigel and Ghost kept arguing for a while until Nigel finally left. Nigel went to tell his friends about ghosts plan, but meanwhile ghost decided to stop and not use Nigels name. When shen got back they forgave each other.

    later he went to industry7 where he met thunder and lyo(i think thats her name). they were hanging out when bird named be afraid showed up and started obsessing over parasites.When nigel, thunder and lyo kept trying to talk, be afraid would keep spamming the chat about different parasites and how they were bad(weird, i know. welcome to flab3…). Be afraid eventually left after being mocked by nigel and thunder(he asked what parasites nigel knew so nigel told him he knew one right next to him and called be afraid "be afraidus stupidus"). After a while Be afraid returned cloning peoples names. after that he disappeared for a while then returned with the name "i live in fear" and wouldn't shut up about how he was afraid of everything. anything nigel did, be afraid would tell him not to, and that nigel would die. Thunder and lyo eventually got bored and left, so Nigel was left with be afraid. they kept arguing, Nigel trying to stop be afraid from being afraid of everything. Be afraid eventually left claiming he had to "lock down the doors" (of his house..? i guess?).later nigel found him with the name "i live in fear" again at city7.


    Nigel vs pristo Edit

    on decemder 18, nigel went to island7 where he met ryuik, one of his friends and someone els named chisel. chisel kept killing nigel telling him to get out but he refused because ryuik was there. chisel finally left and ryuik explained that he was actually Fighter. then a bird named Pristobrycon , who Nigel already met the day before at hil5.( he would keep following nigel , kapro and bloodmoon everywhere(kept using names of different fish) and eventually they decided to torture it by killing it in different ways). he told nigel that he had to fight with him and that he would destroy him because of what he did yesterday!Nigel found it suspicious how similar pristo was to the "wasps", rpers that were nigels main enemies. the thing was that after nigel murdered the wasps(a while ago), the very next day they came back as fish. pristo kept saying he wasn't a wasp but nigel and him kept arguing. pristo decided to change his name and see how smart Nigel was(by using the latin name of fish). he first changed his name to cyprinuss to try and fool nigel(he thought nigel didn't know about fish) so nigel just looked up the name and found out what it was, dumbfounding cyprinuss. it then changed its name to thorichthy which nigel looked up too. after trying the names Labidochromis Micropterus  Pseudotropheus imbellis macrostoma carassi and still not being able to trick Nigel, it gave up. Ryuik just stayed and watched. Nigel and pristo still kept arguing, pristo kept calling nigel a "dirty rat" and kept saying rude things about him, so nigel kept confusing him by saying things like "how nice of you" and "what a nice name!".Pristo, now mad at nigel, told him that he was always better then nigel, so nigel mocked him again saying he was "better off as sushi". Pristo then claimed nigel couldn't ever kill him(with rp), so nigel just chopped pristo up (in rp) and made sushi and fish chowder(just to mock him) and served it to foxy the pirate who was there. so pristo left again and came back as imbellis(again..),all while this was happening ryuik just sat and watched. Nigel finally had to leave, leaving ryuik and pristo.


    433 the strange bird Edit

    On december 21 - nigel went to hil5 where he met a bird named 433. 433 claimed that he was being haunted by a ghost. 433 met someone (name not known aka i forgot) who knew where he lived and his age. Nigel had met someone similar a few days before(a nonane who also said stuff like "nothing exist" and he didn't know who he was"). 433 also said that the person had said that he was a ghost and he was "inside of 433" and that "nothing exist"(very similar to what" be afraid would" say). A few minutes later Gamerz came to hill5. Nigel questioned gamer if he was the "ghost" and he said he was, even though it was obvious he was saying that for attention. Gamer Nigel and 433 kept talking about the "ghost" person but never found out who it was. one thing 433 said was that the ghost said he knew the Shadowclan. Gamerz started telling Nigel some of his own ghost stories, so Nigel told one of his. 433, getting bored, then left claiming he was going to look for the "real ghost". Nigel and Gamer then started arguing a bit over what was scarier, ghosts or shaddowpeople. Gamer said ghost because they can be invisible, but Nigel said that shadow people can paralyze you and make you feel nothing but fear. Nigel claimed that "ghosts just stare at you like people on drugs". After that Nigel and Gamerz went to City7 where nigel taught gamer how to get into a building as a seagull. King and Lyo lay loya then met them there. Nigel then left.

    January Edit

    the return of the ____(has some bad language) Edit

    on january 4 2016 nigel went to city1 with the name "joy"(a name he used quite often from july - november). there was a russian guy spamming the server about some crap about how everyone was a b*tch(really, i mean: ___is a b**** ___ is a b***, as usual.). So nigel lagged the russian spammer out and saw that gamer was there. Him and gamer went to hill5 to get away from the spammers. Gamer started showing Nigel some of his new hacks. He then mentioned that he saw one of the wasps the other day. He also mentioned that him and some friends saw a bird named "f__k" at city4 a few weeks ago. f__k was a spammer and a hacker who would terrorize other birds a long time ago. Gamer said that "f__k" would follow them around and used speed hack. he then would say "ahahahah". so f__k is probably the real f__k, f__ks brother or a dumb clone hoping to get attention. f__k hasn't been seen since. about a week later Nigel saw a nonane at city1 saying nothing but "bitch hahahahaha"....


    thunder Edit

    on 13 January 2016 Nigel met a bird named Thunder at city2. He taught her how to go underground in the cityscape industry and hills cape. They then decided to go to the "butterfly" game but the game didn't work for Nigel so he lost thunder and hasn't seen her/him since.


    gamerz gamerz and gamerz. Edit

    on jaunuary 14 nigel went to in7 where gamer was there. Gamerz for some reason started yelling at him telling him that eh had cloned him. Nigel never did, but found out soon after that this Gamerz was a clone. After a while there were 2 cloned Gamerz and the real one named "yo". Gamerz told Nigel he was never mad at him.


    dinosaur returns Edit

    on january 15, Nigel went to city1 with the name joy" where he met a bird named crash. He asked crash if he knew him but crash wasn't sure. seen as they were being pooped on they went to city5 where they met a bird named thunder wings, Nigel knew thunder from a few days before before. After they talked for a little while Crash told them that she was once known as dinosaur, who was one of nigels main friends a long time ago. Nigel told crash that he was once known as lord shen and that he knew dinosaur. Later a bird named gold farmer started pooping on them so they went to hill5. Goldfarmer followed them there so they tried to kill him. they ended up going to industry5 where they changed there names. Nigel then showed crash how to get underground.


    Emily vs silver=c__ Edit

    on january 29 nigel went to snowscape 7 where he was hanging out with fighter, fighters bunny, diamond, and levi.

    he then went to snow4 where the met a nonage who kept telling him that someone named "levi" "wanted him"(levi was a bird nigel didn't even know well.). he then started calling nigel fat. him and nigel talked for a little bit when a bird named Yum Soda came to snow4. She claimed that she owned a you tube channel bye the same name and that she was making a video. So Nigel and "Silver = Cunt(don't ask me i didn't name it) started making a video with yum soda. then a bird named crystal arrived. they continued making the video but then crystal accidentally killed Yum soda and she never returned. crystal then left and a bird named Emily(who Nigel knew before) arrived. she reviled herself to be the former leader of the wasps(Nigels main enemies).so Nigel and S=C started arguing with her. she then left and a bird named "asuna" arrived. Shen and S=C thought she was a spy so they argued with her. then emily came back and they kept accusing her of having spies. S=C then asked emily to find some black berries that were shiny and eat 17 of them. Nigel found out that it was poisoned so emily told him to f___ off and eat them himself. yum soda then returned. they then started asking S=C who he really was, emily thought it was ace bandit but ace killed himself a year ago after blackwolf and kapro chased him away. spring trap then came to the server and started saying weird stuff. she then revealed herself to be BloodMoon one of Nigels best friends! Yum soda continued to make a video, S=c and emily continued arguing. S=C then told nigel that he couldn't be killed with lag so nigel lagged the server killing everyone. S=C came back and told nigel to shut up when he mocked him.


    the start of "Levi" Edit

    on january 30. Nigel went to island 5 where he met a bird named "hate" who kept telling nigel to get out. nigel asked why and hate told him he would "kill his nest" so nigel told him he had no interest in "killing his nest". once hates chick hatched he started trying to make nigel feed it. Nigel couldn't, he was a seagull, so hate ended up starving his own chick. then spring trap met nigel and they went to hill4.

    at hills cape4 he met a bunch of birds. Pruple and a few others nigel knew. nigel and spring trap were hanging out with the other birds when a bird named "levi" who nigel had met before, came to the hilscape and claimed "someone" was dying. the others seemed to know who it was but Nigel and spring trap didn't. so nigel started asking him who it was, thinking it was someone in the game. Nigel finally started demanding levi to tell him so he did, claiming that his friend Nicolas was dying of cancer in real life. Nigel realized something was odd about levi and told spring trap to go to hill5. Nigel saw that levi was acting exactly how ace bandit, a bird that nigel knew a year ago, did. Ace bandit started the whole problem a year ago by claiming a friend had cancer so people would feel guilty and fall for it. he then started getting girlfriends and cheated on them. once everyone liked him he ended up betraying all of his friends and lying that he was dying of cancer. he disappeared after blackwolf and kapro chased him away, even though there were still rumors of him being around, nigel was the only one who really knew what happened to him. Nigel also said that a noname kept telling him that "levi wanted him" yesterday. ace was one of Nigels closest friends. so maybe that was why this "levi" wanted him. the noname also told nigel that Levi wanted him in a different way.(the same thing ace would tell him)

    spring trap knew ace too and said that levi was exactly like him. so Nigel got the idea to go and "confront" levi and make him tell them the truth. spring agreed so back to hil4 they went. Nigels plan then failed because when they got back, Levi was gone. so nigel and spring told Pruple and her other friend Green tea not to fall for it, Nigel claiming that he didn't want the ace bandit problem all over again. Pruple kind of believed them(remembering what ace did) but green tea didn't, and told them to leave. spring trap left and didn't come back for some reason. Nigel told them that he could only warn them to not fall into levi's trap. Nigel then headed to snow4 where he met levi and ryuik. levi was complaining about how he couldn't talk to anyone. and how people hated him(again, what ace did to make people fall for him). Nigel started asking levi who he really was but ryuik and Pruple told him to get out. so he left.

    february Edit

    Gull clan Edit

    on febuary 2 nigel met levi at insutry7. They were bored so they decided to make a clan. They named it the "gull clan" and went to hill5. Nigel would spam different rooms about it to get people. They got about 10, and Greentea(someone who dosnt like him) was jelous. Nigel and Levi stayed at hill5 for a while with the clan until he had to leave.


    Nigel, Spring and Jewel Edit

    on febuary 3 nigel went to city 5 where he met purple paws and noname. the noname told nigel that he "hated him" then disappeared. after a few minutes the noname came back using nigels name and started spamming that "purple was a sl__". Nigel told him not to copy his name and kept arguing with him until he left. Noname then came back with Nigels old name Lord Shen and they kept arguing.

    Nigel got bored and eventually left and went to island1 where he saw there were 2 birds named blu and jewel. Nigel was bored so he decided to start killing blu and jewel(just to troll them because they were naming themselves after the movie "rio" and nigel is the enemy in the movie). Jewel got mad at nigel and continuasly killed him. Nigel kept saying sorry but jewel believed he was lying. So Blu told them both to go to island7. after fighting They finally forgave each other there. Then spring trap came to island7 and started talking to nigel. Blu then had to leave, claiming he had to go to bed, and it was Jewel's little sister Flora's turn to go on FLAB3 so she came on and jewel left. .Flora Nigel and Spring were bored so spring got the idea to role-play that they were watching a movie! They decided on the movie rio(seen as Nigel and Jewel were named after it). Spring was listening to music while flora was passing around popcorn.

    after a little while Flora decided It was Jewels turn so she left and Jewel returned(it was her turn again) and watched with them. after a little while the clone of Nigel came back with nigels name lord shen. he kept killing everyone and ruined the night.


    feb 4 Edit

    on febuary 4 nigel went to city5 where a bird named stormy the falcon was saying stuff about the movie rio and how nigel reminded him of nigel from rio. so nigel started acting like nigel from rio. spring trap then came on and met nigel there where he taught her how to go in a building as a seagull. nigel and another bird named lexi the falcon kept arguing about stuff, mostly from the movie rio. then spring and nigel went to discuss the problem with levi being ace bandit. Nigel still thought that levi was ace bandit claiming that levi was hanging out with another guy, ace did this too.

    later that day nigel met spring again and went to island5 with her to "finnish watching their movie" when Dishyan(nigels friend) met them there.then a bird named Anopheles came on and started stalking them. Nigel just ignored her. after a while they went to hills cape 5 to get away from anopheles but she just followed so they kept ignoring her. Nigel told Dishyan about Levi being ace bandit but Dishyan kinda of believed him. Dishyan then asked Nigel if he saw Blackfire. Nigel didn't like blackfire because the other day she killed him and his friends for fun when he was making a swan army. Black fire eventually came on and then left with Dishyan.

    after a while Kapro came to hill5, he was one of Nigels best friends. Spring ended up leaving so Nigel stayed with kapro. nigel got bored so he started calling kapro named like Kappy claiming it was "cute". this made kapro mad so he started attacking Nigel. Nigel said sorry so he stopped. Then a bird named jared who was a hyena came to hill5. he started role play fighting with Kapro. Kapro ended up biting jareds head off killing him. then a bird named Fluffy arrived. Fluffy got mad at kapro and tore off his wing, so kapro smacked him. Then blackwidow came on and joined in the arguing. Fluff then threatened to kill nigel but nigel told him he would just come back as a ghost and haunt him. Nigel then killed fluffy with a knife. Nigel then left.


    The deal Edit

    On february 8 2016 Nigel met a noname at hills cape 5 with a bunch of russian people he was lagging out(making everyone depart for fun) Nigel was using the name "felipethemacaw" so people wouldn't know it was him. The noname kept asking why nigel was lagging people out and was getting mad at him. Nigel realized the no name was similar to someone he knew so he asked him who he was. The no name turned out to be Ariana, the person who was cloning people a lot. so nigel told her who he was. Nigel made a deal with her and she told him she wouldn't use his name.


    the hidden room.. Edit

    On February 9 2016, Nigel(had the name joy, the name he uses to spy on people) went to Island2 in the mourning where he met a bird named "sadness" and another one named berny(something like that) and they hung out together. eventually Gamers found him there and started killing Sadness for fun to piss Nigel off. Nigel then had to leave, telling gamer he would get back at him later.

    later that night Nigel met springtrap(his best friend) and they went to island5 together. there Nigel made a "swan army" for spring. He would line up all of the swans, then make different patterns with them. Blackfire then came on But didn't do anything. after hanging out there for a while Nigel and Spring went to industry 5 where spring claimed that there was a "hidden room" that you got to by flying into a building. Nigel didn't really believe her until a noname also claimed to have this "cloud" room. the room was claimed to be an old room that gamevial never used, and had planes instead of cars. A bird named "killer swan" then started killing them so they went back to Hill5 where they met kaprosuchus. Kapro didn't know anything about this. Spring also claimed that she had fly like a bird 4 instead of 3 but found out that it was a fake. after a while they went back to industry5. spring claimed to have forgotten how to do the glitch and only her friend knew how to do it. after a while spring left and didn't come back.


    emily the stalker. Edit

    on febuary 10 he met emily at the island5 and argued about the wasp. Nigel claiming to have killed some.Emily didn't believe he could, but he proved it to her. She then stalked him to industry5 and Started making clones of herself to creep nigel out. She then followed him back to Island5 and claimed that he was her mate and he couldn't do anything about it. She then tried to do "stuff"(trust me it nasty..) to Nigel but he left before she could.

    A few days later Emily was cloning herself for attention.


    feb 11 Edit

    On february 11 Nigel met Levi at city6 hanging out with a bunch of friends. he was looking for Eren as usual. Nigel told him to go to hil5 and started accusing him of being Acebandit again, telling him that he did everything that ace would do. levi swore he wasn't ace bandit but that still didn't convince him. Nigel found out that Levi was hanging out with another guy, this was what ace did too. Nigel and levi eventually stopped and nigel left.


    valentines day Edit

    on february 12 Shen met Spring at island5 where he made a special swan army for her for Valentines day. He linded them all up in Heart shapes.


    Vokun gone crazy Edit

    on febuary 15 2016. Nigel met levi at hillscape5 with Eren, levi claimed that Ace was back. Nigel started demanding what levi knew about this return. He claimed that vokun knew and she was at hilscape6. Nigel went to hill6 and got Vokun to go to hill4. Vokun said that Ace was indeed back and that he met her 2 days ago. As usual nigel started to go on about how levi might be ace, but Vokun thought different. Voken, not knowing that Nigel was aces friend found out, Getting mad at him. Nigel tried to reason with Voken, claiming thatat he only tied to help ace get out of the madness that he was falling into. vokun then turned on nigel and started to try and kill him, claiming that her new plan was to kill all of aces friends after he took her family. Nigel kept trying to beg vokun not to kill him, saying stuff like "what do you want??? free pizza? i can do anything!! just don't kill me!!!!". Nigel would also constantly try to make it into a joke, saying stuff like "all this over a gay guy who cheated on girlfriends.. jeesh what has this gotten into.." but vokun wasn't falling for anything and kept trying to kill nigel. Nigel kept trying to claim that ace set him up, but again vokun didn't fall for it, and ended up Killing nigel and leaving before he could do anything. (Nigel is still alive, its just role-play.)

    Nigel then returned a few minutes later and went to industry6 where he met souf(blackwolfking) again. he told him that Vokun had gone mad, telling him to be careful because vokun was out to kill anyone that knew ace. Souf claimed that he would "take care of ace" if he did actually return but nigel asked him to wait until he could talk to him. Nigel wanted to put a stop to anything before it happened, also claiming that ace hadn't even done anything to anyone yet, if he even did return. Vokun came back and started acting weird. rping that she was going insane and wanted to kill. nigel mocked her because he was still alive, she had failed to kill him so She told him she would kill him again. nigel went to hill 4 . she followed him there and killed him once, so nigel became a swan and went underground. Nigel tried to reason with vokun but she insisted that she had to kill all of ace's friends to get back at him for making her clan fall and killing all of her friends. Nigel told her that killing wasn't the answer but she didn't seem to listen. He then kept mocking her because she couldn't kill him, and then he had to leave.


    the discussion Edit

    on february 16 Nigel went to hillscape1 that morning where he met a noname who was arguing with another bird named green swallowtail. the other bird was his mate, She kept accusing the nonage for cheating on her. Noname tried to convince her that it was a different bird but she didn't believe him.. Nigel then left them and went to cityscape2 where he met spring trap. Nigel and Spring went back to hill5 where he warned her about ace's return. She then told him that she saw ace yesterday, he was yet again lying about cancer to people. spring then had to go. Nigel went back to hill1 and met nonage and green again .green swallowtail then decided to go to the "butterfly"game and went. Noname and nigel met her there.

    Later that evening Nigel met Eren and went to hillscape5 with him. he told him about the return of ace bandit, and warned Eren that levi could possible be ace. gamer came on and Nigel told him about Ace and they started discussing it. gamer claiming he was on ace's side and that he would defend him. Eren pointed out that it was like they were discussing world war 3. Nigel told gamers that he would only give ace one chance. if he acted stupid or started the faking again that was it and he would let Voken and Souf have him. Gamers questioned nigel, asking "so you wouldn't help your friend..?". but nigel told him that he had had enough of all of the problems, Gamers agreed. Gamers then told Nigel that he met some of the wasps that had returned. Nigel saying "aw crap, just what i need! both Ace, and Wasps to deal with . double trouble.. Gamer also mentioned that he was a spy for people, not saying who. he also say bady1, one of Nigels old friends at city1 the other day. 

    Nigel got bored so gamer told him about a ghost he saw that night, and then telling him to say "Blue baby 13 times in the bathroom", and also talking about the "bloody marry challenge". Nigel then told gamer a ghost story: - So one night i was home alone, my mom had gone over to my grandmas house to check on her blah blah bla... so  all of a sudden my dog started barking like mad, and ran to the kitchen but stopped dead in her tracks,  i could only see a bit of the kitchen and what ever had scared her was juuust out of my sight..  then for some reason the light fli ckerd like something passed by it and.. (gamer started spamming randomness) thank you for that gamer.. and then the dog ran like mad into the bedroom and was sitting there shaking. i went to check and saw only a shadow turn around the corner and disappear out the door. after that gamers had to leave and Springtrap came on.

    Nigel and Spring went to island5 where they made bird armies. Nigel lined up the birds so that 2 swans stood together facing each other then the same with ring necks starling and robins making a pattern. he then lined up a bunch of swans like they were having a meeting. after a while nigel and spring went to Hill5 after the swan army was killed by one of the wasps polyborus. they met satan there. Nigel went afk for a few minuts and a bird named "queen wasp" came on and killed him. When he returned he accused satan of killing him but then found out it was really Queenwasp. spring then had to go, and nigel left too.

    Later Nigel went to Hillscape5 where Silverwolf, Faithfirecat and Satan were. there was also a bird named "scary" who was going on about different fears. Nigel realized that this bird was probably "be afraid" from 2 months ago at industry7. be afraid would also go on about how he was afraid of everything. Later on Nigel left after killing scary and satan and the others leaving. Nigel met King macaw who he hadent seen for a while. Levi was also there and started talking about his friend having cancer. Nigel warned him not to talk about that stuff especially since ace had just returned. people might think that levi was ace, seen as ace did the same thing, going on about cancer. Levi then left telling nigel that he would be back at the city. Nigel then told Silverwolf, who had just arrived, about ace and then left.

    he then went to city1 where he lagged the game for fun, killing cherie., he used the name felipe. he met angry swan and deeznutz.


    Sachas return. Edit

    on feruary 17 Nigel went to Island 5 where he met a bird named sacha. Nigel knew her from a long time ago andhad heard of her return. She and a Noname were both arguing over who owned the islands, Sacha claiming to own it , and the no name saying that the wasps owned it. Nigel stepped in claiming that he was the one who really owned it. after arguing nigel told sacha that she could have one side, the side with the volcano and dock, and nigel could have the other side with hill and huts. Nigel left the small island for the noname(and wasps) much to the nonames displeasur.  Gamer later met Nigel and went to the hillscape, where he tought nigel how to swear withought blocking it.  Him Gamers, Bluetailedhawk and frost all met at City7 where they poofight as macaws. Nigel left.

    he then returned and found Gamerz again where they talking about stuff at Hill5. gamer asking stuff about death and werid stuff(im not saying anymore for gamerz sake). After that he found Eren and hung out with him for a while. Levi and spring then came on. Nigel went to island4 with spring after she claimed to have seen acebandit at snow1 that morning, but it turned out to be a clone.Nigel was also mad because jared the hyena had tried to r___ spring earlier that morning. Nigel decided he would kill jared when he saw him again to get even with him, Levi decided he would help(they went back to hill4). 

    after being with spring, she had to leave, so nigel went to industry7 where he met a bird anmed "icouldntthink". He thought he might know him/her but it turned out that he didnt so he went back to hillscape 5 and found Levi trying to kill Eren. Nigel asked why Levi was so mad at Eren and levi claimed that eren called him a "midget". Nigel claimed that it was a mild insalt compaired to some of the things he had seen said before. They then all went to hilscape4 where they met blackfire. Levi left and eren complained that he was only joking aobut calling levi a midget. a noname then started spamming the server, and everyone randomly left.


    Nigel, Eren, Levi vs Vokun the crazy bird Edit

    on february 18 nigl went to hills cape 1 that morning. He met jared the hyena and told him to go to hills cape 5. there he started demanding him about what he did to spring trap the other morning. Jared claimed that he had a bad memory and couldn't remember anything, but nigel accused him of lying. Nigel finally gave up and told jared that if he touched spring trap again he would die. jared then started asking Nigel where Kapro was, seen as he seen him for a few days. Nigel told jared that kapro only came on once in a while and late in the day. Nigel then left.

    later that day Nigel met levi and eren at industy3. he then saw that vokun was there. Vokun was still mad at Nigel and wanted him dead after what happened two days ago. nigel started arguing with her, saying stuff about ace. Levi then asked why and nigel told him that vokun hated ace and wanted everyone who knew him dead. Vokun claimed that Nigel was defending ace and Levi questioned him, But nigel claimed he wasn't on anyones side.Levi continued asking Nigel and Vokun about the situation, claiming he felt like "Dr. Phil(a lawyer from a tv show ). Nigel told Vokun she needed to get over it, and that the Ace bandit problem happened a year and a half ago. But vokun didn't even listen claiming  "would u get over it if someone killed ur family in cold blood and ur home was destroyed!". Nigel never even knew anything about Vokun and Aces relationship.Nigel finally gave up and went to levi who was amusing himself by watching a "moonwalking suit". Eren then came over to see and threatened to kill it. Levi got mad telling him "if you kill it i will kill you", while doing this he walked to close to the suit and it ended up killing him while Nigel and Levi watched. Eren then killed it for killing levi. All while this was happening Vokun was still trying to Kill nigel using different methods.Nigel just ignored her telling her to get a life. Nigel then decided to leave and go look for spring trap. but he never found her..


    the cloner Edit

    on february 19 Nigel checked the "Gamevial community" and found out that one of the Gamevial people would be on a different game called "Uberthon". So Nigel went to the game and started waiting. Eventually the Gamevial guy came on with the name Poi(nigel already knew he would use this name). So Nigel started telling him about how Flab3 haddent been updated for more than a year. Poi told him they would update it after a few other games were updated. Nigel then started telling him about how he had played flab 1 2 and 3 and all of that.

    Later Nigel went to Island5 where he met sacha and levi. Sacha was saying rude stuff about levi and calling him a girl. Nigel asked if she knew he was a boy, and she said she didn't even know him at all. levi told nigel that Sacha knew nothing about him. Nigel then had to go for a minute and while he was away levi started pooing on him. Nigel came back and started demanding levi why he pooed on him, saying stuff like "i thought we were friends????". Levi just said that Nigel was gone so he decided to poo on him, nigel replied saying "i was just brb". levi was then quiet and didn't say anything. Nigel started getting mad asking him things but he still didn't say anything. A bird named Phoridae then entered, and nigel asked if he knew her, thinking it might be a wasp. She didn't know him. Nigel left for a little while. 

    Nigel came back and went to Snow6 where Levi and another bird named "mad hatter" were. A bird named "Nice Princess cam in and said rude stuff then emidiatly left. Nigel thought this was strange because the bird named "scary" from a few days ago did that. Then a bird named Fluffy Hicue came on. He told Nigel to go to Hill5 where he could talk to him. Nigel Thought that Flulffy was levi, he was confused because levi was in snow6 with someone els. but it turned out that Fluffy was actually levi, He had been cloned by ariana all day. He proved this to nigell telling him he was the deputy of the gull clan. Nigel the asked levi if he had been at island 5 earlier claiming "well someone with ur name was there poopin on me -_-". Levi told Nigel that it was actually Ariana, the person who cloned people all the time. Levi Asked Nigel if he was friends with ariana, remembering that he was said something about her before. Nigel said that he was friends, but that she was a "weird" person. levi claimed that he "hated her" and that he wished that she would be chased away too, like ace bandit was, but he never mentioned ace when saying this. 

    Nigel and Levi then stopped talking about this and Nigel told him that "something weird happened today". Levi asked what and Nigel said "4 fighter plane things flew over my house. so random.". Levi Then told Nigel that "things were still tense in paris after the isis thing happened. Nigel didn't know that levi was levying i paris so he asked him about it. Nigel then reassured levi that "anyways, i live on a tiny island. so they cant realy get away with flyin over. even if it was something....els." Levi asked Nigel where he lived, so he told him he was in Bermuda. Levi was jealous about this. Nigel then told levi a bit about bermuda saying "the joy of bermuda weather.  one minut, blue sky! next minut. scary as hell storms". Levi then started worrying that Eren might find the clone and something bad could happen, so Nigel suggested going back to hillscape5 where it would be easier for Eren to find them. When they got there they were suprized to find the clone levi and Hugo(another person claiming to be levi) there already. Nigel asked levi if they should go somewhere els seen as things were getting a bit out of hand, but levi just told he would "go somewhere els" and left. Nigel then found him at Industry6.    

      later Nigel went to Snow6 where he met Live and Eren, who were hiding from the clone bye using the names Ryan Ross(Eren) and Brendon Uri(levi). Nigel knew that the clone was at island5, and was messing stuff up so he told them that it was there, but found out that they already knew. So Nigel decided to go and see what was was happening. When nigel(he was using the name "felipe" to trick them) got there he found Levi ackerman arguing with Sacha. Felipe told her that Levi wasn't the real one, but sacha knew already. Fake Levi started trying to talk to Felipe but he told him to "shut up, fake". Another bird that was there, crystel, was getting confused but Felipe told her that he was Nigel and she understood(she had known him with both names).

      Nigel then went back to Snowscape 6 after nothing worked to get the clone to stop. Nigel told them that he "tried to stop the clone" but "failed.". After a few minutes a fake Eren came on, but failing to realize that it was them, left soon after. Nigel mocked it saying "a Eren clone came on but left, it didnt know tis us ahahahaha!  " Thunder, a bird Nigel had known before, then came on. Nigel told her who he was, for he still had the name "felipe". Nigel Eren Levi and Thuner all decided to go to Island 5 so that the clone wouldn't find them again. Nigel told them all to change there names, so they did, agreeing with his plan. A bird named Joker then came on, Nigel knew him too. levi then started complaining that it was "too crowded" and he was getting "claustrophobic". Nigels reply was "this is a god damned island how can you feel croweded????". Levi and Eren ended up leaving due to Levis complaining, so Joker and Pancake(thunder) just hung out. A Bird named DJ was trying to lag the server, but nigel stopped him using a counter code. Dj was dumbfounded to how Nigel could do this. Dj then started going on about how he was "gay" claiming that he had 5 boyfriends, to mock pancake because she didn't have any boyfriends. Nigel then told him "so you admit that you are cheating" to get back at him. Dj didn't realize this and shut up. He then started asking about how nigel stopped the lag but he wouldn't tell him. Pancake then left for a little while so it was just Nigel and Joker. Dj left. Joker asked if Nigel wanted to go to City1. but he said no because it was always way to crowed. Nigel then realized he said what levi said and said "oh god. now im getting like levi. f***." Dj Then came back with the name "killer hunter" trying to fool them but they went. Nigel then had to leave. 


    Vokun again Edit

      on february 21 Nigel went to cityscape 6 where Levi ad Diamond were. While he was talking with them a Noname started cursing and yelling at him. Nigel asked why, not realizing who it was. The nonage turned out to be Vokun, The bird who had tried to kill him a few days ago. Nigel decided to ignore her and continued talking with levi and diamond, trying to explain to then why Vokun hated him so much. Vokun then started trying to kill nigel, managing to kill him once. Levi started getting fed up, as Nigel and Vokun contained arguing, threatening to leave. Nigel told him not to leave and "leave him with that "thing"". Levi told them if they didn't shut up and stop fighting he'd go. Nigel kept talking with people, continuing to ignore vokun. Vokun started trying to insult Nigel, Thinking this would start a fight. He called Nigel a "fish guzzling flying rodent". levi was finally fed up with all of this, saying he was leaving if they didn't shut up. Gamerz then came on and started asking nigel why the "Noname" kept pooping on him, not knowing it was Vokun. Voken wouldn't tell Gamerz who he was, thinking no one would tell him, But nigel told Gamerz pissing off vokun even more. Gamerz started asking why they were fighting, so Vokun claimed that Nigel was in "alliance" with ace bandit. gamers started questioning if nigel was really in alliance with ace, wondering if he had been lying and covering up for ace like token had said. Nigel and vokun continued arguing, While levi claimed that "this is getting really stupid now". Vokun then started trying to make nigel leave by throwing stuff at him. Nigel got bored and ignored him. Vokun then started asking levi to help him throw stuff at nigel but levi refused. Nigel questioned why levi was friends with vokun, but levi said he was on no ones side. Levi didn't want to help them seen as they were both of his friends, though he mentioned that Vokun might not be anymore. Nigel then god bored and left.


    Nigel and delta Edit

    on february 22 Nigel was at city 2 fighting a nonage when he met a bird named "rio2 jewel". he made friend with her and went to island2 to get away from the Noname. there they met a good Noname and nigel taught them how to go underground. He then met sacha there. They then went to hills cape 5 where nigel taught them the underground glitch                        

    Nigel went to cityscape 1 later that night where he met a bird named "jacktheripper". Jack kept asking nigel if he knew him, but nigel was getting killed a lot so they went to hills cape 5. At hill5 there was a bird named "deltastryke" who was asking if anyone saw the "role play cat people". Nigel told her that he hated the cats and that he was glad they were gone. he told her that "the cats are gone, and shall stay gone..". Nigel claimed that it was just stupid to let cats play on a bird game. Jack, who had been completely forgotten by nigel already, left. Delta told nigel that he was "racist" for hating cats for no reason. Nigel told her to "ask the shaddowclan" why he hated them. Delta didn't believe that nigel knew the shaddowclan and asked him if he knew their leader. Nigel told her it was dapple frost. Nigel told her he had been around since the game was made, seen as she claimed to have too. Nigel then told her why he hated the shadow clan, telling her "I hate them because dear Dapplefrost let me join then hated me because i couldnt "roleplay" enough for her and didnt want to be a cat, so she kicked me out and got all of the clans to go against me. for a long time i was killed nonstop and hated…. because of her!" Delta then told nigel that she used to kill the cats a lot too. she then randomly left. 


    Levi and ryuik Edit

    on february 23 Nigel went to snowcap 7 where there was a bird named 351(i don't remember, something with numbers..) killing a russian bird. Nigel decided to help and killed 351, saving the russian bird from being killed. The russian bird thanked nigel for it, then nigel left.                                                                           

    then Nigel went to Island5 where a bird named Talha told him that she knew his other name was "joy". Talha turned out to be Northpole, someone Nigel knew. Another bird named "rarity" kept pooing on nigel and talha. Nigel asked rarity if he knew him but rarity just kept saying "go" and making annoyed faces at him. Nigel just told him "haha.. no. you dont own this place..". Rarity then started spamming the work "F__k and speak in a weird language. talha told nigel to ignore rarity, for she a bit crazy. Rarity then killed nigel, and when he came back he was a swan and went underground, mocking rarity for not being able to kill him. a bird named "dark saga(i think) then came on and asked nigel what rarity was doing, and nigel told him "i think it wants me to go. but im stayin." Rarity then tried to kill talha. Shen asked talha if she wanted to go to hill5 but she decided not to, so nigel left.                                                                           

    he then went to city1 where a bird named Dj told him that spring trap had been looking for him the other day.                                                                             

    he then went to City5 where he met 2 birds one named "Deapool" and the other named "ema". He asked deadpool if he knew him, he had known someone with that name, but it turned out that he didn't. Ema kept asking him to leave, but he wouldn't, he was asking deadpool who he was. Ema then kept saying "please" so nigel asked her "please what??". Nigel started getting confused. They then went to hill5 where nigel followed then, as a nonage. Blackfire and Gamerz when went there, asking nigel who he was. Nigel told them he was spying on them. He then went to island5 where he was spying on them again. he met ryuik who questioned him about spying.                                                                                                                                                           

    later Nigel went back to hills cape 6 where he met blackfire and gamers again. levi and ryuik were there too. Ryuik started acting weird. saying innapropriet things to levi, and gamers left, not wanting to see what they were doing. Nigel then realized what they were doing and claimed "i can see why he left(gamer)" to blackfire. Nigel then realized that Levi was with Eren. So he asked Levi why he was cheating on him. Levi told him it would be fine, thinking nigel wouldn't do anything. But nigel said "and what would eren say if i told him about this little, "meeting".. hmmmm?". Levi ignored him so Nigel decided to go to hill5. Blackfire followed him. Nigel asked her why, claiming it was probably about Levi and Ryuik. But blackfire told him it wasn't. Nigel asked her why and she said she could say. Nigel then asked her if it was because she liked him. She said yes, but nigel didnt know what do to, seen as he was still with spring. Blackfire claimed that spring was her sister. Nigel never knew this. Nigel then started to complain about how ever since he was mates with spring, she was never on. After a little while of chatting, blackfire asked nigel why he was so nice to her, seen as she was rude and mean to him before. He told her it wasn't worth staying enemies with someone. blackfire then had to leave.


    the return of Frodo. Edit

    on feb 24 Nigel went to industry7 where to his suprize, a bird named "Wrappedupfrodo" was, along with levi gamers, Souf and a few others. Wrapped up frodo was a bird who, a long time ago, had made up game called the "World of birds". It all started when she told people that she would make a Fly like a bird4, seen as game vial wasn't updating anymore. She then changed the name from that to WorldofBirds. After a while people started realizing that she was copying a lot of the stuff she put on the wiki from other games. After this she ended up blaming someone els for a of it, and abandoning the game.

    Nigel told frodo to go to hills cape 5, where he questioned her about the game, demanding answers for her lies. He told her that he knew about the hoax and that she never even started making the game. She again started telling him that it wasn't her and that it was sidonia crow. Nigel didn't believe her. She then told him "so, you believe Ender of the ends(wiki owner) lies too?. Nigel told her that he wasn't one of her followers and infact hated her. Nigel kept asking Frodo about the game. . Nigel then decided to change his name (he was using the name felipe) back to his normal name. When he got back she was gone, he went to in7 to see everyone els, where he found her. he told her not to leave randomly and they went back to hill5. he asked her if she would ever make the game again she told him she wasn't, seen as gamevial had threatend to sew her for copying their game. Nigel found out that she actually worked for gamevial, making bird models, but she was fired for some reason. She told him that they had abandoned the game and were working on a new game called " the vial", wich would bring Lif and Flab3 together. After talking for a while with Frodo and Gamerz(he came to hil5 shortly before) Frodo randomly left. Nigel sent gamers to go back and look for her but he never returned. Nigel and Souf, who had now joined, Talked a bit, Nigel told him about what happened with frodo a while ago. Nigel then left to check where gamer had gone, but when he got back Souf was gone. 

    Later that day Nigel went to island7, where Clockwork and Levi were. Nigel handent seen clockwork for a while. Him Levi and Clockwork were talking for a little while. Clockwork asked nigel if she should change her name. Nigel told her he liked the name she had. They were talking about favorite songs and stuff like that when a bird named diamond started asking them to go to island5 and "kill sacha". Nigel knew this birds was the noname from a few days ago, who was arguing with sacha. After a little while Nigel and Clockwork went to Island5 where they met sacha. Vokun was also there, so Nigel told Clockwork to go back to island7. Before leave Nigel told Vokun to "f*** off" and then left. Vokun followed them back to Island7, getting mad at Nigel for what he said, claiming "i was actually thinking about not killing you". Vokun and Nigel kept arguing for a while then vokun finally left. Nigel and Clockwork decided to go to city2 and kill people, unfortunately Vokun was there. So Nigel and Clockwork(using the name syo) went back to island4, with a noname who joined them. They then started making a plan to take over island1. Shen lagged the game there, then had to go.   


    was ith levi and eren at snow6. levi was saying stuff and they didnt pay attention because nigel had just found out a new trick. levi let, and eren and nigel thought he left cause he was mad.  Just as he came back eh caught nigel saying he was weird. levi ask why and nigel and eren think he was mad at them because they didnt listen. nigel told him he might "hate " them.  levi asked that "did he really think i am that shallow, that i would hate u for not listning" nigel said they didnt know him well so anything could happen as nigel was brb levi left again, nigel asking. he left again?? df is wrong with him????. nigel ask if eren his bf  oh. id dint know. cause he was haning out with ryuik. doing .. stuff..   i told him i'd tell u.  just thought u should know   eren thanks for tellin me he was kidna cheatin on ya   that kinda stuff   oh good. a russian spy..  eren said he only had levi.. and him levi return not pleased levi said he would leave   u have us!!!!! syo come bakc on sayin  levo come and go againshe ship levi and erem(crappy i know, not finished)


    pristo's return Edit

    On feb 29 Nigel went to Hillscape 6 where he mat levi. A noname(who Nigel found out was ariana earlier, she was spamming snow6) came on and nigel told levi to go to hill 4 quick. Ariana got there before both of them. Nigel and levi decided to ignore her. Death came on and started chatting with them. Levi told nigel that he "hit a frog on the road" that day. after a while of talking ariana had left and a bird named "Nigel" came on. Nigel thinking it was ariana accused it of cloning him, but the bird told him she wasn't Ariana and told nigel to go to hill5. Nigel told Death and Levi to stay and went with the other nigel. Nigel then found out that this "other nigel" was pristobrycon, a bird he was enemies with a while ago. Nigel and her started arguing, she told him that she "had to use his name" because she was being stalked by "baby hawk". a Noname then came on and it turned out it was levi. Levi questioned Nigel what he was doing with the other nigel, he just told him he was "sorting stuff out". Levi told pristo to get a different name like "popcorn" or "timmy". Nigel agreed. Pristo said she had to use Nigels name because no one would suspect it was her. Nigel told her to just use a name no one would think she would use. Nigel told pristo to tell levi he was brb.

    Nigel returned, and pristo told nigel that he told levi that he had to leave. Nigel was mad at pristo because he told him he was brb not gtg. Levi then came back and Nigel told him that he was not gone. Nigel claimed "oh well… some people will be stupid". a bird named Ert came on and said "hi evil". Nigel thought he was talking to him because of his old name "evilbird". but it turned out he was talking to Levi. Levi told him his name was "levi" and not evil. Ert kept calling Levi "evil". Nigel claimed "and some people will never read". Ert then started acting weird telling levi he wanted to "rape" him. Nigel was brb while this happened. Nigel came back telling levi that his mom was "smacking a cabinet with a wash cloth because she was trying to kill moths". Levi then said he wished Eren was on to save him from Ert. Nigel told him the he would save him. Ert then started saying *r.pes evil* over and over again. Nigel claimed "its levi, so u ra.ped the wrong person idiot". Levi and Nigel ignored Ert while he repeatedly said *r.apes evil*. Nigel told him "role-play isn't that simple". He told levi "dumass, keeps saying "r.pes evil,  they never learn do they?" Ert then left, and a bird named "12345678910" came on. Levi was talking about Eren and 123 asked him "whats Eren?". Nigel told him Eren was a person, not a thing. Levi told 123 that Eren was his bff, so 123, who turned out to be Ert, started saying *kills Eren*. Nigel claimed that Eren wasn't even there. so 123 started saying *kills Eren when here*(yes you get people this stupid on flab3). after a while 123, getting bored, asked nigel "whats a door?". nigel replied saying "are you retarded??". 123 said "no" and asked him again. Levi then started singing a depressing song about people dying in A B C's. Nigel told him it was depressing, so 123 asked him whats depressing. Nigel told him that "depressing is something that is sad". 123 then asked "whats sad?" Nigel told him that "sad is a crappy feeling that makes you feel sad". Nigel then was brb and a Noname killed him.

    Nigel returned demanding the noname where levi went. The Noname told a bird named "angel" to "do nigel next". angel said "what? i only have limited time before i have to rise up to heaven again" . Nigel asked what the hell was going on, then angel said "your futrue is you will live until 78  you will be a teacher and will have wife but you wont have kids", nigel mocked her saying "how cute, a fortune teller". Clockwork then came on and nigel asked her to "clockwork.. save me.. weird people here…". She went brb to get speed hack. Angel then told them she had to "rise up" now so she left. Nigel said he would go search for levi, Nonma claimed that levi had to leave but nigel told him "im not falling for that crap again ty very much. brb". he then found Levi,Eren and Eyelessjack at cityscape6. Nigel levi an Eren went to hillscape5. Nigel told levi that "the nonage thing said you left", Levi said "lol "thing"". Nigel told levi that it was a "thing"..

    Levi Eren Nigel and Clockwork were all hanging out at hill5, Levi talking about how he had a stalker and whatnot. After chatting for a while levi told them that another person he knew died. Eren pointed out that "everyone dies around him". Nigel claimed that "he wasn't dying". Levi told them he wasn't dying "yet". Everyone said "yet???" at the same time, dumbfounded that levi would say something like that. He then started saying he might die, Nigel asking, "your not going to… kill yourself… are you?", levi claimed that "on new years eve" he would. Nigel was suspicious and told Eren to go to hllscape3 for a minute. When they got there he told Eren that he still thought Levi was Ace and that He was acting just like him. Nigel told Eren how he acted exactly the same. Eren said he didn't know ace but he would trust nigel. Nigel then told him to go back to hill5 and don't say anything to the others.   

    March Edit

    Vokun can't kill Nigel Edit

    on march 1 Nigel went to cityscape 1 where he met gamers. The two of them went to Hillscape5 together, but a nonage followed them. Gamerz told Nigel that it was vokun who was the nonage. They tried to get away from vokun, but she followed them to island 6. The nonage insisted that she wasn't vokun, even thought it was obvious that it was. Vokun kept telling Nigel that "vokun needed to talk to him". Nigel told her that it better not be the "i hate you cause i hate ace" crap again". gamer kept telling the nonage to admit that she was vokun, but she wouldn't, insisting that she was "not hydra"(hydra is vokuns other name). She then left and came back as "NotHydra". Gamers asked Nigel if she knew some people named "baby hawk" and "Red(something)" because he was going to hack there computers soon. He told vokun he would hack her after she asked him not to, but nigel pleaded gamer to so he agreed. After a while of arguing Nigel told Noname why he hated vokun and all that. He then had to go for a few minutes.

    When he got back Gamerz was telling vokun that she had one last chance to reveal who she was. Nigel said he was "whale watching" with he grandma and mom". Vokun started being annoying saying stuff like "whale meat" "think about it". Nigel told gamers to "ignore it, just. ignore it". Vokun continued going on about "whale meet" and Nigel accused her of being the Noname from yesterday. She told him she wasn't, and didn't know what she did yesterday. She then started acting stupid, forgetting everything, even forgetting who Nigel(who had the name "joy") was. She acted like she had just got there, thought Nigel and Gamerz didn't fall for it. Nigel said "are you retarded.." .Nigel and Gamerz still accused her of being vokun but she still insisted she wasn't. Nigel claiming "well, unless you have an identical twin, your vokun." Vokun was then BRB for a minute, and when she got back she accused gamer(who was standing near her)of trying to kill her. Nigel just claimed "wasn't me :) " and vokun told him to "shut up nigel". Nigel then asked her that he thought she didn't know who he was (because she said she didn't know who he was just a minute before). Vokun then randomly started going on about "whale meat" again and tried to throw a piece at nigel. gamers told Vokun not to tell nigel to shut up, but she didn't listen. Nigel got bored and went an watched a tourist that as just walking in one spot. Vokun killed it, pissing nigel off. Nigel told Vokun she was "retarded". Nigel then asked Gamerz if "it" was immortal, Gamerz asked who and Nigel told him stop being stupid. Nigel then tried to kill Vokun but Gamerz had to leave, distracting nigel from that. After he left, Vokun was telling nigel to "sit" over and over again. Nigel asked her "you got nothing els to say..?" she started roleplaying that she had 4 heads, trying to intimidate him into sitting. Nigel mocked her saying "you got 4 heads? oh.. well... i honsestly thought someone with 4 heads would be smarter than you.. but.. oh well ya live n learn.." Vokun finally got nigel to sit and claimed "now its time for the real fun". Nigel just told her "well. this ought to be entertaining…" 


    Vokun then tried various ways of killing nigel including: Tunring him into tar, Sticking his head into a bee hive, beating him into the ground with a tree, dumping salt in his eyes, and other stuff.. Nigel would just mock her, telling her that he didn't feel pain, and she could kill him. Nigel still didn't die, dumbfounding her. She then tried smacking him into the ground 60 times with a metal pole. Nigel asked her "you would do anything wouldn't you…."    

    Vokun then tried throwing a house on Nigel, But he mocked her saying "Oh Thankyou! i Needed a new house anyways!". "didn't even have to pay rent!". he then sat watching tv in his house while vokun just glared at him. She then tried throwing a baby at him. he called it pathetic, saying the baby died before it hit him. She claimed "you seem to refuse the dying". Nigel just claimed "no.. really..?" Vokun then tried picking up the moon(ya she's a wtf bird) to throw at him but he told her " let me tell you something  if i die.  i will come back as a ghost. and haunt you. for the reast of your sweet sweet little life". She finally gave up and decided to start feeding him(yes this is where you say "wtf"). yes. feed him. He told her he didn't need to eat so she threw a garbage can on him.    

    Later Levi and Gamerz came back on, gamers got mad at Levi because he was friends with Vokun.after arguing Levi told them to stop fighting or he would be no ones friend. Vokun started saying garbage as usual(telling Levi and Gamerz to fight) while Nigel and gamers were arguing over over levi being friends with vokun. Levi then told them to stop, saying "Im not being dragged into this childish argument, its stupid and pointless". Levi then told them to start acting there age. Gamerz told Levi that "a friend like Vokun isnt a friend..... its a scum bag". Meanwhile Nigel was talking to a bird named "I'mnotamacaw" who was a macaw. Levi then yelled "dont patronize me" gamers told him to "learn to respect " and levi yelled back "you act like ur 10 so act fu cking age ". Levi and Gamer kept on arguing while Nigel stayed out of it and watched. gamer saying "you and you pathitec little friend" levi replying "ur just a bitter bitch whos upset that I'm not on ur friend.". Levi asked gamers if they were still friends but gamers promised he wouldn't ever be after he called him a "bitch". Gamer claimed that be would chase down all of Levi's friends. Meenwhile Nigel changed his name from Joy to Felipe claiming "guys.. ima just sit here on my island... and watch..... ". Gamerz told Levi " you and your stupid little bitches wont get away so easy " Levi then left claiming that "his day was ruined because of them". Nigel threatened to lag everyone, but didn't in the end. he then left.

    He then went to Snow6 where he found Clockwork who asked him what happened at the island. He explained what hepppend, and told her about how he thought levi was ace bandit. then levi came on. Nigel told levi he would try and sort things out with Gamerz, but he couldn't promis. after a while clockwork left and Nigel Levi and 4949 hung out until he left.          

    Later that night he found levi and Eren at snowscape 5. Levi was complaining that *everyone just seemed done with him" and "everyone around him died" and "no one likes him". Nigel tried to tell him to stop saying that kind of stuff but he wouldn't. Jeffiline , Eren and Nigel stayed with levi for a while until Nigel had to go.          


    Banning people Edit

    on march 4 Nigel was hanging out with gamers and a bunch of people. Him and Gamerz were making messages saying "your banned" to use against ariana. later that day he met levi at city7 and went to island 5 with him, jeffiline and gamersz. Gamerz said he was sorry for the other day, and they forgave each other.          


    Levi's mistake Edit

    on march 5 Nigel had been hanging out with Levi Jeff and a bunch of other people at hills cape 5. Levi had been complaining about how everyone didn't trust him and so on. He claimed he wanted to just play Lif, and that the people on there didn't hate him. Nigel told him that Ariana could just follow him there and clone him, but levi claimed to have hacker friends who would protect him. Later Nigel went back to city7 and found everyone back there. Levi was upset, for something had happened at hill5 when he wasn't there, causing him to think that everyone didn't trust him.          

    Later Nigel went back to City7. He talked with jeffiline and someone called "king wolf", then all of a sudden levi randomly spammed the chat(not spam really) about how everyone hated him for what he had said and how everyone didn't trust him anymore. Jeff and Nigel told him that they would always be his friends but he still didn't believe them. King wolf started spamming, so Levi had enough and left everyone. Nigel went to look for him and found him at island5. Nigel told levi that he wanted to help him and that he didn't hate him. Levi told him that no body could help him, after what he said back at hillscape5. Nigel told him he wasn't there.Levi claimed that he said something he couldn't take back. while levi was talking about this, a bird named jony came on and refused to leave, so they ignored him. Nigel asked levi what he said. Levi told him that he had told everyone that he didn't care about anyone, not even even, himself, or nick(his best friend). He told Nigel he was sorry for what he said to everyone. Levi claimed he didn't think he should go back to city7, so nigel told him to maybe let everyone calm down, then go back. Nigel told him it wasn't his fault, and that people could get annoying sometimes. Nigel then had to leave for a while claiming "he had to go get pizza with his mom".                    

    Nigel returned and decided to look for levi. He found him, Gamerz, and Eyelessjack at Hillscape7. Gamerz was randomly spamming, for he was bored. Levi wouldn't answer Nigel whenever he asked him something. a bird named "matthew" asked what was wrong with Levi. Nigel told him levi had a bad day. He was then brb ffor a few minutes, and when he returned, Eyelessjack and Levi were fighting. Levi asking "why the hell did you coach him to me??". Nigel, thinking levi was talking to him, told him he didn't do anything, but it turned out it was between Eyelessjack and Levi. Gamerz continued to spam, being annoying.                    

    Eyeless kept making fun of levi claiming that levi had locked himself in the bathroom". Just then a Noname came on, and Nigel thought it was ariana. He claimed "oh great, just who we f__ing need". Ariana then just started pooping on people. meanwhile, Levi continued arguing claiming "you had him fish me out of there!  why?". Eyeless again saying "you just locked youself in a damn bathroom and shut everyone out" Levi said "what els can i do??". Nigel told them to stop and for him to leave levi alone. Eyeless told nigel "you think he's the only one having a bad day???" Matthew was again asking where "ryan" was. Eyeless told him to go look for him if he wanted to see him. Matthew claimed that he could find him anywhere. So Eyeless told him to "walk around in all places yelling his name,  seach all places possible!" they then started talking about him being at someones house, and Nigel readlized that this was about real life and not in the game. Nigel asked Eyeless if it was true and he just told him "do you think i would make this up????" Nigel just asked him why they were talking about something like this on a game, Eyeless told him there was no where els for them to. Nigel told him he could talk on the phone. 

    Levi, who had been there the whole time, then told Eyeless that he should call the police. Nigel told him "thank you, levi. at least theres one smart person here". Levi then claimed that he wasn't levi. He was Levi's older brother colin. Nigel asked Colin if he wanted him to teach him about the game. Colin didn't want anything to do with the game telling nigel "no i want nothing to do with this game for i am worried about my brothers sanity" Eyeless then started insulting Levi telling him that "you look like a d__ to me". Eren then came on. Meenwhile, a bird named "jeff=(japanese words) came on with jeffiline. Jeff claimed that the cloner followed here. The two then started fighting, trying to kill each other. 

    seen as Eren was on, Nigel asked Colin to get Levi, for Eren was his best friend. Colin told Nige that he would try but Levi was shaking horribly at the moment. When levi returned he started yelling at everyone saying "what the f_ do you guys want" and sarted ranting on about how they were going to start accusing him of stuff again. Eren asked what was wrong with him, and nigel told him he had no idea. Nigel tried pointing out that Eren was there, but Levi just ignored him. Eyeless and Matthew left to Industry 7 to discuss something about Ryan. Levi then started accusing Nigel, and he told him that he only wanted him to know that Eren was on. Levi was starting to get out of hand so Nigel and Eren fled to island6. Nigel explained to Eren about what hepppend, telling him "earlier today levi had a break down or something like that (i dont know i wasnt there) and aperently he told everyone that he dosnt care about anyone. not even you, nick, or himself.  so now he thinks that everyone in the world hates him. even though they don't. Nigel then sarcastically told Eren " the joy of being on flab3. eh?" Eren asked if Levi was going insane, and hoped it wouldn't last long. Eren then asked Nigel if he should leave levi. Nigel told him it might be the safest thing, claiming " just kinda edge away from him.  stop going on when he's on". He told Eren " i don't want u fallling into a trap and getting blamed or hated for no reason". Ngel then started going on about how he still thought it was ace behind all of this telling Eren "who els wants to chop there own head off?". Eren told him it was getting very serious".

    After Nigel got back, he told Eren that everything with Levi could just be a lie. Eren agreed saying "so many.... odd things happens to him…" He was aware that everything was probably a fake. Nigel then told what the thought was going to happen "levi probebly going to keep getitng more and more ppl to feel sad for him. then he will kill himself. then return. then get found out and chased away". Eren saying "like ace??". Nige told him that "so far thats the way its going". Eren asked if they should go back, but Nigel decided they should leave levi alone. then Levi came on and Eren randomly left. 

    Nigel went to hill7, where he asked if anyone had seen Eren, claiming "there gone!" Death claimed "seems like it". Levi, who was there but had dent said hi or anything, asked who was gone, and who are you(nigel was a nonage). Nigel told him it was him, and just then Eren came back on. Nigel telling levi "well there ya go!" Levi just claimed "i can't f__ breathe". just then a random bird named "little Suze" came on saying " in little girl voice,  who wants to get pooed on first?" she then started kiling people. Levi then said "they still haunt found ryan… and its my fault…" Nigel asked him who this "ryan" was. Little Suzan then started pooping on them so they went to Snow4 and changed there names.

    At Snow4 Levo told Nigel that he could discuss everything with Colin. He claimed "i need to get out of here". Eren asked if Colin was on Flab3 too, but nigel told him the they used the same name. Colin then returned and asked them "what did you say to him?, he's running down the stairs now!". Nigel told him he only asked who ryan was. colin asked "why is he like this? what happened?". Nigel then asked Colin what his name was(he didn't know yet). Colin told him to just call him colin. Colin, after looking for levi, came back and told Nigel and Eren that Levi wasn't in the house. Nigel replied saying "Ran away from home.. how sweet." Nigel told colin to go look for him, colin told him " its pitch black outside  hes goign to egt hurt.  should i take his phone? " nigel told him he better have a phone, if he got hurt he would need to call someone. Someone name "thunder wing" kept saying her phone number, thinking it would help. Nigel and Eren told her not to. Colin Eren and Nigel continued trying to figure out what to do about levi. Nigel told Colin to go look for him saying "  he could be a mile away at the pace ur taking.." Colin told him that he was outside, but nigel wanted to know why he was wasting time.he told him to go find levi before he was killed. 

    After colin was away for a few minutes, he came back and told them that he could see him. Nigel told him to "chase him down, hit him with a stick, and then tell him off". he then said "oh, sorry, that was the old fashion way…". Thunder kept saying her number, and for them to text her, but no one listened to her. Colin then told them "ok, I've got a clear view of where he's going, he's heading towards the end of the neiborhood and to the intersection!" Nigel had enough of this and told colin to call the police, telling him it was the safest thing to do. Eren then asked if he had found him yet(he was brb), Nigel told him that colin was still chasing him. Nigel them started getting fed up, yelling at colin saying "dont waste your time on a computer dammit!!!!!". Eren agreed with this. nigel then said "dont waste your time chatting on a computer. you have a levi to catch!" Colin told them he couldn't call the police and catch levi at the same time. So eren pointed out that he could be on the phone and watch levi at the same time. Nigel just said "your nightly exercise lol". Colin then came back and told them that he caught levi, Nigel told him "ok now is when u hit him with a stick and tell em off". Colin told them levi was almost hit by a car. but someone stopped right before. Nigel talked with thin a bit longer, and then left. 

    Later he found them again to say goodnight and levi was apparently safe.


    march 6 Edit

    on march 6 or 7 i forgot Nigel went to Hill5 with Eren, there they discussed Levi. Eren claimed that Levi had been out at night setting fire to stuff. Nigel asked how it wasn't in the news yet, Eren didn't know. Nigel got in a fight with a bird named Love. She told people to kill him so he got mad at here, she then said sorry. There was also a bird named "Zero" who kept stalking Eren. He called Eren "pretty". Levi then came on and nigel asked him how his "little walk about" was a few nights before. Levi Eren and Nigel then talked for a while.    


    march 11 Edit

    on march 11 in the morning Nigel went to Hillscape5 after asking 2 clones of Eren and Levi to go there. They didn't follow and instead a bird named "Shontey" followed. A nonage also went there, and started pooping on nigel, trying to kill him. Nigel got mad at Noname seen as he wouldn't let him get underground, and accused him of killing him. Noname said he never killed nigel. Nigel suspected it was Ariana the cloner. Shontey claimed to have seen her before, but it turned out it was someone named "Adriana". Noname told Nigel that he didn't clone people, so Nigel half believing him asked if he/she was Vokun. The Noname just said "maybe". Then a bird named "stopjeff" came on, asking where jeffiline was. Nigel said he didn't know where she was. Stopjeff told him to go find her, but nigel told her to do it herself. Stopjeff kept asking but Nigel never did go to find jeff. Shontey, meanwhile was showing off how she could write in color and make the chat big, so nigel moved the chat with one of his chat codes. She asked him how he did it, so he told her it was "magic". She told him she wasn't an idiot, while nigel told her "its true". Stopjeff then left. Shontey, now mad at nigel, called him a "poopie" in small letters. he used a counter code to see what she said, and told her that it was a mild insult. Shontey then realized what did, and started testing it out, not pleasing nigel. Noname then called nigel a fat h__ . Nigel told him he wasn't and called him an idiot. shontey asked was an idiot. Noname tod her Nigel was but Nigel told her that the Noname was. Shontey then asked if Nige was an admin or something, he told him he wasn't but had played the game for a long time. He told him about the chat code page on the wiki, then Shontey left. Nigel then left after that.

    later in the afternoon Nigel went to cityscape1 as a Noname. There he lagged the game for fun. After a while of tormenting people Digital(one of his friends) found out that it was him, for he moved the chat with a chat code. She knew he used this so she asked him if it was him. There was also a nonage talking with people. he finally admitted that it was him, no one was really mad at him. He left then came back with his name. He was sitting on a building when a pigeon pooed on him. Digital then had to leave, so Nigel decided to go look for levi and left.

    Nigel found a few people at hill7. A bird named muffin was watching Ryan(who was invisible) at a trash bin. Muffin for some reason started killing nigel. There was also a Noname who would only say the symbols in his name instead of talking. Nigel came back after being killed by muffin, and tried to kill her but she was immortal. Ryan was using super poo and getting egged on a lot by other people. Nigel then left.          

    Nigel then went to snowscape7 where he met a Noname. He asked him if he knew him, but he didn't. The nonage told him his other name was "chameleon". The Noname wanted nigel to play hide and seek, but nigel told him that he had to go find his friends. The nonage kept begging him so he finally decided to stay. Then a russian guy started pooping on him. Noname asked who he was, but nigel didn't know. The bird just said "I'm russian". Noname then told nigel to hide, so he did (over by a house). While he was hiding a bird named "Hellgate dragon" came on and said hi. The Noname told Nigel not to go underground. Nigel told him he wasn't, and asked if he was looking. Noname told him that it was hard to find a Noname. Nigel replied saying "no…. really??".(she didn't get the joke) Nigel then left for a few minutes then came back. Noname had already found him so it was Nonames tun to hide. Nigel taught him how to be a real nonage seen as he could see his name. Nigel then left.          

    Nigel then came back and found a bird named "yossarian" there. He asked who she was, and she turned out to be Ryuik. Ryuik explained where she got her name, while the other Noname asked nigel to keep playing. Nigelw as too busy talking to Ryuik. Ryuik told him her name was from a book called "catch 22". He asked her what it was about and she explained. Noname started to get fed up that Nigel was ignoring her. She claimed that he was betraying her. Nigel told her that he wasn't betraying her, but she went on saying that 4 people had already betrayed her that day. Nigel tried to tell her that he was just talking with ryuik, but Noname didn't listen. Ryuik pointed out that she thought Noname was just paranoid. Nigel left and got his name. when he came back Noname was still going on about people betraying her. Ryuik told her "maybe you just talk to the wrong people". Nigel left a little while later          

    nigel found levi hill7   with a few other people. Levi was asking if anyone knew who his celebrity crush was. Death claimed that he knew, so levi asked who it was. death claimed "me" much to levi's annoyance. Nigel started to mock them, saying "levi and death, sitting in a tree….." there was also a nonage there, who was telling nigel weird stuff like "I'm in your room at night" and "i will r__ you". Nigel just ignored him.     Levi finally told them that his "Crush" was Brendon urie, he then left for a minute. Nigel asked everyone "you know he's weird" "right?" jeff told him "were guessing what is personal life is". Levi then came back as Brendon. Nigel just told them "this is the weirdest conversation". The nonage then started guessing peoples ages, trying to get attention. they called Noname a stalker. Jeff told Nigel that she already knew his age, but he knew that. Levi then told them all that no one knew his brothers age. everyone guessed 14 for some reason. Nigel guessed all the numbers between 10 and 20. he told them he was really 25. Nigel then left          

    later that night Nigel had been arguing with Ryans clone. Everyone knew she was ariana, though she kept insisting that she wasn't. He then followed Faith and someone els to "butterfly" game. Ryan followed them there too. They ended up at Jairden de Nuit 3, Nigel had named himself "DamButterfly" for fun. He eventually left them alone.          



    Nigel and 4949 Edit

    on march 13 Nigel went to Hilscape5 and started pooping on people. There was a war or something going on, and a nonage was pooping on people. Nigel pooed on the Noname trying to kill him. At one point the no name said someone calling nigel shen. Nigel didn't see all of what the no name said, for the chat was being spammed due to everyone trying to kill everyone. Nigel asked the nonage how he knew his other name, but the nonage left. 4949, someone Nigel knows, came on and Nigel was all happy to see him. But he revealed that he was the No name and was mad at Nigel for killing him. Nigel told him to go to hills cape 5 for someone was trying to kill him. So when they got there, someone named "Shaddowfox" followed them. There were only 2 other people there. 4949 got mad at Shaddowfox think she followed them to kill him. She told 4949 that she wasn't there to kill people, but 49 killed her anyways. Nigel told them to stop fighting, and that Shaddow was innocent. 4949 then told her to leave, for he wanted to talk to Nigel alone. Shadow wouldn't leave, so nigel told her to go then come back in 5 minutes. instead of leaving for 5 minutes, she came right back. 49 killed shadow again and they went to hill3 to get away from her.       

    4949 then asked Nigel why was he with "them"(the people back at h1). Nigel told him he wasn't, and that he was just killing everyone. They apologized and forgave each other. 49 then left and got his name(he was a no name) and Shaddow came back. 49 told he to leave but she wouldn't. Nigel told them to stop fighting. Shadow then told 4949 that she would tell nigel(who was brb) what he did, so when nigel came back she said that "4949 is being mean to me". 4949 told her "Nigels not my father". after a while of arguing, 4949 told Nigel he wanted him to help with a nest. Nigel told him to make his own nest. after a while nigel left.       

    Later Nigel found a bird at Island7 named gfn. She told him she would ___ him. he just ignored her, until she told him she was Ariana. Nigel asked her if she was the one who cloned ryan the other day but she said she didn't know and left.       


    Meeting Vokun again  Edit

    On march 14, Nigel went to cityscape7 where he saw vokun. Vokun, for some reason, dragged Ariana to hillscape4 to "talk". Nigel, still mad at Vokun, followed them. at hill4, Vokun told Nigel, who was suprized she knew who he was for he was a nonage, that she didn't have any interest in killing him, intact she already gave up. Vokun had mentioned killing ace again, so Nigel warned her about Levi possibly being ace. She told him she didn't think he was, seen as the claimed to have seen ace and levi in the same room. Nigel asked her what name he used, and she told him he used "ace bandit" or was a Noname. Nigel thought this was strange, seen as ace told him he wasn't using ace bandit anymore(last year). Nigel told her how Levi had done everything ace had done, also saying that he knew ace very well, and now knows levi well. He told her they seemed the same to him. while this was happening, a bird named "faithsnowfox" who was really ariana, kept calling nigel names and being annoying. Vokun asked Nigel to leave so she could talk to ariana, Nigel left saying "kill her if u want, everyone will be happy if ya do".

    after he left, he kept going back asking when he could stay. Ariana refused to say anything unless he left, so he ended up leaving. he then tried going on as "king eagle" but vokun didn't fall for it.


    on March 15 Nigel met jared at city7. Angry sawn was there too, trolling as usual. Nigel wanted to ask jared if he had spring trap, so he called him "Jar" instead of his full name. Angry swan caught on quickly, calling him "Jar". Jared started getting annoyed, so Nigel told him to go to hill5. Unfortunatly angry swan followed them there, and started being annoying. At hill5, Nigel asked Jared about spring, asking if he had seen her. He said he had but wouldn't say where. Another bird named "bird" had followed them and said she/he had seen spring. Nigel asked where but he forgot, saying "who is spring". Jared told her she was crazy. Then she asked who Nigel was, he just called her retarded. Then frost came on, Nigel told her to ignore bird, for had started asking about frost now. Nigel then left, getting annoyed with everyone.

    later nigel went to SNow7, where there were a few people. Someone named "seer of blood" then came on, asking for anyone who say Eren to tell him he was Levi. Nigel, who was a nonage, told levi it was him, but he left before he could answer. Nigel then found Eren at island5. He told him that Levi was looking for him, but just then Levi came on. Levi was acting weird, saying stuff as though he were mad at the two. Nigel asked why and he said he was mad, claiming he wanted to " punch someone in the windpipe". Nigel asked what was wrong, and "who died this time…?". levi said no one had died, but his brother was trying to control him to much. Levi said he wanted to kill him. Meenwhile Eren just watched, not wanted to get involved in it. Nigel told Levi he should calm down a bird and levi told him "and you need to shut the fu ck up and let me be". Nigel then said "no offense, but shouldn't you go to a doctor or something?". Levi told him he would stab the doctor, and if he could do that he would rip hs throat out. Nigel then had to leave for a minut, and when he came back everyone randomly left. he couldn't find them after. 


    Kappy and Nigel Edit

    on march 16 Nigel was at city1 as a nonage pooping on random people, when kaprosuchus came on. he told kapro to go to hillscape5, for he didn't want people to know it was him. At hill5 nigel told kapro "long time no see", kapro answers saying "so "long time" is a week for you.." After that Nigel told Kapro that Jared had been asking about him the day before. Kapro claimed that he hated Jared, "for f__s sake i hate that dude". Nigel said he told him he haddnent seen kapro for a while, kapro asked what els nigel told him. Nigel told him he ignored him after that. Kapro told Nigel that Jared was always looking for fights. After a little while Nigel asked what kapro likes doing, seen as they went doing anything. he said he liked "spending time with someone i might not see for a while". Nigel asked who and Kapro said "gf obviously". He told nigel about how her mom was controlling(thats all I'm saying for Kappy's sake).

    Kapro then told Nigel he would brb again, he was down to one life again. Nigel asked if he was a bad flying, seen as kapro crashed into everything(nigel started bragging claiming "i never crash into anything") but kapro told him "you always have to moving when your on the hunt". Nigel asked, "your not hunting me.. are you?" Kapro told him he wasn't, that "no offence but ide rather fight worthy prey". Nigel just told him "im glad u dont feel like ripping my head off". Kapro then started bragging about how he killed a t rex with his fists and other animals too. Nigel asked him "how can you kill the poor dinosaurs", kapro told him "for the hunt, its kill or be killed". Nigel thought it was funny, seen as he had just read that in a book that morning. Kapro then started going on again saying "holds up velocerapter skull", when Yuki came on. She told Nigel she didn't know him after he asked her, and left to city1. kapro asked who she was, and said it was odd. Nigel asked "hows that odd?". kapro told him "could be potential prey." Nigel asked him if he wanted to "rip her head off". kapro asked him "you always assume i want someones head?" Nigel said he only said that seen as it was a violent way of killing. 

    After talking about that Kapro randomly went underground not even trying to. Nigel went under too to meet him there, but as soon as he didn kapro came up again. After that Nigel died, crashing into a tree. When he got back kapro mocked him, mimicking what he said earlier "I never crash into trees". Nigel told him "I lasted an hour, you lasted what? 2 minutes?". Just then Levi came on. Nigel asked if Levi knew it was him to make sure, and he did. Levi then started going on about how nice his life was again, claiming "I'm so cold i can barely move". Nigel asked him "Oh come on, is all you do is complain about stuff??" Levi got mad saying "f__ you, i was having a good day, don't start sh__!". Kapro pointed out that he had started it. Levi then told them that he didn't hate himself anymore, Nigel mocking him claiming "well thats new". Levi told them "i got really deep into my thoughts yesterday". Nigel said "good for you". Levi continued "and i was told i have to control if i am going to have a good or bad say". Nigel asked him "wait, who told you that?" but levi didn't answer, continuing saying "so whatever happenes, i'll look on the bright side". he then told Nigel that Nick's sister told him that. then Gamerz came on. Nigel said hi to him, and gamers asked if it was him. Nigel told him "what if i say I'm not nigel..?". gamers "o.0 your not?" nigel said "hahahah, I'm just kidding, i am nigel". Then said "or am i…..??". Nigel then realized that Levi had dent said anything, so i asked him if he was still there. Nigel pooed on him to see if he would move, but then moved away saying "wasn't me". Gamer then pointed out that there were 2 no names, Nigel told him that it was Kapro. Levi then randomly left. Kapro had pointed out to Nigel that Levi was brb, but now he was gone. Nigel then left.     


    Ariana's cloning again.. Edit

    march 18 Nigel went to Island7 where he met faithicecat. He said hi to her, but for some reason she was mad at him. she told him to leave, but he refused. He left and came back as a swan, and went underground so that she and a bird named "hero" couldn't kill him. he asked her why she was mad at him, thinking that ariana had been cloning him again, but she then started going on about how she hated him for "just being alive". Nigel realized that she was ariana, so he started mocking her. He called her a "poor kitty cat". after some arguing and bad language, Fawful came on. faith emadiatly started telling Fawful to kill nigel, but she realized it was the clone. Nigel told her it was the clone. Faith then started telling nigel that they would never be friends, so Nigel told het to get a life, faith told him to make her. Nigel then started calling her "Kittycat". She told him to "shut up", Nigel told her "you shut it first". She then said his name in big letters, thinking that would intimidate him, but it didn't. He asked her "think thats going to do anything…?". She told him "No… but this will!" She then stopped talking for about a minute. Nigel just kept saying stuff like "waiting" "still waiting….." and "*yawns*". She finally came back and spammed the chat with a big o.o face again. Nigel mocked her claiming "oooooo, thats very scary!". Nigel then went and got his "you are banned" sign. when he came back he said "oooh faith? got something for you..". He then spammed the chat with it. SHe didn't seem to even care, and spammed the chat again with a new face, the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) all in red. She then claimed "scary". Nigel replied "ya.. for a 2 year old". She then said she would be right back again and left. While she was gone nigel asked a bird named "Hero" who had been supporting her before, "retarded cat, eh hero?". Hero just did a o.o sign. He then left, to get away from them.              

    faith then came back with yet another face but nigel wasn't scared at all. She told him "damn you nigel! this one will work better" and was gone again. When she got back she tried to do another face, but it was too big, and only half of it showed. Nigel mocked her for this claiming "too big, idiot". Nigel then used a face to try and scare her, he used ⊙·⊙ all in black. Fawful came back on, and faith did the face to her, saying "Be afraid". Nigel then realized that she probably was "Be afraid" from a long time ago. be afraid had spammed industry 7 about different parasites a while ago. Nigel told her "you used those named "be afraid" "scary" and "i live in fear" didn't you???". Fawful also realized it was ariana, claiming "your ariana!". Nigel just mocked her claiming "No duh.. eh few?" "of corse its Arish_ta!". fawful and Nigel left to hillscape3 to get away from Ariana, after she was brb. They then went to hill3. Nigel then discussed about Angryswan then left.

    Later that evening Nigel went on the "Butterfly" game,, another game by game vial. There he found someone named "springtrapmangle" at sycamore1. He asked her if it was the Springtrap he knew, for she had been missing for a month now. No one had seen her and she almost seemed to be avoiding nigel. The spring trap told him that she knew him, but was acting a bit odd, not answering all his questions. She then left and came back with the name "foxy x mangle". Nigel, not sure if it was really her, told her to go to Fly like a bird3, and go to hillscap5. He was already at Hill5(he just pulled up a new window on the computer). A nonage was already at hill5, and he told him he was waiting for Spring. The noname was kinda unsure what Nigel was up to. After trying to convince the Springtrap clone to go to Hill5, he finally gave up. Once he was back to Hill5 he asked the noname, who was still there, who she/he was. He found out she used to use the name "waterstar".       

    that night Nigel found lev and went to hill5 with him. there he accused levi of ignoring him the other day at industry7. Levi didn't know what he was talking about, and said he could remember anything after that morning. He told levi he was sure it was him and Eren because he cloned levi to see what the reaction would be and they said "Little s_" "cloning me again". Levi then said "i bet it was Darren". Nigel asked him who "Darren" was, and levi told him it was someone he knew. Levi dissapeard then came back claiming it was darren. Nigel only half believed him, but told him to Ask Darren if he had seen Nigel the other day.       

    He came back and met Levi again. There was also a bird named "Crow and Crow. Levi and Nigel tried to guess who she was. Nigel guessing Gamerz, Eren, Ryuik,Clockwork and ariana. But she said she wasn't any of those. Levi then asked if she was Vokun, and nigel said "please say no..". She wasn't any of those people. Crow then noticed that Nigel was a starling and said "aren't you a seagull?". Nigel changed to a seagull after that. When he got back, Habibi was on, along with Blackfire and Silver. Nigel asked Blackfire if she had seen Springtrap lately, complaining how he haddent seen her for weeks. She told him she saw her the other day and would ask her next time. Nigel and Levi then went to hill4, seen as hill5 5 was getting very crowded. when they got there Nigel claimed "Too many damn people". Nigel then was brb for a few minutes, when he got back he claimed "I went outside because i heard a weird noise and a god f_ing cockroach jumped on me!". He had been home alone that night. He then claimed "always nice to hear weird noises outside when ur home alone eh?". After a few minutes, Levi started explaining about a show that he had been watching, and after he had finished typing, for some reason he said "please". he then said "wait, why did i just say please?". Nigel made fun of this claiming "some things we just dont know why we do ?" After a while of hanging out, and making fun of how bad nigel's spelling was(he said "I'm so bred instead of bored") Nigel had to leave.         


    Fan Ni Sha returns Edit

    On march 19, he was hanging out at Cityscape 1 for a while. Someone, for some reason named them self "Nigalisstupit". Nigel made fun of how they couldn't even spell his name right. Him and Gamerz kept killing Nigalisstupit. After a while he left and went to city7, expecting people to go with him. He was suprized when only Blood showed up. So he left and found a few people at hill5. mallkariss and Hawky(using the name blu) were there, so he stayed with them. Mallkaris was asking Nigel about her english, for she didn't know how to speak english very well. They were all seagulls. after hanging out with them, frost came on. She had been looking for gamers but Nigel haddent seen him claiming "Gamerz had dissapeard so don't ask". She then asked him if he remembered anyone named Fan Ni Sha. Nigel did,, and told her how someone named that had been a "fan" of him on the wiki a long time ago. She then revealed that she was Fan ni Sha. Nigel was suprized for he thought that Fan ni she was long gone. Nigel left and got his old name "Lord shen".  

    When he came back Mallkaris left and Hawky had already left. Nigel went and found out how long ago frost was "Fan Ni Sha. it turned out that it was  January 31, 2014 that she had been on the wiki. She then asked him if he had Facebook, but he didn't. He claimed that his mom didn't let him go on stuff like that. Frost then told him that her first names were "Marlene" "Francesca" and "Anika". Nigel remembered all of these names. He told her that his first named on the game was "Fasty". Gamerz and Golden then came on named WFW and KTO?. Nigel then had to leave.


    Nigels stalker Edit

    On march 22 Nigel went to City7, where Fawful and a bird named deadpool was. Deapool kept trying to convince nigel to be a robin and not a seagull. He started trying to kill Nigel. Fawful told him to stop but he wouldn't. meanwhile Angry swan was trolling the server as usual. Frost then came on. Deadpool and his two friends then got fed up and left, after no one would listen to them and nigel went in a building so he couldn't kill him. Angry swan kept trying to lag the game but Nigel stopped her. Nigel then lagged angry out and she came back as a Noname. Fawful kept ruining her name by doing the <i> symbol. Frost then left. Faw and Nigel kept annoying the Noname for fun. after a while he left. 

    Later that day he met frost again at city7. She asked how he was doing, but was cut off when Eren came on. Nigel and Eren left to hill5, frost following them. They talked a little bit, Eren telling Nigel that he changed his name. A bird then came on with the name ✿✿✿✿✿✿. She kept following Nigel around saying "✿✿✿". SHe then told nigel that she "loved him" and kept stalking him. She kept speaking in "flower language" and Eren and Nigel kept mocking her. Nigel mocked her saying "when your bored. you become a flower. dont become bored and be a flower.". Flower continued to following Nigel around, telling him "i want you" and "i need you". Eren pointed out how this was like the movie "rio 2"(someone stalks nigel in the movie lol). Nigel then started complaining "Why do i always get the stalkers". This went on for a good half hour. Nigel then asked frost to do something. she asked him "what can i do??", Nigel told her "throw a rock at it". so frost threw a rock at it. Flower spammed the chat saying "GO AWAY" in big red letters. She then went on saying "i love you nigel, i need you". Nigel asked her "what do you mean, need me?" She replied saying "i can't live without you". Frost then left, Nigel telling her nooooooo don't leave me with… with it!!!!!". Flower claimed "oh, yay, now were alone!!!!!!", Nigel said "yay…so happy……." He then asked "so, flower…..thing?, what do you want to do?". She told him "anything". He then asked her "what is your name so I'm not calling you "flower thing". She told him "anything you want it to be!". She then started trying to make nigel to do things he didn't want to do, and kept telling him she loved him. Nigel and her continued talking, then gamers game on. Nigel told him not to ask. and they hung out for a while until Nigel left randomly(his computer died). When he got back, flower thing had left and he never found her again. Gamer told him her name was "lisha". 

    Later he went to city7 where there were 3 arianas spamming and fighting. Nigel lagged the game and killed all of them, claiming "well that shut em up, didn't it?". He then left and found Levi at hill7 and hung out with him for a while.


    The magical glowing trees. Edit

    march 22 Nigel went to Industry 6 where he found Levi and Jeff hanging out. Jeff was confused to why one of the trees was glowing. Levi was telling her about it. Nigel pointed out that they were in an industry, But jeff told him "industries don't have glowing trees!. Nigel told her "well, this industy is special…. they are a factory for making glowing trees! didnt you know?". Jeff then left, and Levi asked "wheres my husband". Nigel, thinking he said that because jeff was gone, said "wait, isn't she a girl?". Levi told him he was talking about Eren. Nigel told him "Well, i haunt seen him today… i also just got on…". Levi then pooed on Nigel by accident, and Nigel told him off. Nigel was then brb, and Jeff(who had come back) told levi "Don't be mean to him" Levi then said "I'm not?" Jeff told him "no, i meant Nigel lol". Then Levis clone (ariana) came on and started pooping on Nigel and killed him. After Nigel returned he talked with them for a few minutes then left. 


    Angry swan the liar Edit

    march 24 Nigel met fawful at cityscape 1. people were spamming the game, and Faw was trying to tell him something. So Nigel told her to go to Hillscape 5. At hill5 she told him that Angryswan had been hacking the game, shutting down servers and whatnot. Nigel had been on the day before, and seen this too, all the servers saying "0 people" and every now and then he would be kicked out of the game. He had then gone and checked the game vial Facebook where it said that the games would be like that for they were doing an "anti hacking" thing.

    Nigel told her that it was actually game vial, he told her about the Facebook page. She said "angry's such a liar", for angry had been going around telling people that he was the one causing the problems with the game. Gamerz, who was there the whole time asked "you guys stupid?". Nigel, thinking it was because of his spelling said "uh… I'm tired". He then asked "you stupid shen?" Gamerz then claimed "the game will be updated" , for he thought that game vial was shutting down the game for a update. Nigel told him that it was only for an "anti hacking" thing. Fawful then pointed out that game vial was probably just getting rid of the chat codes and the lag. Nigel was a bit disappointed that the chat stuff would be gone. gamers claimed that game vial could never get rid of the hackers. Fawful then said that game vial would add a new bird or landscape. Nigel asked her where she heard that, but she never answered.

    Later Nigel went to Hillscape7, where someone named "tortie cat" was. Torite claimed "omg Nigel", Nigel at firs thinking it was an enemie just said "uh…." Then Tortie asked him the help few for some reason. nigel asked "uh… whats going on….?" Tortie then told him "its me, levi". Levi then told him that the clone made him hide there. Nigel asked where the clone was, and he told him it was at city7. Nigel asked if people knew that it was a clone, and levi told him "awful said it cloned him, then it left and came back with levies name. Nigel asked him "wait, Fawfuls a boy???" Levi said "idk". Nigel then told levi "sorry if i don't answer, I'm tired as __ right now". Levi told him "i wasn't on yesterday because i was sick". Nigel asked him if he was better today, and he said it was just some random throwing up. Nigel told him "i won't be on tomorrow, its good friday, so I'm spending the day with people at my grandmas house lol". Levi then left to change his name to "Eridatt" claiming he would hide better. Nigel claimed that the cat name made him look like a "dumb role player".

    While levi was gone a bird named "Mlg bird" came on. Nigel asked if it was levi, and he told him "what is levi?". Nigel said "god dammit how long can levi take??" for levi had been gone over a minute. Levi then came back, Nigel asking him "how long can you take???   you gone to get an icecream or something???" Mlg bird then asked again "what is levi" and they told him that Eridatt was Levi. Nigel then asked levi " why do we always get the stupid ones… ". Mlg then left, possible hurt by this. 

    m   levi why do we always get the stupid ones...       idk     mlg leave possible hurt   that made him leave!     levi said he needed a "dualscar   i have no idea what that is, but. oh well :|   i was up last night cause i was watchin a movie, then im up tonight :/    levi said he was rereding a comic    nigel then brb    "mom caught me".   levi want to eat a cake can we agree that bec noir is epic?  id who that is  k brb not done .


    good friday Edit

    march 25  Nigel had been hanging out at city1, where blackcatzcl and cherie had been. he talked with people for a little while. He then started pooping on a bird named "blu" for fun.  someone els must have caught on for then a bird named "blu rio" came on. Nigel pooed on both of them. a bird named "tiny tim" pointed out how nigel and blu were from rio. Nigel said he was, and that he "killed blu". 

    He then  went to cityscape 3 where a bird named "pexil" and "taylor" were.   they were poo fighting so nigel just watched.  Nigel then realized that the way pexil was talking was very similar to gamerz. Nigel asked if it was him but he said no. Nigel half believed him.    While Nigel was there, a bird named "joao(brazil) pooed on him. Nigel tried to kill him, but he was imortal.   

    Nigel then got bored and headed to industry 7 where levi was. after talking a little bit levi said "o.o". Nigel asked "why did you say o.o?" and levi said "my cat just screamed". Levi then said "it went "meeeeooooowww". Nigel, who was a bit bored, said "well, what ddi you think it would say? woof woof?". after a little while, Joao came on again and tried to apoligise to nigel, but nigel pooed on him anyways. Joao then got mad at him and started trying to kill him. Levi just watched saying "oh my". Nigel then kept pooping on joao, trying to kill him until joao pointed out that he was imortal. Joao then asked fawful, who was there now, to kill nigel, but she said no. Nigel told him to shut up. Joao then said "sorry nigel, so sorry". Nigel said "fine.. i'll stop". levi then said "well this is peacful...  Nigel told him "no kidding... eh levi?".  Levi told him "well ive got a headache". "i came here for peace but.... "  Nigel finished his sentace and said "i was annoying...".  Levi the asked, "can you please..."   Nigel said "please what??"  "stop the pooping". Nigel told him "i did,  ya blind?".   Levi said maybe he was, for his eyes were horrible. after talking about thi for a while nigel left.

    go back and find levi     he said he waited like this every day.  nigel ask why and whats the point an d he say for eren   nigel told him  you know what you 2 should do?   set up a time!   nigel get in a building   i am the amazing magical seagul!   hey watch this.  i can walk throw walls!   how..? glitch for seagulls?   im magical that why!    its not a glitch. then what is it?  you have to stand outside the wall and say"  seagull seagull" three times!   of corse  didnt you know that?   tiny tim, gayryan and erne then came on and nigel had to leave


    Nigel, Skipper and Live. Edit

    On march 26 in late morning Nigel went to island 1, where he met someone named "live". he went over to her and tried to be friends but her friend "skipper" pooed on him before he could say anything. skipper had been told by live to kill everyone. Nigel and Skipper got into an argument over this. after a few minutes of arguing skipper randomly asked if nigel would be his friend. Nigel replied saying "you tell me to shut up, poo on me, and you think i will be friends?????" Skipper then started pooping on nigel again, asking "friend or not?". Nigel didn't answer him, he just left and came back as a swan and went underground. He then said "ok skippy, come n get meh!" Skippy realized that nigel was out of reach so he said "fu ck". Nigel mocked him asking if he meant "f-ck"(he used the invisible chat code to swear) and skippy said yes. Nigel told him "then spell it right." He then started calling skipper "skippy dippy". Skipper told nigel "fight me like a man!" so Nigel left and came back as a starling. Nigel started fighting skipper, and a bird named "gaze" joined in. Nigel killed skipper claiming "hahahahahahahahah i win!!!!!!!!!!" gaze then challenged skipper to fight her, but before she could nigel killed skipper a second time claiming "for killing me". Nigel then decided to fight Gaze seen as no one els wanted to. She told him not to hack for she thought he was a hacker. After fighting for a while Nigel gave up seen as it was taking so long. Skipper decided to help, but gaze pooed on him starting a fight between them. 

    After a while Skipper pooed on Nigel and started blaming him for doing something to live, even though he didn't. Someone named "Shotgunsecurityguy was there and claimed to be purple guy, someone nigel knew a while ago. A bird named "este fanny" pooed on gaze, so Nigel killed her for it. gaze thanked nigel and then killed Este fanny herself, nigel claimed "good one gaze!". Skipper then apologized for pooping on Nigel. 

    After getting pooed on by este over and over again, Nigel got everyone to go to island 5. gaze showed up there but no one els did for a minute. gaze then told Nigel he was actually a boy, for nigel thought gaze was a girl. Finally Skipper and Live showed up. Gaze told nigel that they were brothers, and no one could stop them. Skip told Nigel and Gaze "your invited to my flock". Nigel live asked him "a flock of what?" Nigel told her "birds… duh.." then added "what do you think? sheep?". Thye then started deciding what birds to be. gaze then told Live "your boring, leave". Live leaved before anyone could stop her, and Nigel told gaze "yay.. look what ay did…" Skipper told gaze that she was getting irritating. 

    After a little while, nigel was made leader of the bird flock, seen as he brought everyone together in the first place. Live left to go eat. Skipper was made "vice leader" and said "we need to be one kind of bird". Nigel told him he was always a seagull. Gaze then told Skipper that "you can be the helper". This made skipper mad and he pooed on Gaze telling her "how dare you!". they then started trying to kill each other(again…). After nigel got them to stop, he told them to be crows or robins and he would stay a seagull. They finally decided to be seagull. gaze then said she had to leave because it was her bed time, Nigel was suprized for it was morning where he lived. He asked her where she lived, and she told him that she lived in india. She then left. Nigel then taught Skipper how to be a nonage before leaving.     

    later in the afternoon nigel hang out with Ruis at snow 6 for a little while.     

    later met gameerz and went to hill5 cause dj was spamming ctity 7.     dj then come to hill5.  gamerz gtg and dj tell nigel to look up lack man loves pokemon      i cant play it because my mom be like da hell wrong with you?          


    ABC's return Edit

    On March 27 Nigel went to Hillscape 1 early that morning using the name evil bird . There he got pooed on by a bird named "zoey". Thye got into an argument and kept pooping on each other. Nigel then left for a while. He came back to hill1 later and met someone named "baby swan". baby swan and nigel made friends, and were talking when Zoey came back named "realzoey". Nigel and Zoey were friends now, and someone named mustang kept pooping on them. He then changed his name back to Nigel. Zoey started pooping on people, and killed baby swan. Nigel told her not to and when baby got back she apologized. Then someone named I❤realzoey came on. Nigel said "Wait, theres 2 of you???". Zoey and Zoey talked a bit then Nigel asked her if i❤realzoey was a stalker. She told him she wasn't. i❤realzoey then told everyone that she was from germany. Zoey said she was from Poland, so nigel told them all that he was from Bermuda. baby swan then randomly said "oh no! that big bird with the gun is back!" Nigel asked him what he meant but then he acted like he didn't say it. Zoey then tried to show Nigel how to go into the house, but he was a seagull so he told her to wait there while he went underground. Once he got to the house she asked him how he did it. nigel told her "magic" and she asked "can you show me your magic?". He decided to teach them, and told everyone to go to the hill where he was. While he was showing them i❤realzoey told them her real name was estelle.          

    Nigel tried to teach them how to get underground using the hill as seagulls, but it was too hard and after failing for a while he told everyone to be swans and showed them how using the rock on the hill. After this, he asked if anyone wanted to know how to go underground in the island. Baby swan wanted to know how so Nigel told them all the go to Island 5. He taught them how. He then took everyone to Industry5 and taught them the underground glitch there. He told them it was the hardest trick, but Babyswan and i❤realzoey both got under. Zoey then had to leave. Baby swan asked "so there isn't any ground?" Nigel told him "No, we are under the ground!" "in the underworld… o_o" Baby swan then asked "so you can't poo" after he realized that he couldn't. Nigel told him "thats the nice thing, if someones poopin on u, u go under and then they can't!" i❤realzoey then told them "this is magical".           

    Nigel then went to cityscape 5 with everyone and started to teach them that trick. he told them "now this look stupid but it works" because to do the trick you have to walk under a power line. Nigel then had to go, so he told everyone to wait there and he would be back.          

    When he got back he met i❤realzoey again, but baby swan was gone. While he was asking about where baby swan was ice wolf and a few other people came on. baby swan then came back, and told nigel he got underground but died right after. then someone named "iron hide" told nigel "Nigel, welcome back, ace misses you". Nigel, not knowing what he meant, asked her if ace was back. he then told he to go to Hillscape 5 to ask her about ace there. At hill 5 he asked iron hide and he said he did know ace in real life, and he wass trying to get him back on the game. Nigel asked who she was and She told him "ABC". Nigel then rememberd "Alphababycat" and asked her if that was who she was. it turned out it was. ABC told him not to tell anyone and to just cal her "Ironhide" for now. nigel then realized that Sice wolf was there, but he left before they could say anything. ABC didn't seem to notice this, so nigel asked her "does ice wolf know its u?" He told her he just saw ice leave and that be probably knew who she was now. ABC asked if ice knew gamers, and Nigel told her that Gamerz knew everyone.          

    ABC then asked if anyone seemed to miss her, Nigel told her no one really talked about her. ABC said " idk and idc  i will leave this game forever   its the last time I'm on". Nigel then told ABC about levi and how he was like Ace. But abc didn't think it was him. Nigel asked when Ace was coming back, and told her that "everyone still hates him still…..". ABC said "he's here!". Nigel asked where, and she told him undercover. Nigel told her he really wanted to talk to him. ABC then randomly left. after a minute she came back and he asked her where she went. SHe told him "someone phoned me". She then told nigel that ace would be on in 1 hour as a nonage. Nigel asked her to tell him he wanted to talk to him . abc then said "well, i gtg for now. if you see gamerz tel him my revenge wil come soon" and left.          

    later that night Nigel was bored, so he went to City 6 with the name "shibai" and was spying on Jeffiline and Ryan. Eren then came on so he told him to go to Hill 2. when they got to Hill2 nigel told Eren who he really was. just then a bird named "Ineedsenpai" came on. Nigel had seen this bird earlier. He told him he had seen Senpai at cityscape 1 to try and get rid of him, but he didn't leave. Eren asked if Nigel knew Senpai so nigel tolled him he didn't know him, but had seen him earlier that day. Nigel told Eren that Ineedsenpai looked like a stalker. He said "read its name, thats the first sign." Nigel was then brb for a few minutes and when he came back, Eren said brb. Nigel said "good timing nigel, good timing". After a few minutes Eren came back saying "my cat wanted to play with his string". Eren then decided to go to Indutry 7. When they got there there was someone named Gladiator. gladiator turned out to be Levi. Nigel(still named shibai) told levi to guess who he was. Levi said nigel, and nigel asked him "how????". levi told him "i just know who you are". Nigel was the brb and hen he came back he claimed "i was watching a cool movie it had flying ppl with those wing suit thingys". Levi for some real yelled "apollo is screaming!" Nigel asked him if he was alright, and he said he wasn't claiming "i almost fell down the stairs because of kaneki". Kaneki turned out to be levis cat. A nonage then came on and Levi said "find me somewhere". he then left and Eren left too before nigel could stop him. Nigel went to find them but couldn't. 


    populars return Edit

    On march 28 nigel went to Cityscape 2 where he met a nonage who was saying "i swear this game hates me!". Nigel first thought it was levi for that was something he would say, but it turned out it wasn't. He asked the nonage who he/she was and she told him she was Popular girl, someone nigel knew a while ago. Nigel told her "haven't seen you for a while!" She told him it was because she was hanging out with ace in real life. Nigel told her to go to hill5, seen as there where a lot of people at city2 and he didn't need everyone knowing about ace. At hill5 he asked her if ace would be on any time soon, but she told him he didn't have a computer. Nigel told her that was strange because a few other people had claimed to see him. She claimed "dammit, he better not be cheating on again!" Nigel told her he knew 2 other people who knew him. Nigel then asked her "but, you trust him, even after what happened last year?" She told him she wasn't sure yet. She then claimed "i can't believe you guys still play!" She told Nigel her brother had heard that he left. her brother was Vent. She told him "ya, he uses my tab and yea, u were freaked out by him and left" Nigel told her it might have been a clone. He then told her about Ariana and what she had done. Gamerz then came on and Popular was amazed that he was still around. Nigel claimed "ya.. i told you, everyone still plays .-. 

    Popular then asked them if they knew someone who said "/:-) " a lot, but they didn't know. gamer asked why she haddent been on for a while, and she told them that her tablet broke down. She then told Gamer and Nigel that she was calling ace, gamers asked "the real one???" Nigel said "is there a not real one..?" Nigel told gamer that ace was pops boyfriend. Nigel then asked her to tell ac the said hi, and then had to leave.       


    the racist birds Edit

    On march 29, Nigel went to hills cape 3 with the name "Felipe". He met two birds named "purple guy" and "dawn". Dawn asked him what kind of bird he was(her and purple were crows) and he told her he was a macaw. while he was telling her he got a twig and took it to there nest thinking he was being nice. She then started try to kill him, telling him to leave because he wasn't a crow. Felipe claimed "oh great, racist birds, what next?". Purple guy claimed "you know I'm greek, I'm not racist". he told dawn "dont just sh_ on someone when u dont know if there nice or not." She told him "you could poo on our nest". Purple guy finally got her to stop, but she told felipe to "Get twigs and be a crow". He told her he was quite happy being a macaw. She then told him "fine, but you owe me cookies". He told her he didn't have any cookies. He then said "you birds are weird". Dawn said "don't you dare!". Felipe claimed "where the hell are all my macaw friends when i need them?" Felipe then asked Purple guy is he was the "shotgun dude" from the island the other day, and if he knew someone named nigel. Purple guy told him he was. Dawn then randomly said "my little sister of f___ing hell is annoying". Nigel left and got his normal name. When he got back, dawn started laughing at him, telling him he couldn't get in her nest for he was to big. Nigel outsmarted her by going underground and just as she was saying "nigel can't get in!!" he got in her nest and said "ha ha ha…..". He then told her "think before you speak idiot". She got mad at him and started trying to kill him, but she couldn't for he had gone into a rock. Nigel then smiled and purple guy said "….." Nigel asked him "can i not smile now…?". Dawn then started yelling "Nigels a f___ing hacker!" but nigel told her he wasn't. She told him to get out, but he told her "I'm not stupid you know..". Purple guy then told the two "don't fight or I'm going to kill myself." he told dawn "dont speek like this.. you want to be a family crow right?" Nigel then went on about the rock glitch claiming "if you were nicer i would have taught you, but noooooo". Purple guy then asked "why does everyone speak like this?" Nigel told him "this is Flab3 language, live with it".  Dawn then started begging Purple to kill nigel, but Nigel told him not to claiming "i'll just come back, its not worth it really…" Purple guy then decided to try and kill Nigel but couldn't. Dawn then randomly left, Nigel claimed "peace and quiet!!!!!".    

    After dawn got back the two managed to kill nigel, and she told purple guy to go to island 3, but just as she was saying that Nigel came back. Nigel was a swan and went underground before they could kill him, he said "yes!!! come n get me!!!! hahahahahahah!" Purple guy, obviously not knowing about the glitch, said "where the f__ is nigel?" Nigel told him "I'm in the mountain, in my secret hide out" Dawn then tried to get Purple to go to Island 3, but he didn't go. Nigel thought purple didn't see what she said, and told him "she just went to island 5!" but he told nigel "you don't lie.. right?" Nigel said "aw… didn't work.." Dawn then came back and got Purpleguy to go to island 3 finally, but Nigel beat them two it mocking them when he got there claiming "ahahahahhaha i beat both of u morons!" Purple guy told them "Nigel pls stop it, u and dawn really want me to kill myself huh?" Nigel claimed "this is what you get for messing with me!". Purple told Nigel "you don't really know who i am! he then went on saying " im just a stupid criminal all my life since i was 12 and now I'm 16" While he was saying this Dawn got underground and tried to kill nigel but couldn't, because of the glitch. Nigel mocked her for this saying "ello dawn, nice day down here aint it?" Dawn then tried to make nigel go up on a rock where she could poo on him, but he didn't fal for it. He then left claiming "you two are lucky I'm leaving". 


    march 30 Edit

    nigel had been using the name "kerja" and was spying on people because he had nothing better to do, or so he claimed. He had been at industry 7 where there were two people acting similar to Levi and Eren. there names began with C and K but he forgot the rest of there name. After demanding and getting no answers on who they were, he left. 

    Nigel then went Indutry 5 and met some birds name "polar and "ultra speedy". Nigel started asking them who they were saying "polar, north pole? no?"(north pole is someone he knew). After talking to them for a few minutes, he left. 

    Nigel was later at Cityscape 7 with his spy name and got in an argument with gamers over the :/ face. 

    Nigel then headed to SNowcape 7 after following Ultra an Polar, for they had mentioned senpai, someone nigel had seen before. He used his spy name again and waited there to see what they would say. He left eventually. 

    Nigel then went to cityscape 7 with his normal name and he said hi to everyone. only jeffiline said hi, so after a few seconds he said "i am not here, i guess?" Gamerz said "fighter, did you hear something?" Nigel started yelling at them claiming "SAY HI ATLEAST PEOPLE! I MEAN COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " gamers said "i think i heard a squeak!" Nigel got mad and left claiming "i hate you people" "hate" then left claiming "HATE". 

    he then headed to snowscape 7 and met Polar and Ultra again. Someone named Ash was there, and at first he thought it was ace bandit but it turned out to be a she. He kept asking who she was but ultra told him it wasn't any of his business. Ultra then claimed "you don't know who i am!" but nigel told him "oh well, i gtg" oh, and your senpai? i have my ways ;)  by by birdies" 

    He then left and headed to Hillscape 5 where he met dawn again. she was with someone with Korra and was making a nest. Nigel, still with the name Kerja, asked her if she was the Dawn he met the other day. She wouldn't answer so he started killing her claiming "run little eagle!" Korra fled to Hilscape 4 but Nigel followed calming "i beat you :) " when he got there. Korra told him "I'm sorry please don't hurt me" and Nigel claimed "give me one reason not to!" just as he was saying this Gamerz randomly showed up. Nigel claimed "oh, hi gamers…. i was just, er.. having fun?" Gamerz asked who he/she was and Nigel told him it was him. He told Gamerz "i was just havin fun with these birdies" Gamerz said "you said you are a girl back at city 7?? and, that name….0_0 ." Nigel claimed "well, i had to pick a name people wouldn't suspect"(he had done this before with the name joy which gamers knew about). He then asked Gamerz what the deal was with the face thing back at city7 but gamers said it was aimed at him. they then went to city 7, gamers promised not to tell anyone about him using the name. At city 7 ultraspeedy  fighter jeff and cutthroat where all there. they were all poo fighting so Nigel joined in. gamers told everyone to leave him alone for he was innocent but people kept pooping on him. Nigel told him "we all know what you did!". gamers aced what but nigel only smiled at him. He then had to leave. 

    April Edit

    the Levi crisis Edit

    on april 1 Nigel went to Island 7 where Hakwy, Cronus and Kankri were. Cronus was mad for some reason and left. Kanri following. Nigel went to city 7 where Hawky went too. He demanded to know if Cronus and Kapri were Eren and Levi. It turned out it was, and he was mad because they had told him they went yesterday. Nigel was then brb and when he god back Hawky left. He said "back!" "oh, thats good" He then left and found Eren and Levi at Island 6. He yelled at them saying "you two, why the hell did you two trick me yesterday!!!!???" Levi god mad and left. Eren left right after. He then found the two at island 6, and started going on again asking why they hated him. He asked if the cloner had been around, if that was why they were mad. Levi reassured him that they wrnt mad at him, that they just wanted to be alone. Nigel left claiming "fine, i'll leave you two lovebirds..". Nigel then came right back with a russian name and spied on them to see if there was a reason they wanted him gone. all they said was something about ice-cream then left island 7 after levi suspected something. He then found them at industry 7 and used the name "orangewingmacaw" and tried to spy on them. levi suspected it was him, so nigel made a clone of himself to trick them. they still didn't fall for it. Nigel then gave up spying on them and went with his real name to Snow7 where they were. He asked them is they had seen hawky, so not to seem like he had been following them. They didn't know, so he asked why they didn't want him there. They wouldn't tell him so he just said "uhg.. love birds". They then left but nigel followed them to industry 5. Levi finally broke down and started claiming that he only played because of Eren. So nigel thought that meant that he didn't care about anyone els. Levi tried to tell him it wasn't that but he didn't listen and claimed "so its official. you dont care about anyone els". He then claimed "ell fine. i'll leave. hope u two are happy." "lost another friend -_-" Nigel then went to hill5 after a few minutes and found Eren there. Nigel asked him "following me now? eren? so much for a good friend". Eren told him he wasn't following him, but Nigel just claimed "yea right" and left. Later he went to island 6 where they ere and said "levi,  sorry. i just wanted some friends… " he then left after that,

    Nigel then went to City 4, still sad about what Levi and Eren did. When he got there someone named "Cress" emidatly said "oh sh*t" and left. Nigel started complaining , thinking that it was Levi and Eren again. He asked "who does everyone hate me now???" But someone named Snow start girl told him that Cress wasn't mad at Nigel. cress came back, and told him it wasn't about him, he only crashed into a building. cress then started randomly listing who she wasn't, after Nigel asked who she was.  


    Levi crisis continued Edit

    On April 2 Nigel was at Cityscape 1. Someone named Simple life was trying to kill someone named Kathey. Nigel Killed simple to save her and she thanked Nigel for this. Kathey then told Nigel to Kill someone named Mari who had been killing people. Psyco and Purplelovergirl came on. Mari kept trying to kill everyone so Nigel became a noname and tried to kill her. King de teten then came on. King and Phsyco then when to City 7 to get away from SImple life, who was being annoying. Nigel followed them, but unfortunately simple followed them too. SImple like started pooping on Nigel after they were arguing, so Nigel went into one of the buildings using a glitch as a seagull. He told Simple "Cant kill me!!!" Simple finally admitted that he couldnt kill Nigel, But king told him that he could if he tried. Nigel told King not to encourage "it". They then killed Simple and psyco told them all to g to Industry 3 quick. nigel told them to change there names, so king and and Phsyco went and changed there names to "princess" and "piekonpahkina". Nigel told them "it will look for us, so if it comes here act like you no speak english!!!". Nigel was then brb(be right back) and a Noname started pooping on them. Simple life then came on again but didn't know it was them and was tricked. They then tried going to Hillscape5 and change there names again but the nonage followed them and started killign them again. Finally they gave up at Island 5, King and Psycho were named Lera and Juna. Nigel went under as a swan so nonage couldn't kill him. Noname got underground and nigel told him "nice day down here, aint it?" to mock him seen as he couldn't kill him. Nigel was about the leave when Frost came on. To Nigels surprise Frost was Psycho the whole time.  

    Later Nigel went to Cityscape 1 as Felipe and there was a clone of him. The clone started getting out of hand, for when Donna came on(for once…) the clone started yelling "i f__ed thug" over and over again to make donna think that Nigel had f__ed her boyfriend. Nigel reassured her that it was a clone and she believed him. Nigel(still as felipe) went and added symbols to his name so that they could tell it was him. Someone named Lonely didn't know who was real until Nigel told him. Nigel talked with people a bird, then someone name "Master" told Nigel he was Angelo after people were asking if he was Mafia or not. Nigel claimed "i was far from right" after he was trying to guess his name. Nigel then asked Donna "you said you went playing no more??" she said she dosnt, only every now and then.  

    Later he went to City 7 where he met someone named Malechia. This bird turned out to be Ryuik, but she didn't know it was Nigel for he still had the name Felipe. he told her to guess who he was. He asked "who talks a lot and gets annoying?" She told him she didn't know. So he told her "come on your not that dumb!!!" Jeffeline then came on and he told her not to tell ryuik who he was. Ryuik asked how old he was, he told her 15. Jeff said 0.0 Nigel asked why. She didn't say. Ryuik then asked him "why do you use the name Felipe? He told her "uh… cause i was bored." thinking she found out who he was. But she hadn't. so he have her another clue claiming "my name begins with n and ends in l". She said the only person she knew with those letters was Nazgul, but he was long gone. Nigel then gave her another cue saying "n _ _ _l!". Frost came on and he told her not to tell ryuik. Ryuik said "i know now, your name is Evan?" Once she finally guessed, Levi came on. Ryuik had been looking for Levi, but he left right away. Nigel said "guys? Levi dosnt care about anyone anymore.." after what happened yesterday. But as soon as he said this everyone got lagged out for some reason.  

    Nigel came back and found Ryuik again and went to hill5 with her. She told him the lag happened to her too. She then asked him "When was the last time you saw Levi?" Nigel told her just yesterday, "but he told me he only cares about Eren, sorry if that broke your heard." Ryuik had been close to Levi, so Nigel thought that was why she was looking for him, but she said no it didn't. He told her "that was sarcasm." She then asked why he was mad at Eren. He told her it wasn't Eren but Levi he was mad at. She thought this because when he first found her at city 7 that day he said "are you Eren?" and made a -.- face. He told her he would explain and said "yesterday i saw hawk with someone named "cronus" and "kankri", i had seen these two the day before and asked if they were Levi and Eren but they said no, so  so i asked hawky if it was them and it was!!! they were hiding from me so after follwing them around and finally getting them to stop running from me i asked why and dear levi told me it was because he only cared about eren and no one els." Ryuik said she had also hurt Levi pretty bad a few days ago. Nigel said he's annoying, but Ryuik said he wasn't. She told him "my boyfriend dosnt want me to talk to anyone but he made an exception for levi because he's gay, i know Levi cares about me." Nigel asked her "so you shouldn't be talking with me??" She told him yes, but he told her not to listen to him. Nigel then told her "well. i spied on Levi ad Eren after he told me to go, and he was telling Eren he was the only reason he played the game and he didn't care about anyone els!" Ryuik told Nigel "my bf cheated on my sunday 2 weeks ago". She then said "yea i know Levi cares about Eren, but i don't think he dosnt care about anyone els. She then decided to try to explain it better. Ryuik said "you loved cherie at one point, right?" Nigel replied back saying "yea, but she hated me". She said "ok, now think of it like she loved you but you only had an hour every day to talk to her". Nigel just said "yea, i never had time to talk to her because she hated me." Ryuik gave up and said Cherie had actually dated her too. Ryuik said cherie had told her she liked her. Nigel called cherie a lair, so ryuik asked how she was a lair. Nigel told her "She told me she was 17 before i really knew her" "i loved her because i loved her, but i never would have if i knew she was 33!" Nigel then started ranting on claiming "and now she treats me like I'm nothing more than a piece of dog S__t!" Ryuik said she had the same problem, and said cherie had even made her dump people for her. Nigel told ryuik that cherie still playes, Ryuik said "she probably acts sweet and gets a bunch of people the like her!" Nigel told her that Cherie did do this, and told her about a time when he caught her with 3 guys at once. Ryuik said she wasn't fond of cherie, but she hd used her to het hacks. She then asked "baby hawsk jeffs bf." Nige asked "he is?? She told him yes, and he told her "well, i was with spring trap, but now she's magically disappeared…. :| " Ryuik said she had cloned spring before. Hawky was there now, and started telling them stuff about her BF. THey told Nigel "well at least spring didn't cheat on toy". Nigel just said "she did." ryuik said "i cut a lot." Jeffiline who was there now said "cause she's married" Nigel said "she's not married, I'm talking about spring jeff!!!!". Jeff then said "i still smell beans." Nigel said "uh…. ok" Ryuik asked "someone farted?". She said it was her sister or her grandma. Nigel told her "ask them =) " Ryuik then asked Nigel, "how is devonshire?" Nigel told her "weather was crappy, but for better". Ryuik told him she wanted to go there, Nigel was telling them about how he went to a beach every day. Nigel told them about where he lived. He then decided to mention hurricanes, and said "its nice except when ya roof gets blown off!" Ryuik asked "your roofs are made of tin sheets?" he told her "no, hurricanes cane rip a rock roof off. :) "  

    After this, ryuik mentioned that Colin(levis brother) didn't trust Nigel. She said Colin told her that he was to nosey. Nigel got mad claiming "I F___ING HELPED THAT BA___ARD THE F___ HE GOT AGAISNT ME??". Nigel then calmed down and said "why does he hate me?". RYuik told him again "he told me you same too nosey". Nigel then said "i thought he was my friend." Ryuik told him "can't be friend with everyone". Nigel said "ya, but he told me he was my friend, plus i helped him with his dear little brother tried to run away!" Jeff then asked "why do people do the c instead of ( ? after nigel used the :c face when describing Colin. Nigel said "i just did it because i saw people doing it :| ". Ryuik then said "i see my grandma" Nigel said "oh, thats nice." she then cut him off saying "she's on the shelf in a box" Jeff said "my great grandma died" Nigel said "aww.. mine died too…" Ryuik said she still had 1 great grandma, Nigel said he had 0. Ryuik then said "i can see the dust in her hair" Nigel asked "dosnt she wash her hair???" Ryuik said she was only joking. Ryuik was then telling them about head lice and how they never went on dirty hair, so nigel said "what if u have clean hair. then get lice. then ur hair get dirty?  if that gets rid of them why do ppl spend time trying to get them off?" Ryuik said "the eggs hand onto your hair, the eggs can't hang onto dirty hair". mean while Jeff said "we should make videos about flab3 secrets!" Nigel said "aw, but then its no fun" he the reassured them it was about the videos and not the lice. Ryuik then told them about how someone had hacked the creators of FLab4. Nigel asked "you mean that Frodo idiot? she was a liar! no one hacked her, the pics were even from other games!!" Ryuik asked "you sure about that?" He told her he was so she asked him to prove it. He did and they talked about it for a while.                

    After this jeff mentioned that she saw Nigels color codes for the Holidays. They talked about this and nigel said he would make more. Ryuik then decided to go find Levi. So nigel was left with Jeff, who said "now i smell smoke" Nigel claimed "uh oh, someone cooked da beans to long!". She went to check and when she came back Nigel asked if there was a fire and she said "no but theres lots of smoke and its strong". Nigel said "then dat means there s a fire somewhere" "Smoke = fire!" Ryuik then returned, nigel greeted her saying "no luck, i see?" She told them "no, but i shot on cherie and lagged her dead." Nigel said "its funny to see her beg you to stop!". They then talked about killing Cherie for a little while then someone named xxxxx came on. Nigel found out it was Flower thing from the other day. xxx kept trying to kill them but kept failing. ABC then came on and they talked. Ryuik then asked if she could kill "it" after being told by Nigel not to kill xxxx. He told her yes thinking it was about xxx, but instead she started killing iron hide(ABC). Nigel told her to stop. They stayed there for a little while and ABC talked to jeff about baby hawk cheating on them both. She wouldn't believe ABC. After a little while everyone left and Nigel left not wanting to be left with Lisha.                                      


    April 3 Edit

    on april 3 He met Skipper and Gaze and Dawn again at island 1. After talking with them a bit gaze left for some reason and dawn asked nigel go to Hill7. Nigel Asked Dawn if they should wait for gaze back at island 1 seen as he would probably return and look for them. Dawn told him to go look, so he did, and tried to get people to go to hill7. No one went, so when he got back to hill7 he found no one there. dawn had left. Nigel claimed "uhhg, people are so stupid these days…" but just as he said this someone named "Chloe" came on. Nigel had known chloe before. Nigel told her "ignore what i just said please…" and she asked him if he was ok. He told her he was fine, but she half believed him. Just then a few people showed up(finally) Skipper and Dawn being two of them. He stayed at hill 7 for a while then had to leave for a few minutes. he ended up being gone for longer than he thought, so when he got back everyone was gone.                      

    Later Nigel met two birds named "Miku, and a Noname. he made friends with them and taught them how to be proper no names. Noname told him she was Mimi, someone he knew. Mimi said she was there when Nigel made one of his swan armies with Spring, the day Blackfire killed them all. someone named Emily then came on, but it wasn't the one Nigel knew. kankri then came on, so he went to look for him. Later he talked with Eren and Levi a bit.                                                 


    Levi crisi 3 Edit

    on april 4 Nigel met someone named Eviltwat at an industry. He asked if he knew her and she said "why is your named Felipe". As soon as she said this he knew it was Ryuik. He confirmed tho after The bird said "i pissed cherie off again!" Nigel said "thank you, Ryuik". Nigel then asked her "did she swear?" Ryuik told him she said something like "bloody hell". Nigel then started getting annoyed because ryuik wasn't talking. He started getting impatient saying "oi, You there?" She eventually came back claiming "i was watching a show called "Animal mutations!". They then started talking about stuff from the show such as bacteria that ate plastic and how elephants were losing their tusks. Nigel claimed that it was kinda sad what was happening to the elephants, but ryuik said "not really". Nigel told her "yea, but the fact that people could do that, kinda scary…"

    They then started talking about Nigels computer, seen as he was always complaining that it was crappy. Ryuik asked how old it was, so he told her it was about 5 to 7 years. She told him hers was 8 years old and acting fine, so nigel said "could be older, 12 or something" Nigel then asked Ryuik what she wanted to do, and she told him she was waiting for levi to come on. Nigel told her levi came on later in the day. Nigel then asked her what she wanted to do while they waited. Ryuik told Nigel she was 18, after he asked her, and he hadent thought she was that old. She asked him how old he thought she was, and he told her "like 15 - 17.." She then told him Levi and Erens ages. it turned out that Eren was 20. As they were talking, Levi then came on. Nigel claimed "and speak of the.." "so much for the "later in the day.." Levi then started saying that he needed Eren now, Nigel told him to give Eren a chance to get on the game. Levi said he needed him because he was in physical pain. Nigel asked "something happen to you?" Levi told him "you know how sore you feel after throwing up?" "my entire abdomen is hurting like i slammed into a table!" Nigel then told him "i know where this is going…" Levi asked him where, and Nigel said never mind. Levi told him "don't mention it if your not going to tell me!" Ryuik then pointed out "again, so many inappropriate answers to that.." Levi then started going on about Colins return home and how he was happy he could watch "golden girls" again. Ryuik then said "omg yesterday sucked major b__" Nigel asked why, and she said "12 pages senior i finished in 4 hours.." "my whole paper is basically citied crap!" She then told them "i pasted a whole article and put it in quotes!" They then gossiped about someone named Jacob for a bit. 

    Ryuik then said that Levi was the only reason she played. Nigel claimed "no one plays because of me.." Levi then started complaining about Eren not being on again, While Ryuik recalled one time Nigel stole her name and made everyone hate her(a long time ago). She told nigel "it dosnt bother be, it just makes for good memories to think about". They then started telling each other how long they had played flab3, Levi for a year, Ryuik for 4 and Nigel for at least 6. Levi told them he started playing Lif first. Nigel claimed "eh, Lif you just get eaten every 5 seconds.." 

    After talking a bit Levi randomly said "why am i made fun of for begin gay" Nigel, thinking it was something he said asked "what did i do now???" Levi told him "I'm being made fun of for being openly gay.." Eren came on and they hung out for a little while. 

    After they left, Nigel found Lisha(flower name) and hung out with her. Nigel didn't see any problem with hanging out with her seen as Springtrap had dent been on for a while. he said "well, Springs pretty much dumped me, so i see no danger.." Lisha then started saying "i love you Nigel" over and over again as she usually did. The two stayed together for a while, and Nigel made a big nest in a tree with an eagle he named "Nigelsservent" Lisha then told Nigel she had only been on the game for 6 months. Nigel told her how long he had been on, then a bird named Flutter shy wouldn't leave. Nigel eventually ended up having to leave. 


    dear Lysa Edit

    On april 5 Nigel met Lysa at City 2. Lysa was mad at him again for spamming the chat once. just once. Nigel realized she was there and had stopped apologizing to her, but she claimed "mafia said you were a coward, and you are!" This didn't make any sense because the last time she would have seen mafia was 2 years ago. Lysa then started blaming Nigel for using the name "Murrat"(someone nigel had seen before at the cities) and killing people undercover. Nigel told her he didn't, and told her the names he did use but she didn't believe him. Frost them came on and went with her to Island 5, seen as Lysa was killing him nonstop. There he explained what happened between him and Lysa. 


    Levi crisis part 4……. Edit

    On april 6 Nigel met Ryuik at city 7. She told him to leave, and nigel thought she wanted him gone to talk to someone, so he left. he then went back and started spying on people as usual to see why she wanted him gone and found out she wasn't talking about anything to anyone. he god mad about this but didn't tell her. He then ended up going to Hil5 with her and she told him she was lag spamming the game and that was why she wanted him gone. They then talked about Spring, Nigel complaining how he haddend seen her. They then talked about Levi, Nigel saying levi seemed a bit suspicious. Ryuik said he was mentally challenged a bit, so nigel said "no, really?" seen as it was obvious levi wasn't quite right. She then said he had Bi polar and his mood would change randomly, one minute he was happy, the next minute he would break down in tears. Nigel said "oh, well thats why he randomly yelled at me the other day…." Someone named Madhatter then came on. Nigel thought it was Levi but it wasn't. Madhatter then left and came back as Blackfire. He claimed "it was my brother" but Ryuik and Nigel both knew it was mad hatter. Nigel told her "likely story!" Nigel then asked Ryuik "why do i aways have to deal with the stupid people?" Blackfire then said "wow, why do ppl always say this to me? so annoying, I'm outa her!" 

    Later, Nigel and another bird named Cash were discussing with ryuik about her meeting a guy in real life. SHe had only talked to this guy on a phone before. Cash tried to warn her, telling her "it could be an old man". Nigel told her "i'd be carefull if i were you." Ryuik claimed she had seen pictures of him, thinking this was proof, so nigel told her "could be a boy the old man caught and took pics off….." Ryuik gave and and was brb for a few minutes. Nigel said "well, Cash, if she disappears we will know why" Cash said "yup". Nigel then told him "can't believe people still fall for that crap anyways". Cash said "yup, first meet up with the person in real life". Nigel then said "anyways, Ryuik can meet up with the stalker, not me :) ". Just then Eren came on. Nigel asked Eren "is cash Levi" seen as Cash was acting like him. Before Eren answers cash said "-.-" so Nigel thought this meant he was Levi seen as he said that. Cash then said "I'm not levi." Nigel told him "levi, I'm not stupid..". Just then Cronus came on. Nigel was saying "your sitting with Eren, you act like levi, you are levi!!" but then added "oh, sorry cash, I'm an idiot sometimes" when he saw Real levi come on. Nigel then realized that it might be the same person so he tried to get both of them to fly. They wouldn't so nigel eventually gave up. Levi was confused so Nigel and Cash told him that Nigel thought he was him. Nigel then told levi that Eren had dissapeard to Industry 7. Cash then repeated this saying "he's at in7" nigel said "duh.." cash gave him a =.= face. 

    After getting to industry 7 Levi accidentally pooed on Nigel. Nigel pooed on him back, and Levi yelled at him saying "dude" "don't poo on me". Nigel told him "you poo on me i poo on you" "i was only being fair". levi said "it was merely and accident!!" Nigel told him "oh get over it". Ryuik told Levi to stop. Levi the left to go somewhere els. Nigel found him at In6, and said "ya, just all leave me, all of you! you so nice eh?" Levi then got crowded and left again. Nigel told Eren "i hate your bf sometimes.." . Nigel found them all at In5 and Levi said "too many people" Nigel said "levi, its 4 people. 4. people. " Levi said "too many for me". nigel then said "FIne, i'll be at hill5 seen as you don't like me anymore." Nigel went to Hill5 and met Death there. He told her to leave for he didn't ant anyone there but she didn't say anything. 

    Meenwhile Levi was telling ryuik "oh don't worry, you would know if i really hated him!." He then told Ryuik and Eren "you two are f__ing lucky i don't hate you…" Ryuik told him "well i could day the same to you." Levi said "you would never get away from me!" Eren asked him "you.. would kill us..?" Levi said "i'd be the last thing you'll here from, the last thing you'll see!" he then went on saying "i bet your blood taste good…" Eren didn't know what to say, but Levi then reassured them that he loved them and never would do that to them. 

    Nigel then returned, and Ryuik was saying something about "i want blood". Nigel told her "don't even think about it" thinking that levi would start randomly killing people. Meenwhile Eren claimed "i want my bed.." Levi told ryuik he wanted blood too. Nigel asked Levi why did he hate him, but Both Levi and Ryuik ignored him. Nigel then said "fine, i give up! you never want me here, you two just ignore me all the time! i hate this game!" then left. 

    fine i give up. u never want me here. u two just ignore me all the time!!!!   i hate this game. Then left. He then went back 2 minutes later and they didn't seem to care about what he said.  Levi then started saying stuff making it seem like he wanted the world to end. Him and ryuik talked about how nice an apocalypse would be. Nigel caught on and claimed "your just saying that because you want me to feel like I'm annoying you, so you want the world to end!! so nice of you…." Levi just said "f__ck" and Nigel told him "it is, admit it." Levi them claimed "well you have a very lewd vocabulary.." Eren then reassured Nigel that he didn't hate him, but had to do what levi said. Ryuik then started telling Levi that she could leave whenever he wanted her to. Nigel then left, seeing he was ignored again claiming "i'll be back…..


    Springs return Edit

    On April 7, Nigel went to Cityscape 1 with the name "Jespa" trying to hide from Lysa. Someone named "Bloodicewolf" was there and was asking if anyone knew Springtrap. Nigel asked her if she knew Spring or something and it turned out that she was spring. Nigel told her to go to hill5, seen as he still had the name Jespa and didn't need Lysa finding out it was him. When they got to Hill5 he asked her where the hell she had been and she explained she had been at a cabin. She then asked what the deal with Lysa was, and he told her why Lysa was mad. Spring goth he idea to lag Lysa out of Cityscape 1 for fun so they headed back there. Instead of waiting for Nigel to say when to lag, SPring lagged the game and ended up killing herself. Lysa as usual started blaming it on Nigel. Spring didn't return, and Nigel tried explaining it was spring who did it. After a while, he got into a building as a seagull to get away from Lysa and someone els was in there. Someone named "WHite wolf" Lysa told Whitewolf not to talk to nigel but she didn't listen and Nigel told her to F off. She told nigel "your a manipulator!" He told her he wasn't, and she called him a lair. Nigel asked her "liar, really, that all you can say? your mouth broken?" Somone named "Cotika" then killed Lysa and Nigel cheered her on. Cortika asked Nigel to help her, but he told her he was happy where he was, knowing that if he came out Lysa would kill him. Whitewolf then pooed on Nigel accidentally, Nigel got mad at her saying "now i got one life! dam!" Lysa then mocked nigel claiming "thx whitewolf!" Cortika then started lagging the game, and Lysa, thinking it was Nigel, claimed "stupid Nigel! Nigel told her "get it in your head, its not me!!!" Whitewolf then killed Nigel by accident, and when he got back White wolf said "f____" and Nigel said "says you.." He tried to get in the building but Anya started pooping on him with Lysa. She told him she was Lysas friend and Nigel said "lysa's the killer, not me!!! why don't you understand???" He then left soon after.  


    attack of the Polska, and Bop is back? Edit

    On april 11 Nigel found Gamerzworld and went to hil5scape 5 with him. He had been having problems with his computer the day before, so he haddent been on at all. Nigels computer died, so Gamerz was left at hill5. After Nigel finally got back after 3 times he explained to Gamerz what was happening and asked him to tell everyone why he might not be on. Gamerz told nigel for some reason that he couldn't. He then said "its my last day". Nigel was going on about how the cloners might mess stuff up but then saw what Gamerz said and asked what he meant "last day". Gamerz said he couldn't play for a while because he had 8 months of exams. A Noname that was there then started to poo on them trying to kill them. Nigel went underground by tricking the no name using the name "spirit wings" seen as the nonage killed him if he had his usual name. Once gamers and nigel were underground the nonage left and Gamerz claimed "now it will clone you, or me". Gamerz didn't notice the Noname come back as a swan so Nigel said "no, it will do something even stupider". just then the Noname got underground and tried to kill them but couldn't. Nigel claimed "See!". Nigel and Gamerz then for some reason were discussing Ariana, after gamers said the Noname was her. Nigel listen a bunch of people he thought were connected to or were Ariana : Vokun, Angryswan, Lisha, Be afraid, i live in fear, Scary and any of the wasps. Gamerz agreed that they were similar. Gamerz then told nigel "by the way, your worst night mare.. Bop is back. Bob was a Russian troller who would often spam cityscape 1 claiming "___ is a b__ __ is a b__ and so on. Nigel wasn't pleased by this. Someone named "Polskawarriorxd" came on and started being annoying. he would keep saying "hahaha lol xd rofl" to anything they said. Polska then left random and gamers said go to hill3 and change there names. so Nigel changed his name to "Bubba" and Gamerz changed his name to "angry swan". Nigel asked why he was using Angrys name and Gamerz said cause it was fun to clone him. Nigel asked "its a he?" Gamerz said "idk i think" and Nigel said "oh, i thought it was an it.." Polska then found them and started asking "wheres nameless?" Nigel told Polska "you left nameless at hill5 idiot". (nameless was the Noname from earlier) Nigel and Gamerz then both changed to no names. Gamerz then left and changed his name to "spagetti" and claimed that naming yourself with slant made you immune to lag. Nigel decided to check if it really worked and lagged Gamerz out. After gamers died he claimed "ya… dat stopped it" to polska. 

    Later Nigel met someone named Panda and Ice(something, i forgot) at cityscape 1 and taught them how to use the chat codes and how to swear using the slant code.                  


    Bop is definitely back. Edit

    on april 12 Nigel(i was using the name Felipe but ill use nigel so it not confusing ;) ) met someone named "Duchess" at cityscape 1. He thought that it was cherie, seen as she was using that name at the time, but it turned out that it wasn't her. Duchess claimed to be someone called "Sarah". Sarah then started acting weird, asking people to ___ her. Nigel was a nonage at the time, he was killing people as a crow. She asked if she knew him, so duchess and Nigel went to hilscape 5, for Nigel didn't want people to know it was him. When they got there, Nigel found that В.Путин.Bop! the russian spammer had followed them. Nigel haddent seen Bop for months, or possible a year, so he told bop who he was but Bop just kept saying "no" something he was known for doing. Duchess then started acting weird, trying to r___ nigel for some reason. After Nigel told her to stop, she went to Bop and started asking him. He kept saying "no" and Nigel told duchess,"He is known for the "no" thing". She told him she knew about that. After a few minutes, Nigel left for some reason then came back and found Bop had left. Duchess then pointed out the person named "no" and Nigel understood. 

    Later Gamerz met Nigel at Hill5. He was still with duchess and bop. gamers was named "Kec" and didn't tell nigel who he was until later. Blackfire also came on. Nigel was asking them to save him because of duchess, so blackfire told her to stop and leave nigel alone. Then someone els named "Blackfire" came on but didn't have the fancy letters in her name. Nigel had seen this person before. real blackfire wasn't pleased. Gamerz, Blackfire and nigel then left to hill3 after Duchess started going at fake blackfire. Once at Hill3, Bop found them but then left so they went to island 7. fake Blackfire then found them, and they tried to go to hill5 but she followed them. at hills cape 5 Fake blackfire started stalking the real one saying "i love you". Blackfire said "its obsessed" and Nigel claimed "ya, glad its not me this time…". Gamerz corrected Blackfire saying "possessed". Nigel then left for a few minutes after discussing if fakeBlackfire was Lisha or not.                                                      

    When he got back, Duchess was there waiting for him, and everyone els had left. Nigel claimed "WHY DID I COME BACK????" and Duchess told him "cuz you love me!". Duchess continued this, and Nigel was brb for a few minutes. While he was brb Blackfire came back with her clone, but then left, seeing nigel wasn't answering. When Nigel got back duchess started saying "i will protect you!" and started asking who she should protect him from. Blackfire then came back and Nigel said "black save meh!!!!"                                                      

    go f urself uduches.   blakc say stop.  duches have enough at start stuper poo olol   meet silver fury who was asking for friends and went to island 2 with here       wolverine as asposed to go but never show up.    where the heck is he?    at ity1?  silver then leave to be a macaw.  go to island 1 find wolv there  i said island 2 for a reason....   shes brb  then  i said go to "island 2" for a reason.       it was empty  she said/      she then brb felipe say "well it aint goina be full now. "    someone named br was asking if he was brazilian or not.     

    not done. defenetly not done        


    The very scary Kapro Edit

    On april 15, Nigel met someone named "Springtrap" at cityscape 1 in the late afternoon. He thought it was th real one but she wouldn't answer him or anything. So he told her to go to hills cape 5, and she did. WHen they got there she acted weird and didn't say much. Nigel asked her if she knew him and told her who he was, but she didn't know him. Nigel, wondering why the hell someone was using spring traps name, asked her why she had that name and she said "cause i felt like it". He emidiatly thought it was Vokun or Ariana, but she wouldn't tell him if she was or not. Nigel asked her if she could use another name seen as that was Springtraps name, but she refused. Someone named "Broken jaw" had come on and started to kill fake spring trap, seeing that it was a clone. Nigel didn't know who this Broken jaw dude was so he tried to make him stop, but he killed spring anyways. Nigel then asked who he was and he said "recognize me?" Nigel asked "kapro?" just as Broken was saying "name begins with a k." Nigel claimed "Kappy!" his nickname he always used to annoy kapro. Broken jaw just answers "-_-" and nigel knew it was him for sure. Nigel was then brb for a minute, and while he was gone SPringtrap came back with the name "Mangle" and killd him. When he got back Kapro told him who kiled him.    

    Nigel then started complaing about how his computer was a peice of crap, and told kapro why he might not be on. He then saw that kapro was flying fast, so he asked "you got speed hack?" kapro claimed "like always". Nigel then asked him, "so, what ya wanna do?". "Dunno", was kapros replie.   nigel asked Kapro "whats your favorite bird? to try and break the silence. Kapro told him "terror bird".  Nigel said "those are cool, but thre extinct?"  Kapro said "and?"   "whats your favorite living bird?" Nigel asked.     Kapro told him "hunter bird" "thats a secretary bird".  Nigel had heard about secretaries before and claimed "i like them... those are the ones that stamp on other animals to kill them, yup. wonderful birds.   Nigel then started telling kapro how he liked pigeons, and had them as pets. Kapro told him pigeons were just "flying rats", so Nigel told him that pigeons had never done anything to him. Kapro admited they haddent. 

    Kapro then said "i like killing people..". Nigel knew how kapro could be violent at times so he said "uh... dont kill me..."  Kapro told him "better not p!ss me off then.."   Nigel said "i never piss ya off kappy! you know that! ;) "  even know he knew that kapro hated the name "kappy". Kapro just replied " -_- ".  Nigel then started going on about how he could say anything(due to the invisible code but kapro didnt know this) . Kapro pooed on Nigel, Nigel yelled "hey!" no kill me!!!!". Nigel then claimed "i dont like bird(kapro pooed on him again).... crap on me...." "Stop!".  Kapro told him "lets not say i did.."   Nigel then flew away from kapro who was standing right next to him claiming "cant poo on me". Kapro said "poor nigel, dosnt know what hes done.. Nigel kept laughing but then realized what kapro had said saying "wait what?" Kapro then pooed on him again. Nigel then got an idea and said "i dare you to catch me with speed hack!". Kapro just said "did". Nigel asked what and kapro just quoted what Nigel had just said. Nigel said …? . Kapro then started saying "well, theres going to be a new skull added to the collection soon". this just got a -.- face from Nigel. As Kapro was chasing Nigel he ended up crashing into one of the hills and Nigel mocked him claiming "hahahahahha fail!". Kapro then killed Nigel, who was on his last life. Nigel then came back to find Kapro saying "polishes skull". Nigel told him "oh shut it.." Kapro then tried to kill nigel again claiming "bad". Nigel asked what and kapro hit him not he nose with a newspaper. Nigel asked him "wtf? what bad???" Just then jeffiline came on, and wondering what the hell Nigel and Kapro were doing just said "um.. hi?" Nigel told her, "don't worry, Kappys just hitting me with a news paper!" Jeff just gave him a .-. face. No one spoke for a good minute after that. Nigel then broke the silence and asked "uh… whys it so quiet…..? Kapro said "gkuan-yte?" Nigel asked what he meant but didn't get an answer. Jeff then asked kapro if he was ice, but he told her he wasn't. Nigel told her to guess who he was, and told kapro not to tell her. Kapro then said "hello, I'm yautja!" Jeff asked "is this ice, or is this another "broken"? Nigel claimed "he's kapri!" Kapro gave Jeff the latin name of "kaprosuches". Jeff didn't believe him for some reason and said "more like abc!" Kapro asked who that was and Nigel told him about alphababycat. 

    Jeff then started asking where Ice was and Kapro asked her "who is this "ice" you speak of?" Jef told him "ice wolf, duh.." Nigel was brb for a few minutes and when he came back jeff was telling kapro that Ice wolf was her BF. Nigel had thought that ice was with Blackfire, but it turned out that he was now with jeff. Jeff claimed "they never dated, and besides, he likes me." Kapro, getting bored, asked "we're really talking about this? i don't give a sh*t…" Nigel then said "oi, Kappy? you gotta Girlfriend?" Kapro said "not telling you" but nigel asked him "but, you told me before??" "why not now?" Kapro got mad at Nigel for this and said "silence!" Jeff said "like a king.." Nigel asked "why can't you tell me..?" Kapro then started spamming the chat. and after this Nigel said "oh well.." Kapro then said "thinks nigel wants to die.." Jeff just did a o.0 face. Nigel decided to get out of it and claimed "uh ya.. brb." Kapro was then brb then came back. 

    Once nigel was back he started going on about kapros Girlfriend again claiming "you had a gf, she couldn't be with you or something? right?" this just earned Nigel a glare from kapro. Kapro then killed Nigel for this. Once Nigel got back he asked why kapro "t f was that for???" and kapro told him "for not shutting up!". Nigel said "but, its true?" "she couldn't be with you? cause her mom?" Jeff had left for a few minutes. Kapro told nigel "I don't not want to have this conversation with this "jeff person" here. Nigel told him "its not a "jeff person" she has a name.." Jeff then came back, and Kapro said "maybe i should leave and start another war on isle?(a game)" Nigel asked him not to leave, so he stayed. Kapro then flew over and stood right by nigel. Nigel asked him "pls don't eat me.." Kapro didn't answer, so nigel said "uh.. jeff? its just staring at me.." Kapro then spoke saying "id take your skull as a trophy. then eat you!" Kapro then saw what Nigel had said and asked "did you just call me and it..? Nigel said "uh.. no.. i promos!!!" uh.. brb one second!! :) " Jeff, who had been brb for a minute, came back claiming "back!" then said "ty, and brb/afk". Nigel said "back, and not back. can't be simple eh?" Nigel then heard kapro super pooing near him, so he told him "don't you dare.." Kapro said "hm?" and Nigel told him "you were super s____ near me.." Kapro then got mad at him again and said "eating nigel whole". Nigel tried to burn kapro alive, but he said 'fire resistant allosaures". Nigel claimed "retard, you can't change animals.." Kapro said he handent changed, since he was already an allosaures. He then asked "what did you just call me??" "glares".Nigel told him "nothing" but kapro said "you did the one thing i said not to do!" Nigel asked "uh.. what?" Kapro replied "piss me off!!!!" Nigel started trying to apologize, but kapro was deadly quiet. Kapro then randomly said "you get a 10 second head start… 1.. 2.. 3…" Nigel claimed "oh crud.." and then ran off yelling "aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!" Kapro then got to 10 and said "ten, your f___" Nigel yelled back at him claiming "at least i can swear" and started swearing at him using the invisible code. kapro then stopped finally and aced nigel "have you learned a lesson? Nigel said "uh.. don't piss of a Kappy?" Kapro told him "exactly, *holds claw up to nigels throat*"". Kapr then told him to go look up something called "broken jaw allosaures". so Nigel did.

    When he came back he claimed "so its just a crappy a__ dino with dental problems?" "didn't even look scary?" Kapro asked "thinks he wants to die again for insulting me!" Kapro then asked him "how about when he's about to eat you??" for the "not scary " part. Nigel then looked at a picture of the "allosaurus again and came back saying "that allothingy dosnt even look scary.." "I've seen worse things.. sadly" Kapro then hit Nigel with a newspaper again. Jeff then came back claiming "what" after seeing that kapro did, and Nigel claimed "it was you, not me… :)" Kapro then claimed "nothing scary about the bird your named after either.." Nigel claimed "So? i sure don't kill you for it!" Kapro then said "tarie hsankapr" so nigel asked him if it was a made up language or something. he said maybe so nigel left to go look it up. Kapro didn't like this and said "lil sh__ don't look it up, thats cheating -.- " Nigel then came back and Kapro spammed the chat. Nigel told him "don't try, i saw what you said" seen as kapro only spammed the chat so nigel wouldn't see that he called him a "lil s__" Nigel then asked him about the "alien language" that kapro was speaking. He then had to leave saying "aw f__ it getting dark out brb. guys, can you wait here for 5 minuts? got to take care of my pet birds before dark.. "          

    When nigel returned he claimed "AAAANND, every things left where i left it :)" "good Kappy". Kapro said nothing, just pooed on him. Nigel claimed "hey, no poo on me!!!!!!". Kapro claimed "my friend had invited me to play isle with him.. I'm tempted to go." Nigel asked kapro if his friend wanted to come to flab3 with them, but kapro told nigel his friend was on steam so she couldn't play. Jeffline then started acting odd, claiming "did he just say "jeffy" to me?" Nigel told her "idk, you was dreaming maybe" seen as Kapro never called her name. Jeff said she was probably seeing things again. Kapro, ignored again claimed "I'm very tempted to go to isle and be a t rex and start f__ing s__ up…." Nigel asked "noo stay here!!" Kapro said fine and Nigel was brb for a minute. When he got back Nigel claimed " my ___ing cat was walking across the counter again knocking stuff down!!!!" Then someone named Kaprosushus came on and Nigel thought that maybe the Broken jaw Kapro wasn't the real one and maybe it was ABC all along like jeff had pointed out. Nigel claimed "wtf dude, i believed you!" Kapro then told then that it was him, he was just on his phone. Jeff said good, for she hated ABC for some reason. Nigel asked why and she said she couldn't tell him. Kapro then told Nigel "you wanted me to stay, well there i am" and left to go play isle, leaving the clone for nigel to stare at. Nigel claimed "wtf man? you cheating little f___!" Nigel then had to leave for the night.                 


    the hawk that quit Edit

    on april 17 Nigel went to Cityscape 7 as "b.nyth.bop! the russian spammer for he was bored. There at city7 was someone named "fire wolf" who was doing mid air super poo. Nigel knew only a few hackers knew how to do this, so he thought it was someone he knew like gamers or ABC. She refused to tell him who she really was. There was a nonage there too who told nigel to go to hill5 after he told them who he really was. Once he got to hill5 the nonage told him she was Hawky. She told him she had to tell him something and said she was brb for she was typing. After a few minutes she just said ":/" for some reason, and then randomly left. Nigel had been expecting her to say something that happened or something. After Hawky got back she said she was quitting. He asked her why and she said cause of Jefffiline. Nigel told Hawky to just ignore Jeff, claiming "people hate me but I'm still here.." Hawky then kept randomly leaving. She told him this was because of her keybored, then left.                            


    let me in let me in let me in! Edit

    on april 18 Nigel went to cityscape 1 and saw someone named "amir" asking if anyone wanted to go to city7 with him. Nigel decided to go, and when he got there amir asked him to be his friend. After talking a bit with Amir, someone named "♀♀♀✰❀♥♥♥❀✰♀♀♀" pooed on amir. Nigel killed her for it, and Amir thanked him. Nigel told amir to go to City 5 to get away from the noname, and when they got there Nigel found that she was already there. Nigel asked "wtf why did you follow us??" She said "you said city 5 .-.". Nigel asked "you speak english?" after he thought she was some russian person(there were russians there already). Amir, still mad at Noname for pooping on him said "f c k you! so Nigel told him "say it like this" then sweard at Noname. Nigel then asked "oi, weird name, who are you?" Noname said "um… idk who i am." Nigel realized that this was what ariana would always say so he guessed if it was her. She said she wasn't and he said "better not be…" Noname then asked "i have one question". Nigel asked what and she asked "are you a boy or a girl?" he told her what and she started saying innapropreat things. She asked him if he could r___ her, a thing that Duchess did a few days ago. WHile they were talking Amir was getting annoyed seen as no one would tell him there age. Noname was trying to kill Nigel while he was brb but he was inside the seagull building so she couldn't. When he came back he realized this and asked "having fun trying to kill me?" she claimed she wasn't but nigel told her he wasn't stupid. Nigel then asked who she was to see if she would admit her identity but she still wouldn't saying "i don't know you". Amir then claimed "your stupid" and left. Noname then asked Nigel who he was and he told her al of his names, for he thought that maybe she didn't know him by nigel, seen as he had used the name "felipe" when he met duchess. She still didn't say if she knew him or not. Amir, who was back then said "come heeeeerre" because he wanted Nigel to come out of the building , but Nigel told him "if i come out, she(noname) will just kill me then you will be crying cause you made me come out!!!!!" Noname told him "i won't kill you" but he didn't believe her saying "ya right…" "likely story!" Amir and Noname kept trying to get Nigel to come out, but he wouldn't. Noname kept trying to reassure him that she wouldnt kill him, but he didn't fall for it saying "you really think i would fall for that s__? i am not that stupid!" Amir then left, for he was fed up with being ignored, and someone named "theyareback" came on. Theyareback yelled " they are back, run before we all get skinned alive and our flesh painted blue!!!". Nigel and Noname just stared as Theyareback left. Nigel then broke the silence claiming "well that was… random. Nigel then claimed "if thatat was one of the wasps i am leaving." Noname just said "uhhh.." while nigel continued saying "i can't put up with that crap again!" Noname then asked him something rude again, and Nigel told her "don't start that crap again!

    Nigel was brb then when he came back Noname was still asking him innapropreat things "how big is ur __". he told her "I'm not falling for that crap!" Nigel then got an idea and claimed "tell you what, if you tell me who are, i'll tell you!" she asked what he meant, and he said "i mean who you are!" She told him "idk who i am" again, and Nigel went on saying "even though i pretty much know who you are.." She asked him "you do?" and he said "I'm not that dumb" She asked who she was and he said "that duchess idiot who was stalking me a few days ago." She said she wasn't and he said "ya right…" "who els complains about the stuff that you do!" She told him "i don't even know who you are". She then went on saying "no one els wants to f__ me!" "please come out". Nigel told her no, and she asked "show me how you did that". Nigel told her to be a swan if she was that deperate. Noname then said "you would kill me!" and Nigel told her "same is you if i came out!" She told him "i won't kill you if you f__ me!" Nigel told her "no, and still no" "why not?" she asked he told her "go f__ a tree if your that desperate." Nigel the saw that two ring necks named camka and super girl were trying to get in the building. he told them "you can't get in, i locked to door…" Noname asked "ya, how did you get in..?" so Nigel decided to have fun with her and said "magic!" The two ring necks were laughing at this, then Nigel got an idea. He told nonage "fine.. i'll tell you" "you go to th door and say "let me in let me in let me in" 5 times." this ultimately wouldn't work, for there was no "door" on the building. but Noname didn't realize this and actually fell for it. Noname said "fine.." and went to try it but only said "let me in" 5 times. Nigel told her that wasn't right and told her it was "let me in let me in let me in" 5 times. She still didn't get it so he told her "let me in let me in let me in 1 let me in let me in let me in  2 let me in let me in let me in 3 let me in let me in let me in let me in 4 let me in let me in let me in let me in  5!, what don't you get?" After this his computer then died for some reason and he was awe for 10 minutes.                      

    When he got back he she was still there, so he asks her "find out how?" She told him she didn't so he told her "i will show you come here!" as she was flying to him he went in the out again but still in the building enough so that he could walk right through the wall. she couldn't tell that he did this. Nigel stood and said the password and went in. She actually believed him and tried it. He told her to be a seagull, seen as she was a robin. when she got back she started trying again. She asked "now what? and Nigel told her "do it!" She said it still wasn't working and Nigel told her "idk why, works for me?" She said "now i'll never know.." Nigel told her to watch and did it and she still fell for it.     

    Sweetgirl then came on and was excited to see nigel again. Noname got suspicious and asked "is she ur girlfriend…?" Nigel told her "no, she's a friend idiot." Nigel started talking to sweet girl, whiles nonage was still suspicious. Nigel told Sweetgirl "ignore weird name over there, she's a stalker" Sweetgirl said "hahah, nice to meet you stalker". Noname cried to say she wasn't so Nigel told her "ya right…   the why did u ask me for the last half hour how big my d__ is?" She asked "why wouldn't i?" and Nigel said "cause you a stalker". She told him "i haven't seen you before today" and he told her "ya you have.. duchess" Noname said "idk who that is" and Nigel told her "well, its lisha duchess or ariana.. or all of them!!" Frost then came on and said hi to everyone. Nigel found out that Sweetgirl was her sister.                            

    Duchess then got another idea to kill nigel. She became a swan and flew around the building, to try and trick nigel. But he didn't fall for it and said "i can still see you, if you think your plans working.." but she was quick and killed him. he came back and went in and she said "so thats how you do it?" and he told her, "ya but as a robin only the let me in works". Frost meanwhile was saying Gamerz wouldn't be on because of school. Nigel told her that Gamerz had said it was canceled or something, and she asked "what school thing?" Nigel asked "you just said??" but she said "he never said anything like that?" Sweetgirl then started poo fighting with someone named "mounafix". Frost asked Nigel if he was alright for some reason, and he asked her "what?" she said "nvm.." frost then asked nigel "are you talking about that? he told me he won't be on for 2 weeks but he'll be back?" Nigel told her " he told me he be gone for 8 months for an excame thing  but then a few days later he was on and i ask why and he say "it was cancelled" ???" Frost asked "what do you mean cancelled?" "what did he mean?" Nigel told her "i dk what he meant, he just told me that then acted like he didnt want to talk about it" Nigel then had to leave and everyone said bye. "byyeee!" sweet girl "ok bye nigel.."frost   and Mounafix just said "c ya" Nigel then left.                           


    Nigel and Blackfire vs the hater Edit

    April 20 that morning Nigel went to cityscape 1. Lysa was still mad at him, and was telling anyone who talked to Nigel that he was a "manipulator" and a coward. She kept telling people not to trust Nigel, and unfortunately most of them listen to her. Someone named "babe" had joined in and was telling people that nigel was a coward. Silver was asking why Lysa was mad at Nigel, so Nigel got her to go to cityscape 5 seen as Lysa wouldn't stop killing him. At city 5 Nigel explained that had happened saying: " a few weeks ago, i went to city 2 and i was really bored so a spammed the chat to try out a new spam thing to use against someone who had been cloning me n my friends. now, i know lysa hates spam, and i saw she was there but too late, so i told her i didnt mean it for her, and said i was sorry and what not. but, now shes mad and going around telling everyone she sees that i go undercover to kill people, manipulate people, and that i lie about everyone. and everyone believes her!!!!!!!! Silver didn't seem to know what to say. SIlver then told Nigel she would be right back and left. A few minutes later she came back, and Lysa showed up. Lysa claimed "oh no.. not him.." and Nigel, realizing why she came, asked silver "you brought..her here…?" Lya said she couldn't trust Nigel and left. SO nigel got an idea and told Silver "you go to get lisa and bring her back here, and i will leave for 5 minute so she won't leave!" SIlver left, and nigel left too. After about 10 minutes city5 was still empty, so Nigel went to cityscape 1 and found silver and Epustia there. Nigel and Silver returned to city5 and he asked her "did you talk with her???" Epustia had followed them. Silver said "she said cause your mafias enemie.." Nigel was dumfounded, seen as the last time mafia had been on he had been friends with him. Nigel told silver that mafia had been gone for years now. Meenwhile epustia was telling Nigel how she thought seagull eyes were weird. Nigel asked silver "can you at least ask Lysa to stop pooping on me and let me stay at city 1?" Seen as silver was now brb epustia said she would. SHe then told Nigel "you can quit.." Nigel told her he would never leave, seen as he had been around for 5 years now. Someone named crocodile kept trying to kill nigel. Silver killed crocodile and nigel thanked her. Epustia went to find Lysa to talk to her, but silver said that Lysa had left. Epustia came back and told Nigel that there was a clone of him, so Nigel went to city 1 to see what was going on. Nigel got back to city 5 and said that there was no clone, and Epustia said she must have been mistaken. they talked a bit then nigel left.                                                       

    later that afternoon Nigel went to cityscape 1, but unfortunately Lysa was still there. Lysa never had been on in the afternoon, but now she seemed to be on every minute. Nigel decided to go to cityscape 5, and told everyone he would be there. unfortunately the only person who followed was someone named "ihatenigel". ihatenigel told him she didn't really hate him but had to act like she did or people would kill her. Nigel then told ihatenigel he would be back and left for a few minutes.

    Nigel had gone on as "birddd" and was spamming about how Lysa was lying and trying to get people to realize what she was doing. He noticed that Blackfire was there so he told her to go to citycape 5. Once she got there she realized who it was. Nigel told Blackfire everything, why Lysa hated him and what she was doing. He told Blackfire that all of his friends hated him now. She asked who and he said it was "white wolf epsutia silver babe nazlu and a few others. Blackfire then left for a few minutes, and when she got back he asked her where she went. she said she only went to kik and her "what did you say? if its any of my business that is.." SHe told him it was just one of her friends that she played another game with. Ihatenigel then asked Nigel to fight him, and Blackfire told him/her "if you wanna fight him you gotta get through me first!" Nigel then realized that ihatenigel was very similar to someone els he knew and asked "your lisha, arent you?" She told him "no.. I'm ihatenigel" Nigel told her "I'm not that dumb". Blackfire tried pointing out that if she was lisha she would have been speaking in flower language, but nigel told her "Blackfire, if you didnt know already, lisha, ariana, vokun. all of them are the same people" Blakcfire told nigel "if that were her she would eb dead by now.. cuz i don't want my own gf hating on my friends.." Nigel realized that Blackfire was talking about Lisha and asked "she's with you…? she said yes and nigel asked "but.. she's my mate…?" Blackfire was getting confused and nigel told her again "lisha is my mate. i thought." he then said "guess she is a cheater too.." Blackfire said "i mean.. i asked her out the other day and she said yea.. so now i hear this and I'm really damn confused". Nigel told her "Lisha told me she followed everyone" so Blackfire said she would ask lisha next time she saw her. Someone named Vikiria came on and didn't know what was going so she just said :| Nigel said to her "uh… hi?" and Black fire left for a minute. Ihatenigel pooed on nigel and Nigel yelled at him saying "HEY!!" Ihatenigel tried to apologize but nigel told him "oh.. wait till Blackfire comes back.. that will be fun.. hehehe." Blackfire then came back and nigel said "oh, black? he pooed on me." Blackfire, mad at ihatenigel, killed him for this. ihatenigel returned and said "i did not poo on him" "nigel always lies about everything!". Blackfire told him "oh shut the f__ up." "so far nigel hasn't lied about anything" Ihatenigel said "everything they said about him(nigel) at city 1 is true!!!" Nigel and Blackfire tried to get rid of ihatenigel going to hill 5 then 2 then 1 but non of the worked so they stayed at hill1. 

    At hill 1 ihatenigel started ranting again claiming "he's just making up lies to tell everyone" blackfire told him "if i know you in real life you would be dead by now…." Ihatenigel then claimed "you(nigel) just got nothing better to do!" "i spy on you with a russian name!" Nigel told him he hadn't seen anyone with a russian name following him, and Blackfire said " thats because he's lies, he dosnt follow you.." Nigel then said "oh well… stupid people will be stupid.." ihatenigel then told nigel "i only do(spy) when you bring your victims to hills cape 5!" "you clone people". He then went on saying "you spam city1 as a clone". he was refuring to Nigel using the name "birddd" earlier that day. Nigel told him that Birddd was infact his name. but ihatenigel didn't listen and went on saying "he clones everyone!!!!!!" Nigel reasured her "not me. thats arianas job". ihatenigel then started going on about how nigel "Stole" island 5 a few weeks ago. at first nigel didn't know what he was talking about but then realized something… the only 2 people with him at island 5 that day was Sacha and vokun. the 3 had been arguing over the fact that sacha claimed to own the island, so Nigel and her split it up. vokun had been going on about how the wasp really owned it. nigel got one half, sacha she other and Vokun was left with the little island to the side of the main one, much to her displeasure. Nigel, having realized what ihatenigel just did, asked him "so you admit it… you are vokun." Blackfire asked "how tf can you steal a server?" and ihatenigel said "vokun left because of you". Nigel told blackfire about what happened at island 5 a month or so ago, and said "he's(ihatenigel) so dumb he admitted who he is." Nigel then told ihatenigel "when i was at island 5 i was with someone named sacha  we were arguing over who owned it. dear vokun came on and said that it was all hers so me n sacha split the island and vokun got the little island by it (lol)   and vokun was the only one there so YOU ARE VOKUN U IDIOT!!!!!!!" ihatenigel tried saying it wasn't vokun, but no one listened. ihatenigel then started saying "so now that vokun is gone you start telling lies about her". Nigel told him "watch what you say next time, you just gave yourself away idiot!" Blackfire then pointed out "vokun argues a lot so a would totally believe its you." Nigel then told them "vokun. ariana. angryswan. lisha. vespula. pristobrycon. and a few otheres.  they are all the same.   they act the same. and they are the same" Ihatenigel was then going on about how nigel was always brb. so Blackfire told him "i am always brb, cause i got to check kik, does that seem suspicious?" ihatenigel ignored her saying "don't insult vespula or vokun." nigel told him to make him and ihatenigel said you just mad cause of the shadow clan". nigel told ihatenigel "your just afraid cause i figured you out, you are the same person, you can't hide anymore :) " Blackfire then said "I've known vokun for a long time, and she was always a bitch, so i do believe nigel that you could be her." 

    Nigel was then brb for a minute, and Blackfire and ihatenigel started fighting about id nigel was a liar or not. ihatnigel said "this lies have to stop, it has gone to far" blackfire asked "and you havnt lied? everyone on this horrible earth has lied" Nigel then told them he had to go for 5 minutes, for he was eating dinner. he told them he would sort it out when he got back. Ihatenigel then told blackfire that Voken had never done anything to nigel, and black fire said "how can i believe you?" Nigel saw what they said before they left and said "like throwing a house at his(nigel) head?" "sorry, i had to, it happened at island 7" "now brb for 5 minutes" Blackfire didn't know what to say. Blackfire and ihatenigel then were fighting over vokun, ihatenigel saying she was good and blackfire not believing a word he said. When nigel got back he told them "this is the amazing list of wonderful things that vokun has done to me : throw a house at me. throw a baby at me. smack me into the ground with a pole. smack me into the ground with a tree. force me to eat a slug. call me a "fish guzzling rodent" and so on... i had this all written down. so no i didnt make it up" Blackfire said that was weird, and nigel told ihatenigel "i hate vokun because of the wasp, not the show clan." ihatenigel said "the wasps are dead.. at least most of them…" Nigel said "yes, cause i killed them!" Ihatenigel said "they were stalked by a hacker until the quit". Nigel then said how he killed malecifrons with a fly swatter. ihatenigel then said "nigel himself is suspicious" meanwhile, someone named lucas and a noname were pooping on them so they went to hill5. Blackfire said "why does everyone i like have to be hated?" when they got to hill5. "nigel listen everyone as vokun, all the people he hates.." said ihatenigel. Blackfire, starting to get sick of ihatenigel said "just shut up…" ihatenigel continued saying "or he is just stupid, but this is highly unlikely" blackfire again said " shut….. up….." "i don't want to hear any of your nonsense" instead of listing, ihatenigel continued, "nigel knows a lot, he is tricking everyone" blackfire started crying and yelled "SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!" ihatenigel then started saying " he writes lies for everyone to read" "have you read it?" "its complete nonsense!" blackfire was starting to get fed up and said "just go…….. dammit….." ihatenigel went on saying "everyone knows his stories are fake" blackfire then left saying "I'm going somewhere els…". Nigel, who had stayed out of the argument, tried to get her to stay but she left before he could. ihatenigel started telling him "its over nigel.. no ones going to believe you…" 

    he writes lies for everyone to read. have u read it? its complete nonsense jyts go.. dammit…. everyone knows his stories are fake. im going somewhere els.. leavesbf its over nigel.. no ones going to believe you where is she? she dosnt belive u no one does. im not that retarded i will always believe nigel you should find a better sorce of information. and u shoud just go.... ohe adds redidculus things to the story and lysa is a good liar what story? thats just a write up so i have proof. :) if someone lies ill sent it to everyone...... the only one doing the lying here is you nigel. those stories are nonsense. lusa is the only liar i know this cu when i joined she tried going this to me and she tried messing stuff up. im helping nigel cuz ik what shes doing to him….. saten come on. why would all of his enemies be listen at vokun? and all you do is make this situation worse. u just need to leave the whole thing and keep ur wout shut go ahea blood. be a hater too. were friends right? yes. until you here this! nigel is a liar bf think she should leave she stay hes nice to everyone then rights a story about them u need to show me proof because i never belive a damn thingbf read itihn they talk about his wiki page and she go n look. satan ask what happn nigel lied… about everyone sorry i trust nigel its a lysa follower kitty back say all i could find is bs about kfp he tell her how to find it  ??? this aint done. :)      


    Face dude Edit

    on april 21    Nigel met duchess after arguing with lysa and Ultra. epsutia had been there too.   

    Later nigel found levi at city 7 using a face symbol for his name. Nigel knew it was him, but levi wouldnt say anyhting. Nigel asked him "oi, face dude.. i know who you are!  Levi said "i dont want to talk... im not feeling in today.."   Nigel then said "havnt seen you for a week now!" "have you seen eren?"   Levi said eren would be on soon.  Nigel then asked "havnt seen you or him for a while now, you been gone or something?"  Levi said "the reason is, we hide from killers...""i usually take refuge at snow 1".  He talked for a bit then left. 


    Not again... Edit

    april 22   Nigel met Cherie at city 1. He talked with her for a bit, and after this she asked him "wanna know a secret?"  He asked what and she told him "i might have cancer.."  Nigel told her "dont try pulling that one cherie... ace and levi already tried and failed..."   Cherie asked "you think i lie? i had a test". Nigel told her "i dont know.. just dont bring that crap onto a game". Cherie said her grandpa died of cancer, and Nigel told her he was sorry. Someone named "Bri" came on and for some reason she fell face down.  Cherie asked "lord, why would i lie about that infron of everyone? refuring to the cancer. Nigel told her "im not saying you are.. its just other people did that and were found to be lying.."   Bri then left and came on as Drunkbfire. Someone named "dovy" kept pooing on them and Nigel had to go. 


    "its very peaceful here" ~ice-cream


    Icecream at Industy 7 Edit

    On april 23 Nigel found Cherie at city 7. He was talkign with her when she mentioned that her daughter played the game as well. He asked hwe he name, for he never knew that she came on, and cherie told him it was "hamsterlover". Nigel told cherie that he saw hamsterlover back at city 1 when lysa was getting people to turn on him.   Cherie said that her daughter never knew lysa, but nigel was sure it was her. Cherie said it was maybe a clone.    Someone named "icecream" then came on. Ice finally said hi after nigel and cherie kept asking her. She told them "hello, i am chocolate icecream!"  Cherie answerd saying "o0 yummy.."  Nigel said "oh good, another wise person.."  "i dont know what to say to that.."    Ice then claimed "it very peacful here" and nigel said "yes..  very quiet.."   Ice then claimed "city 1 is like defcone 5 "  Nigel asked "lol, whats that?" and cherie asked ice "umm.. are you a boy or a girl?"  Ice told nigel "just the highest alert in most country!"  "oh, and ima girl." Cherie then asked where she was frome, and she went on saying "or mixed gender as some would say.." she then answerd cherie saying she was from Castledawson in norht irland.  They all talked about this for a little while. Cherie was showing them her floating hack.  Ice then told them that she was new to the game, so  


    Cherie's float hack.

    cherie told her welcome and nigel said "welcome to flab3 it can be weird". Nigel then left and got his fancy letterd name, for he didnt have it when he met them. Nigel when started talking with cherie and icecream. Cherie said "well... ppl was asposed to meet me here..."   Nigel asked "and he didnt?"  "yup"  "what a suprize!!"   cherie then said "as long as its not lizzie..."  Nigel asked who that was and cherie told him it was Ryuik. Nigel asked "ryuik? but... shes my friend??"   Cherie told him  


    Ice departs.

    "shes been clonning me and is now taking the piss.." meenwhile Ice said she would just listen for it was good for her history.  Nigel then said "oh.. welll. ryuik was a bit weird... she made levi cheat on his own boyfriend.."   Ice then said she had to leave, and that it was nice to meet them. She then left. 

    After ice's departure Nigel was flying around and crashed into a building. He yelled at it claiming "f__ you building!" Cherie didn't know what to say and just said o0. Nigel told her "the building crashed into me…" She said "lol" Nigel then told her "those building really got to watch were there going these days!!!" Obsession then came on. Cherie, knowing who it was, just said "……." And nigel remember what Ryuik and Cherie had been doing. Nigel said "oh.. right…" to cherie then said "ello ryuik!" She said hi back and Nigel asked her how she was. She told him she was good. Nigel then asked her "seen levi lately?" to try and keep away from Cherie and Ryuik arguing or something like that. She told him no so Nigel told her "i saw him earlier today" "but he dissapeard again.." Ryuik asked "you saw him today?" He told her yes and she said "probebly avoiding me."     Nigel said "he avoids everyone…". Ryuik said she had to ask levi something and couldn't find him. Nigel then had to leave.  

    add pics. 


    The fight at Cityscape 1 Edit


    The start of the war


    Luigi spamming the chat

    On april 24 Nigel went to cityscape 1 in the morning to check if cherie was there, seen as he left and never got to talk to her again yesterday. She wasn't there so he went and talked to a few people. Gamerz was there, and Nigel asked gamers why he was on, seen as he said he would be gone for weeks. Gamerz said it had been weeks, and Nigel guessed he was right. Someone named "f___ refugees" was there, and was fighting with Digi Tazer and Silver. FR kept saying rude stuff and killing people, but he eventually left after being killed numorus times.  

    Digital was there, she was poo fighting with Silver, and a few others. Nigel joined in, and poofighted for a little while, but then gave up. After a little while, more and more people joined them. some of the people were " Anya, Fallen, Peridot, Yandere chan and someone named Bolr. The war continued, and Nigel watched from another building. Gamerz was there for a little while but then had to leave.   Nigel started talking with someone  named yandere chan but was killed by someone called Luigi. Nigel asked why luigi was killing him and he said he was mad at nigel because he "pooed on his wife". is wife Darkgirl had pooed on him first, so he tried to tell luigi this, but he wouldn't listen. Luigi kept trying to Kill nigel, and wouldn't let him on the building, telling nigel that he hated seagulls. Nigel left and became a starling, but he still got killed. Nigel tried killing Luigi, but soon found out that he was immortal. Eventually Nigel decided to ignore him. Luigi then started saying that everyone was his wife for some reason. He then started spamming in rainbow colors "DIGI + l(something) . it was too big to fit in the text, but he was too stupid to fix it.  


    Everyone's reaction to "will you marry me"

    After this, he asked Peridot, who had just arived, to Marry Him for some reason. Nigel told her "ooo peridot, you got a stalker!" After a while, Nigel had to leave.====The bird army Edit====


    The bird army he made

    Later that day Nigel was making a bird army at island 6 when Levi came on. Nigel told levi not to kill them, before realizing who he was. Levi told he would be at Cityscape 6 and left. Nigel continued making his "bird army" then left.

    Nigel went to city 6 to find levi, and found him there. Silevr was there, and was talking with someone named Raven. Silver asked everyones age, then hobbies. Nigel told her "playing this, lol jk". After talking about this for a little while a eagle no name tried to kill him. Nigel killed it 


    The two poo fighters

    and said "dats one dead eagle!"

    Another nonage who was talking in purple writing said "should of let me kill it…" Noname then came back as "be friends" but Silver killed it before he could do anything. Purple noanme then asked "who's Whisper?" Levi told nonage and nigel that Whisper was frost. Nigel then said "a very quiet frost.." Levi told them that she was AFK, and nigel said "to she's watching us.. o.o" Silver said "she's already watching us so whats the news?" Nigel said idk and Purple no name just said :| . Silver, getting bored, asked "who wanna poo fight?" Nigel didn't want to, but Purple nn wanted to, so she told him to get a name. He left, after saying "pro pigeon!". Levi then said "i live this song!" nigel asked what it was and he said "golden days, panic at the disco" Whisper then got back and the all welcomed her back. Someone named "okillero came on, and Nigel thought it was Pigeon no name. SIlver and Whisper started poo fighting, and Nigel just stat on a building and watched. SIlver told Whisper "sorry if I'm bad." Whisper answers "pft, no need, I'm even worse". Killer flew over to Nigel and asked "what are they doing?" Nigel told him "they tryna S__ on each other!" Silver answered "dancing!" and Whisper asked "what type of dancing?" Silver answers "sh*tty dancing". SIlver then killed Whisper, and Nigel told her "nice one!" She thanked him and Nigel started to count down saying "and 3.. 2.. 1.. she's still not here." Whisper then returned and Killed SIlver. Once silver was back they continued poo fighting. Killer tried to join in 


    Killer flying back to the building after getting pooped on by Silver and Whisper.

    but just got pooed on so he flew away. Someone named "Invisible bird" came on, and Nigel went over to greet him but he wouldn't say anything. He then left.

    Meenwhile, Levi was fussing over how he couldn't draw Cronus ampora. "i can't f_____ing draw him!!!" Levi was yelling, so nigel asked him who while levi said "f___ my life!" Levi told him who, and Nigel said "it dosnt have to be exactly the same.. Levi told him "but.. i can't get his fins right.." Nigel left to see what Levi was trying to draw and saw how hard it would be, so when he got back he gave up saying "ok good luck." Nigel then had to leave after a little while.         


    Ace forgotten? Edit

    On April 27 in the morning Nigel was at cityscape 1. He was talking to people when a nonage kept saying "Nigel" over and over again. He asked why, and she said "I'm pop". Nigel knew what she meant(that her she was popular girl). Pop asked him to go to hills cape 4, so they did, Nigel saying "i guess i should leave cityscape 1 before the idiot killer(Lysa) comes on.." Nigel then told her about Lysa and what she had done. After that Pop randomly started talking about Ace, saying that he was now almost homeless.         


    Nigel and Popular girl

    She then said that Ace had forgot about Nigel, and Nigel said "how could he??????? She asked Nigel "what did you 2 do together?" Nigel said "i helped ace a lot, and he forgot about me?????" She asked what he did to help ace and Nigel went on saying "when he got chased away, when people were being mean to him, i was always there to help him… AND HE FORGOT ME???????" "i was one of his best friends!!!!!!!!" Pop then asked "do you know why he cheated back then? Nigel told her no, and she said "i been asking that question a lot for a year now…" Nigel, thinking that she had known and was going to tell him said "so you don't know." and she said "it still hurts" She then said "i have a theory on it though." Nigel asked "you do?" and she said "yah, i did it and its no more then like 1430922 and above". Nigel then asked her "do you still speak to ace?" and asked "tell him I'm the guy called evilbird or nigel and i helped him when Kapro and Blackwolfs__ bothered him" Pop pointed out that her brother had been bullied by Blackwolfking and nigel said "admit it, everyone was bullied by Black." Nigel then said "oh, and I'm friends with Kapro now" after she said "and that crapo dude". she said "yea, but he's a role-player and he's dating now". Nigel told her "ya, but i can stop him from killing people now ^^ " Popular then randomly said "i cut of my arm." when she got no answer she said "cause of hawk."(not sure which hawk, either baby hawk or Hawky?) Nigel then had to leave after talking a little bit more.         


    The grey. Edit

    april 29 Nigel met someone at cityscape 1 named "grey". Grey asked if he knew Nigel, but Nigel wasn't sure, saying that the name seemed familiar. Nigel then told him all of his names and it turned out that grey know Nigel back when he used the named Lord shen. Nigel told grey that he remembered who he was now. Gamerz then came on but didn't say anything. Nigel then left.                                


    Lisha did what? Edit

    For some reason, a few days ago the Chat codes stopped working in the name thing. You could use it, but then you would be lagged out of multiplayer 2 seconds after joining. This was possible game vials fault. today, now you can't use fancy names. unfortunately this means you can be cloned easily.                

    On april 30 Nigel was at cityscape 1 in the afternoon arguing with Lysa as usual. Lysa was now blaming him for killing her and her sister yesterday, even though nigel wasn't even on yesterday. Nigel tried to tell her, but she refused the believe him. He eventually gave up, after a few others (shadow, and someone els) started teaming up with Lysa. Nigel left and came back with the name Felipe, to see if Lysa would recognize him, but suprizingly she didn't. Even though Felipe talked the same and even talked to her a bit about how the chat codes didn't work anymore, she still didn't realize who he was. Digital came on, and Lysa started talking to her, so she forgot about killing nigel. Meenwhile Felipe was cloned by someone, and got in a fight with the clone. Lysa still didn't realize who he was. So felipe and felipe started trying to kill each other, and then someone named "Felipa" came on. so of corse the two started fighting over her. After a little while someone named "Alois Trancy" came on. She said "nigel??" and He told her "oh… um… hi?" She told him she was blackfire so he told her to go to hill4 so lisa wouldn't find out it was him. Just before he left to meet Alois, he said " oi, Lysa?" "i tricked you, its me, your really that dumb?? _nigel_ hahahhaaha" He never saw if she answers, for he left right after that.                

    Once he got to hill4 he told alois what Lysa was up to saying "she's making people hate me and blamed me for stuff others did.." Alois said "she's such a bitch!" and Felipe continued saying "and goes what?" "EVERYONE F____ING BELIEVES HER!!!!!!!!!" While they were talking about this someone named 


    The 3 of them on the roof.

    "odellbechamjr" came on. He said he was new to the game. He also told Felipe that he was with him and not Lysa. Alois was brb for a minute, and while she was Felipe was brb too. When she got back she saw Felipe and Odell standing together and said "are you two dating??" Odell said no, and Felipe came back and told her he was just brb. After this they talked bait about things they liked to do. Felipe wasn't really listing and Alois asked him something. He said "what? sorry, i wasn't paying attention.." Odell then said "brb, I'm going to go look for my girl friend." Felipe asked who, and he said "someone with hearts and girl symbols in her name". Felipe recognized this, and went and got Lishas name. He came back and saw that Odell had left. He asked "Was it ♀♀♀✰❀♥♥♥❀✰♀♀♀?" but then realized he was gone and said "oh.. dam. he's gone. fail…" Odel then came back with the name "camnewton1nfl". Felipe asked him if the name was "♀♀♀✰❀♥♥♥❀✰♀♀♀" and He said it was. Felipe told him "ya.. don't be with her.. she's a stalker.." Alois just said "lol" to this, for she knew Lisha too. Alois then asked "wait… isn't that lishas name?" Felipe said "one of her many.." Alois said "well.. looks like I'm done with her e.e" She then told Odell "don't get confused, I'm a girl." Odell then asked "she's a stalker?" refuring to lisha. Felipe said yes, and Alois said "I'm actually as posed to be dating her right now, but i guess i made a mistake.." Felipe said "she tried to marry me, i didn't want to…" Alois said "so I'm guessing lisha is a player too.. eh?" Odell then told them "she's 17" Alois knew already but Felipe didn't, so he asked "she's 17???" they told him yes and he said "that b___ told me she was 15??" Alois said "thats what she told me too". odell then left for a few minutes, and someone named "Nikidragon54" came on. Niki wouldn't say anything even though Felipe and Alois both greeted her. Felipe broke the silence first saying "its just… staring.. at us.." Odell then came back and said "did y'all see her today?" refuring to lisha. They both told him no and Alois said "I'm going to spy on her". Odell then changed his name to Kamcellor3. 

    Felipe then remembered what he wanted to ask alois in the first place and said " Alois?" "do you have this problem. when u use a fancy name or the <i> code for ur name. does the game lag you out 2 second after u go on multi player. cause it do that to me…." While she was reading it Odell asked "should i cheat on her?(lisha). Felipe said "go for it!" Alois then got back to Felipe and said "um.. no". She then answers odell and said "thats what I'm going to do." Odell then asked her "why don't you date me?" "your a girl right?" Felipe said "you only just met him?!?!?!?" And alois said "i know." Felip answered "so don't go with him". Alois only did a ._. face. She then said "i rarely get asked out" Felipe asked "went you with that ice wolf dude?" She said "I'm not the kinda person a guy should like". Odell then randomly said "she asked you out". Felipe said "uh.. what?" and Alois said "0.o" Odell then told him "my girl friend" Felipe said "oh.. you mean lisha?" he said yes. Alois said " oh, um i actually had done asked her out like a couple weeks ago." Odel asked what Lisha said and she didn't answer. felipe then had to leave for a few minutes, so he told them and left. 

    When he got back he found thatat Hill 4 was empty. He went and checked cityscape 5 seen as there were people there and found Nikidragon54 there. he asked her where they went but didn't get an answer. He left claiming "dammit!!!" and went to hill4 but they still went there. So he went back to city 5 and asked someone named Blah blah blah if he saw any of them and BBB just said "…." Felipe asked why, but he wouldn't answer, so he left.                                                                                                

    May Edit

    The name problems Edit

    may 1 Nigel had been having a problem with the game. For some reason he couldn't use his name for some reason. If he went on multi player with his name, it would lag him out. Nigel later found that it wasn't his whole name, it was only the ! that was the problem. For some reason Gamevial blocked people from being able to use any symbols in there names. You also couldn't use spaces in your name anymore.                                                

    Nigel was at City1 and was talking to people when he decided to see is Nazli had the same problem. Nigel explained what was happening, and told him how he couldn't use symbols, fancy letters, or spaces in his name. Nazli said he could use fancy letters, so Nigel told him to using the invisible code and see what happened. So Nazli went to try it out and Nigel said "soon we won't even be able to say hi anymore.." to Dragon tiger, someone who was there. Nazli got back and Nigel said "wb, and?" Nazli replied "you can't." Nigel said "See?". Nigel then asked Nazli "try putting a ! in your name, i want to know if its just me that can't use it." He went and tried, and couldn't. Nigel then started fighting with someone named Poo who wanted to kill him for some reason. Nigel then asked Nazli if he could use spaced in his name, despite being able to see spaces in his name. Nazli said "really nigel." Nigel asked "what?" and Nazli said "can't you tell from my name??" Poo then killed Nigel again, and Nazli was brb. Dragon tiger then said that she had lost her hacks, they had stopped working. But just as she said this poo killed her. Nigel had gone in a building as a swan, but poo used the corner of the building and got in to kill Nigel. Nigel became a starling so that it would be hard for Poo to kill him. Nazli then came back as "Shades". Nigel talked with him a bit then left.                                                                                                


    Springs' here / the SoS Edit

    On May 4 Nigel was going from room to room looking for people. No one he knew was at Cityscape 1, not even Lysa, whom had stopped killing him the day before saying "just ignore me". in the last few days, less and less people were playing Flab3, possibly due to Gamevial ruining the fancy names and chat codes. A lot of hackers had been disappearing as well, so it was possible that Gamevial was getting rid of them. Nigel also had dent seen Levi and Eren for days now. Its possible that they had left. Nigel just figured that people would come back eventually. This had happened before, people would leave and Flab3 would seem dead, but then a few months later a bunch of new people would show up.                                                                                                

    After a while of looking, he ended up back at Cityscape 2. Just before he left, he realized that someone named Tropical was there. Nigel remembered that Springs name was Tropical, so he asked if it was her. it turned out it was her, and Nigel told her to go to Hillscape 5. Nigel claimed "you been gone for ever now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She said "i know, sorry" Nigel said "missed ya!" and she said "same". Nigel told Spring "almost everyones left now…" Spring said "I know right? i been looking for you". Nigel said "i havnt been on for a while, cause of lysa the b___" Spring said she had seen Lysa before, and Nigel said "i'll tell you what she did! : "so, 2 months back a was bored, so i dicided to test out some spam to use against ariana the cloner.    i spammed city 2 not knowing lysa was there. once.   so i saw her and apoligized and what not but she wouldnt fogive me. well. 2 months later dear lysa has made me lose almost all my friends, makes people not trust me and blames every single little thing that happends, on me!!!!!    she also tells ppl im a manipulater. and they believe it!!!" Spring didn't know what to say so she just said ._. then -.- . She then asked "she a hacker?" Nigel said no so she said "k good." Nigel continued saying "but everyone loves her!" Spring then said that Lysa had done the same thing to her, saying "I used to hack where she was and she cloned me and made everyone hate me." Nigel was mad at this and said "that b___" spring agreeing. Nigel then said "the sad thing is she been harassing me for 3 years now. i have to be careful around her and i wasn't." Spring said "omg" to this. Spring then said "hey, i can get the maker of the game to ban her". Nigel asked "you can??" she said yes but then nigel realized something and said "but she can just change computer.. or her ip.." "she's not that dumb" Spring said "oh darn…" when she realized what Nigel had pointed out. Nigel then said "oh, and game vial messed up the name thing.." Spring said ._. and Nigel explained saying "you can't use spaces or ! in ur name anymore." Spring asked "wtf" and Nigel said "Try it." So she left. While nigel was waiting someone named "Kot" came on and tried to kill him. Nigel was lucky and got away with only 1 life left. Nigel asked Kot to stop, and Kot started saying random russian gibberish. Nigel said "I'm just waiting for a friend!!" Kot finally spoke and said "i not speak engish, i speak russian". Nigel said "oh ok i english". "please no kill" "we be friend". Kot said he wouldn't kill, and left Nigel alone. Nigel said "I'm wait for friend here". Kot then said "i know speak english is school". Nigel didn't understand what he was saying so he just said ok and Kot said "gudbay" for some reason. Nigel asked what that meant and Kot left. 

    Nigel then ended up having to leave, with spring not returning.                                                                                                                                                                                                


    Nigel was at cityscape 1 and he met someone named lefranciswolf. he remembered this person. Nigel was named felipe so he told him who he was. cherie was there too. There was a nonage who was saying "oh no not you again" Nigel, thinking this was ariana just ignored her. Nigel then left and came back, and when he got back the no name told him she was "rain". Nigel asked him "you were the rain who know shan right??????" She said yes. While he was talking to rain Lefrancis pooed on him for some reason, acting as though he didn't like Nigel. Nigel ignored this and kept talking to rain. Nigel told rain "omg hiii long time no see!" Rain and Nigel then went to hills cape 5 seen as lefrancis kept pooing on nigel.

    At hilscape 5 Rain said "I've made a new group". Rain had had a group a long time ago called "sapphire macaws" or something like that but no one joined, only her Shan and Crackerjack. Nigel said "its been like months since i was you last!!!!" Rain went on saying "the Sos, Society of Savers". "its a group to kill killers" "you wanna join?" Nigel said "sure… who is in it?" For he wasn't sure if Lysa was in it seen as she was a "kiler or killers". Rain said "mia, missie, and Wolfie". Nigel asked "no one named lLysa, right?" She said nope and asked why and Nigel said "she's a b___ thats why." "kills killers, but is a killer". Rain then told Nigel that her group had a sight and told him what it was. Nigel was then brb and a bird named 98754357890 came on and said "stop noname!" Rain(who was the no name) only said "????" and 987 went on saying "only idiots will join that". Nigel, who was now back imidiatly knew that this was Ariana or Vokun doing this. He asked "oi, what are you doing here??" before 987 could answer rain killed it, and when 987 came back Rain started killing it again. Nigel started saying "kill it kill it kill it!!!" over and over again, whilst rain chased it. 987 then fell into the river and Nigel laughed at her. 987 then started going on again saying "No name(rain) that group you started is for idiots!!!" Rain then killed 987 and Nigel said "hill 3. change name. " rain said yesss and left to go to Hill3. Just as Nigel was leaving 987 got back and Nigel said "hahahah good luck idiot!" and left.

    At Hillscape 3 Nigel met rain who was now using a Russian name. Nigel used the name "Blablabla". Rain told Nigel the link to her group page so he could right it down, and Someone named "If__edyourmom said "fine.. i'l join your stupid group.." Nigel, realizing who if_edyourmom was said "wait, it knows its us??" IFYM said "I'm not stupid" And nigel said "well dam. :| " IFYM then said "fine. i'll join in" again to Rain. Rain said she couldn't and she asked why. Nigel said "are you ariana" and Rain went on saying "to late". Nigel told rain "rain.. its ariana i think…" Rain said "kto yto" in russian letter and nigel asked "tf that mean?" Rain then asked "who that?" and Nigel said "the cloner." IFYM then went on saying "i said i'll join now let me in!!!!!" Rain asked why IFYM wanted to join and IFYM said "to see how stupid it is." Nigel then said "you can tell its ariana, the personality, it that sad. she can't even hide". Rain then had to leave, and told nigel to check the sight and sighn in. After this she left.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

    Once rain was gone Nigel asked IFYM "now.. ariana?" IFYM said what and nigel said "ahahahhahahahaha ya fell for it, so sad!" IFYM pooed on nigel while he was brb. When he got back he said "why you have to be so annoying all the time?hmm?" IFYM said "no you are " Nigel said "how?" "I'm minding my own builsness, your the one who decided to tag along". Nigel then flew over to her and pooed on her saying "for s___ting on me". IFYM said "f__ you". and Nigel told her "idc ;)" IFYM then said "your the annoying one" so nigel told her "then leave and don't follow me". IFYM said no so nigel told her "well then don't complain." IFYM then randomly said "i wanted you to tell me about that thing you were joining?" "it sounds dumb like you". Nigel said " why should i say what it is? and i didnt say i was joining now did i? " IFYM said "cuz i wanted to join it". Nigel said "ya right! you'd be kicked out before the sun went down!" IFYM said "please just tell me!" So nigel told her "rain already said what it is" he didn't get ant answer so he went on saying "she did." then added "i can't help dat your deaf". IFYM said "ok can i join it?" Nigel told her to ask rain not him. So IFYM asked "where is she then?" Nigel told her "it aint my group and she gtg". "she be back tomorrow". "so good luck". IFYM said "make her let me in? she didn't when i asked her." Nigel said he couldn't and that it wasn't his group. He was then brb so IFYM pooed on him. Nigel said "hey!!!! A__hole!" IFYM asked "your still here?" Nigel said "i was brb.." IFYM sad "i hate you.." and Nigel told her "i got the sound turned up.. i can hear ya sh___tin on me you know.." IFYM then tried to Lag the game so Nigel counter lagged it with the code and said " =) ". IFYM then said …… nigel: I'm gay" and made it look as though nigel said it. Nigel knew she did it and said "you said it not me". IFYM said "you said it." Nigel told her Nope "you stole that one from Gamerz didn't you." She did it again so Nigel did it to her saying ….. "if___edyourmom:I'm gay." IFYM said "no do it like this!!" Nigel did it again and said "like dat? IFYM said "no!!!!" "your never going to know how to do it" Nigel said "I'm doing it. ya blind?" IFYM said he still wasn't doing it so he said "I'm not falin for a trick that dumb." seen as Nigel knew that she was only doing it to make him think he wasn't doing it right, even though he was. Nigel then told her "brb 1 min.." and left. Nigel then cloned IFYM and went back to Hill5 and said "bahahahhahahaha". He then started saying stuff like "I'm gay I'm stupid hahaha" to mock IFYM. IFYM just said "wtf???" "stop cloning me!" Nigel told her "nope" "you cloned me n my friends, now its my turn >:) " IFYM said "your so annoying i wish you would just die!!!!!!!" Nigel killed ariana and when she got back she pooed on him. IFYM said "go away". Nigel told her "you go away. you started it". She told him "no you first!!" so nigel told her "what are you, 2? this sounds like something a 2 year old would say!" He then when on in mocking voice saying "you go away no you go away first *in winy voice*" IFYM just said "f__you" in red writing to this. IFYM then had enough and left, after Nigel told her "this is getting boring..".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


    Fooled birds Edit

    May 5 in the morning, nigel was at cityscape 1. He met Luigi again, sitting on one of the buildings. Nigel, not liking Luigi, went over and just looked at him. He then said -.- to him which made luigi poo on him. Nigel saw someone named "unknown", so he asked if he know him/her seen as he recognized the name. Unknown just said "maybe". Nigel then went over to the power lines where a bunch of people were trying to go underground. A bird named "ignorethisbird" was teaching a bunch of people how to go underground as swans. Nigel went under after a no name pooed on him.

    Ignorethisbird then said that you could go underground as a robin. Nigel went over to him and asked him how, and he told him to walk into one of the sidewalks, the one by the grey houses. Nigel didn't believe him, but he decided to try anyways. After a few minutes, Ignore this bird got a bunch of people trying it, but only he could get in the sidewalk. Unknown then caught Ignorethisbird fly out of the side walk and right into another. Unknown and nigel suspected hacks. 


    the fooled birds.

    Ignore this bird then told everyone to go to the blue building and walk at the corner of it. Everyone believed him and tried to do it, but as usual they couldn't. Nigel by now knew that Ignorethisbird was faking it for fun, so he just sat and watched. After a while Ignore had Rin, Unknown, 139 and a few others fooled. someone named "bapexka" was trying to tell everyone that you could only go under as a swan but no one listened to him. someone told bapekexka "but we are going under as robins!". 


    still fooled.

    Niigel then went over to the building again and asked "why is everyone walking inti a building?" Unknown told him "i don't know". Nigel said "i know a better building!" and went to the blue building where everyone usually hang out at. only 139 followed him. Someone named "girlfriend bird" randomly said "can anyone be my boyfriend and even maybe maye with me?" Nigel just said :| to here. Nigel then saw that Luigi was back, and he was asking Ignorethisbird "who are you?" after Ignore tried to trick him with the underground stuff. ignore said "your grandma." Both nigel and unknown laughed at this. Luigi asked again saying "i said who are you?" So ignore said "and i told you!" Luigi was mad at ignore and said "i f__ your mom." But ignore wasn't stupid and said "so you cheat on your wife?" Luigi shut up after this. 

    Meenwhile. Bapexka gave up trying to convince people that you could only go under as a swan and said "\_(ツ)_/¯" and walked away and went to make a nest. Nigel then got killed by "superbus" and when he got back Ignore was telling someone "do it again" Bapexka said "boooo" to this, and nigel realized it was still about the fake underground robin glitch. Nigel went and found Unknown and Ignore at a new building(the brown one) and said "oh, this one now?" Uknown said "hey nigel" Nigel then got killed by super bus again and when he got back Super bus had super egg hack and was killing people so he left. 

    Levi's stitches. Edit

    Later that night Nigel went to island 6 where someone named "00100" was. 00100 said "nigel!!" Nigel said "uh.. hi?" and 00100 said "kan kan". Nigel asked "t f does kan kan mean?" and 00100 said "~kankri". Nigel realized that Kankri was the name that Eren used to us and said "omg hiii, Eren??????" he then said "i thought you were long gone!!!!!!" Eren said "were hiding" Nigel asked "why?" and Eren told him it was 


    Levi and Eren.

    because of the clone. Nigel asked "she still at it? refuring to Ariana. Eren said "i guess so". Someone with a chinese name randomly said "i want them off!" Eren told this person to leave whatever he was talking about alone and Nigel asked who he was, even though he already had an idea. Chinese name then said "and now use semi yelled!" Eren told Nigel "its levi" "he got some stitches" Eren then told Levi "its because I'm irritated!" Nigel asked "whats going on?" so Levi told him "they bother me and get caught on things!" Nigel asked "what? what do?" Eren told Nigel "levi got some stitches in his arm and he wanted them gone.." Eren then yelled at levi again saying "just leave them!!!!!" Levi said "i hate them." so Nigel told levi "put a band aid over them" Eren agreed saying "yah" Levi then started saying "nobodies in the hall, and I'm too lazy to get up." Eren told him "then wait for someone". Levi said "then i'll have to f__ing buzz" and left randomly. Nigel told Eren "well. Levis acting like Levi, what can i say?" Eren then left. Once Eren and Levi were back(levi just changed his name) they talked for a little while, Eren talking about some geese he saw, so Nigel told him what kind they were (barnecal geese). Someone named "ALphablackwolf came in and said "howls" and left. Levi then said "i'll shoot your stomach kan" for some reason, so Nigel said "don't shoot me!" Levi said "your fine Nigel".

    Eren then had to leave. Nigel told Levi "well, just u n me now." Someone named Emma them pooed on a tourist, and Nigel sad "wait, theres someone els here???" Levi said "she's been here just doing her own thing. " Nigel said "oh, i didn't know that.." "or she's a spy o.0 " After this Nigel had to go.


    The glitches Edit

    On may 6 Nigel went to cityscape 6 and met Ruis and someone named Hitman. he talked with them a bit, then someone named Shaddowwolf came on. Nigel asked "shaddowwolf??? your still alive????" Shaddow said "yes, at least i was last time i checked". After this Shaddow asked Nigel "are you happy? Nigel asked why and he said "the :| face, you seem happy?" Nigel said "nah I'm sad, waaaaaaaaahhhhhh" Nigel then said "nah, I'm being stupid". Ruis said "your not" and Nigel said "I'm being, not i am" Shaddowwolf then left saying "brb i see chocolate". Nigel was then brb for a minute then came back. Hitman said "welcome back" and Nigel said "ty". He then asked if Hitman was ryuik, but he didn't answer this and just said "who am i?" Nigel said "idk who you are?" to Hitman said "take a guess". So Nigel guessed saying "gamerz levi. vokun. eren. clockwork. ryuik. ariana.?" Hitman said "you are right" but just as he said this a clone of Nigel came on. Nigel said "you????" Fake Nigel said "what?" Nigel said "you fake…" Nigel then realized that it might be hit man doing it, and remembered that one of his friends also did this. so he asked "hit? are you Gamerz…." Hit said "nice guess". Nigel said "i could tell". Nigel then went over to the clone and started killing it saying "die thing!!!!!!" The clone then died. Shaddowwolf said "now theres one left, case closed". Nigel then went over to Gamerz, who was walking into the corner of a building. He then for some reason went 


    gamers trying to show nigel the glitch

    up the side of the building. Nigel thought this was just the walking on air hack, but Gamerz insisted it wasn't. Nigel decided to try anyways. so he left saying "brb then. and you will show me." He got back as a robin and tried the glitch. He then asked Shaddowwolf and gamers "wait, i thought you were the same person?" Gamerz asked "me?" so nigel said "you n shadow". Shadow asked "whats with me?" and Gamerz told Nigel that they werent the same. fake Nigel(who had come back after being killed) then asked "that other me still here?" Nigel told Fake "f___ing fake*. Fake nigel said "your the f___ing fake!" so nigel told him "no you is". 

    After a little while Gamerz tried one of the chat codes and said "good, still works". Nigel asked "the chat codes?" "game vial getting rid of them soon :( " gamers said "it still work for now". Nigel then finally did the 


    the weird glitch

    glitch, and forgave Gamerz for saying he was faking. Shadow asked what happened, so Nigel told him "come here shadow!!" Shaddow said "say please…" Nigel said "… fine…. please" Shadow said "ok, which you?" seen as there were 2 nigels. Nigel said "the one by the building". Shaddow asked "which one by the building, seen as they were both by buildings. Nigel just said "me. " After a while of confusion Nigel got an idea and said "gamer? come here" He then said "shadow, go to the one by gamer!" Shaddow went to Nigel and saw the glitch and said "go thats a classic one!" Nigel said "it is???" Shaddow told Nigel "it happens on 


    Blue building glitch


    Everyone having a meeting.

    some other buildings". He then went to one of the blue buildings and said "like this one!" Nigel went over, seen as he had fell down from the other building, and saw what shadow did. He had done the same thing nigel did but in the corner of a blue building. Shaddow told nigel it was hard to do without invicibility. After a while of trying, Nigel finally did the glitch. Nigel thanked shadow saying" i never knew this could happen."  [24]After a while of talking, Gamerz had gone to city 1 and back. He told Shaddow that there was a fake of him at city 1. Just then someone named "shaddowwolfzcl" came on. Shaddow wolf asked the fake "if i may ask, why the name?. after the fake answered he then said "i checked in the mirror, I'm me". The fake then started asking Nigel if he was "dd" for some reason. Nigel told him he wasn't. 

    After a while Nigel left. 

    later that afternoon Nigel met Kanky at industry 7. Eren? yes? hi! 

    dam.. didn't work. o.o its a trick i try to do. want to learn at city 5? they go to cityscape 5 and Nigel teach him levi do it as a ringneck i didn't know you can do wither ingneck i thought only robin do it. They then discussed levi and Nigel told eren how he might be faking everything. about darren and levi the same person maybe. 

    eren asked how his chickens r he told him good but one die. he then dare even to look up a silkie. he does. they go back to industry 7 to wait for levi. After a few mins Nigel was brb when he got back he say " back omfg my mom just got back from my grandmas house and someone fu cking robbed the damned fu ckng houuse right next to ours(my aunts house). so yay. we got crazies runnin around out naborhood ! =)  Eren said "oh…. hope he dosnt come to your house". Nigel said "hahaha yay………." and Eren said "yah.. yay." Nigel then told Eren, "oh well, they be full of holes after they meet my dog!" 

    Levi then came on as "gam zee beat and started complaining about his stitches again. Nigel told him to "get over it" Levi then started acting weird(as usual)and asked Eren "give me your arm!". Eren said no so Levi told him "I'm seriously hungry" Eren said no agin saying "no is no!" Nigel didn't know who Levi was talking to so he said "don't eat my arm" Levi said "not you, i mean kan" 

    no eren a leg then levi      i wil... stay out of thi.s…nigel      no legs for youeren.  your heart?levi   eh..  i have no heart.eren    ….soul?levi     maybeeren        ive been thinkign about somethinglevi  hm?ere    you know the vantas sing is cancer.   ya the 69     canser is also a crap yes?  yes…?eren      wanna learn a  trick at cityscape?nigel   crabs are marine  animas right im condused fuuck      the giant land crap is on land.    crap? eren    lol    are you feelin it now? mr krabs?levi   what?eren       i keep hearing that    feeling what sand in my pants?     wtf   dotn ask  dont worry i wont   levi say somehting rude     levi ur discusting     haha      damneren      why the hell am i a parrot? i hate parrot!!!!!!!!   dat better be seagull    look at screen shot pls   levi slap eren    heas use to it     abuse!eren     kankir dont make me kill u levi     im a sober gamsee bear iright now   i need to go it hurts really bad his stomac 


    you dum dum + ace's return.  Edit

    On May 7 Nigel went to island 4, after he had been looking for people. He was just about to leave when a no name said "hey nigel". Nigel emediatly thought it was Levi, seen as the name was similar to what Levi would use.(it was a girl boy symbol) The no name told him that he was "ace" and Nigel said "wtf… h 5 now." Once they got to hill 5 nigel asked "Ace? from a year ago???" Ace said back "yup, the one and only". Nigel said "omg hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….. ok that was a bit much.." Nigel then said "you… i thought you was dead?????" Ace said "I've changed". Nigel said "i can't believe your back!!" Ace asked Nigel not to tell anyone that he was back, seen as a lot of people were out to kill him. Ace then said "heh, you haunt changed one bit" Nigel replied "came old nigel" Ace then said "I'm using pop's bros computer" Nigel asked how pop(popular girl) was, and ace told him she was fine. Ace said "she changed once i met her in real though." 

    Ace then told Nigel that he was never going to quit, and that he wouldn't let anyone stop him from staying. Nigel then said "so… i guess you rant levi then" Ace had dent seen what Nigel said and said " although just sayin theres other ppl trying to clone me n sh__" Nigel went on saying "i owe Levi an apology" Ace asked who Levi was and Nigel simply told him "i accused him of being you." Ace asked again so Nigel told him "levi is someone i met a few months ago, i thought he was you, he acted like you." Nigel was then brb for a few minutes, for he was watching the movie jaws. Ace kept saying stuff but Nigel, not telling him he was brb, kept not answering. when he got back he said "I'm sorry, I'm watching jaws, good part heh" 

    Ace then started asking if Nigel could see the symbols in his name. After not getting an answer, Nigel finally returned and said " back. i am sooo sorry, i am watching jaws n it was the part were the dude get eatin by a shark from the shark cage its too halarious to not watch haha! blood n guts o_o haha" Ace ignored Nigels stupid comments and said "your the only one who helped me stay alive, but i am still i little suicidal….. but I'm not cutting as much.." Nigel then taught ace how to swear using the invisible code. 

    Someone named "giggetygoo" then came on and asked "are you Snarp?" Nigel knew what she was talking about, for he had joined a community the other day called the "Society of savers". Nigel had found out about this after his friend rain told him to join a few days ago. So Nigel told Giggetygoo that he wasn't Snarp. Gigetygoo said "i don't know if you aint him cause Snarp is a No name" Nigel then asked Giggety "Snarp? you mean from society of savers right?" Giggety said "ja, i am, but you can't know about it". Nigel told him "i already know it Dum Dum". Giggety for some reason didn't believe this so Nigel told him "i am singed up to it dum dum." Giggety asked "who's dum dum?" Nigel told him "you dum dum!" Giggety asked again and got the same reply. this went on for a minute.. 

    Ace then tried again in asked Nigel if he could see his name and what it was, so Nigel replied this time and said "girl n boy symbol or something" Giggety for some reason said "or f_ _ck you." Ace corrected him on his spelling using the invisible code nigel taught him, so Giggety asked "want to see something funny?" Giggety then pooed on Nigel, so Ace killed Giggety. Nigel said "ty ace". They then tried to go to various servers, but somehow they ended back at Hill5.. Nigel said "right back where we started, dam!" Giggety then said "he's gone" to ace, for he thought that Nigel was gone for he had changed his name to "felipe". Nigel answerd Giggety saying "I'm right here.. dum dum". Ace then left and changed his name to "shapeshifter" Nigel then had to go for 5 minutes to take care of his pet chickens, so he told ace this. 


    is that not scary??"

    When he got back they went to hill3 and got rid of Giggetygoo. Nigel and ace changed there names so that Giggety couldn't find them. Later on Nigel showed ace some of his spam codes at industry 7. One of them(pictured to the right) caused the spam to move saying "warning you have been banned……" Nigel asked "is that not scary??" Ace said "as f__" After this someone named "falope" followed them to Hillscape 5 for some reason. Falope was someone from a while ago who mocked Nigels name "Felipe". Felope asked "you??????" Nigel(still as felipe) said "meeeeeee?" Falope said "yooooooouuu????" again and Nigel said "yeeeeeeeeees" "as in ɴιgєʟ" Nigel then told ace "its one of the wasp ppl i think.." Nigel and Falope both then got underground, and Nigel asked her "are you ariana?" Ace asked "da wh__?" Nigel said "yes ace, da wh__re" Falope tried to threaten them saying "shut up or i will lag" So Nigel told her "you can't lag us, you taught us the <i> code" :) for she had just done that to them minutes before when nigel had tried to lag her out. Nigel started laughing at her, so Felope said ">:O nigaaaaaaaale" for some reason. Ace said "niiigiiiiieeeee" and Nigel said "Levi don't go along with it!!!!!!" Ace said "levi?" And Nigel said "wait, did i call you levi?" "so sorry, I'm used to accusing him of being you." After a little while they ended up talking about grammar for some reason ace saying "thats because of the bad grammar" So Nigel mocked this saying "ym gramemr is perfacto!" Falope said "i suck your grammar >:o" for some reason. after this Nigel tried to lag Felope out, so she said "no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<i>" but he finally was able to kill her. 


    trying to get rid of felope

    After this They tried to go to hill6 and chang there names. Nigel said "if it comes act like you don't know english!" he then said "i hate that ___ ariana!" Ace started speekign in some language saying "watashi ai kimi wa…." Nigel asked "what dat mean?" "i don't speak gibberish" Ace told him that it was japanese for "i love you"

    Later on Ariana found them again and started trolling as usual, and Nigel n ace talked a bit. 


    Bola Edit

    on may 8 Nigel went to cityscape 1 where he met Gamerz and someone named "bola". Bola later reviled that 


    Gamerz and Bola

    she was "polina". someone nigel knew a while ago. They all went to city 5 after they got pooed on a number of times by random birds. Nigel told Gamerz that he better leave city 1 before Lysa showed up. Gamerz told Nigel "i know where she lives…" Nigel said "you do???" gamers told him "yes!!". Nigel asked gamers "can you kiler her for me please???" Gamerz told him "sure, i hate her too." Nigel told Gamerz " good then. kill her, n hang her up to rot!!!" Gamerz told him "will do!" For some reason Bola disagreed with all of this, and gamers wanted to know why. Nigel said "Gamerz? she been brainwashed." Gamerz went back to Bola after Nigel told him this and asked "you friends with here?" Bola said yes, and Gamerz surprisingly said "well.. i don't blame you." Nigel then remembered something and said " one time when lysa was kiling me bola killed me.... now i remember -_-" Gamerz went back over to bola and asked "bola. is this true?" Bola wasn't answering so Nigel said "it is.." "when Lysa was telling ppl to hate me.. bola killed me…" gamers said "don't worry, whisper hates it too(it is there name for Lysa lol) Nigel forgot who whisper was for a minute, but then rememberd. Bola then said for some reason that she was Russian, and Nigel remembered seeing her with a bunch of russian people months ago. Gamerz said "nice russian.." 

    After a little while gamers said "a noname came spying on me at h4 a few day ago then said "run for ur little life"" Nigel said "one word, Ariana". Bola for some reason said "c:" and gamers asked "you got something to do with it?" Bola started laughing, so gamers asked "you know that nn?" Bola asked "nn??" So gamerz told her what nn meant, Nigel pointing out "we just got to lazy to type it out." Gamerz asked Bola "was it you???" Bola just said "like". Nigel then asked Gamerz "i don't trust bola… she's with Lysa.. and I've known her before too…" Bola then started saying that Nigel was a girl for some reason so Nigel told her "Nigels a boy name Dum Dum…." Nigel then told Gamerz "i was thinking if Bola had something to do with the wasps…." "it act like den" Gamerz asked "bola know the wasp?" Nigel said "polina was a kind of name they used." Nigel then said "I'm pretty sure that ariana was one of the wasps." "and hydra" He then told Gamerz "ariana, vokun, lisha… all seem the same" Gamerz said he didn't think it was the same person, for he knew that Ariana and Polska warrior were a team. Nigel said "i mean Ariana and vokun and Lisha.." gamers went on about ariana saying "Ariana tell where we are and Polska go and kill them" Gamerz then said "poo hack no work anymore". Nigel said "i saw someone using it today tf??" gamers asked who it was, Nigel said it was just some random hacker. 

    After this, Someone named "dracula" came on. Gamerz asked "who is that??" Nigel said "who?" SO Gamerz said "over here, who are you?" Nigel said "me? I'm Nigel" Gamerz said "no, him". Gamerz then killed dracula. Nigel then tried to teach Gamerz the building glitch he was taught the other day, but Gamerz already knew it to his surprise. Gamerz was then brb for a minute, so Nigel tried the glitch as an owl. surpizingly it worked so when gamers got back he said "look gamer!" When gamer got over he said "Hoo hoo I'm an owl!" Gamerz then showed him an invisible poo hack he had just found. Nigel then left and tried the glitch at a pigeon and it worked again. After a few mints gamers killed him by accident, so Nigel said "pigeoff!" as he died. 

    Nigel then had to leave. 


    the warning Edit

    may 11 Nigel met Dishyan at City 3. He said "dishyan??? ace… he's back!!!" for he knew that Dishyan was one of Ace's closest friends. Dishyan asked who he was seen as he had the named Felipe, so He said "I'm nigel!!!!!!" he then said "ace is back!!!!!" Dishyan then said he knew, much to nigels suprize. Dishyan then said "I'm playing on my tablet so…" Nigel then finished it saying "stay away so i don't get pooed on?" Dishayn said "yea probably but i got a keyboard so i think you can get close". Nigel then said "anyways, how did you know ace is back?" Dishyan said "you told me, and I've sort of been on Lif" Nigel said "well, i met him a few days ago" Dishayn asked "did you tell him about me?" Nigel said "erm… i forgot…" Dishyan then asked if Nigel had seen Blackfire, Nigel said he had so Dishyan said he wanted to talk to her. Nigel said "well, idk where she is now". Dishyan said "crap" and Nigel said "she usually just randomly appears" for she had done this to him jet a day ago. Dishyan then said "do you know about Lif1?" Nigel said " yes. everyone know that game.   it the game where u get killed within 2 seconds!" Dishyan said " ok if u see her tell her i play that". he then left. 


    Swift and Wither Edit

    may 12 Nigel met Witherstorm and Swift again. He had met them a few days ago. Swift and Nigel started poo fighting for fun, Swift as an owl and Nigel as a seagull. Nigel yelled "seagull vs owl!!!!!!!!!!!" and they started trying ti kill each other. After this they went to snow3 but some russian people started kiling them, so they went to hill5 to get away from the russians. Once they were there, Swift asked "whats our back up?" Wither said "in7 i guess" while nigel said "a whole lot of bird crap." Nigel was brb for a few minutes, and when he got back Wither was saying "nooooooo" for some reason. Nigel asked "what happen? someone die?" Swift said "just no loving me or anything."

    Nigel wasn't paying attention to wither, who was now telling swift "you can get off me now". Swift said "and i can't say no cause i feel mean". Nigel told them that he was "watching tv" when wither asked nigel "whats wrongs?" After Nigel answered, Wither asked him again saying" mr c.o.c.k.a.t.o.o. whats wrong?" while he gave nigel "puppy dog" eyes. Nigel said "oh sorry, i was brb" and Swift said "don't give me those" for some reason, even though it was obvious that wither was doing it at Nigel. Swift then told Nigel "Nigel i totally forgot to tell you about my family on Lif". Wither asked "tf is going on?" and Swift told him "shush child". Nigel asked swift "you got a family?" Swift said "in Lif game vial i got a family!" meanwhile, Wither said "pokes nigel" "Nigel?" Swift went on saying "meaning a lot of my friends are like family". Swift then told Nigel about his "bruder" named "forebear" Nigel recognized the name and said "I've seen him before i think.. Swift said "very cool dude" and explained how fred was a hacker. Wither then said randomly "I've met king macaw". Nigel said he had seen king before, so Wither asked if he was in the "macaw army". Nigel said "i joined his macaw army when it first started a year ago". Swift said "you were in his group" while wither said "very easy to get mad" refusing to king macaw. Swift asked wither "you angered him didn't you….." Nigel asked "me?" thinking swift was asking him but wither said "i did not mean to…" and Nigel got who Swift was talking to. Swift said "lol its ok buddy". He then said "nigel will teach us how to not piss people off". Nigel laughed at this and Swift said "pardon my bad language if your 10 or younger". wither then said "I'm just going to make my name buddy cus you won't stop calling me it lol". Swift said "but then people will call you that…" to this. Swift then went on saying "i only get to". Wither told swift "sony make me call you Swifty again…" Nigel played along with it saying "swifty" Swift meanwhile was going on about fred bear again saying "like how i named Fredbear "Fre" on his bday" He then realized what Nigel and Wither had said and glared at them saying "don'!!!!!!!!" Nigel didn't listen and said "swifty…….." after swift pooed on him. Wither said "bad bird!" He then told Nigel to fly for swift was now chasing him. Nigel flew up in the sky to get away from the now angry swifty. Nigel then got an idea, and spammed the chat with "swifty" in big letters. Wither laughed at tho but swift was unamused. Swift said "I'm now pissed at you."   

    After a little while they forgave each other, and wither was brb for a few minutes. When wither got back he saw Nigel saying "whyyyyy" Wither asked why and Nigel said that swift had to go soon. Swift was telling Nigel "and i won't talk with you for friday and the weekend". Nigel told wither "he gtg soon.." and Swift said "I'm a f.ucking she nigel!" Nigel had forgotten this so Swifty say "We just talked about this yesterday!!!!" Nigel then had to leave so he told them. Nigel said "my moms yelling at me now, i really gtg" so Swift said "oh ok. by niggy!". Swift was trying to get back at Nigel for calling him "swifty". Nigel said "niggy???" "how dare you >:(" and wither laughed. Nigel then left saying "by by SWIFTY" doing the swifty part in big letters.   


    yet another argument with cherie and donnaEdit

    may 12 Nigel met Cherie and Donna at city 1. Nigel asked how donna was and she said not good. Nigel asked why and she said "anyone i talk to lets me down" or something like this. Nigel told her to stop and that he was fed up with this. Someone named topaz then turned out to be cherie and they got into a huge argument over donnas behavior. Cherie then said she had cancer and Nigel told her to stop and that "someone with cancer would be on a game". they argued a lot      


    may 13(will never be done)Edit

    may 13 aces return will be done soon   

    This is only the stuff from the chat it aint done.   

    ☀felipe One of her well known named is "angey swan"(about ariana)

    felipe uhg brb

    Zero/ace : question, i forgot how to aim shit at people can you teach me? and ok.

    Felipe(back) back and sure 

    zero wb

    felipe ty

    zero np

    zero im use to putting enter down instead of clicking it realy bothers me but i'll live with it

    felipe u just press space to kill ppl not enter :/

    zero  no for typeing lol

    felipe ooooh ok lol

    Zero  also, pop was lying about her arm(she told nigel she cut it off)

    Felipe  anyways, when do you want to learn to kill ppl?

    zero  as in now xd 

    felipe yea... i didnt really belive her. 

    felipe ok city 5 see if theres ppl there

    zero  although she isnt the one to lie it bothers me that she did and ok

    zero dn felipe go to cityscape 5 

    (no one is there)

    felipe city 3.............. 

    zero xd  departs 

    (no one at c 3)

    Felipe city 2....................

    at city 2

    zero lag 

    Felipe watch me kill someone first k

    cool boy  hi

    zero depart  

    felipe   what?

    musti  the boot

    zero back

    felipe wb!  

    Felipe  want me to lag the game?

    aceb/zero  im going to brb into my actual name realy quick


    ace back with his no name name

    felipe wb 

    ace ty  

    Felipe  wanna learn a cool trick?

    ace yes 

    felipe  be swan

    ace brb  

    cool boy sorry for disturbing you guys.

    felipe its fine

    ace back 

    felipe ace over here 

    felipe now this looks stupid but trust me, its not.

    cool boy  i am going  

    cool boy drparted

    ace  ik this trick i think.

    felipe watch.   poo on me!

    ace  yea ok

    nigel goes underground   

    ace  o.o tf you go?

    felipe   down down down :|

    ace brb

    ace back   

    felipe wb 

    Nigels underground on the wire   ace can only see his head n nec hes a swan

    felipe   hi

    ace lol

    felipe =)

    ace  i started to cuty myself again but po caught me....

    felipe :|

    feipe  why would you even do that?

    ace  and then she gave me a lecture.  and  because me and pop are broke.

    felipe :|

    ace and she cant go to.

    Felipe  you dont have to cut youself just cause of that.

    felipe dam(accidecntly come above ground again)

    ace what?

    felipe  i out of the underground

    felipe if dat makes any sense

    ace  ok

    Felipe  poop on me

    ace its ok my grammar is horrible too. c i cn do dis 

    felipe  ym grammare is wundful!

    ace ok now can you teach me sir shen? dna sey ti si 

    felipe uh.....  

    felipe wtf

    felipe wait i didnt read it right i stupid

    ace  i saw your profile on the wiki bro.

    felipe what

    felipe  oh you did?

    ace yes

    felipe what you want me to teach you?

    Felipe  i can take it down if you want(about the wiki)

    cool boy  what story?

    Ace and i want yu to teach me how to kill people

    ace and nooooo about the wiki

    felipe ok :)

    cool boy i think you guys love each other

    felipe ya i keep all of the history of flab3 on the wiki

    cool boy starts being rude and calls them gay

    ace kiled cool boy

    felipe "well , theres your sh*tting  leson"

    cool boy departs

    ace  nice pun there 

    cool boy enters 

    felipe lol

    cool boy  are r u mad no really i say sorry but 

    Felipe i didnt say sorry

    ace tf it knows my name?

    felipe idiot

    felipe  it may have seen me sayin it :|

    cool boy what everyone knows your name

    ace nuuuuu o.o

    felipe  dont listen to it

    felipe its faking

    wisper come on  

    ace no shit 

    felipe frost?

    whisper hmm?

    felipe hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    whisper hi

    cool boy  hi

    whisper nigel?

    felipe duh.

    ace hello whisper, nigel who's frost?

    felipe frost is whisper

    whisper hey

    ace  i have amnisia still

    cool boy no hes not

    felipe  she a friend

    ace oh ok

    felipe ima be a macaw brb *leaves*

    Nigel then come back and frost said brb

    so he tells ace who asked "u know her?"

    whisper comes on but no one sees this 

    felipe shes gamerz gf

    felipe dont tell  her a said that 

    whisper xd

    felipe  ur here?

    ae o.o

    whisper  you really?

    felipe :|

    ace ...

    whisper omg, hahah xd 

    whisper  no dont worry

    hades comes on

    felipe  i thought...... u gone?

    ace .............

    felipe  dam

    whisper  .... i came back just when you said that nigel.

    felipe lol

    ace she reminds me of when pop used to play.

    hades o.0

    felipe faiiiiillll........

    ace  for the first time in for eva   

    ace and who is hades?

    felipe  ima get my normal name *leavs and be nigel*

    whisper .. ok ok so you say that to everyone of your freinds? xd 

    hades to ace  your dad

    introduction please. my dad died with my mother.

    felipe back!

    ace wb  

    whisper welcome

    ace np

    ace hades the 

    felipe whore*

    ace xd 

    few mins later

    ace fu ck this shit im out.\

    whisper ,-,

    felipe what???

    hades  ok bi thc

    felipe wait i still got this name???

    good come in 

    felipe dammit

    ace xd

    felipe im... idk what to say.

    felipe leaves n become niel

    Nigel  that better

    ace wb

    nigel   wat. 

    ace 0.0

    nigel hads.

    hades yo?

    nigel i know you?

    ace  ship xd 

    nigel  wtf ace

    ace sorry

    hades idk... nigel

    nigel :/

    Nigel  to hades  i know your name

    hades u do.... great.   

    Nigel  can i not?

    Ace whats it's name? 

    nigel no i mean i know the name hades :/


    nigel if i leave randomly stay here.

    ace heh

    ace ok

    hades sure...

    nigel  my computer dies randomly sometimes.

    whisper xd  

    ace ik

    hades lol dies?

    nigel its old..

    hades how old... the 90s?

    ace afk

    nigel its fine

    later on 

    hades   guys... did anyon e notice the chat cods dont work anymore

    Nigel  they do.

    Nige i just laged city 1. :/

    hads mhm?

    Hades lel

    ace back 

    whisper wb

    Nigel they no work in ur name

    ace and afk

    Nigel again

    hades ikr

    Nigel you cant use ! in ur name. 

    hades leave n try

    Nigel but this still works (in purpe writing)

    ace back

    ace <size=-777> like this?<  


    Nigel fail

    Nigel do it

    ace it worked for me

    nigel lol

    ace whisper you on?

    whisper yes

    ace thought you died lol

    whisper lol....

    Whipser brb

    Nige ima spam the chat  

    this will never be done for i lost the other half of this when my old computer broke down. 


    Classified Edit

    May 15 Nigel met hades at city 1. they then went to island 5 and discussed ace bandit. the rest of what they discussed is classified. 


    The very looong day.  Edit

    On may 17 Nigel(using the name felipe so i use that) went to an Island where he met 2 swans named Goldie and neon. they both wanted Felipe to leave. Felipe asked why they wanted him gone and neon started speaking in german. Felipe asked "hm?" neon said "you can't speak german. Felipe said "you don't own this island!" Felipe then said "i don't care if i can't speak german" Then saying "what if you can't speak english?" "that mean you can't go anywhere?" Neon said he didn't care. Felipe then started chasing Neon saying "run little swan!!!" Felipe then killed Neon and started going after Goldie. he finally caught up to goldie and started killing him at one of the huts. Neon then came back and said "Run little macaw!" seen as he was now a robin. Felipe tried to escape but neon caught him just before he got away. After being pooed on once Felipe managed to get away and said "retard……" Goldie then finally got back and said "f__ you to Felipe, so Felipe said "f__ you too :)" neon then said "nah" "guys" as though he was going to say stop fighting or something, but Felipe was already killing goldie. Felipe said "what?" and then continued killing goldie. Neon then killed Felipe to save his friend.        

    When felipe got back Neon was saying "i think were quit now" but before nigel could give him an answer someone named "Clockwork came on. Felipe had known someone by this name for years, but it was odd seen as she had not fancy letters in her name. so he asked her if he knew her. meanwhile, Goldie and Neon took the chance and left. Clockwork ended up being the clone that Felipe had met before, and she refused to change her name. Nigel told her "well, everyone will be mad at you then". and left.        

    Later on Felipe met Ruis,Frost, Shaddowwolf(named night fox) and someone named casey at cityscape 6. Someone named "xxxxx" who was later found to be lisha kept pooping on him speaking nothing but "xxxxx". After fighting with xxx for a while and no one helping him, Nightfox told Felipe "well, if your a small bird try using me as a meat shield." for he was an eagle and could protect Felipe. Felipe thanked him and started to fly to the building he was at but got attacked by xxxxxx again. He asked for help but no one helped him, so he died. When he got back frost was saying "the meetsheild is moving too much" Nightfox said "is that bad? ;)" Felipe went over to Nightfox and said "save meh". Nightfox was telling Frost "just rotating" and xxxxx was saying "xxxxxxxxxxx!!!!" in red writhing. Felipe said "lisha fu___ off" He then said "Nightwolf will save me" ;)" He then corrected himself saying "i meant to say fox" Nightwolf said "shaddowwolf or night fox" "pick one of both" Felipe said "i am stupid". He then decided to call him Shaddowwolf. Meenwhile xxxxxx was trying to oil Ruis and was saying "x." for some reason. Someone named Nine tailed fox started killing xxxx for them.        

    After being killed by XXXX for the forth time Felipe decided to be a starling so he could hide under Nightfox. When he got back Nightfox was saying "I'm not a good meet shield am i?;)" he then said "i walk around a bit too much ;)" Felipe said nothing but "@#$%" to him. Ruis then told Nightfox "you just spin". Someone named Casey then started telling Nightfox that she loved him for some reason. So runs laughd at this and Felipe said "casey wtf?" Nightfox said "i wouldn't try that". "i bite". XXXXXX then started saying "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" in red letters, so Felipe used the reverse code to annoy her. XXXXXXX then killed Ruis and When she god back Nightfox said "webuskula!". Felipe said wbfgygfvbhjiuyghbjniuhgb there is that good?" SO Nightfox told him "no, it has to start with Weba" "and you have to be able to say it" So Felipe said "ok then" "webaghbjuyghvbjiuyghvb jhbhj". Meenwhile xxxx said "xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx" for some reason.        

    Nightfox then asked everyone if they could get out from under him, So Felipe told him that they went under him they were on top of them, for Nightfox was half underground. Nightfox then started trying to get people to move away from him, first trying to get Nine tailed of to move. Casey then became an eagle and said "now i am also a shield!" Nightfox then asked Felipe to move and said "step aside and xxxx is dead." Felipe said "if i step aside xxxxxx will kill…. oh" He then moved after realizing what Nightfox was getting at. Nightfox then killed xxxxx. After a little while Casey started asking Nightfox if he would be her mate. Nightfox said "i don't do mate thingies" Casey asked him "please, and why not?" No one answered her, so she asked "who will be my mate?" felipe said "not meh" and no one els would be her mate.        

    vlad putinEdit

    Felipe then got bored at city 6 so he left and went to city 1, after finding nothing els then some pigeons at a snowscape trying to do the rock glitch. At city 1 someone named "Vladputin" was saying "blah blah blah" to someone els named vladputin who said "real putin will but russ words." Fake Vladputin left, leaving just the real one. Felipe asked what was going on after Vladputin said "i don't know thy russian words!" . Vladputin then said "but i am the real putin!" Someone named "cazzo" then said "putin a love rusia". Felipe then said "just what we need, crazy russian". Cazzo then said "i love putin". Putin then went on saying "donald trump for president!" and Felipe gave no answer. After this vladputin started laughing at his reaction so Felipe said "dude, if he's president the world will blow up." "and die". Vladputin gave him a :o face and then said "exactly". Felipe then said "he's an idiot" refuring to donald. he then added "for sure". Vladputin said "f*** donald trump!" and Felipe agreed. Cazzo then started telling vladputin that she loved him again, so Felipe said "lol vlad you got a stalker". Vladputin said "i know" and Cazzo said "strong president". Felipe told Cazzo to go away and said "he sony love you". Vladputin said "remove thy peasant from my presence" so Felipe asked Vlad if he was a "peasant" Vladputin said he wasn't.        

    Later Vladputin and Felipe ended up going to Hillscape 5 , and Felipe started asking him who he was again. as Felipe was guessing named Vladputin said "i am the unknown". Felipe had known someone named "unknown" and asked Vlad if he was this "unknown". Vladputin didn't answer and said "if i told you who i was you really wouldnt know me". Someone named "ruis stalker" then came on and went over to felipe so he said "Ruis stalker? thats new". After this Vlad told Nigel his other named and then they went back to city 1.    

    Felipe vs Felope   Edit

    Later on that day Felipe went to cityscape 6 after looking for people. He ended up talking to someone named "king j". Felipe told King j that he was bored, so that was why he was staying. After talking a little while felipe was saying "no one i know is on so I'm bored" "as f___" King j said "i know right, imma single dad" as a joke for he was the only one there and had an egg in his nest at the time. Just then Felipes dear friend "Felope"(this is called sarcasm..) came on, and Felipe was dumfounded to how Felope found him for she seemed to know he had been there. (Felope was someone who Felipe had met a few days ago, she had the same tracker thing that Kapro had allowing her to find people without them knowing.)        

    Felipe completely forgot about King j and said "omg???" "wtf???" . Felope said ">:o" as soon as she entered upon realizing that Felipe was there. Felipe went on saying "wtf wtf wtf???" "how?" "how u find me?" . Felope only said "dye >:o" and started flying at Felipe. Felipe flew saying "you weren't even here??" as Felope started chasing him. Felipe almost got away but Felope managed to poo on him, but couldn't continue to kill him for she was a swan*hint hint*. Felipe started flying away and Felope started laughing at him. Felipe then said "you… you creepy!". He then landed on the telephone wire and added "thing!". Felope seemed to ignore this comment and said "i kill u egg >:o" . Felipe said "not my egg" "it his". So Felope started killing King j, and Felipe said "yup. him not me". King j managed to get away from Felope and started flying away while Felipe said "ty king for being here" "but . you shall be missed". basically telling him that he stood no chance against Felope. Felipe then told King "By by". Felope then went back to King j's nest and said "i killded eggggggggg >:o". Felipe didn't answer. Felipe then started asking who Felope really was, going through a few names he knew. He ended up saying "vokun" and Felope repeated this so Felipe said "so you are?". Felope said "noooo!!" so Felipe called her an idiot and said "I'm not dumb"        

    Felipe then started asking Felope how she found him, but Felope was only saying "noooooooo". Felipe said "stop saying no" "its stupid". Felope said i……….." so Felipe said "i what?" Meenwhile, King j came over to felipe and stood by him. Felipe got no answer so he said her name to see if this could get her to tell. Felope finally said "I'm not tellingded u". After Felipe called her various names. They then started repeating "I'm not telingded you" and "idc" over and over again until Felipe said "this is stupid.". Felope said "u stupedder" so Felipe asked "why do u have to stalk me???" he then asked "can't you stalk gamers or levi?" "why me..?" Felope only said "fewlope >:o" completely ignoring what Felipe had just said. After arguing over Felipes name, Felope said "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu". Felipe said "meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?" So Felope said "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu >:o" again. Felipe said "ok >:o". After Felope kept repeating "uuuu" over and over Felipe asked "now, why were you here?" Felope asked "wut?!?!!!" Felipe then got to the building that Felope was in, after making his way over, and tried to poop on her. But Felope got into the building to quick and said "aaah!!" Felipe then realized something and said "your angry swan aren't you." Felope, being figured out, said "uuuhhh…." so Felipe said "u are aren't u." Felope confirmed Felipes suspicion by saying "Maybe (^_^)". Felipe said "so its u." Felope then asked "Wut u want!?!! >:o" So Felipe said "idk?" "you the one who came here?" "to see me?" "i guess". Felope called his name and he asked her what she wanted. Felope then pooed on Felipe and laughed. Felipe flew away saying "real mature….." Felope said "i kill uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu >:o". Felipe said "and? what you want a medal?". Felope didn't listen to this and asked felipe to "cumded clowsur >:o". Felipe didn't get any of this so he said "I'm sorry. i don't speak idiot." King j meanwhile asked "can i make a nest without anyone pooping on me please?" No one listend to him. Felope said "!??!??!??!!!!!!! >:o" So Felipe said "i said i don't speak idiot". Felope said "u kill u nests >:o" completely ignoring Felipe. so Felipe said "ya def too?".        

    After a while Felipe ended up finding out that Felope was "xxxxx" from earlier. Felipe continued to argue with Felope. And Felipe ended up saying to King j "i can say one thing. welcome to fly like a bird 3". Felope then started to clone felipe, and ended up making three of them. Felipe got bored of this so he left and saw that there were people at Cindustry 6. He saw that there were two birds named "Topaz and Lol" there, so he headed back to the city. Back at the city he told Felope "I'm going to in 7 to harass lol and topaz bye." and left.        

    When he got to In 7 he said "ello birdies" and just as he said this Gamerz came on. Felipe told Gamerz who he was and talked to him a bit. After this he found out that Topaz was Cherie but he didn't know who Lol was. Lol was telling cherie what people had told him, so cherie was trying to tell him that these things were incorrect. But Felipe knew that most of it was true so he tried telling lol this claiming "I've seen it with my own eyes." Just then Angryswan came on again named "gaymurz" a mock name of Gamerz. gamers said "wow really?" and Felipe said "yay its u this time not me bravo gamers!" Angryswan started doing the same thing to gamers as he had done to Felipe, and Gamerz got mad at Felipe not getting the joke. Gamerz said "rlly nigel -_-?" Felipe asked what and Gamerz pooed on him. Gaymurz said "i kill uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:o" while Gamerz started killing felipe. Felipe tried to tell gamers that he had been stalked all day but gamers still killed him.        

    After this Felipe got in an argument with cherie as usual and mocked her for being 33 and on a "kids game". Cherie asked him to "please but out" and Felipe asked "why should i?" "this games for everyone". Cherie said "cuz" and gaymurz said "Fite 0.0" thinking that they would get into a big fight. Felipe told cherie "cuz. you don't want then to know the truth." Cherie tried telling felipe "this convo is not for you". Felipe said "ur just spreading lies again!!!!!". Meenwhile Gamerz tried to get Angryswan to leave but he refused. Just then Levi came on so Felipe and Him went to Hillscape 5 seen as Felipe had made things at In 7 get out of hand. at hill 5 Levi was asking about Eren since said he haddent seen him since friday. So Felipe told him not to worry for it could be something that Eren couldn't control. So Felipe told him "Give it a week then start yelling at him". Just then Gamerz randomly appeard and said "We are not friends anymore ok nigel, cya". Felipe was dumfounded by this and didn't know what to say. He then realized that he had left gamers with cherie so maybe it was cherie who had told Gamerz something about him. so back to in 7 it was.        

    At in 7 he started demanding Cherie what she told Gamerz but she said she didn't tell him anything. So he gave up.        

    Later he met Eren at an industry and asked him if he had seen Levi. He told him that Levi was going mad for he haddent seen him for a week. Eren explained it was because he was playing with his new Xbox. *not done*        

    Later that night he met cherie an apologized.        


    may 19(not finished) Edit

    Nigel(using name felipe) met Levi at a Hillscape and discussed Eren again. Felipe told Levi why Eren wasn't on. Later on a bird named "male ringneck came on and asked Felipe "are you a boy or a girl?" Felipe said "I'm a boy don't even try" thinking that maleringneck was just another bird looking for a mate. Maleringneck said "don't worry I'm not gay". Felipe then said "ask him not me" refuring to levi. Male ringneck went over to levi so levi said "don't touch me ._.". Male ringneck said "its a game how can i touch you". Felipe, who had been brb asked Maleringneck "did you ask him?" "he's pretty nice". maleringneck said "no I'm straight". Felipe flew over to Levi and Maleringneck but Male ringneck pooed on him, so he flew away saying "hey!!! wtf???" Levi started kiling Male ringneck for him so Felipe thanked him. Levi said "don't even dare!" and Maleringneck said "bored" giving the reason why he pooed on felipe. Felipe told maleringneck "then go sh__ on some traffic wardens" " not us". Male ringneck said "nah" so Felipe said "yay..nice people.. i see… . Levi suggested to maleringneck to go to City 1 for there were plenty of targets there. Felipe added "plenty of girl birds there too!". Male ringneck said "i have a gf haha idc if your a guy or girl." so nigel asked "then why the hell were u asking me am i a boy or girl?". Maleringneck answered saying "because its a girly name" while felipe continued saying "thats how they always start it….." He then realized what Maleringneck said and said "its not girly, idiot!" "felipe is a boys name". Maleringneck said "its unisex" but felipe was still unconvinced. so he said "felipa would be girl".

    After a little while maleringneck left, and Felipe was left with Levi again. After a little while of talking, mostly about where Erenw as, Blackfire came on. Felipe was in the middle of telling Levi about Eren saying "helot an x box and he's obsessed". Levi said "I'm crying now". Felipe said "dude, you a bit obsessed with him". Levi said "because he makes me happy". So felipe asked "don't i make you happy?""n blackfire?" Levi continued saying "i like being happy". Levi said yes they did make him happy, so Felipe asked "den why the hell you want Eren all the time?????". levi said "i would be lost without al of you guys". Blackfire said "i thought i made people mad and said ._." and Felipe pointed out "says the person who said he only likes Eren.." Felipe then told Levi that he told Eren to look for him. just then eve said "f__ this!" Felipe didn't know levi meant. Felipe then said "uh… what?". He got no answer so he added "the f___." Levi said "so an electronic means more then i do. ok", refuring to Erens xbox. He then said "i see now.." Felipe said "dude, he can have a life, no?" Felipe then said "he just got it as a gift, so he play with it :/". Blackfire then started asking Felipe is he knew that game Eren had for his x box, but he didn't know. Levi continued on saying "i'll just not even bother then…" Blackfire then asked Felipe to ask Eren what the game was, seen as she had an x box as well. He told her he would.

    Felipe then left for a few minutes and when he got back he found Levi telling Blackfire "if he told me himself i would understand, but noooo he tells nigel. Blackfire was trying to reason with Levi saying"trust me, an xbox is really addicting but once he gets bored of it he will be back". Levi continued saying "which i am ok with." "but he couldn't have told me". Felipe asked "what the f__ is going on?" Felipe then tried to tell levi that Eren couldn't find him when he came on. He told Levi that Eren had been on an hour after he left. Felipe then tried to get Levi to use another way of communicating with Eren, seen as they only used the game and it got confusing. He told Levi that he could us the Wiki that him and AUC went on. Someone named "iamnew" then came on and pooed on Felipe killing him. When he got back he said "dam owl". Levi killed iamnew for Felipe. Blackfire then changed her name to "xxgayloisxx claiming "since I've given up on the guys". They then discussed Levi and Eren using the Wiki for communication. 


    Felipe, Levi, Blackfire and the joker

    Someone named "the joker" then came on and said "hello guys". Felipe said "if ur just going to troll us then

    leave pls" seen as he had met someone with this name before and they were annoying. Levi said "man i need a hug now :(" So Felipe hugged him and said "there, happy?" "you got ur damd hug". Levi then asked Felipe "can i thank you for being a friend of mine?" Felipe answered saying "of corse :)" Blackfire asked "should i go?" but Felipe wanted her to stay so he said "no you can stay!!!!!" . Levi also wanted her to stay, so she did. the joker then said "welcome to the party hahaha to blackfire, so she said "ok ._." Levi then told blackfire "thank you too for being a friend". so Blackfire said "*salutes* no problem!. Joker then said "come here to give your s___y friend a hug hahah". Felipe said "uh…. " while Blackfire said "wtf e.e" . Felipe finished saying "tf?". Levi then said "i am s__y though…" for so reason, so Felipe told him he wasn't. levi and Blackfire then both pooed on Felipe by accident, so he said "what is this? everyone crap on nigel day???" the joker then said "i need a hug and no one cares hahahaha". Levi said "i know no one cares", and Blackfire said something rude. Levi and Felipe both said "Wtf" to blackfires comment at the same time. She just laughed at them. Blackfire then said "sorry, I'm drunk". Levi then started asking if he should even wait for Eren, so Felipe told him he should, while blackfire said "eh, you should at least look once". Felipe then had to leave saying "i gtg my moms forcing me to get dinner so i be back in 10 mins ok?" he then left.

    when felipe returned, Blackfire was saying "your so horrible…" to someone. felipe was greeted back by everyone, and then noticed Levi had dent said anything. he asked where the was, so Levi answers saying "here". Blackfire said "dude x.x" for felipe had been staring right at levi but haddent noticed. Felipe asked her what still not noticing so Blackfire said never mind. Levi then said "i'll just find something els to do now.." so felipe said ok. Blackfire said she was bored, so Felipe agreed for he was bored too. Blackfire then said "and I'm tired……e.e" Felipe just gave her a :| face. Blacfire then said "no one rlly likes me lol" Both Felipe and Levi said they liked her, but she told them "no i mean like.. like like. ._." so Felipe said "ok, me no." Levi then asked Felipe "your gf?" so Felipe said "gf?" Blackfire said "omg that makes me feel so much better Nigel e.e" for him saying he didn't "like like" her. while Levi said "and kinda the same now too" refuring to Eren not really liking him. Felipe then told them "ya. i haunt seen springcrap for a month now… so yea…" "so much for that…." Blackfire lauhged at his rude nickname for Springtrap so Felipe said "well. it rhymes.." 

    Blackfire then started saying that she was probably going to leave in a week. Felipe had been talking about spring traps sdissapearance saying "perfec timing eh?" he then realized that he said that right after blackfire said she was leaving and reassured her that he wanted her to stay. he told her to stay, but she said "but i don't wanna stay here." so felipe said " well… it will just be me.. again. Someone named "Bazook" then came on while Felipe claimed "IM NEVER LEAVING!!!!!!". Blackfire said "no one will notice that I'm gone .-." so Felipe told her that he would, for she was one of his best friends. Levi said the same. Blackfire still wasn't convinced and said "nahh.. no one will remember me". Bazook then said "aaaaw Bri, don't leave him :')" for some reason. Bri was apparently short for Blackfires real name, but Felipe didn't know it at the time. Blackfire was dumfounded to how he could know her name, while levi said "I've just irritated and disgusted people here." Blackfire asked "who are you??? how do you know my name?????!!" Felipe asked Bazook if he was gamers,but he wasn't. Felipe then told Blackfire "ooo you gotta stalker". Blackfire asked if Bazook was Ultra. Bazook said "i wonder who is that could be" for some reason , and Blackfire said "he's a pigeon ._. so I'm guessing its ultra". Bazook then said bye and left randomly. 

    Blackfire said "wtf…." while Felipe said "this game.. random.." "so.. so random". Blackfire said "Mhm……" to this. Blackfire then asked "i don't get it.. who the hell was that?" so Felipe said "well, at least its not ariana" "or angrycrap". Blackfire agreed to this saying "oml(oh my lord)". Felipe asked what it meant so she told him what OML meant. 

    Felipe was then telling them about Felope for some reason, telling them how she followed him around everywhere. Blackfire said "creepy e.e" Felipe said" this is the second time he do it". Just then someone named "anna" came on. Anna started pooping on Levi, who had stopped talking for some reason, and Blackfire said "yea… I'm definitely leaving within a week….." after hearing about Felope. Felipe told her "oh, u can tel when its angry cause his spelling is crap and he do the >:o all the time." Levi then said "ty" sarcastically to Anna who had pooed on him. Blackfire then said "I'm leaving if i don't see ultra within a week". Someone named "ripper" then came on. Bazook said "aaaaw lol" randomly, but no one seemed to notice that he just randomly appeared. Felipe noticed this and said "um.. its back?" while Blackfire went on saying "i miss him so much.. idk what i could do without him." Ripper said "hey, who wanted to talk with me?" but no one listened to him. Anna asked blackfire who she missed, so she told her. Felipe asked what was going on, seen as things were getting confusing. Bazook said "lol i thought you will miss vent :d"" to Blackfire, and left again. Blackfire said that Vent was gone, while Ripper started to get mad that no one was answering him. Felipe then asked "tf is going on? while Blackfire asked Ripper who he was. Anna asked Felipe what was wrong, so he said knighting was wrong, everything was just so random. Levi then asked "should i just.. leave?" Ripper then said "he said someone here wanted to talked to me" so Nigel asked him who the heck was "he". while Anna was asking who Levi was. Blackfire asked "who are you dude ._." to someone, so Felipe said "me? I'm felipe" to be annoying. Bazook then revealed who he was saying "don't worry Bri, you had already met ultra right now lol" but this ultimately failed, for right as he said this, Blackfire left, not seeing what he said. Ripper then said that "joker" had told him, and asked "are you playing me?" Levi asked "I'm confused" while Nigel said " this…is..sooooooo…random…..". Anna said she was confused too. 

    Not done 

    sc 29


    Nigel and Frost's discussion. Edit

    on may 20 Nigel hung out with a hacker named "DJsava" his friend "flatty" at and island. at first Flatty wanted 


    Djsava's monster chick

    nigel to leave for some reason, but he refused to. flattys reason was "its a server for Klane". but Nigel didn't know what this meant. Just then he realized that "the joker" was there and said "you again…" Joker said 


    Nigel watching the chick at sunset.

    "hahahah meeee? Nigel only have him a -_- face. Djsava said that "Klane" was "clan of bird". SO Nigel told him he was not leaving. Djsava then started flying around really fast in circles and showing off his hacks. Later on Kot joined them, but still didn't remember Nigel. Djsava did a giant chick for everyone. Nigel hung out with them for a while then left after Djsava left and killed the Giant chick. 

    Later the day he was hanging out with some friends at cityscape 6. Energia(shaddowwolf) Ruis, frost, and someone named Bloodwolf were there. Nigel had been telling bloodwolf his other names to see if he knew him, but he didn't. Energia pointed out that his name "lord shen" was easy to clone. Nigle told him that that was why he changed it. Later Energia was telling Ruis how to do a weird chat code. It allowed you to use a different name in the chat to the one that people saw in the game. He made this to fix the fancy name problem, for no one could use a fancy name anymore thanks to game vial. For some reason Energia was refusing to tell Nigel the trick as well, using the excuse that it wouldn't work on his computer. 

    Ruis then had to leave for she "had to do homework" and said she would be back in 5 minutes. Frost said "if homework could be done for 5 mins…." Energia said "depends how much homework there is" and Nigel said "and how easy, or crappy it is". Someone named Deltawolf then started trying to kill Nigel for some reason. Deltawolf then left after pooping on nigel who was now cursing at him. Deltawolf then came back as "robin" but Nigel didn't see this. Energia said "nah, he seems nice enough" and Nigel, seeing he was talking about delta wolf said "ya, crapping on me. thats nice???????" Robin said "you were saying?" thinking they were talking about him. Energia then said "all a matter of opinion ;)". Robin then started pooping on Nigel killing him for he had one life. When Nigel got back he yelled "STOP SH___ING ON ME!". Energia said "i guess I'm the only one getting the trick ;)" So Nigel, thinking that this meant that Engergia was the one behind this, said "its you??? you ____" After getting no answer to this he said "Energia?" "how can you???" still not realizing that this was not what Energia meant. Robin then told Nigel "you quit the insults, and i quit the sh__ing". Nigel didn't get what he meant, seen as Robin had pooed on him before he had started cursing. Meenwhile Energia said "that should hardly be a surprise right?" Nigel said to Robin "what insults??" "i never insulted you until you killed me!!!" Robin said "the a ss hole thingy" answering Nigel, so Nigel told him "not that, you killed me, that why!" Robin then pooed on him again, so Nigel told him "if ya didn't crap on me i wouldn't call ya an a__hole." Robin told Nigel "physical payback" while Energia said "you kno what guys, lets call it a draw, nigel dosnt swear, delta dosnt kill, thats fair enough?" SO Robin stopped, but unfortunately someone named 


    Shadow pooping on Nigel

    "shadow" whom Nigel met before started trying to kill Nigel. Nigel tried to escape but Shaddow didn't stop. Nigel departed and When he got back he said thank you to Frost who welcomed him back, and told her that Shaddow was killing him earlier that day. Robin killed Shadow for Nigel, so Nigel thanked him once Shadow departed. Frost then asked Nigel to go to Hillscape 5, so he went to hill5 with her. 


    Shadow fleeing

    [33]At Hillscape 5 Nigel asked Frost why she wanted him there, but she didn't answer. Deltawolf(Robin) followed them there, but just ignored them. Nigel tried asking frost again, but just as he did Shadow showed up and said "Not bad" Nigel forgot about frost and started chasing Shadow to try and kill him. he ended up trying to get him in some trees but shadow got away and flew over to one of the hills with Nigel still chasing him. Shadow said "i will have my revenge" then kept flying from Nigel. Frost then for some reason said "back" and it turned out that she had been brb for a few minutes, but she hadn't told Nigel for some reason. Nigel forgot about chasing shadow, letting him get away, and went over to frost. he then started asking why she wanted him there again. but before he could answer Shadow pooed on him again, causing him to fall off the tree he and frost were on. Frost then asked Shadow and Delta "guys, would you like to go somewhere els? i want to ask Nigel something". SO Nigel got the idea and told her to go to Hillscape 4, so they went and when they got there Nigel told her to go to Industry 7. Nigel changed his name to Felipe and told Frost to change her name too, but she already had, to "Kill". Nigel told her "if they come act like you don't know them, and you can't speak english". Nigel then asked "so, what did you want to ask me?" so she told him "so… i wanted to ask you if you've seen Eren around?" Nigel told her "just 2 days ago". he then asked why and Frost told him "oh… because levi is trying to find him.. Levi thinks that even thinks levi for dead" Nigel said "i know" "i told Levi why Eren not on already". Frost told Nigel "i saw levi yesterday and he was upset and worried". Nigel said "now levi thinks that Eren hates him. :/ " he then told frost "i saw him last night". Nigel then told Frost why Eren wasn't on, explaining that Eren had just got a new Xbox, and he was obsessed with it. Frost said "cuz levi is missing Eren too much" so Nigel said "levi is a bit too obsessed" "Eren can be gone one day and Levi is gone mad". Frost said "i understand levi" so Nigel said "yea.. but. he's a little.. weird". Frost told Nigel "and i want to help him" Nigel continued saying "he can't leave Eren alone". he then told frost he did want to help Levi. He then said "but he dosnt give Eren a break". Frost said "no. he just loves Eren a lot. and i don't think thats weird". Nigel said "yea.. but its just weird" "he dosnt even know him in real life". Frost said "so maybe thats why Eren dosnt want to come back to him?" Nigel told frost "well… i think Eren is a bit sick of Levi to tell you the truth.." "he told me that a few weeks ago". Frost thought this was sad. Frost then told Nigel that levi had told her he was leaving if he didn't see Levi by june. Nigel told her that Levi had told him he was leaving yesterday. Nigel then said "just wait a ween n he wil turn up". Frost said "huh… you just can't understand how levi feels about it." Nigel asked what she meant, so she said "Just like me and gamers… i always want him to me". Nigel then said "i understand that he loves Eren and all, but i wouldn't go cutting myself over a damned date on a game. it would be different if this was real life." Nigel then told her "he told me he just wanted a break from the game, he got a life you know". Frost said "yea.. levi will be kinda hurted". Frost then asked Nigel if Eren still had feelings fr Levi, so Nigel told her that he did, but he also had other things to do. Nigel ended up telling Frost "his(levi) life don't have to revolve around a damned computer". 

    After discussing levi and Eren, Nigel asked Frost if she had seen Gamaerz lately, seen as she had mentioned him. He wanted to ask her if he really did hate him. Frost said "yesterday" so Nigel asked "you did???" "did he say anything about me? that he hates me?" Frost then left for a few minutes, meanwhile Nigel said "i sure f__ing hope not". about the Gamerz problem. Frost then came back and said "i saw Gamers and asked if he hates you". she then said "he said he do". Nigel asked why and she said "because your trying to take advantage of other people". Nigel said "i am not!!" so frost said "thats what he said". Frost said that she was confused by what gamers said and Nigel went on saying "he thought that argument between me and cherie was taking advantage!?!?!?!?!!" "wtf????" Nigel then realized something and said "oh, i bet.. its cherie who told him that…." Nigel said "I WILL MURDER HER AND MAKE HER SUFFER SO MUCH!!!!!!!" while Nigel kept ranting about what cherie did, frost asked "are you sure she did that?" Nigel said "well, thats the only reason he would think that!" "i never told him anything". "he just saw me argue with cherie then i left hime there.." Frost said "don't do the wrong things but think first". Nigel then realized that gamers may have been spying on him. He told frost this and also said "well, he did say that when i was talking with levi, but i wasn't taking advantage???". Nigel then said "he just randomly came to hill5 and said "we are no longer friends nigel" and left? like he had been spying". Nigel then told Frost that all he had done was ask levi to ask Gamerz why he hated him, if he even saw him. Frost told Nigel what she thought saying "ask Gamerz on your own, don't make others do it". Frost then said "i really hope you solve the problems". 


    Nigel and Frost

    Nigel then told Frost that Gamerz had no right to be spying on him, and he also told her that Gamerz could be watching them right now saying "FOR F__ SAKE HE COULD BE WATCHING US RIGHT NOW!!!!" "its not fair". he then said "i can't say or do anyhting without someone blaming me". After this they discussed gamers a bit more, then they talked about how frost didn't have any enemies. Frost said that there was no point in having them. Nigel told her that the only real Enemies he had were Kapro Blackwolf and vespula claiming "those one were out to kill". He said that Vokun, Ariana, Lisha and angry swan were just plain stupid. Nigel then had to go so frost asked him "ok Nigel cya! and bet, is it a good idea if i tel Levi what Eren thinks about it?" so Nigel told her she should just stay out of it for now. Nigel then left.                


    gamerz problem continued Edit

    may 21 in the morning Nigel met 2 people named "Shadow wolf" and Blood wolf" at industry4. Nigel had met Bloodwolf before. for some reason the two wanted him gone, so Nigel asked why. Bloodwolf said "holy sh___" for some reason, so Nigel started to mock her saying "you mean s__" using the invisible codes. Shadow told him "dude, we are 'having fun' wink wink". Nigel realized what they were doing so he said "love birds, lol" and left. 

    Later on he met someone named "Blasen" whom he learned to be "giggetygoo" from the Society of savers website. blasen/giggetygoo proved to be quite annoying, as Nigel had also learned a few weeks ago at hill6. He would often break the society's rules, and often acted as though he didn't even care that he joined it. Nigel got back at him telling him "wait until i tell Snarp(the owner aka rain) about what you've been up too". blasen still didn't seem to care. 

    . Nigel then left, and changed his name to "Kot" the name of a known russian owl and went back to industry 4 to spy on Bloodwolf and Shadow wolf. Blood wolf and Shaddow wold left, and went to hills cape 7 after Blasen showed up and started trying to kill them, so Nigel followed. He named himself birdy, so they wouldn't know he was following them. Once everyone was there, no one was talking. it was just dead quiet for at least 5 minutes. so Nigel left and got his name Felipe again and went looking for other people, for if he went right back they would find out it was him. after searching he finally found someone named "stella" at an island. he said hi to her but only got pooed on instead. 


    Nigel confronting Gamerz.

    After looking Nigel was suprized to find gamers at cityscape 6. Nigel said hi and tried to pretend that nothing had happened, but Gamerz said "not talking to you". Felipe asked him "what did you mean by i was using someone? i really don't get why you are mad at me?" Someone named Ferraro was also there and was trying to convince gamers to help his nest. gamers told Nigel "don't ask" for some reason, so he asked "was my clone on again???" thinking that by any chance it was Ariana or Angry again. Nigel then told gamers "i thout your were someone i could trust….." after not getting an answer. Gamerz again didn't answer and flew away from the building Nigel was on. Nigel added "not to spy on me….." "or was it cherie" "who told you something stupid?" . Gamerz finally answers and said "no one did." Nigel asked him "then… why……?" Ferraro for some reason said "haaaa chery?" Nigel then told Gamerz "i thought we were friends…. good friends…" Gamerz said "you just like taking advantage of people, cya ferro" and left. leaving Nigel dumfounded. Ferraro said "i met him yesterday talking to felipe" while Nigel(named felipe) broke down yelling "HOW??? PLEASE??? HOW?????" ferraro said "i mean Chery" and Nigel told him "IF CHERIE DID THIS SHE WILL SUFFER. BADLY" and left ferraro by himself. 


    Mafia……? Edit

    [36]on may 23 Nigel met someone at cityscape 1 "si". Nigel had been hanging out with someone named "zoom" he had recently met a few days ago. Si then claimed the be "mafia" someone Nigel knew from a long time ago. Nigel told si to go to cityscape 5 so he did. Nigel questioned mafia but it turned out it was probably him. one thing that showed it might be him was he went right to the old blue building spot where everyone used to hang out.                

    Nigel ended up telling Mafia about what Lysa had been doing, seen as he was supposedly the one who started it all, telling Lysa that Nigel was a coward. he asked him "scan you pls tell Lysa so leave me alone? seen as she listens to you?" "she been harassing me for 2 months now". Mafia said "np, but why she poo on you?" so Nigel told him about what Lysa had done and why saying "she said she hates me cause "mafia" told het that I'm a coward." he then added "and she been telling ppl not to trust me n i lost a lot of friends due to her!!!" as Nigel went on about Lysa saying that she picks one person out and so on Mafia gave him the famous "hehehe". Mafia then said "i'll tell her.. promis!" Mafia said he would see Lysa that night, so he would tell her then. he said "I'm friend with her bro" "in real life". Nigel was suprized that Mafia actually knew her in real, so he said "you do???" mafia said "np i'll talk with her". mafia then said "now c1 hehehe" while Nigel said "well, can you tell her I'm sorry for what ever she thinks i did?" "n ask her to leave me alone". They then headed to cityscape 1.                

    When they got to city 1, Zoom was still there killing random people. nigel tried to stop him killing Si but gave up after a while. he then left after that.                


    a fatal mistake.  Edit

    Nigels discussion with frost Edit

    On may 24 Nigel had been hanging out at Snowscape 1 with a few people. All of a sudden everyone departed, and Nigel figured it was Gamevial messing stuff up again. After this he went to City 1 and met frost.

    At Hill5 Nigel was telling Frost that it was the game, and not someone lagging it. She said she knew, while Nigel told her about what happened at snow 1. Frost said that she thought it was annoying, and Nigel told her he thought that it was Gamevial doing something to the game.                


    Nigel and Frost.

    After discussing this, Nigel asked her if she saw Gamerz again. She told him she had dent while he said "i saw him and he refusing to talk to me???" Frost asked when he saw Gamerz, so he told her "just 2 days ago". Nigel then said "he just hates me all of a sudden". Nigel then told frost "he hates me" "and he won't tell me why". Frost asked "he just says bout that advantage but nothing els?" Nigel told her he did. he then added "its just… so random". Frost told Nigel "usually he never explains whats the problem to people he don't like for some reason" and Nigel replied "but… he was my best friend…" "i thought he wouldn't go hating me all of a sudden with no reason???". Frost said she felt bad about the two. Nigel continued saying "he was my best friend, it better not all be for fun". Frost told what she thought he should do saying "you should keep asking him whats wrong if not.. just stop. don't make him tell you, if he wants he will". Nigel said "how is it fair??? he just hates me now for no reason????" he then added "plus he must be spying on me.. how els would he find out that ever he's mad at." Frost said "i understand how you feel. next time, ill talk to him if i see him. maybe he'll tell me." Nigel said "i just don't get it." "he was like me bff, and now he hates me." Frost the explained that she had heard about how he didn't get the joke Nigel made at the industry, the one about Angryswan stalking gamers, and asked if that might be a reason. Nigel told her it could be, but he thought that gamers would get a joke like that saying "he know what Angry do". Frost then asked if it was also because Nigel left Gamerz there with Cherie, but Nigel said "i told him where i was going!!!" Frost said "well, i will talk to him =.= i really hope i see him cuz he is missing me a lot too".                                

    Frost then asked Nigel if it was possible a clone, but Nigel thought that Gamerz could tell by now, seen as both Ariana and Angryswan were really obvious who they were(really, you can just tell by how they talk). Nigel also said that he had asked gamers wether it was a clone, and Gamer said it wasn't. Nigel also said "plus i haunt seen a clone, and no one els had. so idk". Frost said "don't worry bout it. my bro is a good person. he'll understand an you will be good friends just as before". Nigel said "unless… someone told him i did something i didn't do -.-". He then saw what frost said and said "i hope we can be friends…" while Frost asked him "like what?". so Nigel explained saying "i don't know, if someone made up something and he was dumb enough to believe it!!!!". "like cherie!!!!!". Frost realized something and said " what if he's spying on u right now and readed that "dumb" word? :d" while Nigel went on saying "i did leave him with her.. which was stupid." Nigel said "thats the scary part, no privacy anymore" to frost. "not at all". Frost said "oh yea. ikr….. ;-;". Nigel said "he could be watching u… what ever ur doing…" Frost said "well. usually i don't mind if "he is spying on me"". Nigel then realized that it could be due to him complaining about spring trap all the time, about the fact that she never came on. so he told frost "hm…. i wonder if he mad about me n spring?" "if he thinks I'm using her?" Frost asked him "using her? how so?" so Nigel said "i don't even see her… so idk." he then said "i joke about how she's never on. idk how that is "using her". Frost said " don't think od it so much. we can only understand if we ask bro". Nigel went on saying "plus we were more like friends, not really mates."                                

    Frost then explained to nigel how Gamerz waste really talking to her much. she said "last time i saw him i wondered whats wrong with him.. i asked how is he and he said: I'm ok. and then said" btw gtg". She said Gamerz left her after this. Nigel told her "weird". and she said "weird, yea." Nigel then told her that Gamerz had done the same thing to him. Frost said "is he mad at me too?" "I'm worried about this…". Nigel said "he's just acting weird now.. like he changed". Frost said "because i never wanted to hurt him. all i wanted is he to share with me". "i don't know.. I'm really worried bout him". Nigel then got another idea and said "unless something happened in real life and he taking out on us. how nice e.e".                                

    After discussing this Frost ended up saying "but i can only say i fully trust gamers". Nigel said "yea… i did too… I'm to sure about now". Frost sighed at this. Nigel then had to leave.                                

    The fatal mistake. Edit

    Later on that evening, Nigel headed to Cityscpae 1 to see who was there. As usual, Cherie(topaz), Donna(blackcatzcl), and a few others were there. Cherie had been talking to someone named "Shift". Nigel flew over to the building where everyone stayed and said "hi everyone". Donna for some reason started killing Nigel, even when he asked her to stop. Nigel came back and said "hey! tf was that for????". Donna said "yes" but he wasn't sure if it was to him or not. Someone named "notfighteratall" was also there. but Nigel didn't think anything of him at the time….. Nigel just continued complaing saying "stop sh*tting on me!" to donna. Nigel then flew over the building and pooed on donna for revenge. he then flew off. Nigel went over to the telephone line where he usually sat, but noticed Donna was following him, so he flew up before she had a chance to attack. he flew past a building where "Kyraa" was. He knew her from a while ago.   

    Donna then said she was leaving, for some reason. Donna then said "shift never talk to me" for some reason to Shift, a bird who was just hanging out and helping people make nests. Shift asked what she meant, and she said "dont ever talk to me again" as if accusing him for something. Shift haddent even talked to her.  Nigel said "uh..." not knowing what to do. for he could see she was being unfair already. Shift said "i did nothing, but ok". "if that makes you happy".  Donna then started her usual crap and said "nothing happy on here". Nigel, having enouhg of her crap, said "donna?" "get over it.. you make the game depressing".   Notfighteratall said "dont add feul to the fire ok?"   Nigel answerd saying "i wont. but it is true". Just then donna started pooping on him.   when he came back he said "no one realizes it".  Notfighter asked "dosnt realize what?" so Nigel told him "the truth."   Notfighter asked "whats the truth?" so Nigel said "im not saying it again". Cherie started complaining as usual saying "lord you always but in"(lord short for lord shen).  Donna then said "that lord shen gay" for some reason. Notfighter said "keep to yourself!". Nigel then left for a few minuts.  

    When Nigel got back, Donna started pooping on him again. He told her "f__ off!!!!" and flew through the city trying to escape her. Cherie said "lord ur a trouble maker. you always interfear!" Nigel told her "I'm not I'm just telling your friend to stop being depressed, it gets annoying". Meenwhile Donna said "everyone says I'm evil ", which was a big lie, for no one said she was "evil". Nigel told her "i didn't say your evil?!??! i said stop being depressed!!!". "n stop complaining because you made yourself depressed". Nigel then noticed that Donna was flying twords him so he flew away before she could kill him. Cherie said "you don't own people" so Nigel told her "i know". Donna left for a few minutes . Notfighter said "as i said don't add fuel to the fight nigel". Nigel ignored him and said "don't go acting depressed and blaming it on others!!!" for this was exactly what donna had been doing. Cherie said "time you learned that things don't always concern you". Nigel said "she keep blaming it on other people". Notfighter said "you'l do more bad then good" but once again he was ignored. Shift said "lmao Lord didn't change at all". Nigel then started ranting saying "cherie? this is a multi player game, you wanna talk about private stuff go on a dam phone or something". Notfighter agreed to this, and Nigel went on saying "this games for everyone, not a private chat room!!!!". "so get over it". "or leave". Cherie said "so don't give you rights to but it". Nigel then told Cherie and Donna to "leave" if they were bothered. this would prove to be a fatal mistake.  

    Cherie then told Nigel "imma kill you". but Nigel wasn't daunted by this, for Cherie wasn't the best of killers out there and she didn't use super poo much. Nigel was still ranting on, and Notfighter told him " i could say the same to you Nigel. keep quiet or leave". Cherie said "things don't concern you". Nigel was telling Notfighter "I'm saying, don't do private stuff". Shift asked Nigel to come down for unknown reasons, for Nigel was flying hight up in the sky. Notfighter said "its non of your concern". "stfu all ready". but Nigel continued going on, saying "and if people ask you stuff, don't keep it private!!!!!!!".  

    Fighter then had enough, and started pooping on Nigel who was still flying high up in the sky. When Nigel got back he said "Wtf??" "what was that for???" as if he had never said anything earlier. meanwhile Donna was still complaining(yes.. this is typical donna…) saying "i can't play anymore!!!!". cherie pooed on her for this. both Cherie and nigel told her that yes she could play, but donna said "i can't". so Nigel, fed up with her constant negative attitude said "then don't .-. ." Cherie blamed him as usual saying "you make people want to leave" even though donna had been the one to start it in the first place after pooping on Nigel and claiming that everyone hated her. Nigel just ignored her comment. not fighter just sighed at this. Nigel then realized what Donna had said and told her "don't go blaming your depression on other people -.-". while donna said "its better for everyone…". Cherie told her "no don't" but Donna ignored her saying "lord, drop dead". Not fighter told Nigel "just let her do what she wants. nigel." so nigel decided to leave her alone and did. so Notfighter said "good.". fighter then said "u know u can't change people.". Nigel then said "people will never understand that this is a multi player game…" . Fighter said "have some empathy." to Nigel. Nigel said "i do, but when she blames her depression on me…" Notfighter said "i know but try to understand". Nigel then said fine. i give up" ad flew over to fighter who was sitting on one of the buildings.  

    Cherie then said "you don't care lord, only about your self, remember thug n what you caused cud you had to but in?" this was just a big lie, for Nigel had actually helped her and thug, for it never was him who broke the two up in the first place. they were set up by someone named "Pic" and Nigel had tried to tell them to not fall for it, and to stay together, but thug ended it anyways. Cherie , instead of realizing the truth, blamed the whole thing on nigel, even thought Thug had believed Nigels side of the story. Nigel was dumfounded to why cherie would say something like this, for he had thought that she had gotten over this and wouldn't bring it up again(this had happened a year and a half ago). so he told her "i care about other people" while Fighter said "just drop it..". poor donna had enough and said "brb i can't handle this".(kinda pathetic i know.) and left. Nigel told her "its a game don't be so dramatic." for she was being very. Cherie pooed on Donna for this. cherie said "you need to beak so do" while fighter said "your one to talk." Nigel said "got. ppl don't realize that this is not real life". Notfighter said "who shouts heyyy when someone pooes on you?" Nigel asked fighter what, and while he was explaining cherie said "your giving me a migraine lord beak it". witch was utterly stupid, because HOW IN FU CKS NAME CAN YOU GET A MIGRAIN OVER A GAME?" ok that was a bit much. Nigel told her "cherie? this is a game, not real life, its not like someone is screaming at you". Cherie said "shhhh" to donna who in turn told cherie to "shut up". Nigel then went on saying "Crist, how can i give someone a head ache in real life over a game?" Fighter said "its not as simple" while Nigel said "when someone bothers me, i leave n take a break". Donna then randomly said "your as jerk lord". and fighter for some reason agreed and started pooping on him. Nigel yelled at him to stop it, but he wouldn't, even when Nigel fell off the building. Nigel flew away saying "what i do now??" while fighter mocked him saying "don't be so dramatic". Nigel said "I'm not" and flew off, for he was lucky to escape. Cherie then complained yet again saying "god he's made my head worse". Fighter then mocked Nigel again saying "its just a game not real life". Nigel said "she's the one being dramatic!!!!" refuring to cherie, who was still complaint about her "head ache". Fighter said "you are" while Nigel still insisted he wasn't. he then asked fighter how he was dramatic, while cherie said "beak it lord". Fighter repeated "don't be so dramatic" Nigel then said "she's the one saying she got a damed head ache over a f___ing game!!!!!". Dona then killed Nigel, who had one life anyways.  

    When Nigel got back, he was a swan and tried going into a building, but Fighter killed him, for he had a hack that allowed him to get into the building as a robin. Nigel asked fighter to stop but he didn't saying "chill". Cherie said "1 that covers is none of your business" for some reason, while Fighter started repeating what Nigel had said earlier to mock him. Fighter said "chill" again while Nigel called him various swear words. Nigel said "i can't, your sh__ing on me!!!!!" Once Nigel got back after being killed, he was a starling, thinking that would be harder for fighter to killl. Fighter continued mocking saying "leave if your bothered" while Nigel said "dude fu__ off". Fighter then told Nigel "stop whining". Nigel told him "I'm not" "i m telling you" "to fu ck off". Fighter said "yes you are" Cherie the said "got he's making my flood boil n my migraine worse" witch was stupid because by now Nigel was leaving her alone and only arguing with fighter. Nigel yelled at her telling her to get over it, while not fighter pooed on him again.  

    when Nigel got back after fighting killed him, fighter was saying "take your own advice nigel". Nigel said "i stopped???". Fgither pooed on him again, so nigel startd swearing at him. Fighter ended up killing Nigel yet again. so when Nigel went back, he decided to be a starling, for those were harder to kill then a seagull. he started telling fighter "f__ off" "you piece of ___". Nigel then decided to lag the game, for fighter was still kiling him. Nigel said "want me to lag the game? and kill you all? it will be your fault". fighter said "stop trolling and do it". so Nigel said "fine" and lagged the game. as soon as Nigel did this, Fighter used the counter code and stopped him.  

    this went on for a while, Nigel would get pooed on by fighter, who wasn't stopping any time soon. Nigel eventually changed his name to "swanny" and went underground. after a while he got bored so he left.  

    later on Edit

    later on that day Nigel found Cherie with someone named "Yandere Chan", who Nigel found out to be Jeffline later. there was also a no name, but Nigel didn't know him. as usual Nigel got into an argument with cherie. Nigel also wasn't sure if Yandere was on his side, or cherries. Yandere told him that she was still his friend. Cherie for some reason laughed at this. Nigel then decided that fighting with Cherie was just stupid, so he decided to apologize to her. he said "Cherie? i said I'm sorry. you can forgive me or you don't have to. but i am not fighting anymore. this is just stupid. you know". Cherie was telling Jeffline "jeff, its don't hate you, but this is between us". Not fighter then showed up and pooed on Nigel yet again. Cherie then told Nigel "no i aint this time". Nigel had heard this every time he did something wrong to her, so he said "you say that every time" "cause you don't care about anyone but yourself". fighter then killed him. 

    when Nigel got back he said "ya never did anyways". about the forgiving. cherie said "yea yea…" while Jeff asked if Nigel could leave her out of the argument. Nigel then went on about how he had done everything for cherie, but she only treated him like s___. Cherie said "no you never" so Nigel told her "i did, for 3 f___ing years!" Notfighter said "Stop being so dramatic" mocking Nigel again, while nigel went on saying "you just don't even realize it! no suprize…". Fighter then said "its just a game" "get over it nigel or leave". Nigel said "you just don't care". Cherie the started lying about her and thugs break up saying "you tried splitting me and my mate up cuz i wouldn't be mates with you". Noname then started talking saying "nigel, you care about no body, cherie is a very caring person". Cherie thanked no name while Nigel said "i didn't try splitting you up???? i was trying to stop you from splitting up!!!". for he had been there and tried to stop all of it from happening after someone named "Pic" set Cherie and thug up. Not fighter started killing Nigel again, after he called cherie an "idiot". Nigel said "i was there" for he had been there throughout the hole break up but cherie still denied it saying "nope". Yander said "cherie is really not" while no name said "so why don't you just do one". Nigel then said "when you split up with thug i was there trying to help!!!!!!!!" Cherie then started saying "you but in on convo's that don't involve you". Noname then kept on saying that cherie was very caring and lovely. Not fighter then pooed on Nigel, killing him again. 

    when Nigel got back he said "just stop!!!!!!" while fighter was telling everyone "damn he's dramatic". Nigel started to go crazy saying random things and speaking gibberish. Evevntually he calmed down and asked fighter to stop, but fighter gave him the same answer."chill nigel it just a game remember". Noname then said "Nigel you were not there to help you were there to gloat" which was not true. Nigel told Noname "i was helping them idiot!". Fighter then told Nigel "your a double faced idiot". Nigel didn't listen to this and went on about helping cherie saying "i tried to stop you from breaking up!!! when pic set you up!!!". Nigel then said "you didn't even realize it!". someone named clockwork, who nigel had already met earlier and told her to stop cloning his friend, came on. Nigel added "did you". Cherie said "nope" stupidly confirming that she never did realize. Nigel said "see??? you never even realized it!!!!" Noname said to Nigel "your just an idiot nigel, nobody lies you anymore". Nigel told the no name to "piss off" and said "you went even there!". Clockwork said "oh burn" for some reason. Fighter started telling nigel to "chill" again, so Nigel asked him how could he, for fighter was constantly killing him. fighter started saying "its a game" again. while Nigel asked again, Fighter said "if your "bothered" leave" mocking nigel for what he had told donna earlier. meanwhile non name said "you piss off idiot, just go and do one" to Yandere chan who was correcting his bad grammar. Nigel told fighter that he wasn't leaving and asked him to leave him alone. Yandere then said "your need grammar practice seriously you do" to someone. Fighter then said "isn't that what you were telling donna?" to try and mock Nigel, so Nigel told him "i was saying if she needed a break". Cherie then told Nigel "I'm done talking to you lord". Nigel ignored cherie and said "i didn't mean it that way…." while Noname told him "del you should leave no body like you your a horrible person Nigel". Fighter said "well I'm saying you need a break". Yander said "he's not leaving" to fighter, hoping she could get him to stop. Clockwork told Yandere "he is to". Nigel told them "your just trying to make me leave! for fun!" "i never did that to donna!!!" "did i?" trying to reason with them. Noname said "he needs a permanent break…." Fighter said "lmao true" while Nigel went on saying "i never wanted to make anyone leave" for he never had, he was only giving donna some advice. fighter was trying to make nigel leave for the fun of it. Nigel then said "i just want the game to be fair""for once". 

    They then started arguing about being fair, Cherie telling Nigel "i saw what you did tonight". Nigel asked her what she meant. Noname said "you talk about fair. sure your not fair." Nigel asked "how am i not fair???" while Cherie told him "you but in on something that don't include you". Not fighter told Nigel "stop whining". 

    after all of this, Nigel argues with Cherie and Not fighter for a while. they argued over who was right and who wasn't. Notfighter also refused to stop killing Nigel saying "cherie makes that decision". 

    this is not done and may never be done :|                


    the deal of 1 week. Edit

    On May 26 Nigel went to Cityscape 1, only to be killed by Fighter yet again. So he left there, and went to Industry 6, after seeing cherie leave the city. he doughted she would be there, but he decided to try anyways and to his suprize found her there. so he decided to apologize for what he did to her 2 days before. He told her "I'm sorry… for what i did yesterday…". to cherie. he then said "i get it. i was an a_hole. and stupid". Cherie, who had been AFK said "what?" so he said he was sorry again. Cherie didn't seem to ntice this and said "i just went to a loo". Nigel said "do you even know who i am?" thinking she didn't know who he was for he was using the name Felipe to hide from Fighter. She said she did know who he said, calling him by his old name "lord shen". Nigel then apologized to her, saying "i am sorry for being an a__hole, i did get way out of hand.. you should have to go through that…". he then added "or donna" for he had been mean to her too. Cherie said "hmmm". Nigel then said "you don't have to forgive me… but i am sorry. i won't do it again, and i will leave donna alone". Cherie said "I'm not forgiving you, but i won't kill you". Nigel then said he better leave for Fighter would probably be out looking for him again. he then told Cherie what Fighter had did to him at Hill5, thinking she didn't know, but she had some how found out. Nigel asked her "how is that fair???". Cherie told him "well, theres a saying". Nigel asked "what saying?" so he told him "if you can't take it don't give it, maybe you should bear that in mind". Nigel said "yea… i should have known not you be so stupid..". Just then a Noname came on while Nigel was saying "but fighter also needs to learn that." Cherie said "thats not down to me" but Nigel remembered what Fighter told him and said "he said he would only leave me alone if you said". Just then the Noname said "topaz: I'm gay" for some reason, to make seem like cherie was saying this. Nigel mocked him saying "you forgot the hearts" for cherie did have hearts in her name. Cherie got an idea and said " i'll give you a week on here with no batching or trouble from you, then i may decide to forgive you. deal?". Nigel said he agreed and said "deal" "so next thurseday". Cheri added "and tell fighter to leav you alone so thats the deal". She then said "1 week". Nigel agreed to this . Nigel then had to leave and said "well.. see ya.". Cherie said "see you". so Nigel left.                


    a new problem. Edit

    through the next few days , Nigel talked with Frost again often meeting her in the mournings. He discussed Gamerz with her, for he was still upset with Nigel for some reason. He refused to talk to anyone, so it wasn't just Nigel who was taking the blame.                 

    He also met Cherie's daughter and made friends with her, which cherie seemed to be ok with.                

    But then on May 29 Flab3 stopped working. the first day the Servers said "0" people were there, only once or twice did one have someone in it. The next few days more and more people joined again but when you went into the server the people would leave the game all at once after a few seconds as though someone lagged the game. Nigel at first thought that this was hackers, possibly someone banned him again,after what happened between him and gamers it was possible, for Gamerz is a hacker. Fighter was also a hacker, and he was mad at Nigel too. .                

    but then it turned out that almost everyone was effected by this. There was a report on it in the Flab3 news as well.

    Report from the news                

    The report : As of late may, there have been reports of the servers being down or not working. it only says "0" people. Even if there are people, they leave right after you join.                

    so far 3 people have officially reported this happening to them.

    One report was : Message on the 1st of June 2016 "It appears that as of a few days the multiplayer seems to be taken offline or to be glitched. When entering a room it either appears to be empty, or shows people for a few seconds before disconnecting. For as far as I can tell, this has happened to multiple players over the course of the last few days. If anyone else encounters this problem, leave a note in the list below so we can tell the developers about this problem, in the hope they are able to fix it." -An anonymous poster

    Another person claimed: " Hey, I'm having the same problem as you are. The servers seem to be almost full but when I enter, there is not a single person in there." - random player

    Nigel emailed Gamevial using the old Community things which still worked(amazingly) and said : i don't know if this thing even works anymore, but oh well. fly like a bird 3 is not working for some reason. all the servers say 0 or very few people. when i get on, if someone is there, they leave within 10 seconds. and its not just them leaving, its like the game lagged or something.   i think its happening to other people for some of my friends have not been seen since this started. anyways,  just so you know.  i have no idea if this even work anymore but it worth a try.

    Someone named "James Flowerdewanswerd saying "It's working, you may have a dodgy connection to the internet."

    After a few tries, Nigel couldnt convince Gamevial that it wasnt just his computer with the problem, so he started a list of people who had the problem.   

    The page with the list: ok everyone, if you have been having this problem where the servers only say zero, or as soon as you join a server people leave, please let me know.

    I have emailed Gamevial and they answered saying that they thought it was just my computer. but so far i know a few others have this problem as well.

    i will update this when more is known.

    but let me know if you have the problem

    so far i think 3 people confirmed it.

    i'll be sending this list to game vial if they still don't believe me.

    UPDATE(june 2)

    so far game vial hasn't answered me after i told them it wasn't just me. who knows why. but its still not working for me.


    Gamevial still hasn't decided to respond so we still waiting. :/ i sent them another email.

    add your name to the list

    • Nigel
    • Anonymous poster
    • whitebeard--pretty sure they messed it up while updating it.
    • Alphaundercat 

    Nigel was planning on sending this list to Gamevial on June 4 , but ended up never doing so for Aplaundercat told him on the "GoFLAB3 wikia" that it had been fixed. Nigel went to check and found that it had been fixed. 


    The returnEdit

    On june 4 He went on and found a bunch of people had returned. but no one he knew had returned yet.  he found 2 people named "noot" and "random maannn" at a cityscape. He helped them with their nests and showed them the building glitch.   Someone named "emka" started pooping on Noot, and killed him and his nest. Noot was pissed off by this, so he refused to talk to people.  Nigel asked him to come and see him, for was underground at the time and wanted to show him the glitch but Noot didnt want to saying "im pissed off right now".  Noot and Random eventually left and Nigel found them at Snow 5. Random accidently pooed on Nigel causing him to kil random.  Noot asked Nigel to stop, so Nigel told him that Random started it. Nigel then refused to leave whe they asked him to.    Noot told Nigel it was a accident, but Nigel thought it wasnt. Noot said that he was with Random in real life, but Nigel didnt think this was true saying " you think i will fall for that?".

    Eventually Nigel left them alone after arguing with them.  


    The k word. Edit

    Nigel had been at Cityscpae 1, where be met Frost again. She had the name "Juuzou Suzuya". Nigel handnt seen frost for a week, after the game stopped working. They went to Hillscape 5 together. Nigel asked her how she was and said "havnt seen you for a while. dam game stopped working". Frost said "good, how bout you?" Frost then said "I'm happy to see you again". Nigel asked her about the game, and if it didn't work for her. She asked him what he meant, so he told her about how the game haddent worked for a week. Nigel told her "it stopped working for a bunch of people" "why me not been on". Frost said "yup, i had the same problem. like everyone els." Nigel started telling her about emailing game vial, saying "they told me it was just me, so i made a list and sent it to them lol" "they shut up after that". Frost said "yeah, i read it on your wiki and what?" Nigel started telling her about the list again, seen as she didn't see what he had said. after explaining this he added "then they magically fixed the game" "never emailed me back though…." "to say fi they fix it". Frost said "after all… its great cuz the game prob is fixed". Nigel said "i hope" and explained how the game went on and off, for that morning it wasn't working, but the night before it had.  

    Nigel thenasked her if she had seen Gamerz. Just as he was asking her she randomly left and Nigel yelled "not again!!!!!!!!!" for he thought the game wasn't working again. When he got back, after leaving to see if the game was still working, frost was there again. she was saying "damn xd". Nigel said "game just died". he then told her "check out city 1 lol 0 people". Frost said "mhm….. " to this. Nigel then told her "see what i mean? it go on n off". Frost then started talking about gamers, seen as that was what they had been talking about before the game crashed. she said she had, but never got to talk to him for the game had been lagging a lot. he also was still refusing to talk to her. She then mentioned that she had seen Silver and Shaddow the other day. Nigel asked "you did???". Frost said she would be right back, and left for a few minutes, while Nigel complained about landing in a tree, for he was having a hard time landing next to frost. he said "how hard is it to land in a dam tree?????"  

    While Nigel was waiting, a swan named "winged" came on. The swan was speaking Russian, and dint understand what Nigel was saying. Frost then returned, and Nigel welcomed her back. He told her "theres a russian swan" showing her Winged. For some reason frost wasn't answering, so he asked her if she was there or not. Winged then left, so Nigel said "well. by by russian swan" "lol". After waiting for frost to speak, she finally did and said "I talked with Silver and he told me not you use the word "k.i.l.l" i mean not the whole word. just like that "k.i.l.l" cuz its going to ban us if he say it without full stops." Nigel then was brb for a few minutes, and when he got back he said "what? kill?". as soon as he said this, frost departed. so he left and came back, thinking the game crashed again. When he got back to hill 5, Frost wasn't there, so he said "f__ dis game, dam". After waiting for a few minutes, frost returned, and nigel asked her "what were you saying???" "someone said no use killi word or something?". Nigel didn't realize what frost meant, and said the word "kill" again, so she departed yet again. once she got back she said "cuz you departed and it bought theres a prob with the game again". Nigel said "oh. you departed". Nigel then asked her "what was this about this word?" this time not using the actual word, for he knew by now what the had been saying before. frost answered saying "just silv told me like that. i don't want tot try cuz idk what will happen". Nigel asked her "what the word? you said before?". Nigel then stupidly said "kill or something?" and Frost departed yet again, for he used the word "kill". when she got back Nigel said "i say k i l l and you leave????". Frost said "hmmm?". Nigel then realized that the word "kill" for some reason had been blocked from use, but you could actually say much worse words then "kill". so he told frost "thats sad. you can say worse things then Ki ll." Frost said "you leaved too". Nigel then explained to frost that you could say various swear words, but not "kill". he then said "tf gamevial?"(the creators of the game, whom nigel often criticizes ). Frost said "yes, idk whats wrong with that. o.o " , and then left, because Nigel had said "kill" without realizing it. Once she was back, Nigel left and went to Snow 1 and tried out the "kill" glitch, and to his suprize it worked , causing the whole server to lag and everyone departed. Nigel went back to Hill5 and told Frost "lol, i said the word and it k ill everyone from snow 1" Nigel then said "what the f___ is wrong with this game? its retarded?". Frost didnt answer, so he said "ugh, now i have to be carful. lol".  

    After this Nigel went on about how stupid game vial was, swearing and showing frost what you could and couldn't say. he then said "good job gamevial. you just one the stupid idiots award". He then realized something and tried using the invisible code with the word kill.(like this k<i>ill) and it worked. Frost didn't realize how he did it, and said "wtf???". he then said "kill" repeatedly and then in big letters. He then explained how he did it to frost. Nigel then told her he would email game vial(nicknamed "dumass's) that night and see what they said. Frost then asked if Nigel wanted to go to Cityscape 1, to see if anyone was there. So Nigel decided to go, seen as there wasn't much to do at Hill5.  

    Thye then went to City 1 where they talked with a few friends. Cherie then came on and said that she had to leave soon. She then said she had been gone because she had been banned. Nigel told her that that wasn't the reason that the game wasn't working. He then explained about what happened, and also about emailing game vial. Cherie then had to leave for some reason.  

    After talking with Cherie, he left.    


    june 17 Edit

    Nigels computer broke down so he left a message for everyone. he originally thought that gamer'z was behind it, but found out that he wasn't after they forgave each other. 

    the message: 

    i can't go on flab3 for a while for my computer broke down. i was on flab3 and i met Gamerz(ya... if its him... ___ him. ..........  ) and as i was talking to him my computer started going weird and won't turn on. when i go to turn my computer on the apple thing goes on(its a mac ) the screen but it never turn right on, it just stays like that. sometimes it got lines over the screen too.    

    anyways, once i can get on again this will be updated again :)    

    ah the joy of computers.... :|    

    if you know any of my friends, please tell them this is why i am not updating this or going on flab3. and if you do see me on flab 3 then its a clone.    

    thank you.    



    The new dayEdit

    On June 20 Nigel went to city 1 after taking a break from flab3 for a while. Donna was there as usual and grid to make him leave but he didn't. Gamerz then showed up and said hi to nigel and asked him how he was. Nigel was surprised by this for Gamerz had been mad at him a few weeks ago and haddnt talked to him since then. Nigel asked him to go to hill 5 but he couldn't for he(gamer) was poo fighting with someone named "viking". Nigel decided to leave, but just before he left he asked gamers "i thought you hate me?", for Gamerz had been mad at him for "taking advantage" a few weeks ago. Gamerz replied saying "new day". he then said "forget about what happened.".  Nigel didint know what do say to this, so he didnt say anything. Gamerz then said "we are friends again" apperently forgiving Nigel for what had happend between them a few weeks ago.  the two then forgave each other for what had happend a few weeks ago. Nigel then told Gamerz why he dissapeard for a few days.    After talking Nigel had to leave for a little while.  

    When Nigel got back he met gamerz again. He ended up going to city7 with Gamerz and Gamer's friend Viking. They started poo fighting as seagulls after Gamerz sugested it.   Nigel said "if i am slow im sorry, im on my moms computer the keys are tiny dam".   Once they started poo fighting, Nigel saved Gamerz from viking, who was killing him,. Gamerz thanked Nigel then killed him. Donna and Silver then arived.   Nigel told Gamerz that he had to go soon, for he had to go to his "grandmas house for dinner". He then assured gamerz that he had 10 minuts.   Donna then for some reason started trying to kill nigel. this was probebly because she haddent forgvin him for what had happend a few weeks ago.  Viking told donna to stop, while Nigel told her "you have to be a seagull" for he had thought donna was only poo fighting. donna said "ok" and stopped.  

    After talking and poo fighting for a little while, SIlver said "what you know about Flab4?". Nigel asked her "what?" "flab4?" but before silver could answer nigel was killed by Viking.   Once Nigel got back silver was saying "ya i gave them my idea....".  VIking started pooping on Nigel yet again. and Silver was saying "anything more?". Donna answerd silver for soem reson saying "no". Donna then said "it one big map". Nigel haddent seen what she had said before that for he was still poo fighting with Viking and Gamerz. Silver then said "you know it is coming sec 2016?". Nigel asked what she meant, and he went on saying "they have over 100 map and 50 birds".  Nige was going to ask SIlver what she was talking about, but just then Gamerz said he had to leave. Gamerz then left after saying "au revoir" to everyone.   SIlver started asking Donna "do you know what month it coming?" and donna answerd saying "no".   Nigel was then killed yet again by Viking.   

    Once Nigel got back(it took a while for his computer was veeeerrryyy slow...) Silver was saying "lol nigel.... out of rio" to someone.  Nigel said "lol silver". SIlver said "well" so Nigel asked her "well?"  SIlver said "well well". Nigel said "i am back?".  SIlver said "never come back" for some reason".  Nigel flew over to the building that silver donna and viking were on and pooed on Viking saying "for s__ing on me".  Silver and donna started pooping on Nigel not realizing that Nigel was only getting back at Viking for poo fighting.  Nigel said "hey it was a poo fight".  Nigel then asked why they were pooping on him, for they wernt stopping. Silver said "cause your diot". Nigel asked "tf is diot?" SIlver then said "where is find...?"  SIlver then killing Nigel. WHen nigel got back SIlver asked "where you find the info?" for some reason. Nigel asked her what she meant, for he didnt get what she was saying. He also wonderd why everyone had just turned on him for some reason, for he saw that Donna, viking and Silver were all flying twords him to kill him. They wouldnt stop, so he decided to leave before it got out of hand. so He told them he would be back, and left.


    bothering the rabbit. Edit

    on june 23 Nigel had gone to see if anyone he knew was on but no one except Digital was.  so he headed to City 2 and met a few people. one of the people was someone named "judy hopps". there was also a no name who kept asking Nigel, Judy, and a few other people if they had something called "kik". Nigel told him he didn't and to stop asking people about it. Judy then started asking people if they had seen someone named "nick wild" and Nigel realised she was trying to role play from a movie(zootopia). Nigel told her he had seen someone named this somewhere els, but for some reason she didn't seem to care. Nigel started talking to the no name again, then left. 

    Later, Nigel went to snowscape 1, seen as no one was on, and Judy Hopps showed up again. Nigel was bored so he started to annoy her. he told her "still looking for nicky?". Judy said "his name is nick." so Nigel told her "i know, but its cute :P". he then added "I'm sure you call him that". Nigel then went over to someone named "seetahdlva" who was standing on a building, but because of a glitch the building was invisible. Nigel was talking to her and Judy tried to kill him. so he said "you wanna die rabbit?". Nigel started killing her. Judy then tried to kill nigel again, but nigel was typing. Nigel mocked her for this, saying "i was typing, that was poor". Judy finally killed Nigel, so Nigel got an idea. he changed his name to "nick wild" and decided to see what judy would do. when Nigel got there he said "hi everyone, I'm looking for my girl friend". Judy, obviously realising who this "nick wild" really was, wouldn't speak to Nigel at all. Nigel told her "speak or i eat you!!!!!!!!!!". Judy for some reason then said "i was looking for you". this was the last thing she said. after a few minutes, nigel said "you know... rabbit do taste good......." and left.      


    The liar? Edit

    on june 24 in the morning Nigel was hanging out at snowscape 6 with someone named "bantomchicken". Bantomchicken was taking care of someone named eagle chick. Eagle chick was apperantly found by Bantom and adopted by him.  Bantom had first called nigel and "evil bird" but they were friends after talking a bit.   they got mad at each other again after Nigel pooed on eagle chick for calling him a girl. bantom was mad at nigel for this and wouldnt let him in the barn(i guess?) for this. they eventually forgave each other, after they started talking about different chickens. Bantom was telling Nigel about what types of chickens he had, so Nigel told him the ones he had.

    After a little while cherie came on for some reason. Nigel was surprised to see her, and asked her what she was doing. she said "hi donna" for some reason. Nigel thought she was talking about the person named "sunset" who had been there the whole time. she then said "nvm" and left.

    after this, Nigel and Bantom chicken were talking about there pets and eagle chick claimed to have a pet "bald eagle chick". a no name came on and started talking with them.

    after this he left.     

    later that night Nigel was at snowscape 6 and got pooed on by an eagle (name forgotten). a no name randomly entered right when nigel pooped on the noname back, and started killing nigel. Nigel told the no name that the other bird started it, but the no name didn't seem to care for it said "dosnt matter b___". for some reason, the no name kept calling Nigel rude names, and tried to make him leave. Nigel asked the no name why he was going this, but it just said "cause of you b__". Nigel finally told the no name to leave, for Nigel had been there first(the no name had told nigel to "leave first"). so it did, surprisingly.     

    after the no name had left, Blackfire came on. Nigel realised that she had been the no name, so he asked her if this was true and she said it was and laughed. Nigel asked her how she could do this, and that he thought they were friends. Black fire told him that they were never friends, and never would be. Nigel wasn't too surprised that black fire was acting like this, for the week before she was acting strange, not talking to him and acting like she didn't want him there. but he was upset that Blackfire had been lying to him the whole time that they were friends. Nigel asked her if they could just stop fighting, and told her that there was no point in being enemies but she refused. so nigel told her to "think about what she did before she got herself into real trouble". Nigel then left her there without saying anything els.  


    Hide and Seek / the confusing hour.  Edit

    On June 26 in the mourning, Nigel met Frost again at cityscape 1. She had thought he was a clone, but found out that she was wrong about this. Nigel started telling her about how he and Gamerz were friends again. she said that that was good.  they went to hillscape 5, seen as people kept pooping on them, and it was hard to talk in city 1.  when they got to hill5, Nigel started complaining about how his computer broke down. he told her he was on his moms computer.   Frost asked Nigel if he had seen levi, but he haddent, saying "nope, havnt seen him for days now.".  Levi and Eren never returned after the game had problems(not letting anyone play for a week), so Nigel just assumed that they had left.  Frost said "ok thanks".  Nigel then was brb for a few minuts.  

    when he got back he said "back, sorry, there was a weird noise all mourning". Frost said "noise? like what?". Nigel answerd saying "its like an air plane or a boat, but constant." Nigel then told her a bit more saying that it wasnt constant, but went on and off. he also thought it was weird because the noise only happend on cloudy days.  Unfortunatly, someone named "oneshotkiller" who had been seen by nigel at city 1 earlier, came on and started causeing trouble. he killed Nigel, and started arguing with frost.  Frost asked if they could go and fight at city 7, for she did need some practis. so they went to cityscape 7, and Nigel went in a building so that Oneshotkiller couldnt kill him. Frost started killing oneshot and Nigel laughed saying "get em frost!".  Oneshot left and came back, but Nigel didnt think anything of this. Oneshot said "hahahha" and Nigel said "wait it talks...?" not realizing that Oneshot was a swan. One shot got into the building at started killing Nigel.  Nigel said "frost, save me!!!!", but oneshot was to quick and killed nigel before he could get away.    

    when Nigel got back Oneshot asked "noname?"(nigel was a noname at the time, his idea to get away from oneshot). Nigel said "and?".  so Oneshot went on saying "do you have a.... stick o_o".    Frost said "omg its that person!" seeming to reconize oneshot. Nigel asked her who, and she said "angrybird". Nigel said "frost? you know who that is?" frost said "no, and i dont want to know...".  Nigel said "i bet its angryswan... you said its angrybird right?". nigel thought it was angry, for angryswan used angry infront of most of his name such as "angryswan, angryeagle and angrybird". Frost said "now i think its polska....". Polskawarrior was another annoying person, apperantly told by ariana to harass anyone he met.  Nigel then realized that Oneshot was like polska, for he said "hahaha xd" alot. Polska did this alot too.   so nigel said "your right.. it does the hahahah xd crap". Oneshot said "i poke you with my stick o_o".  Nigel then had to leave, and told frost "sorry i have to leave you with that..that thing.  bye".  he then left. 


    female eagle changed from eaglequeen. asking for a mate lol. nigel killed her and say "wanna bet if she will come back with a new name?"  they keep killin her lol

    later on  Nigel met Gamerz at Cityscape 1. the two headed to hill5, and met someone namd "nutral". Nutral turned out to be someone named "virus", someone nigel had herd of over time.  Nutral claimed that he had heard of Nigel from the wikia.  Nutral started asking Gamerz if he could join a group. Nigel alsked what this group was but never got an answer.   They then ended up trying to find Nigel, who was a noname, after he asked gamerz to try and find him for he was bored.  He hid in one of his favorite spots that Gamerz didnt know about.  the two started looking for him, and Nigel asked "find me yet?".  Gamer said no, so Nigel said "i give you a clue." "i am in a hillscape".  Gamerz said "well thnx e.e" and Nigel said "your very welcome!".  Nutral said "such a hint".  gamerz then asked nigel "give me a real hint".   Nigel then had to brb for a minut. 

    When he got back Gamerz said "wena". Nigel asked "wena?" and Gamerz corected him self saying "weba"(a short way of saying "welcome back"). Nigel laughed at him.   gamerz then started looking for Nigel again, Nigel saying "want a hint?". Gamerz said he did, so Nigel said "ok then, im in a tree".  Nutral, for soem reason, asked "are you in the field?" so Nigel told him "i said in a tree".   Gamerz hen found Nigel and said "boooo".  Nigel asked how so Gamerz said "magic!". this just earned him a -_- face from Nigel.  Nigel then left and changed to a ringneck, and hid yet again. when he got back Nutral was saying "i listen to my music so i cant hear noises".  Nigel said "find me now".  Gamerz said "hint?" so Nigel said "a tree".  so Nutral headed to the field again and gamerz searched the trees. Someone named "female macaw", who had been there earlier and Nigel and Gamerz had killed her, said "i got the baddest computer in the world". No one listend to her.    Gamerz asked Nigel "am i close?" and Nigel said no. Nutral asked "are you moving from tree on tree?" so Nigel said no. Nutral asked "really?" so Nigel said "no" no realizing what he had said. he then corrected himself saying "i mean yes really".   gamerz then said "i came close, i cam smell it".  Nigel realized what he said and said "wait, you mean i smell??". they laughed at this.  gamerz said "no, as in sense of smell".   Nutral said "i am very close now" which he was, so Nigel said yes.  Niel was holding his breath, for gamerz and nut were just over in the other tree right next to his. but even then they still didnt see him.  they kept flying past him and not realizing he was right there. Nigel said "your right near me dum dum". so Gamerz said "your camaflage". Gamerz then flew right over Nigel, so Nigel mocked him saying "you flew right by me lol". gamerz then found him, so Nigel decided to try a different bird.

    he decided to try and hide as a pigeon seen as they would blend in with the rocks on the hill.  when he got back he said  "let me find a place, dont look k?".  Nutral said "he's a pigeon".  Gamerz told him not to look, so nutral told him "i cant see myself its so dark".  Nigel chose his hiding place behind one of the rocks and told them he was ready, so they asked him for a hint, but Nigel said no hint for that would give his hidinh place away to easily.  Nigel was talking away, when he turned around and found both Gamerz and Nutral were right there behind him. he said "f__ you -.-" Gamerz asked "you got scared Nigel?" so Nigel said "no".   Nigel then went and changed birds to hide again. he became a robin and hid in the house(the things you can fly up on but its really hard to do). Nutral asked for a hint, so Nigel said "no, to easy".   Gamerz went to search the river, and Nutral looked in the trees.  Female macaw kept flying by Nigel, so he pooed on her, afriad that she would give hsi hiding place away.   Nutral said "i will find you." so Nigel said "good luck".   Female went near nigel again, so he pooed on her. Nutral said "you". Nigel said "me?".  After this they found him, and then Nigel had to go.  he told them to wait for 20 minuts for he had to do "homework" and left.  

    when he got back, he went to city 1, seen as Gamerz told him to meet him there. Gamerz was there, so they talked a bit and Nigel watched him poo fighting. so Nigel joined in and killed Gamerz, much to his suprize for Nigel was a seagull and gamerz was a starling. Nigel mocked Gamerz for this.   Digial said he couldnt kill her for she was a robin, so he flew over to her(she was sitting on a building with nazli and a few others) and pooed on her.  SHe started chasing him and killing him for fun, with a few other friends.   Blackcatzcl was also there and kept sating she had to leave, just for attention. but no one listend to her.    she decided to start killing Nigel for fun, and when he asked her why she was doing it she said "cause i dont like you". Nigel told her to get over it.    He then left, seen as she had ruined a nice time and he didnt want to get into another fight with her.  

    He headed to Industry 6, where someone named "Mr. mercedes" was.  he asked her "have you seen levi?" Nigel asked "eren?" for he thought that mercedes was possible him. Mercedes repeated what he had asked, so Nigel said "not in weeks".  Mercedes asked "wy havnt you seen him for weeks?", so Nigel said "idk why".  Nigel then asked "who are you?" so Mercedes said "i dont wish to say".  Nigel said "im nigel" incase Mercedes couldnt read his name, but Mercedes knew his name already.  Nigel asked "why are you looking for Levi?", so Mercedes said "reasons".  Nigel asked "are you ryuik?" for that was the kind of name Ruik might have used, and she did like Levi and often wanted to see him. Mercedes said "i wish not to say."  so Nigel said "well then.. im leaving.. bye" and left. 

    the confusing hour Edit

    later that day Nigel met Ruis and frost at city 1. thye headed to hill 5 and ruis asked "your computer works again?" for Nigel had told everyone that his computer broke down.  Nigel told her "im on me moms :| ". Frost asked "Nigel, have you seen Eren around?".  Nigel was talking to ruis and didnt see what she said so she asked "eh nigel?" "have you?". Nigel asked "have i what?" so she asked the question again. Nigel said "nope, they dissapeard" refuring to Levi and Eren. the two had seemingly dissapeard after flab3 wasnt working for a week. they never returned.  Frost said "well levi is in in6". Nigel was saying "after the game was having problems they....   the f___?" when he saw what frost had said so he went to go see after frost said "hes waiting for eren".  Nigel got to in6 where a ton of people were so he told everyone to go to hillscape5.  Nigel went back and someone named "mew" and "king" joind. once everyone was at hill5  nigel asked someone named mew if he was Levi. Mew said "nigel xd". so Nigel asked "are you?????".  someone named suzoya said "hey mew".   Mew told Nigel "its your old friend". Nigel started guessing while Mew said "name begines with an a and ends in e".  Nigel asked "ace?" and it turned out it was ace.   

    Donna then randomly showed up and asked Nigel if she could talk to him.  He said yes so she started saying "sorry for pooing on you and all.....".  Someone named "noname2" started yelling "nigels a girl!!!!!" for some reason. so Nigel asked "wtf?".  Noname2 then said "ur a girl?" so Nigel said no. Noname2 asked "you have a branch or a tree?" so Nigel told him to "shut the hell up" for he knew that Noname2 was being rude.   Ace(mew) asked Nigel  "remember the last time i saw you?"  Nigel said "yes".  Noname2 asked "branch or tree?" again so ace said "shut up its getting annoying...".  

    Donna then said "its over nigel. sorrry for pooping on you, i wont ever again." so Nigel said "its fine donna, i deserved it".  Donna said "no you didnt, not all the time".  after the two apoligized to each other, Polska warrior came on. King yelled "nuuuuu its polska" right after he enterd.  Polska then started kiling people and causing problems as he ususally did.  Gamerz asked Ace "wait your not vent?". Before ace could answere Noname2 said "ace n dishpan".  ce told Gamerz, "im living with vent and pop".  Polska started pooping on nigel while noname2 said "tell him to make a video of you".   Ace then left for some reason so Nigel asked gamerz where he went. gamerz said he didnt know.      ace then came back, renamed "banditofplayers".  for some reason he said "go to hell dish".    

    Nigel, ace and gamerz then left and went to hillscape 4. once there, Noname2 said "stop there you bish!!!!!!"  to no one inperticuler.   Ace then had to go for a few minuts for he had to "go to the market".  Gamerz had left to, so Nigel was left with Noname2 who started asking innapropreit things.  someone named "Marcelpl" came on so Nigel asked him to save him from nn2. Noname2 said "my brother nn1 asked......" while Nigel went on saying "save me from this thing".   Nigel then left to go and look for anyone who was still on. 

    Nigel saw that there was someone at hill5, so he went there, but just ashe entered, ruis left. Nigel said "perfect timing eh?" and left, but just as he left ruis came back. so Nigel went back and found she was still there.   He said hi to her so she said "heijisan", her was of greeting people.  Noname had found them there and said "herrow nigellllll" for some reason.  Nigel didnt even answer to this.    Noname then said "wheres cyyyy6?".  Frost then got back, so nigel mockingly said "long time no see".  Frost said "yeah you missed me me friend".   Nigel said "im being stupid by the way".  Frost asked "lol everythings all right nigel?" so he said yes.  he then said "it was just so random what happend a few minuts ago. ace returning. everyone coming to hill5. just..soooo..random....." frost said "ikr". Nigel said "welcome to flab3 :| " Frost said "a good day for you".    Nigel then said "well, now i have to wait for ace to come back."  Frost and Ruis said that they didnt remember ace so Nigel told them   "ace is the guy who cheated on 26 girl friends n cut himself :|".  RUis said "wow....." while frost said "what the hell...".  Ruis said "sounds like tropical". so Nigel asked "tropical????" for Springtrap (his gf) had used that name alot.   he then asked "tropicals a girl????" Frost said "i think i remember her". Nigel said "wait, how long ago was this?". Ruis said "his first name wasnt tropical". "i dont remember his others".   Nigel asked if springtrap was another name of this "tropical" but luckily it wasnt.  Ruis said"his other name was like this zootopis".  so Nigel said "oh.. i dont know him then".  Ruis said "always when i see him he has a new girlfriend o.o". so Nigel said "or his gf change names alot?".  Frost said "i dont have that luck with bfs". so Nigel said "i never get gfs. im still stuck with that springcrap idiot :|".  

    no one spoke for atleast 2 minuts after this. a very loooong 2 minuts.   Frost finally boroke the silence saying "oh favorite silence........"  Nigel went on about spring again saying "havnt seen spring for a whole month now.  new record for her".  Ruis said she had seen her, but nigel told her it was a clone.  Frost then thought that she had to leave, but it turned out she didn't. she said "wait, maybe i can stay for a few minutes". Ruis said "what a luck". Nigel said "yay!!!!!". Nigel said "so what now :|. Frost for some reason said "I'm so happy today", then asking nigel "so what you want to do nigel?". Nigel asked her "is Ruis dead?" for she wasn't moving or saying anything, and she hadn't said brb or anything. Frost said "or her chat?". Nigel decided to wake Ruis up so he said "*slaps Ruis* stop sleeping!". Ruis left right after this so Nigel said "yup, she died.". Frost only did a o,o face to this. Ruis then came back, so Nigel said "omg its a ghost!!!!", Ruis didn't know what the heck he was talking about so she asked what this was about Nigel told her "never mind". he then turned to frost and said "um.. was frosts idea not me ^^". Frost said "ah you...xd".  

    after this there was a very long amount of silence. Nigel said "uh....." so frost broke it saying "again....". Ruis said "yup". Ruis and Frost were then just standing staring at nigel, so he said "i feel like you two are all of a sudden going to jump up and kill me or something". he then said "you just.. staring at me". Frost said "idk bout ruis......" Nigel didn't know what she meant so he said "uh......". after this Nigel said he was bored, and Ruis said the same. Frost said "oh well" "and I'm the only one that never gets bored". "so weird". Nigel then had to leave to go to his "grandmas house for dinner again". he added "woo hoo" sarcastically to this and left.  

    later on that evening Nigel met Ruis again and a nonane. Noname  

    nigelw as hanging out with rues, and a nonane(the one who keeps asking about "kik") . nonane 2 came on and nigel knew that he was trouble. so he scared Noname 2 away with a chat code(the one that spams the entire chat, his said "leave or your computer will be backed in 10 seconds). it worked and noname2 left, and hasn't been seen since. Ruis said that was mean, so Nigel explained to her what noname 2 had done to him.  

    Blackfire then came on named "touka chan" and Nigel found out that the "blackfire" from a few days ago was actually ariana. Nigel said "and i fell for it"*slaps self* to this.  


    the new glitch Edit

    [38]on june 28 Nigel(named felipe) met Ryuik and Gamerz at industry 4. he talked with them a bit, and after a while he was bored. he started flying at the red thing(the reed cylinder things) for no apparent reason, and surprisingly he go inside it, discovering a new glitch. Meenwhile Ryuik said that she was leaving to"play a new game". gamers went over to Nigel to see this "new glitch" and tried to do it. (you had to be a macaw). Nigel sat and watched.        [39]

    the glitch

    [40]After this Nigel and Gamerz started poo fighting as macaws for fun.                __________________                






    on june 29 Nigel(named felipe again(i get bored of just nigel all the time-_-)) went to cityscape 1 and met someone named "Levi's".  Nigel didnt realize that his name was Levi's and not Levi, and made levis go to hill5. at hill 5 he told Levis to stop using Levi's name for it was confusing. Levis proved to be annoying, for h acted as though he didnt know who Levi was.   

    Donna then came on for some reason. Nigel asked "donna?" "tf you doing here?" for it was rare to see donna away from city 1.  Donna asked "have you seen lizzie?", so Nigel said that he had seen her yesterday.(lizzie is Ryuik).  Nigel told her where and when he saw her and all that.    After this donna said "i plan on getting banned" for soem reason.  Nigel said "you cant get banned", so donn told him "i can".  Nigel asked her how, so she said "i cant have a friend with lizzie here".(yup, here we go again.......o_o). Nigel had to brb for a minut, so donna said "it 11:30 i dont have all night".  when Nigel got back he asked "how come you hate lizzie?" while donna was going on about getting banned. donna said "she try to split me and tim up".  Nigel said "there is no way to be "banned"", and then saw what donna said and said "she did???". he said "who?" "lizzie?", so donna said "i hate lizzie".  Nigel asked "wait, is lizzie ryuik?". it tuned out that this was Ryuik they were talking about so Nigel said "ya, she's weird..." "she tried to ___ me a few days ago".  Donna said "she told me to screw tim". Nigel added "she was dating Levi" "and made him cheat".   Levis, who had been throwing rude comments and being annoying the whole time  then randomly left. Nigel asked "wheres fake levi go?".  Levis then came back.    for some reason donna wasnt saying anyhting, so Nigel said "you there?" "donna?" "hello".  Levis started saying "i had to rename???".  Nigel not understanding what Levis was asking asked him what, so Levis repeated what he said. Nigel said "i dont know" so Levis said "haha your friend clone".  Levis then killed Nigel.  

    when Nigel got back  he tried  to kill Levis and said "peice o crap".  after killing levis he said "ha! take dat!!!!".  Donna then talked again, saying that her pet lizzard had gotten away.  she had a leopard gecko. as Nigel and donna were talking abotu there different pets, Levis said "felipe, talk to me me clone donna". Donna asked Levis "you viking or not?" for donna had suspected that that was who levis was. Nigel said "it probably ariana or angry i bet....". Donna said "just making sure" after levis said that he was viking, but Nigel didn't think it was so he told donna this. donna said "whats my Facebook name?" to levis, to see if he could prove that he was viking. Nigel asked "you have Facebook?" for he didn't know this. Levis killed him, and when he got back he asked donna what her Facebook name was. she said it was "Donna barber".

    after levis killed nigel again, he decided to be a no name. when he got back to hill5 he said "kill meh now" to levis. donna said "do you still hate" for some reason so nigel asked what she meant. levis said "did you never see the name levis". Donna answers saying "yes but a year ago". Nigel said "levi was just around last month". Donna said "i haven't seen it" so nigel told her "its a he, not an it". Nigel then told her "for an "it" see ariana :)". Donna then asked nigel "do you talk to lizzie?". nigel said "me? yes" "i see her every now and then, why?". donna said "i don't want to see her she lies". Levis then asked donna "you seeing levis any time". donna said "not for ages". Nigel was then brb for a minute and Levis asked him "listen felipe. do i have change your name by donna?" donna said "go back to shotgun....." to levis for she was getting tired of him. levis said "ill often here". Nigel said "kill it". Levis said "me change back change name". Nigel asked "does it speak english?". donna asked "who" who nigel said "it". donna then said "english hard to speak".

    after this nigel had to go.


    The banning of GiggetygooEdit

    Nigel was also a member of the Society of savers groupd that rain had made. he had been keeping track of Giggety, who had also joined, and decided to ban him after he had been causing trouble on Flab3. 

    on june 30 he said : just a warning. that gigetygoo guy is a bit of an   __hole. i met him on FLab3 a few weeks ago and he was killing people and being very rude. he was also breaking the rules and seemed oblivious to it.  his other names are blasen and symonjoe i think.     and no it wasn't a clone.   just thought you should know.. keep an eye on him.

    the new leader of SoS Miasos replied : Thank you so much nigel you are being a very good sos member! I will definitely take what you said in mind and maybe even kick him out of sos if he keeps it up!

    Nigel then replied and said:  i met giggety a few days ago and he said he had left? idk if he has or not but he told me he used to be a part of this.

    Then on August 5 Nigel said "well, i met him a few days ago and he said he had left the SoS and was laughing about it as though it were hilarious, he now has the name Polergiest.

    During all of this, Nigel was made the new leader of the SOS. 

    Mia responded saying: okay, well that is good to know that now that you are leader. I hope he dosnt cause trouble for the SoS". 

    Later on (august 5) Nigel asked rain (named snarp on the sos): is there any way to ban a user on here who breaks the rules.  that idiot gigetygoo  was saying he left the sos and was laughing about it as though it were hilarious.  he's also been killing people and blamed me for nothing    so. if theres any way. please do let me know.

    Rain got back to nigel on august 6 and said : Don't worry, he's been warned at a high level. Tell him this and if he continues doing this he will be banned forever from the website AND SOS

    (august 7) nigel said : he has left. i don't think he will be reading this any time soon. so should i just go ahead n ban him?plus i caught the ____ cheating on 2 people today. ban him? don't need that c__ coming on the sos website. if he does decide to come back.

    so on august 9 Rain made a poll on weather or not they should ban Giggety. she said on the poll " Giggetygoo has been killing users, cussing, and laughing about it, Nigel has reported.

    Therefore we have banned him permanently. 

    Do you agree with this decision? 

    Nigel told her: just ban him.  reasons:

    he has killed people.

    blamed me for something a clone did cause he was too stupid to tell the difference.

    cheated on 2 people in one day.

    his name is just wrong.(dont look it up :|)

    july Edit


    Someone Edit

    on july 1 Nigel(named felipe) met Ace again at cityscape 7. together they went to hill5 after 2 ringnecks killed them. someone named "someone" followed them there. ace asked who it was, so it said "im.. someone (o_o). Nigel reconized the was it was acting so he said "which one are you?". he then listen a bunch of names including ariana and angry swan. Someone said "...felope?" so nigel said "angry it is!". ace said "that whore". Nigel started killing someone and laughing at it. someone said "aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh" and flew away. someone said "you bish"   and then said "felope wake uuupppppp". nigel said "its felipe". someone named "thorn fox" was watching all of this, so Nigel told him "welcome to flab3". Nigel accidentally called him "horn fox" for he couldn't see the t in his name. thorn said "its thorn" so nigel said "looks like horn.". Someone then left and changed its name to "notsomeone"(....why......just..whyyyyyyy). Thorn said "at first i thought you called me "hornyfox" "some call me that". not someone laughed at this. Thornfox then left so Nigel said to ace "it does look like horn, don't it?". ace for some reason said "son of a b___" and pooed on nigel then left. Nigel asked "wtf??" when ace got back. ace said "burn in hell you s___" so nigel asked "wtf.. me??". Ace said "no, angry the b__".someone named "courtey" then came on and started looking for a boy. ace was brb for a minute.  

    after a few minutes gamers came on so Nigel said hiiiiii to him. Ace said "holey f__" while nigel asked gamers "arnt you happy to see me?" for gamers wasn't saying much. Gamerz said he was happy to see him while thorn fox, who had came back, said "uhg my mind is blowing up". Gamerz said "i just came back from town I'm tired". "i fainted today". Nigel asked why, but was interrupted by someone who was "go r___pe someone horn fox". Gamerz said "yea i fell on the concrete". ace for some reason said "I'm a loner". while courtney said "i think its a girl"(she was talking about someone). nigel told her "its an it, not a girl". Gamerz said "someone is a she male". courtney said "don't believe". Someone then randomly said "felope has no parts.... i checked". ace said "dafuq?" while nigel said "weird people...". ace said "r__pist go burn your family you don't deserve to live". Someone started repeating what he had said so nigel said "can you not shut up?". ace said "after all your a no body, your name says it". ace then said "go die, leave and burn". Nigel said "i agree with ace". Nigel then asked ace "wanna kill it and hang it?". Ace started killing someone, while nigel cheered him on saying "kill it hahahahahah". after killign someone, they left to hill4 to get away from it. they changed there names, but unfortunately someone got there first and said "i saw you speak >:o". someone then pooed on nigel and said "accident sorry" so nigel said "shut it liar". someone asked "which one is hornyfox?" so nigel, now named "bob" , said "non of them". ace had named himself "mew" and thorn had named himself "adeline". after someone crashed, they fled to hill 7. one of them was named "invisible bird" and thorn was named "mourning". ace named himself "player of bandits" so nigel told him to change it for someone would easily reconize it. Nigel then said "if it come act like you can't speak english k?". they then found out that someone was there already, named "invisible bird". after a little while of arguing with someone, nigel had to leave.   


    a fatality. Edit

    on july 2 Nigel met frost after he had been harassing a ringneck family at snow 1. they headed to hills cape 5 together. nigel said "god dam i hate those ring necks". frost said "o.o, what go on?" so Nigel explaind to her what happened. he said "rignnecks tried to kill me" "they wanted me gone". Nigel then said "anyways, how are you?" . frost answers saying "good, you?". nigel told her he was good. frost said "so boring all day". nigel told her "i went out in my boat, and went for a swim". frost said "I'm happy cuz i met an old friend". nigel asked who she had met, so she said "darknightslayer". Nigel told her that he didn't know dakrnightslayer, after frost asked him if he did, but he had heard of the name before. Nigel and frost then started discussing there moms. ngiel said his mom was to nosey. frost said hers wasn't as bad. Nigel said "You lucky, my mom acts as though I'm on a dating site or something". frost said "well, parents, you know there curios to know what you doing". frost then said "i feel happy somehow". nigel went on saying "my mom is so dum that she really believes that im on flab3 single player the entire 2 hours im on the computer" he then added "I'm not 5". he then went on saying how she didn't know about the flab3 wiki and all of that. frost asked what he would do if she found out one day, so he told her he would make up a lie about it. frost asked "and she believes you about this?" so he said "i don't know". "she dosnt know i go on multi player flab3". nigel then added "if i tell her I'm chatting with people she would say don't cause they can kill you". Frost said that her mom wondered why she still played saying "parents logic -.-". Nigel said "my mom won't ever tell people her name". Nigel then said "one time someone asked her her name on one of her games so she stopped playing the whole game". frost asked "what if someone asked her her name?" so ngiel said "read what i said". Frost asked what games she was playing so he said "some quiz crap or something". he then said "like knowing ur name is going to help someone murder you? ". Frost said "so mysterious mother....". Nigel then said "those dam trees, they keep crashing into us, don't they?" after frost crashed into one. Frost said "I'm trying to fly fast". Nigel said "dey need to watch were dey going!". Frost said "the trees rant moving" so Nigel said "thats the point of the joke". 

    someone named "lone wolf" then came on and said "guess who i am?". Nigel guessed ace, and he was right so he said "hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" "how r ya?". ace said he was horrible for some reason, so nigel asked "what happened this time?". ace said "i thought i got banned.. from a person who knows us...".  Nigel asked who, so ace said "#noname#".   Nigel asked "noname?" so ace said "yea". Nigel said "i knew him?".  Nigel then said "brb something hit my window" and left for a minute.   

    when he got back he said "another dam morning dove >:(" so ace said "damn those doves". nigel said "they so stupid". silver then came on, so nigel told her who he was. silver asked who "ace" was so nigel said "ace. the guy who cheats on people(no offence ace)". ace said "non taken". silver then talked about her gf a bit. Ace then randomly said "...pop died...". silver said "you will see what will happen to you". nigel then saw what ace said and said "wtf ace????". ace said "she died yesterday... by suicide..". silver said "Are you kidding me?" "she is talking to me right now". frost asked "who did?". ace said"she dosnt even know you" to silver. Nigel told frost that it was "popular girl" who died. silver said "ok i got it wrong". Frost said "that bad". silver asked "who is died?" so they told her "popular girl". ace then said "and now I'm suicidal again". frost asked "why she do it?". ace said "she had a note beside her." so nigel asked him what it said. there was then silence, for no one spoke. frost said "silence...." while nigel said "i think ace died..". ace then read the note to everyone, so nigel said "damn that harsh...". frost said o.o then "idk". fros then said "idk._.". Nigel asked ace "did you call the police and whatnot?" so ace told him he did. nigel asked if it was in the news, but it wasn't. silver said "god thats horrible" while nigel said "terrible". ace told then "she bathe in kerosene with glass and she lit herself...". frost said "and all that cuz of a person that hurt her".  

    ace then told everyone that he would be at snow 7, and left so Nigel told the others that he would go talk to him. everyone waited while nigel left to talk to ace.  

    when he got there he asked ace "you not going to.. kill yourself.. are you?". ace said "yes" so nigel said "i can't watch you kill yourself again". he then said "ace don't please...". ace said "she died...." so ngiel said "but.. it dosnt mean you have to die too...". ace said "she said that herself so i won't...". Nigel asked ace "what will you do now? in real?". Ace said "i dunno, she worked at a dummy place, you know where they build things that look like people.. the ones she did looked so real...". Nigel asked ace "do you work anywhere? but ace said he didn't. he also said that he lived in an apartment, but was going to move in with pops brother. Nigel asked if there were any jobs where ace lived, but there wasn't. Nigel asked him where he lived, but didn't get an answer. finally ace said "north america".     

    someone named "chibi" then came on and said "lol wtf" and left. Nigel decided that they better head back to hills cape 5, so they did. once they got to hill 5 nigel told them he would brb and went to hill6, for he saw that there were people there. the two birds named easterling and dj killed him as soon as he got there. so back to hill5 he went. when he got there, ace was saying "i ship those 2 btw". Nigel said "wtf e.e" to this. ace told nigel "legin" for some reason so nigel asked him what he meant. ace then spoke a weird language and left. Nigel asked "where he go?? he just left???". ace then came back and told nigel to look up "legin" so he did, and when he got back he said "all it have me was a bunch of women's pants? ty ace e.e". ace laughed at this and said "no i meant look up nigel backwards". Nigel said "yay, so my name means wemons pants backwards". ace said "it does?" so nigel told him to go look it up. once ace left to look up "legion" nigel said "rip ace". Nigel then asked where frost was, for she had randomly left, but silver wouldn't answer so nigel just said "ok den they both gone". ace got back and said "nothing came up for me", so nigel told him to look in images. ace said he couldn't for it would lag seen as his apartment wifi sucked. ace asked if they should go to another server, but nigel decided they should stay. everyone els had left. Ace then said "I'm used to seeing you as a seagull", for nigel was a macaw right now(he had the name felipe). Nigel said "I'm being lazy, didn't want to get my fancy name". Nige then decided to get it, so he left for a minute.     

    when he got back he said "de seagull is back!". ace said that he needed to leave soon, and then said "you haven't changed... wow. has it been 2 years since my "suicide"?". Nigel said "1 and a half, it was in april i think". Ace said "I'm scared of that guy though... he said he stalks me". Nigel asked "what guy?". ace told him the "no name guy". Nigel asked if it was angry or ariana, so ace told him that she name said "no name". Nigel said "ooooh, noname2?" Ace replied saying "no, just no name". Nigel asked what it acted like, so ace told him it was "surprised at everything". nigel asked if it said ">:o" a lot, for that would mean it was angry swan. it didn't, so nigel asked what ace meant by "surprised". ae said " /;^), it put a ! at everything". nigel asked "it did that face?" but ace said that that was his face, an original. ace then commented on how nigel typed very fast. Nigel asked if the no name thing said anything els, but ace had to brb for a few minutes.   ace got back, while nigel was complaining how bad his typing was. Ace then had to go after this, so nigel headed to cityscape 6.     

    at city 6 he found easterling and dj, the two birds from the hills cape earlier. they had killed him there. Nigel said hi to them, but he got no answer. dj was saying to easterling "no wait". Nigel went over to them and saw that they were doing the underground glitch. nigel laughed at them saying "ahahaha you do the swan glitch" "i know that one". dj tried to kill him for some reason, so he yelled at him and killed him. when dj got back he said "why kill me???". dj ignored nigel and said to eatserling "you remember the place before this?". easter asked what place he was talking about, so dj just said "find me" and left. Nigel told eatserling "he's at hill 6 you know". Nigel found dj at island 7, and said "i mean no harm i promos". dj said "i don't like no names" but nigel wasn't a no name. dj then left. Nigel went to snowscape 6, and to his surprise he found ace there. ace said that he forgot to tell him something. ace said he would be on later and left. Ariana then came on named "gamers" and started trying to kill nigel.     



    lea° and nigel

    Later on that evening, Nigel met someone named "lea°". he was talking to her and her friend breeze about there pet birds. lea° brought it up, for she was planning on getting some cockatiels one day. nigel told her that they weren't the best birds though.(trust me, they suck :|). someone named hawk eye was also there, but he didn't speak much. lea° had been making a super chick(a chick that grows huge).      

    after a little while, breeze said "if only the volcano had lava in it??!?!?!" "i would go in it and die". Nigel said "that would be awesome". Breeze then said "that chick is huge", so nigel told her "they fed it to much" "waaaaaay to much". breeze said "ya but how tall is it?". Breeze then led tot go play "mariokart" with her friends. Nigel asked lea° "what you want to do now?". lea° said "no idea" so nigel asked her what her favourite song was. -


    lea°'s chick

    -she said "omg i could never chose a favourite song" so nigel said "idk what mine is". Nigel then asked her what her favourite movie was, she said "not sure lol but i like horror movies". Nigel said "I've seen jaws, is that horror?" lea° said "well, the last one i watched was above and below, which is kinda a true story". Nigel asked her what it was about, so she said "its about tunnels under paris". Nigel asked her "wait, do you mean the catacombs or whatever the hack there called?" "or is that somewhere els". lea° then said "if you watch it everything you see is real, all the bones and whatever".       later lea° asked "so, r you going on instagram?". Nigel said he didn't, and his mom would kill him if he did. Hawkeye then left, so he said "wheres hawky go?" lea° said "the chick is so big!". Nigel said "can i take a  -                                


    the giant foot!!!!

    - picture of it?" lea° said "the claw touches the water omg". someone named "allie gs" came on and said "big chick you have". nigel said "she feed it something, idk what, wasn't me".    lea°'s chick then died, for she hadnt kept the nest made. Nigel said "you neglect it dont lie!!!!!>:o". he then said "lol poor chick, abusive parent you are".  Allie laughed at this, and nigel reashured lea° that he wa sonly joking.  Nigel then decided to take a picture of the island.  [44]

    the island picture

    lea° then left and became a starling.  she said "cant wait to get back home, i miss everyone so much". Nigel asked her "where are you now?". lea° said "im in washington right now, but 4 years ago i moved to alaska so every sommer i come and visit my family" "i thought it was cool intil i figured i lost eveything".  Nigel said "you live in alaska??" "awsome!!!!!!"  he then told her where he lived, and told her a bit about it.  lea° told Nigel that that was the kind of place she wanted to live in, but instead she had the opposite : cold, snow, ice. nigel asked her "but you have summer no?". she said "i do but like i said, im never really there for the summer, and also winter lasts long".  Nigel asked her "isnt there alot of wildlife?". lea° said "i can make sounds like a dog, cat, raven , seagull and goose". she then said "if i get it right i sound like a parakeet".  she then told nigel "theres moose and bears but i havnt seen any bears". Nigel asked "are the bears a problem there?"  lea said "a lady was late for work cause of a bea on her porch". Nigel said "imagin walking outside and a bear sitting there like "yo this is my yard now".  they then talked about magpies, nigel didnt

    know that they were in north america.  he then had to go. 



    On july 3 Nigel was at cityscape 6 in the mourning. he was with a noname and courtney.  just then alphababycat came on, so Nigel asked her if she was the real one, for there were clones occationaly. Alphababycat said "uh yea... why?". nigel told her that he had seen clones before.   frost came on and said hi to everyone.  the noname then told everyone that he was darknightslayer.  Nigel Frost Alphababycat and Darknightslayer all went to hill 5. when they got there nigel asked alpha is she was the real one again, for he only hafl belived her before. ABC said "yea, ask me anything".  Darknightslayer finnaly got there, so frost welcomed him. ABC said "like my bf was babyhawk".  Dark asked ABC if she was the real one, so ABC said "yea  ask anything i'll prove it".  Dark asked why she had been gone so long, so ABC said "suicide....".  Dark laughed at this, while abc continued saying "and physical reasons....".  Nigel pointed out "if it was suicide, wouldnt you be dead?". Abc caid "im back since 4 weeks".  Dark asked "4 weeks?" so abc said "yeah".    Dark then saidhe was bored, and abc agreed. Nigel asked "what you want to do?". Dark then asked frost if she was on, for she haddent said a word since they got there. frost told him "you dont worry, im usually like that".      ABC then asked frost "how do i speak your new name?". Frost said her name was "suzuya", but assured abc that she could call her frost too.       frosst asked if she was missing letters from her name, and it turned out that abc and dark couldnt see the z in it. nigel said that he could see the z. dark said "thats (s)".   nigel asked if everyone if they could see his full name, but it turned out the e was missing.  nigel said "oh, so thats why people call me nigl".   

    after this, darknight at abc were fussing about how some of the trees were green(the trunk). Nigel didnt think it was at first, but then saw that it was. nigel said "yup, you guys are right".  Dark said "that means the tree is entirley coverd in leaves". Nigel pointed out that it could be moss, but then he added "or gamevial is just messed up".     Frost said that she was bored with her song, so she left to change it.  they talked about different songs after this.    Nigel then left for a minut to listen to the news, and when he got back he reported that "a boy fell off a cruise ship or something". frost was saying "yeah me too" but then realized what nigel said and said "oh wow".  Dark said "poor guy".   Nigel said that it was near where he lived. frot said that it was sad news.  Nigel told them where he lived, so frost did the same saying "bulgaria". Nigel asked "you do?" but frost said "eh no...".   Dark said that he was in romainia.    Frost then randomly left, so nigel said "bye?".  Frost came back, and asked "you leaving?" so nigel said "i said bye cause you left".   Frost said "lol say hi now" so nigel said "ok then,  hi".  Dark said "hell no" but then corrected himself saying "i meant hello".   

    Frost asked Nigel if he was ok, for he wasnt saying anything. he said he was fine, but she said "hm  are you sure....?".  dark asked nigel "anything new in the news?" while a weird noname was speaking some foren laughuage.   Nigel reported that a bird had hit a plane.  dark laughed at this, and said "i cant stop laughing".  someone said "not funny" while frost asked what she missed.   Nigel said that the bird was an eagle or something.    dark told her "nigel said a bird hit a plane".  frost asked what happend to it, so nigel said "it.. didnt make it". he then said "it was cut in half acutally".  frost said "o.o  i dont understand how an eagle got killed by a plane". nigel explained " it was flying minding its own buisness and a big thing came out of nowhere and killed it lol "   dark said "is it blined, dont watch where it flying".     nigel told them that a plane was alot faster than an eagle, and it was the same as  crossing a highway.  he said "you dont see it coming".   dark then asked is any of them played "slither". nigel had heard of the game, but never played it.  frost haddent either.   nigel claimed "i seen that game before". a noname said "courtney deustcher?" for some reaosn.   dark asked everyone "who listens to this song?"  she then named the song, and frost said "meeeeeeeeeh".  frost claimed that she loved the song and she listen to it alot.  the noname said "is it even a song". dark asked "you listen to metalica?". noname asked nigel "are you sos?" meaning socioty of savers. nigel had an idea who the no name was, so he didnt tell him if he was or not.  frost was asking dark "do you like this song? hasly colors?"  dark said he didnt.   noname said "you listen to some weird music.....".  Nigel asked noname who he was, so he said he was bloodwolf.  Frost and dark continued talking about songs, and noname left.  Nigel asked them who that noname was, for he didnt belive that it was bloodwolf. frost and dark didnt know.  

    Nigel then tried to make a nest, but forgot he didnt have a twig. he said "dammit i thought i had a twig".  there was then about  minut of silence.  nigel asked "uh.. you guys there?".  they both said yes,  then there was more silence.  nigel asked why it was so quiet, so frost said that dark was listening to music.  fros tthen left for some reason. courtney returnd,  and asked everyone how old they were.  they told her there ages, so courtney told them she was 15.  Nigel then had to leave. 

    later that morning Nigel was at cityscape 1 with frost and gamerz. they were having a nice time, but nazli decided to ruin it. Nazli kept killing nigel because he was a seagull. Nigel, frost, gamerz and nelly decided to go to hillscape 5 to get away from Nazli.    Once they got there, nigel was asking gamerz if something was wrong, for he wasnt talking much. gamerz said nothing was wrong.   after a few minuts nelly said "its to quiet......". Nazli then showed up and said "really nigeeeeeel".  no one said anything, so nazli went into the house and pooed on nigel. Gamerz killed nazli for nigel, and nigel thanked him. Nazli came back and told nigel he was dead for this. Nigel asked "what did i even do?". Nelly told Nazli "if you __ on him your dead". Nazli said ok, and killed nigel.  when nigel got back he said "can you stop already?". nelly told nazli to leave nigel alone, so nazli stopped. gamerz said "just lag it out".  Gamerz then lagged Nazli out,but unfortunatly killed nelly too.  Gamerz thanked Gamerz for killing nazli.    

    gamerz then asked nigel if he knew someone named "edward". Nigel said no, so Gamerz said his other name was "f__".  Nigel said he knew f__.   Gamerz said "he was on today".  Nelly said "eeeewww"  to this.   someone named "niker vos meres" then came on and started to kill nelly. gamerz said  "whats your problem nelly is my bff in real life".  Nigel asked gamerz "was f__ the person who said b__ hahahahah over n over agian?". Gamerz didnt answer, so ngiel asked him why he kept not answering him. Gamerz said he couldnt see what nigel was saying.   Niker then said that she was Nazli, and for some reaosn became a seagull.   after this nigel had to leave. 


    ===  donna's message === July 5 Nigel met donna at cityscpae 1. she asked Nigel to go to industry 6, so he went, thinking that something had happend.   Nigel asked her what happend, and she said that ace was back.  Nigel told her that he knew he was back, for ace had been around for atleast  a week now.   Donna said that ace had been looking for nigel yesterday, so Nigel asked her what time ace was on.  she said he was on around 8 her time(i have no idea what time it is where she live...).  Nigel aksed her what ace was saying, so she told him he just asked her if she had seen him.  Nigel told her that he had seen ace yesterday afternoon, and told her he was going to look for him today.  Nigel then told her that he had to go, and asked her to tell ace that he would be on later that day.  he then thanked her for letting him know about ace looking for him. 


    the "thing".  Edit

    on july 7 Nigel, named felipe as usual, met ace bandit at city1. a lot of people were there. ace had the name "tracer" and told nigel who he was. Nigel told him "h5" thinking he would understand what he was saying, but he didn't. do nigel said "hill 5". they went there, and once there nigel said "do you not know that hill 5 mean hill5?". ace said he was poo fighting. Ace then told Nigel that he had a gf. Nigel asked who it was and said "now, your not going to repeat what you did last year.. right?". Ace said no he wouldn't cheat on people again, nd told nigel that his gf was Blackfire. Nigel was surprised, for blackfire had told him that she wasn't going to have a boyfriend(though it was possible ariana who did this). someone named "felipe" then came on, and nigel thought it was ariana at first, but it left so he decided it was just a one off. but sadly it came back named "felipe=b__". Nigel said "oh yey... ariana?".   Felipe=b__ killed nigel, so he got an idea. he waited 2 minuts, and then went back.  he thought his plan worked, for felipe=b___ wasnt there when he returned. he said "heh. i think that made...nvm" for felipe=b__ came back.  Felipe=b___ spammed "f__ you nigel" in big letters. Nigel did the reverse chat code, and ace did the same thing, ruining felipe=b__'s spam.  Nigel asked f=b "angry?". f=b stupidly replied yes, so nigel said "ha" "so it is you". f=b said "no" "im no one". Nigel said "dont be stupid", and ace said "yea. ur a nobody". ace then said "so leave". f=b said "make me leave!!!" so ace told it "try me".  Nigel asked ace "why i always have to deal with the stupid people?". ace replied "well, they come on then".  ace said to f=b "make your move". Nigel then had to leave, and asked ace "take care of that "thing" pls?". 


    July 10 Edit

    On july 10 Nigel met someone named "cutthroat" at cityscape 1. he had seen this name before, and thought he remembered talking to someone with this name a while ago. so he asked her who she was. Cutthroat said that he/she knew nigel.  she then told nigel that her name was "shadow". Nigel asked if she was "shaddowwo


    everyone on the building

    lf" but she wasnt, saying that it was just shadow.  Nigel then asked if it was "shadow the owl", someone who pooed on him a while ago. it wasnt him. he finally rememberd who it was, after cutthroat.  told him some more about her.    

    after this, nigel tlked with Easterling, digital and donna. they all stayed on one building. Easterling -


    the hangout

    -told cutthroat about a new horror game called "undertale". she told everyone about it and what it was about. Cutthroat wanted to play it, so eatserling started telling her how to get it.   Nigel made a nest, and donna helped it with the supertwig hack.  after a while of talking to everyone, nigel had to leave.        

    ====  later ====


    Nigel, frost and ace

       Nigel went to cityscape 1. ace was there with the name "tracer". there were a lot of people at city 1, including cherie, gamers, donna, and a few others. Nigel and ace decided to go to hill5. for some reason, ace took a while to get to hill5, so when he finally showed up nigel said "well finally". Ace said "my game crashed". Nigel half believed ace about this, but decided to leave it at that. he asked ace how he was. ace said his game crashed because he was trying out speed hack. Nigel didn't know that ace hacked, so he asked him about it. ace said he did, so nigel said "didn't know that 0.0". Ace then said "I'm thinking about someone....". Nigel asked who, so ace told him "fire...". Nigel asked him why, so he said "her lives rough like mine". ace then said "i also passed collage". Nigl asked ace if he knew Blackfire in real life, but he didn't. Ace then told nigel "my had cut had a half of my face covered and my eye" "i look emo with my hoody and people look at me weird lol". Frost then came on, and asked if she could stay because city 1 was apparently boring. Nigel said "you can stay!!!!!" and then said hi to her. Ace said "nigel.. I'm cutting again.". so Nigel told him "don't, its stupid". ace said "I'm thinking about my parents death". Nigel didn't know that ace's parents were dead, so he asked "there dead??". Ace said "although i hate them..." "yea...". he said "they deid when i was ten...". Frost said "so sorry.. thats sad.". Nigel asked ace "how did they die..." but didn't get an answer. Ace went on saying "my mother was close to me... i was ten.. i started to cut... i ran away". Nigel asked ace how they died again, and he said who he was talking about. nigel told him who, but ace didn't answer. Frost then had to leave.  [48]after asking again, ace finally answered nigel after saying "i told you two times...". he told nigel "my mother died from abuse". Nigel said "I'm so sorry.... :(". Ace said "its fine.. i was ten then and i watched it happen.... i was frozen with fear...." Ace then told Nigel that he had "alter egos". Nigel asked what it was, so he told him it was "split personalities". Gamerz then came on. Nigel said "hm.. i knew someone els with that....." for he did know someone who had recently left flab3 who was like that.  [49]Nigel and ace then tried to say hi to gamers, but for some reason he wasn't answering. they finally got him to answer. Gamerz asked them "can't you hear me?" they both told him no. Ace asked gamers if fire was on, but he hadn't seen her for a while. Nigle told ace that ariana had been cloning blackfire recently. gamers said "that is a good thing" for some reason. while Ace was telling Gamerz about his hacks, someone named "hawky" came on, which was strange for Hawky had left a while ago. Hawky crashed into a tree, and gamers said "nice crash" to her. Ace started trying to kill it, while nigel asked "i thought she left?" . ace said "sadly". Nigel said "she told em she quit a while ago?" so ace said "probable a lie". Nigel said "didn't see her since then". ace then killed Hawky, and nigel pointed out that this "hawky" was probably a clone. Ace said "i don't trust it..." so nigel agreed. ace then said "Hawky x nigel though..." so Nigel said "wtf?" "you weird >:(" and pooled on ace then flew away. Purplepaws then came on surprisingly but nigel had to leave.   _________________________________  

    july 11 Edit

    On july 11 Nigel(named felipe so i use that) went to snow 6 after checking if anyone was at city 1.  only cherie donna and lysa were at city .   at snow 6 he met someone named "therealpoke".  someone els was with him named "paczaji". felipe said to therealpoke "your name... :|".   TRP asked what was wrong with his name, but felipe didnt answer.   Paczaji  asked why people always had to go to where they were(her and therealpoke) so felipe realized what she was saying. he called them "lovebirds" for this. therealpoke sweared at felipe for this.   

    after a few minuts felipe asked the two, who he found out to he "iga" and "viki", if he knew them. they said they didnt, so he told them his other name.  for some reason therealpoke acted like he was suprized and knew him, but then said he didnt.  Felipe suspected he was lying, and said "if your lying.....".   the two then ignored Felipe, and started making a nest.  Felipe said he was bored, and someone named eris came on and started talking to iga and viki.  someone named "audrie" then came on so felipe asked her if he knew her. she said "my names grace, pleasure to meet you". Felipe had known grace a long time ago, so he told her "im nigel .-.". "i know you right?". Grace said "oh... o.e" "yeah".  Felipe said "my other name is lord shen".   Grace said "lord sh_t?".   Felipe said "oh your one of those... how nice.... *roles eyes*".  grace grinned at him and said "lorrrrrrrd shet".   Felipe told her "im not fallin for that crap" "so you know".    Grace then changed the subject and asked Felipe  if he had seen cy(cyborus). Felipe haddnt seen cy for over a year, so he told her that.   Grace then randomly left. 

    Donna causing trouble.. yet..again........

    later on that day Nigel headed to city 1.   Cherie, donna, lysa,mufasa and a few others were there.  after a little while Nigel ended up standing neer donna, and started talking to her. she asked if anyone had seen lizzie(ryuik) around recently.   Nigel said he had seen her about a week ago, and asked donna why. donna said she hoped no one had seen her for some reason.  Nigel said that ryuik was his friend, so donna pooed on him and killed him for this. Nigel haddnt known that Donna hated ryuik, so he told her this.  Donna, Lysa, and Mufasa tried to tell nigel not to be friends with Lizzie, for she was nothing but trouble, but Nigel told them he wasnt going to go started a huge fight with her by telling her he wasnt her friend anymore.  Nigel tried to reason with donna, but she didnt listen to him at all. Lysa didnt help, throwing in her usual insults.  Donna then ended up leaving, as she usually did when people "botherd" her.   

    Cherie came back finnally, so Nigel told her to go to industry6 . she asked him why and said that it better not be about lizzie, so Nigel told her it wasnt.  when they got there he said it was kinda about lizzie but asked her to stay. she said "oh no.....".  Nigel asked cherie to ask donna to leave him alone. he said "she acts as though i knew all along and do this for fun when it not that way???" . Cherie said she would ask but that was it.     Nigel then left, and cherie went to city 1. 


    the "stick". Edit

    on July 13 Nigel met a no name who said he had heard about him over the wiki. after talking with him for a little while, someone named "i ♥ ur stick" came on. Nigel immediately reconized him as Angryswan, for Angry had just been going on about "sticks" a few days ago. I ♥ ur stick started going on about "sticks" and acted weird. Nigel told the no name, who hadent been on flab3 for very long, "welcome to flab3". No name said "oh no, not the stick". Stick then left, and renamed himself "fire wolf" as a mock to Icewolf, who had been there the whole time. Ice stupidly fell for it, so Nigel told him "its stick dummy". ice said "oo" to this. fake fire then started trying to "melt" ice wolf. 

    Ice wolf left, so Fire turned back to "stick". Nigel tried to kill stick, but it got away and yelled "she pooled on me!!!!!!!!!!". Noname said "this is madness!!!!!!!". Stick asked no name "do you have a........................................... name?". No name said he didn't. Nigel told nonane "this is someone named "angry swan" so you know." "he is famous for being an ___hole". Stick then killed Nigel. when nigel got back, no name was asking stick to fight him. Nigel called stick a "child" while stick refused to fight no name. Ice wolf, who had returned, said "angry the w___ rot in hell" so nigel told him "i can agree with that ice". Noname said "woa" possible because of ice's swearing. Stick told ice "you will melt in hell!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhahahahahahah!". Nigel then had to leave so he told ice and no name "i wish i didn't have to leave you with the "thing" but i have to go, bye!" and left. 


    Fefe Edit

    On july 15 Nigel, named "felipe"(so i will use that because i had been using that a lot ) was harassing someone named "shiva" after she pooed on him once at city 5. he followed her and her "boy friend" tweetee around. felipe kept calling her "shivo" and "shevi". after bothering them, felipe headed to cityscape 6 where he found someone named "stormy". Felipe asked him if he was someone called "stormy the falcon" but he wasn't. Eren then came on to his surprise, so he headed to hills cape 5 with him. At hill 5 Felipe asked Eren, "ooommmmmmmgggggg is it you???". Eren said "i been looking for you!". Felipe said "long time no see!!!!!!!!". "how r ya?". Eren said he was good, and asked felipe the same. Felipe said "i thought i'd never see ya again". Eren said "i been playing for some weeks now" which was strange for felipe hadn't seen Eren since the game had problems. Eren said he had also seen Levi twice in 2 weeks, so Felipe asked "levi's still around o.o?". Eren said "ya, i saw him yesterday i think". Felipe told Eren "i haven't seen em", so Eren, not understanding asked "em?". Felipe told him "lazy was of saying him". Felipe asked eden "is he still same old levi?*you know what i mean*". Eren said "yup". Felipe then had to brb for a few minutes. 

    when he got back   the two ended up talking about owls, after Eren said that he liked drawing them. Felipe said "is this enough like a barn owl?" and made the face (o v o). Eren said "yeah" so Felipe said "or a weird barn owl (o ^ o)". Eren laughed at this, so Felipe said "or a weird barn owl ( o – o )". Eren then told felipe that he had seen ace a few times, and he though that ace was pretty funny. Felipe continued his "owl faces" and said "a confused barn owl ( o ? o )". he then said "(o ! o)" "idk what that one wold be". Eren said "it looks like a mask or something". Eren then said "you got me inspired". Felipe then said "a rude barn owl (o $ o)". he then made more faces including (o | o ), (o_o) and ( - v - ) . he called the last one a "sleeping owl". Felipe then had to go for 20 mins to do "home work". 

    once he got back he found Eren and Gamerz together at city 7. he had told Eren to wait there. Thye went to hill5 together. Felipe and Gamerz started arguing over who got to hill5 first, for they both thought they got there first. Felipe told gamers, "me first dum dum", after gamers said he was first. Gamerz said "no me". Felipe said "i was here first". Eren said "ah, I'm last". Eren then told them not to argue over it, but they didn't listen. Felipe said "then why when i come here you wasn't here then you come here 2 second after?" to gamers. Gamerz replied saying "i didn't". Felipe said "you did". so Gamerz said "you came 5 seconds after me". Eren said "hold on, what if its a glitch?" so Felipe said "the games f__ed up". Gamerz pooped on Felipe for some reason, so he said "don't poo on me e.e". Gamerz said "i can if i want to". so Felipe asked "do you even know who i am?" for he wasn't sure if Gamer remembered who he was. Gamerz said he did. Felipe then had to go for a few minutes for the "water truck" was at his house. Gamerz said he had to brb for a few minutes too. 

    When Felipe got back, Eren was asking Gamers if he could called him "big g". Felipe asked "to gamer or me?". Gamer answered eren and said "yea sure". so Felipe said "hi big g" to gamers. Eren said "big g sounds better". Felipe asked "what you goina call me?". Eren said "little f?". Felipe said "thats not nice :| ", so Eren said "i was joking". Felipe said "little f, you evil -.-". Eren said "i take that back". Felipe told Eren "fine, i call you little s ;)". Eren said "o_o. well my name is simon so it fits well". Gamerz said "little s__ lol". Gamerz then said "you can call me "gta"". Felipe said "now, what you really goina call me besides little f?". Eren said "little n?" while Felipe added "and don't even think about calling me fefe". Gamerz mocked him and said "fefe and the flower tops" "fefe forget me not". Felipe then had to go for a few minutes. 

    Once he got back, Felipe and Gamerz got into an argument when gamer pooped on Felipe and refused to say sorry. instead, gamers said sorry to Eren. Eren told him to say sorry to Felipe, but he still wouldn't. Nigel then had to go again. 

    later Edit

    Felipe met "mew" and "mew lover", two ring necks at a city. Felipe thought that it was ace, for he used that name, and mew lover was possibly blackfire. thy said they weren't, but didn't sen very convincing, for they only pooed on him and told him to leave. so Felipe left and came back as a no name to see if they would fall for it. he spied on them, hiding behind buildings so they couldn't see him. it turned out it wasn't ace, so Felipe started killing them, for they had killed him earlier. Giggetygoo surprisingly came on and started killing the two ring necks with him. Felipe then had to go, and told Giggety to wait ag city 5 for him. 

    When he got back, Giggety wasn't there. to he went and looked for him and found him at city 4. Felipe asked him "so.. why didn't you wait at city 5.. hmm gg?". Giggety said "oh, nigle?" so Felipe corrected him saying "nigel*". Giggety said "my spelling of cirten word arent good". Giggety then said "i had to eat a disgusting panini" "it was rank!". Giggety then asked felipe "so, are you still sos?". Felipe told him "i still go on the web site". Giggety said "oh.." so Felipe asked "why? you don't?". he only asked this to see what Giggety would say, for he knew that Giggety had abandoned it a while ago. Giggety, instead of answering, said the websites name, so Felipe told him "no.. really?" Giggety then said "i used to be part of it" and laughed at this. he then said "ask snarp". Felipe told him "snarp left". Giggety said "i used to be a part thats how i knew the website". Felipe said "someone els is in charge now". Giggety asked "so he's not sos anymore?". Felipe said "i know you were i saw you on there, and no. snarp is gone" "and he's a she". Giggety asked "so who's in charge now?". Felipe told him "i think its someone named "miasas". Giggety said "oooooohh what really a girl?". Giggety goo then left saying he would be back soon, but never came back. so Felipe asked some birds who were there to tell Giggety that he left. 


    the lil' parrot Edit

    on july 16 in the afternoon around lunch time Felipe went to Hill5 with Eren again. He had been at city 7 helping Bloodwolf and Giggetygoo fight someone named "ammar" the pigeon.  When he got to hill5, he found that everyone had showed up there. he said "yay.. everyone follow".  Giggety asked eren if he was "sos"  so Eren asked "sos?".  Felipe told Eren "sos is societyofsavers, its a website someone made .-.". Felipe then said "i joind just to keep an eye on things :)".  Giggety left and went back to cityscpae 6, so Bloodwolf followed him.  Felipe asked eren "do you know him?". Eren said he had seen Gigety a few times. Felipe said "he seems to be less annoying then when i first met him".   Eren said "yeah.. but gamerz hates him". Felipe said "the 2 hate each other lol". "the first time i met gg the 2 were fighting". Felipe then had to brb for a few minuts.

    When Felipe got back, Eren made the (o v o ) face. Felipe did the (o-o) face back to him. Eren said "i want a barn owl e.e". Felipe asked Eren "what would a macaw face look like?". Eren said "lemme think" while Felipe saw what he said and said "i want a pet crow.".  Pikachu, someone who had just joined, said "i need a trainor". Felipe just did a :| to him.   Eren said "(/o \ parrot face". Felipe didnt get this and said "...?" to him. Eren said "beak to the left" so Felipe said "oooh ok".   Eren then said "so.. whats up?". Felipe said "nothing much" so Eren asked him "what have you been eating today?". Felipe said "uh... i ate a bread role and a yogurt :|".  Eren asked "only that?" so Felipe said "im not hungry (plus my mom dosnt go to the food shot much e.e)".  Eren said he didnt go to she shop very much either for he had "social phobia". Felipe asked him what that was so he explained.  Pikachu asked Felipe and Eren if they would make his nest for him, so Felipe told him to make his own nest.   Pikachu started crying and said "me wanna help nest".  

    Felipe flew around a bit then landed by Eren and said "hi owl (o vo)". Eren said "hi parrot" so Felipe corected him saying "ima macaw ee". Eren said "lil parrot". so Felipe said "dont even try -.-". Eren asked "try what?" so Felipe said "callin me a "lil parrot".  Eren said "how tall are you?" so Felipe answerd saying "IMA MACAW!!! THATS NOT A TINY PARAKEET!!!!!!!!!!!!".  Eren laughed at this, so felipe said "macaws are big!!!". Eren said "owls are tiny..". Felipe said "not if its an eagle owl". "or a great grey". "but sawwhets are tinnnnnnyyyyyyy". Eren asked Felipe if he had seen a harpy eagle, so he told him that he had only seen a dead one once. Eren said he haddnt seen a live one either.  Eren then randomly said "oh my sister gave me chocolate".  Felipe asked if he could poo on pikachu, claing "its just... sit there". Eren said yes, so Felope went and started kiling Pikachu, claing "pikadead >:)". Pika said "dont" but Felipe continued.  After pika died, he came back as "zapdos", so Felipe said "we not stupid". Eren said "another pokenom". Felipe asked "whys it have to bother us?". Eren said he didnt know, so Felipe said "cant it just go play that pokemongo crap".  Pikachu, now named zapdos, said "dont poo on Pikachu". SOmeone named "roko" came on and started killing people, starting with eren first.  Felipe said "stop pooing on us e.e". someone named "ho-oh ex" then came on. Felipe commented on his anme saying "some name?".  Eren and Felipe then left and went to Hill4. 

    at Hill4, Felipe claimed that he would be talking slow for he didnt want to be caught by his mom.  Eren asked Felipe what he was eating, so he said "bread n butter and some ham" for he had left to get something to eat before goignt o hill4.  Eren then pointed out that Felipes tail "wags" when he walked. Felipe claimed "game-


    the infamous tree. you be the judge :P

    -vial had some weird ideas with the things they put in the games :|".  Felipe then walked over to one of the trees, and decided to ask Eren about the color, after he had been arguing with others if the tree was green or brown. . He said "i know i sound retarded, but does this tree look green? or brown?".  Eren asked which one, so Felipe showed him saying "is it green?". Eren said "yes, or brown green, or mixed". Someone named Sarah then came on and said hi. Felipe told Eren "i was asking bout the tree cuz me n gamerz were arguing over if it was green or brown a few weeks ago :)".  Eren said he thought the tree was mixed, so Felipe said "yay im not retarded".    Felipe then got an idea, and told Eren to go to industry 5 so off they went. At industry 5, Felipe asked eren if it was nightime. Eren said it was day, so Felipe told him to follow him and led him to a tree(one of the veeeeery few). He showed it to him and said "see how this tree isnt lit up like it should be in the day? its kinda dark". Felipe then said "wait for night n see what it do ". Eren said "lol ok" while Felipe said "one of gamevials many errors". Eren said "cant wait too see" and started staring at the tree. After a little while of waiting, felipe asked Eren "want me to tell you what it do, so we not keep wating?". Eren said yes, so Felipe said "it glows.". Eren said "o_o glows?". so Felipe answerd "yes glows."  Eren said "omg creepy". Felipe said "it lights up like it should do in the day". It then started turning to night time, so the two waited. unfortunatly the tree didnt glow as much as it usually did, Felipe claiming "before it would be bright green". "Eren said maybe later it do it?", so they waited. It didnt, so Felipe said "f__ing hell it not glowing!". he then said "it did a few weeks ago when i showed someone els???". Eren said "maybe it was a glitch??". Felipe then said "i bet gamevial read about it when i wrote about it and fixed it e.e cuz they fixed it right after i did". Eren said "oh damn them then". Felipe then claimed "every time i write about a glitch it magicaly dissapears somehow".  Eren said "they stalk you o_o".  Daytime then came and the tree haddent glown like Felipe had claimed it would.  Eren said it might be because it was a specific bird that could see it, but Felipe had been a seagull at the time he saw it, and some others were robins and seen it too.   Gamerz then came on, but didnt talk much as usual.  Eren said "hes dead o_o". Felipe claimed "rip". Gamerz then said "hello!" randomly, so the two said hello back. Felipe claimed "yay he not died".  Felipe then asked i Gamerz knew who he was, and he did.  Felipe then had to go after this. 



    on july 20 Nigel met Ace, Gamerz, and Blackfire at cityscpae 5. Blackfire started pooping on Nigel for some reason. he asked her to stop but she wouldnt.  Nigel told ace to go to hill5, so he did. once they got there, Blackfire followed them. Ace told nigel that is was ariana, and not really blackfire. After trying to get away from Ariana, they ended up at industry 7, nigel had changed his name to "poop" and wanted ace to change his name too so that ariana didnt know it was them. Alphababycat and gamerz met them there.   Nigel was mad at ace, for he said he couldnt change his name to hide from ariana. Nigel said "so you want it to stalk us????".  Ace asked Gamerz "you ditched smile?" for some reason, so Gamerz said no, but then left quickly saying "wait brb!!!!".  ABC then said "nah i wanna know whats going on. ace is back. nigel gone & my sis.". Nigel, told ABC that he was nigel, but ABC knew already some how.   Ace told ABC who he was. ABC asked ace "where is fire?" so ace said "i dont even know dafuq i missed you".  Ariana then lagged the game causing ABC to leave. Nigel said "well dere goes abc". Ace asked nigel "eeer  who is she?". Nigel told her " abc? i think alot of people hate her though i dont know". Just as he said this ABC came back, so Nigel said "crap". Ariana lagged again, killing abc yet again. Nigel said "phew, she gone" "that was close".  he then said to ace "i dont know her well".  Ace said "i only remember her name, not who she was". Nigel asked "was she one of your many gfs?". Ace said "damn you car accident".   

    Ariana was then commenting about Nigel's name for some reason, so he left and got his name(felipe) and told her "your welcome". Ariana said "f__ you" to him, so he said "heh take dat areana". he decided to call her "areana" just to mock her.  Ariana told him "felipe... ace said he loves you...". Nigel said "i dont fall for that crap". a noname who had joined said "its dull".  Ace then came back, after being brb for a few minuts. Ariana then said "felipe: r__s ace".  Nigel called her a b___ and ace said "r___s arian, there even!". Nigel laughed and said "hahahah good one ace!".  Ace then started asking nigel if he could get kik, so he told him he couldnt for his mom would kill him.  Nigels comment was "my mom treats every website i go on as though its full of stalkers".    Ace and Nigel then headed to city 5.  

    At city 5 ace commented on Nigels fast typing.  While they were talking about this, Ariana(still named blackfire) said "r__s ace".   Nigel was saying he kiled to type fast but accidentaly said "Fats" instead of fast.  Ace said "fats?" so Nigel old him "fast!!! i ment fast!!!!".  Ariana mocked them and said "fats*".  Nigel then asked "so what now?"  ariana answered him saying "you die ".  Nigel asked her "why you have to be so stupid?".   Ariana then randomly left, so Nigel told ace to go to hill4. when they got there, Nigel had named himself "bubu".  Ace, for some reason, didnt change his name, and Ariana found them. Nigel asked ace why, but he didnt answer him.  Ariana said "blackfire:has departed". Nigel told her "we not that dum". Ace said "sorry, i was going to act like that was fire lol". Ace then left for some reason.   Nigel said "Crap" "acy?". Ariana asked -


    Nigel spamming "ariama"

    - Nigel "why r you so annoying?" so Nigel told her "ask yourself, areeana". he then started mocking her saying "ariiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaannnnnaaaaaa".  Ariana then said "bubu:r__s self".  Nigel said "idiot....".  Nigel then said "blackfire :kills self" heh".  he then called her "ariama" for fun. She said "no" so he spammed "ariama" over and over again.  Ariana left after this, so nigel left too. 


    july 22Edit

    on July 22 nigel(named felipe) met Cherie, Donald duck and Donna at industry6.   Nigel was suprized to find that "♀♀♀✰❀♥♥♥❀✰♀♀♀ ", someone he met before, was there too.  Nigel asked cherie why she was talking to the Noname, then told her that Noname was a stalker.  Noname told Nigel that he was wierd so he said "im not the one who begs people to f__ them".  Cherie and the others got mad at noname, and donna killed her. when he came back - Nigel asked why they were mad at her  " she pooed on people then lied about it" donald    yup  it the same one   cherie told it to stop, for she would get into trouble one day.   Nigel was brb for a few mins, and when he got back someone named "muffie" said "hi new person". Nigel said "hi, i know you?". noname said "felipe.. do i know you?" so he told her "my other named nigel". Muffie didnt know him, and said "this is funny, wanna watch?" Muffie then said "yay for pedestrian". Donna said "hey, you was keeeping me warm" for some reason. Nigel asked her what she meant, and she said "hi lord" only just noticing he was there.     Nigel then asked Noname if she was "duchess" someone he thought she might be.  Everyone els thoght that noname was Lizzie(ryuik), but Nigel knew it wasnt her. Nigel told them it wasnt, and Noname said "why does everyone hate me today?".  Nigel told her "cause you a stalker, ur that duchess ___ arnt you?" she said she wasnt, so he said "yes you [52]are". she said "no, im not even a hacker". Nigel then told her "noname.. remember? i tricked you about getting into a building lol".  Noname thn pooed on nigel and said "accident, sorry". Nigel told her "yea right".  a different noname said "leave my friend alone!". so Nigel asked him who he was talking about. other noname said "you upset her you have to deal with me".  Nigel, thinking noname was talking about him bothering noname, said "you dont know what she does, if ya only knew...".  Someone named "cocktail, who had been there, left.   Nigel realized that cherie haddent been saying anything, so he asked her if she was there. other noname then said "you dont come near my friend again symbols".  Cherie said "im going to be up early now"(and so the complaing begines :| :| :|).  Nigel asked other noname "oh wait you talking about her?" and he said he was. Other noname then said "sorry peeps for the language".  Noname then said "no ones here?". Nigel told her "you a bit blind no?".  other no name then left, and cherie left too leaving nigel with ♀♀♀✰❀♥♥♥❀✰♀♀♀. she told nigel "you can go too". so Nigel left.  ____________________

    Im not alone   Edit

    on july 24 , nigel(named felipe so i use that) went to hill7 in the morning. someone named "imnotalone" and "wercia121" were there. Imnotalone said "your not alone" as soon as he enterd. Felipe said "uh...  im uh.. what?".  Imnotalone said "you do not tell...". Felipe asked "tell.. what?".  Imnotalone then told him "not you" so felipe asked "me?". Imnotalone said "no" and left, following Wercia121, who had left a few second before.  Felipe left, but saw that one of them had gone back, so back he went and found "youdonottell" there this time. Felipe said "uh.. yay.. new name huh?".  youdonottell said "yes...". Felipe asked him "who are you e.0".  youdonottell said "i am angry at wera121".   Felipe asked him "do i know you,  why?".  Youdonottell said "probebly not xd".  Felipe told him his other name, but Youdonottell didnt say anything. After a few minuts, Felipe asked him if he was still there, so Youdonottell randomly said "lets me friends".  Felipe said "i said do i know you"."my other names nigel". youdonottell said "yay?" so Felipe said "you deaf????". "do you know someone named nigel?????". Someone named "felipe" then came on, so Felipe said "a clone?c come on! reeeeel funny e.e".  other felipe pooed on Youdonottell, and said sory, real felipe said "Wasnt me :)".  Felipe told Youdonottell "i know its you" for it was obviously him. Youdonottell said "im sorry i dont know english". Felipe said "dont clone me e.e".  Youdonottell said "i am polish" so Felipe told him "then go back to poland and stop cloning me e.e".   Youdonottell then left, and fake felipe told real felipe "i love you, kiss me". Felipe said "why... why do i always get the stalkers... :(".   Fake felipe walked up to felipe so felipe pooed on him and flew away. Fake felipe died, so felipe laughed and said "yes!! it died!".  Someone named "solomon" came on, and said "ok ok sorry". Felipe said "i know its you n idc if ya sorry" and left. 


    later that mourning felipe went to hill5 with frost and ace. ace asked Frost "what happend to jason" so felipe asked who jason was.  Wercia12 was there, so the decided to kill 


    the glowing egg

    her. Felipe told them that he knew her saying "she was beign harassed by a polish guy called "yournotalone" earlier".  Frost said "o.o" so felipe said "ya. then it started to harass me". Frost and Felipe then started killling wercia and someone named "rainbow12".  they continued doing this until the two left. Felipe then flew up really high just for fun and noticed that ace's superegg hack glowed. he told ace, saying "im high up in the sky and i can still see your super egg thing". "it glows".  ace said "o.o its holy ____". Felipe said "i took a pic of it". Frost then flew up really high so she could see it too.  

    later that day

    Felipe found Ace at hill7, so he asked him "why r you here all by yourself?". Ace said he was "practicing". Ace told nigel to follow him and showed him a new hack he had 


    ace's weird hack

    learnd.  ace said he couldnt see the chat when he did it so nigel said "that weird o.o". Felipe then told Ace to wait there for a minut and left.  when he got back he said "sorry, th shelf thing in the kitchen broke so alot of things broke dam it scared the crap out of me o.o".  Ace asked "what" so Felipe said " one of the shelf things in a cubord thing broke my mom was getting something n it broke so everything crash down.". ace said "oh.." while Felipe said "scared the crap out of me though". Ace asked nigel if he was ok so he said he was.   Someone named "monsta" then came on, so Felipe asked "oh ___ who's that?". Ace said "duno it hacks". Felipe said "better not be a spy....".  Monsta said "i dont spy, i just bored". ace said "then why you standing there like a stalker?".  Felipe then left for a minut and when he got back someone named "bloodwolf" was there. Ace asked Felipe if he knew hi so he said he thought he did. Bloodwolf said that he was the now renamed giggetygoo.  Felipe said "yup i know em".  ace said "wat?" so bloodwolf said "i changed my pic". Felipe asked "where?" while blood said "to my guineapig". Ace said "kik" so felipe said "he has kik..?" Bloodwolf said "yes i have kik" so Felipe asked "what was his picture before..". Ace said "his face o.o". Ace then said "terrefying".  Felipe then asked Bloodwolf why he had changed his name, so he said "ariana, she cloned this one two".  ace said "i hate her". 

    Bloodwolf then endded up triyng to kill nigel, so ace told him to stop. Blood said "maybe i will maybe i wont". Felipe said "ace...? superpoo time......?" so Bloodwolf said "see if i care b___" Felipes computer then died, and when he got back he told ace why he left. Bloodwolf  started pooing on nigel again, so ace told him to stop it already.  Ace then tried to Lag blodwolf out, but Felipe thought it was bloodwolf, so he did the counter code. Felipe realized this and said "oh.. fail.". Blood said "well that just wrecked the moment".  Ace then killed blood with lag, so felipe thanked him for this. Ace said "it died o.0".  Felipe then asked ace "wait, you did that.. right?" so ace told im it was him. felipe said "ok, just checking, i hate that ____", pooing on me how dare he?". Felipe then asked ace "whats his name on kik?" so ace told him it was "joe symon". felipe left saying "ok brb >:)". 

    when felipe got back he said "i could only find stuff on facebook, what did he look like?". Ace said "scarey.......". Felipe asked "give me a decription so i know if i got the right one". ace said "black hair, shot, scottish, there" "dont hurt him". Felipe said "how old ou think?" so ace said "about 13.". Felipe went and looked but didnt find anything. he started to say "i cant.." but then realized that bloodwolf was back, so he said"nvm".  Bloodwolf started kiling nigel again, and said "take that ___ that was just to warn you " Gamerz then came on s nigel and ace said hi to him.  Bloodwolf said "dont text me" to felipe after he found out that Felipe knew his facebook and kik.  Felipe ignored him asking ace to do the egg hack while he flew up really high. Ace said "gimmie a seck im trying to find the nest". so Felipe told him "no i mean egg on the ground so it glows like before". Ace said "i need to add twigs" so nigel said "ooooh ok".  Bloodwolf [55]

    Felipe watching Gamerz, ace, and bloodwolf

    then came back again. gamer then pooed on nigel for some reason, so felipe said "gamer? wtf?". gamer said "yes?" so felipe asked "why you poo on me?".  Gamerz said "i didnt mean to..".  Felipe said "3 times? ya right....".  Ace went over to gamer and started to super egg on him, so gamer started pooing on him back. Ace then lagged gamerz out using the size=800000>.<  code.  Felipe decided he would try too claiming "when he piss me off......".   Felipe then decided to go and try it out at city 1 so he did, and everyone who was there died.   when he got back gamerz was saying "oh i get it you like  nigel". Felipe said "wtf?" while ace said "what?". Felipe then said "i just tried your code thingy at c1 and everyone died lol" "instantly kill!".  gamerz then tried to kill ace, so Felipe asked him why he was doing that. they got no answer so felipe asked ace "why he mad at you".  Felipe got no answer so he asked"what was he saying before "oh i get it you like nigel?".  gamerz said "you both dunno huh?" so they both asked "know what????". gamerz said "lags".  Felipe said "i know lag,  just killed everyone at c1 with one". Digital then came on and said "fighter is at city 1" and left. gamerz callled fighter "finger" before thanking digi. Felipe asked gamer, "what you goina go fight da fighter?". Gamerz said "you sure ace clueless".  Ace said "fighter x gamerz" to mock gamer, so gamerz said "Tracer x nigel" to get him back.  Bloodwolf then came back again and said "hey my hacks off". Ace lagged both him and gamerz, so Felipe thanked him for doing it.  Gamerz then came back and said "stop hiding you little p_ssy where are you at?". Felipe asked "me?" so he aid "who els -_-".  Felipe asked "gamer? you wanna murder me? why?" "im hiding in plain sight".   gamer then came back but was lagged out again. Felipe asked ace "why u keep kill them?" so ace said "the murderer gone and yea?".  Felipe then asked "who do you think that gamer clone was?" Ace said "err, dunno, you?".  Felipe said "kapro or blackwolf""the fact that he called fighter finger kinda proves it as blackwolf".  ace said "blackwolf scares me". felipe said " he chased you way last year. didnt he?" so ace said "yea.. him and crapo(kaprosuchus)". felipe said "i remember we was at snow6 or something n u left for good".  Bloodwolf then returned yet again and was lagged out yet again.   Ace asked felipe "what did you said something before?" so felipe said "i said you were chased away at snow6 or something n you left for good".  Ace said "what? your chat died" so Felipe told him "i said blackwolf chased you away a year ago didnt he?" ace said "yea.. and the guilt, and crapo". Felipe said "i was there when you left for good, at snow6 or something, i remember, everyone was out to kill you".  ace said "you and abc did". Felipe went on saying "i tried to stop kapro n blackwolf but they didnt stop, n wtf?" Ace said "you n her helped me or something" so felipe said "no, alphaundercat, me n him was being chased at the same time, i was trying to get them to go after us and leave you alone".  ace said "im sure it was abc" so felipe told him again that is was AUC saying "we talked over the wiki thing alot, i still have comments from when we were being chased lol". Ace said "heh.." so felipe said "what?" ace said "abc said stuff about the past but idk if it was real now..".  Nigel then had to leave. 


    bloodwolfs name

    [57][58]===july 25 Edit=== new leader of sos! 


    go to hill5 aftr city1 was too crowded   blackfire go to hospital but unknown why yet  hill5 with whiteface n 

    blackfire   can u check if se still stuck in that dam city?  she come n leave bvmm   she back!    heh, slowpoke whiteface   looks at   semi-wolf  that nn was annoying at city 1   so did you have a cuncossion after that cemenet?backfire?whitefire        what happend??nigel   blackpoo on me  hey poo her back e.e     shes typeingwhitefire   oh. :/    i do that when i typewf  i dont  look at screenshot from bf    ouchh   i really cant belive that.whitefire  how bad can ur luck be?wf    were u hurt badly?    its just a lil swollen and i looks red but as long as i can ac like ciel...heheheblck  [59]  nigel then got tired and left :|not done. what a suprize!  :)     

    july 27 Edit


    hiding from polar


    still hiding

    h5 with ace how come u chnage ur name? ariana oh she cloned u? just ignore her. she didnt get this name. yet. sorry for my grammar it fine wait. oh ty.e.e mu pc for flab cant do thatsadlyace why? i think yr chat died ..? wha? back how do u type that fast??? idk :) it scares me lol why? ace u there? yeh ok :/ fires been cheeting i guyss she has???? i havnt talked to u abou it yet you never mentioned it :/ she is??? yeh.. who she with now? how u know she cheating then? somone told me. .... you know they could have seen ariana cloning her . always possible i think she left flab i thik she quit whY? i have another crushace on who? dolly .-. who the f___ is that? er someone who? somone why cant u tell me shes really nice to hang out with her soul is so fluffy who is she. what name she use on the game balquees never seen her i cant see the q for soem reason wow do you knowgolden fist? yes hes my first idol what? gamerz is second and fighter is third what do you mean? ac eshow him spiining hack too i look up to them. wait, fighter is? i know him hes a jerk e.e really hes not souf right? he tried to make me leave the game. cause i told someone to stop complaining about it. i dont think he is hes nice yo be and other.... i wasnt even rude about it. i told someone they should maybe take a break cause they said they hated the game nonstop so fighter went n mocked me telling me to "leave if botherd" and so on oh he has always been rude and unfriendly to me :/ n i think cherie supports him with that n encorages him i'll tel him to be nicer go back agemrz there bac wait wtf now bye!gamerzleaves t f was that? o.oace i think it was him or a clone. eh probebly ariana he said to tell ya that u two arnt friends antmore oh well ... it was him.. again.. i bet why would he jet off like that HE DID THIS BEFORE. AND TOLD ME I WA S"TAKING ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE" AND NOW IT DOING IT ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!! THAT B**********88 frost? ur dam boyfriends at it again!!!!!! hes not my bf anymore told me he not fiend with me for no reason i hate him now e.e again? frost yes. again. he randomly came her and said im not his friend again. i dont get him. he didnt tell you why?frost what the hell is wrong with him? he wrong in the head or something? noace i think..ace nigelfrost u dont know the reason but u talk like this?frost wat what u mean? errrrrrace i didnt even do anything to him? hmm i dont know ill ask him if hell tlell me frsot one motn before me broke up. were only friends nowfrost why he always hate me. he ignored me for a monthhfrost hes mean to me n ace he has his problems i guessfrost he wrong in the head probebly e.e stop it nigelfrost why? im fed up with him remember ace he came here n tried to kill us the other day ok then dont talk to him you wont have problems frost hat happen to the old daysace idk there gonefrost yup. back why arefrost ebaace ty you so quet sometimes? ace meh? no sjace yea well im often lie this i dony yalk muchfrost its coolace ill talk to gamerzfrsot well im going to act like i dont know he said that cause only ace was here wen he did do u still want him to be uur friend?frost see wat he do. yes, if he want to be my friend someone name polar poo on me wtf o.ofrost woah.. end of the peice. who r u?frost im in the skyflying ace? super poo time pls ace do egg hack but not kill it i mean kill it crapace back wherd it go? sorry capsace it was caps? sprsie mother fucker!polar appears out of no where n kils nigel wtf wtf???dead who is polar? gamerze.e thoughtsofrost get meh now undergorund nigelxdace polar who da hell r u? thoguth sopolar thoguth sopolarleave creep backbitchpolrleave that gammer dam...ace who was that?ace fros tget back n polar too dont ask me!!!! come out come ot wherever you are this isnt hidenseek youknowpolar who the hell.. wow.. thats really gamerz? yeah..ace idk if it is you will never knowpolar.. but ace.. he was acting normal around u in c1?frost howace confirmed hes alter egoe.eace dunny i didn see u two hate each other hes just weird :| he has an alter goace someting you never havepolar maybe he bipolar or soemthing? trt n understand him before u juge nigelfrsot something ill never have..ace something hell never understandpolar thats an alter ego all rightace back wb u 2ace polar back that was really ur bf frost o.o plar leave ace bakc what did he say? nothin u oculd neveer afford a gfnigelpolar i have a gf dum ass she is probebly using u ur jus to dum to knowpolar n left stop arguingfrost i think i know who this is..ace if i wanted a gf i could get one i just dont want one :| why r we even talking about this change sujectpolar you brought it up dippy no u did.plar ohfrost ur laggingace no its my peronal hack that was givin to me what u use?ace secret its creepy he can be watchinng you whenever he wants o.o u might use it aganst mepolar no... really? u using ceace maybe ik who i am ty very muchpolar im not that dum like ngiel wb nigelfrost polar what kind of sould u haveace what r u two arguing about? that is the reason to hate nigel.. back wherd it go? sorry capsace it was caps? sprsie mother fucker!polar appears out of no where n kils nigel wtf wtf???dead who is polar? gamerze.e thoughtsofrost get meh now undergorund nigelxdace polar who da hell r u? thoguth sopolar thoguth sopolarleave creep backbitchpolrleave that gammer dam...ace who was that?ace fros tget back n polar too dont ask me!!!! come out come ot wherever you are this isnt hidenseek youknowpolar who the hell.. wow.. thats really gamerz? yeah..ace idk if it is you will never knowpolar.. but ace.. he was acting normal around u in c1?frost howace confirmed hes alter egoe.eace dunny i didn see u two hate each other hes just weird :| he has an alter goace someting you never havepolar maybe he bipolar or soemthing? trt n understand him before u juge nigelfrsot something ill never have..ace something hell never understandpolar thats an alter ego all rightace back wb u 2ace polar back that was really ur bf frost o.o plar leave ace bakc what did he say? nothin u oculd neveer afford a gfnigelpolar i have a gf dum ass she is probebly using u ur jus to dum to knowpolar n left stop arguingfrost i think i know who this is..ace if i wanted a gf i could get one i just dont want one :| why r we even talking about this change sujectpolar you brought it up dippy no u did.plar ohfrost ur laggingace no its my peronal hack that was givin to me what u use?ace secret its creepy he can be watchinng you whenever he wants o.o u might use it aganst mepolar no... really? u using ceace maybe soul?polar yeh soulace idk. oh thats interstingace whar? you always talk about soulds n scaryshitpola in my mind yeaace how adventurous u are ljust like venturianpolar welcome felloe adventurus nelly stop scary themace nelly? yeah nellee.eace im not a girlpolar intersing factace ikrpolar the robin counds it thoughace i gtg leave good riddance just gopolar .  nigel leave 4 10 min to go to grandma dam . 

    later on  

    was at industy 6 earlier with someone named jack who hated him for knowing lizzie. he was pooing on him for no reason saying go then said why. nigel was walking along a wall and jack randomly start killing him.  nigel ask cherie to help but she wouldnt as usual.  she finnaly ask him to stop but jack wouldnt saying "hes bad".  cherie then left. 

    jnigel told jack not to hate people just cause they know people n left. he go to c1 n tell cherie n donna to tell him to act right. right before leaving with ace to go to h5

    h5 wiht ace and donna come on ask where jack nigel say in6 and told her he was weird, and that he "told me he hates me cause i know lizzie"  went in6 to tell donna said "there see?" and left   

    then back to hil5! back woah buddy come on manwings dieace. um what? whatsgoing on here o.0 deathace of whom? ace who dieing ce po on nigel then kil wings ace why yeh u pooed on me e.e sooorrryyyy it fine wing bakc n get killed whats ur dealwing why u killin wings? ace poo on nigel n die wth sorry again damn it fine i gtg. eat dinner at grandmas e.e i be back k? l

    this isnt going to be done for a while. i dont think. idk. 


    July 28Edit

    Felipe vs Bloodwolf vs Angryswan.   Edit

    on july 28 Nigel(named felipe so i using that) had been arguing with Bloodwolf(the renamed giggetygoo) at cityscape 6 for a while. Bloodwolf blamed him for pooing on him when he haddent, for it was probebly a clone. Felipe eventually left and went to industry 6 to talk to donna. Bloodwolf unfortunatly followed him there, to cause trouble.  Felipe asked gim to stop following him. Bloodwolf said "you shouldnt poo on me then".  Felipe said he didnt, claiming "you blamed me for something a clone did".  Bloodwolf started pooing on Felipe, so he asked him to stop saying "i came here to talk to my friend leave me alone". Blood said "i blame yo for summat you did". Felipe said "it wasnt me leave me alone, go somewhere els if ya hate me so much".  Blood said "tha grain agam ort", so felipe, not u again but he wouldnt lenderstanding, said "speek english".  Blood said "make me b__h".  Felipe said leave again but he wouldnt, so he called him a jerk.  Felipe then tried to appoligize to donna for Bloodwolfs behavior, saying "hes been bothering me all afternoon, i didnt poo as he said before".  Blood said "you did" so felipe said "it wasnt me". Blood said "hahaha no for like 10 minuts".  Felipe said "you been pooing on me" so Blood said "we met in c5 literaly 10 min ago".   Felipe said "oh well. when did i poo on you then?". Blood wolf then left,  and donna came back after she had left for a few minuts.  Felipe told hr "so sorry, he been blaming me for something i didnt do.". Donna said "Aww". Felipe said "damn clones, oh well". "he was a bit of a jerk anyways but 2 friends blame me for nothing in 2 days wtf". he then told Donna about what happend between him and gamerz the other day.  Donna asked him if he had facebook but he said he didnt, claiming the only things he went on were the "flab3 wiki" and the "Societyofsavers".  Donna said she had seen him on the flab3 wiki, so he told her he was on it alot. Donna said she only went on once. 

    Bloodwolf then returned, while felipe was saying "no one really goes on it much anymore, the owner abandoned it". Donna said "aaww" again.  Felipe realized that bloodwolf was there so he said ".. why are you back?".  Blood said "coz, i wanna be". Felipe said "ya... just to cause trouble." Blood gave him  a e.e face to this.   Felipe said "go poo on someone els jerk" so Blood said "ghalla".  Felipe asked donna if she hacked, and she said that she did, so he asked her to super poo Blood to death.  Blood said "hes the only "nothacker" refuring to felipe. donna said "hes a hacker", then she said "hes ok". Felipe, realizing what she meant by this, said " so you like people who torment your friends?".  Blood, also seeing what she meant, said "ok......thats...i guess ;)".  donna told felipe "you get trouble because of lizzie". so felipe asked her why the hell she was bringing lizzie into it. Donna said "you know i hate her" so Felipe asked her again saying "why the hell you bringing her into this? this has nothing to do with her??????".  Blood said "the way you speek makes me want to poke my eyes out" to felipe.  A noname then came on, so Donna asked him who he was. Felipe asked Blood to leave again, so he said "make me". Donna said "lord i can gey in". Blood wolf said "hes a noname genius" to donna.  Felipe ased her what she meant, so she said nothing.  Just then the Noname said "felope?" and Felipe instantly knew who it was(i give you the count of 3 to guess.1...2......3.. ).  Felipe said "aw hell no" while Blood laughed at this. Noname said "aaaaah its you..".  Felipe said "c.r.a.p........". Donna asked who this noname was, so Felipe told her that it was angryswan(if you guessed right you get 100 dollar). Blood wolf said "ap*" for soem reason.  Noname said "Felope?" so Felipe said "ignore it". Bloodwolf asked "ignore what? or who?" so Felipe told him to ignore the noname, claiming it was a stalker. angry said "ignore your dumb mother, felope".   

    Felipe and angry then started arguing for a while, angry claiming that felipe was a stalker when angry really was. Felipe said "i dont even want a gf, or a mate". Angry said "a r____ and a stalker, wow, i thought you couldnt get worse".  Bloodwolf laughed at this.  Felipe said "says you".  Blood wolf told felipe "no... you ruined the moment, then.".  Felipe said "my gf dissapeard, havnt seen her since" refuring do springtrap, someone he knew a few months ago.  Angy started saying "look out that felipe is a r____ (o_o)".  Donna said "try it and you die". Felipe asked her "ur not really beleiving them are you.". Donna answerd saying "it ok" so felipe asked her "are you?". Angry said "he lies alot".  Felipe said "..  i dont, your the person who is lieing". Felipe then told donna not to belive them.  Angry said "i dont lie", so Felipe said "then why you stalk me all the time" "if you are the felope idiot".  Angry said "you dont even know me". he then went on chanting "felope is a teenager who likes to play with children....(im not saying the rest for its very innapropriate, you can guess the rest e_e )".  Felipe said "i think imma ignore you dum__sses from now on".  

    After this, cherie randomly said "im from england", so Bloodwolf said he was from scottish.  Felipe left for a minut, and when he got back Angry was saying "now i'll take his place" and left.  Bloodwolf said "felipe ditched you again" to donna, not realizing that felipe had returned, so Felipe told him "im right here". Angry then returned with felipes name. Blood said "oh dammit" while felipe told him "see, thats what pooed on you".  Blood said "hahahahahahahhahaha no thats the noname" so Felipe told him "he could have cloned me n pooed on you, see how easy it is for people to clone people and make there friends hate them?".  Angry started saying rude things again, while felipe decided he had had enough. so Felipe lagged Bloodwolf and angry out. 

    Once the two were gone, Felipe said "thats better, right donna?". he then asked her "your not really siding with him.. r u?" so she said she wasnt siding with anyone.  Angry returned first, now named "felipether__ist". someone named "aqua bullet" also came on, and told them he was icewolf.  ice said "hai angry", while angry was spamming rude things again.  Felipe said "and this is what i get on flab3".  Bloodwolf finally returned put was quickly lagged out again by felipe.  Aqua said "dont r__ me" to angry, who was still going on about this.  Angry replied saying "oh no... i only r__ babies".  Aqua said "wait what?".  Frost came on right as angry was saying this, so Felipe told her "bad time frost. bad time.". Frost asked what was going on, so Felipe told her to ask them and not him. Aqua said "everything.." "angry r__s babies". Frost said "so thats angry", so Felipe told her "da one and only".    Felipe was then brb for a minut

    when he got back, Angry said "felope" so Felipe used the counter code to mock her. Frost told nigel "you know angry always do this nonsense.. just ignore it".  Felipe told her "i know, its kinda entertaining though...".  Frost then left.  Aqua said "im just going to be quiet....".  Angry said "no he ____ babies".  Donna finnaly decided to be helpfull (it took her half an house saddly) and super pooed Angry to death. Felipe thanked her for this, so she said "he lies and had a go and cherie". Felipe said "thats angry for ya".  Bloodwolf then came back, so frost(who came back) not knowing what he did greeted him. Felipe lagged Bloodwolf, killing him again.  Felipe said "to kill bloodwolf" to everyone. Frost asked why, so he said "he blamed me for nothing today". Aqua said "i hate laggers" so Felipe said "i hate bloodwolf just the same". Angry said "*points at felope*......lagger...". Aqua asked Felipe "just stop lagging pls". Frost asked Felipe why blood had blamed him, so he told her "he told me i pooed on him when it was a clone and harassed me the whole afternoon".  Angryswan said "laggingbabyfarterrapist" to felipe. frost said "Errrr".  Felipe then decided he had had enough, so he told them not to listen to bloodwolf or angry, and left.

    later on Edit

    Felipe went back to indystry 6 and found donna and jack there. Felipesaid "i needed a break from that". Frost welcomed him back, and said "oki lucky he leaved for now".  Felipe said "i hope he stays gone".  Frost said "if you dont say anything to him he gets bored and stops.". Felipe told frost that he had hoped that angryswan had left for good, for he haddent been seen for days, but he obviosly hadnt left.  Frost asked "how old is that guy" so Felipe said "i dont want to know". Frost then said "ace is in city1 just so you know". Felipe was saying "well, his spelling was better.. wait what???" and left for city 1 after hearing ace's name, leaving frost at industry 6.  he told her he would be at hill5 before he left. 

    Felipe found ace and the two went to hill5, and frost was there waiting for them. Felipe pointed out to a-


    the picture.

    -ce that he could only see the symbols in his name and nothing els. he told ace he would take a picture of it for proof and did. Ace asked if it was normal in the chat, and it was, so frost and felipe told him.  Ace said "thats abnormal".  After this there was a long silence. Felipe broke the silence saying "why's it so quiet". Ace said "dunno".  Ace then told frost "were becoming like you" for frost was known to say nothing for a while.  Frost said "there is nothing ineresting to talk about".   Ace then asked felipe what happend to him, for he wasnt talking mutch. Ace said "you changed somehow, i can tell by your energy". Felipe said it was just because he was tired.  He then said "after what happend at in6, im tired..". Ace asked what happend, so fros ttold him about what angryswan was up to.  Felipe said "angryswan. you know the rest.".  Frost said "dont take it so seriosly you know he annoys everyone". Ace asked "oh.. was i there?" but he wasnt.  Felipe went on saying "ya.. but donna was stupid enough to belive him..n if she does, cherie does, then everyone does".  Ace then said "frost you female o-o?".  She told him "how many times do i have to tell you that?".  Ace said "dunno" so Frost asked him "what e.o".   After chatting for a bit, someone named "i♥felipe" came on. Felipe asked "whyyyyyyy why do i always get the stalkers????".  Ace said "dunno, think they like ya nigel". he then asked felipe "nigel help, she called my acey how do i deal with it?".   felipe didnt answer for he was trying to ger undergound so that i felipe couldnt kill him. someone els named "bareface(or bearface idk i forgot) was also tryng to kill him.  I felipe ended up killing felipe. when he got back, he mannaged to get underground so no one could kill him.  he s [64]aid "heh, yes, kill meh now!".  Frost then left, so ace asked felipe "how do i deal with females like frost?" felipe said "you already got a gf dont you?" so ace said he did.  Felipe said "then dont try". ace said "im not." "my old self is gone nigel.". Felipe didnt listen, only doing  a e.e in big letters.   ace said "it was hald demon after all.....".  felipe did an even bigger e.e to this.  Ace aske "do you know "her"?" so felipe said "her?". so ace said "no, her". felipe asked who he was talking about, so ace said "locket...".   meenwhile, wolfgirl killed i felipe and yelled "fcken kid!".  i felipe then came back as "ihatewolfgirl" so ace superegged it to death.  Felipe then said "wait.. you mean populargirl?" but didnt get an answer. i felipe then came back as "felipeismine".  Felipe left for 10 minuts to get away from it asking "take care of that idiot over there pls?". 

    later he went back, and found mei misaki and "✿"there.  ace asked "why the hell is flower thing here?" so felipe told him "its lisha.". Ace said "i didnt see it" . Felipe said "the flower thing, its lisha, my stalker, fires x". he then said "it speeks flower language". ace said "wait, it was with fire?" so felipe told him "that idiot been with 5 people".   ace and felipe then tried to go to hill3, but it followed them. Felipe said "i hate lisha!!!!!!" . ace asked if she spoke english, so felipe told him "she speaks flower language". ace said "this is?" so felipe said "come on lisha, show him". ace said "ye show me".  after lisha didnt say anyhting, felipe said "she speeks with only the symbols in her name, me n eren made up the name". Ace asked if felipe understood the language, but he said he didnt. Felipe told ace that the only words she said were "i need you" "i love you" "i want you". ace said "does flower girl know english? so felipe said "she speaks a bit".  Felipe then asked flo

    wer thing is she rememberd him, but she still didnt say anything.   Felipe then went over to lisha who was in the house, but ace beat him to it and tried to kill her but it got away. Felipe said "aaaaww you beat me to it :/". Ace said "aaww nigel".  Lisha, who was now running from them, crashed into a fence, so Felipe mocked her saying "hahahah fail". lisha killed him for this.  Felipe then got the idea  to try and make her talk using "flower language" but it didnt work.  ace then had to leave so felipe left, not wanting to be left with flower thing. 

    lesson learnedEdit

    at snow 5 Felipe met someone named "maleowl" who claimed he was sad. when Felipe asked why he was sad, he said his friend had left and not returned. Felipe asked him who this friend was, and he said "ariana". Maleowl then said that Ariana had been using the name "femaleowl". Felipe told him not to be with her, telling him she was a "stalker" and a "cloner". Male owl got mad at him for this, and they started to argue, Felipe claimg that she was using him.  Eventually, Female owl returned, and Felipe emediatly started accusing her of using Maleowl, thinkign she was the real ariana.  She told him she never did that, and demanded male owl to tell her what Felipe had said to him while she was gone. He told her that Felipe called her a "stalker" anda "troller". She got mad at Felipe and the two tried to kill him. Felipe now realized that she wasnt the real one, and apoligized. he told her that he was to kill ariana on sight whenever he saw her and thta was why. She eventually forgave him, after realizing why he did this.   He told her that she shouldnt tell anyone that her named Ariana, for most people kill her on sight.  

    Glimmer Edit

    Later at snow 3  Felipe met someone named "glimmer" who was harassing someone named "boo". She was telling someone to "get out". Boo was saying "you were always glimmer" so glimmer said back "what does that mean.".  Felipe asked "why get out?". Glimmer told him "get out" so he said "why?" so glimmer repeated this.  Felipe said "wtf? why?". Boo said "you never changed your name in this game".  Felipe asked boo who glimmer was, but instead glimmer answerd him saying "im glimmer". Felipe said "angry glimmer".  Boo said "i think an owl". Glimmer said "boo is ugly" so boo said "you are too". Glimmer said "no im not!". so boo told her "who said that.".  Felipe said "how can we know that? maybe your ugly as hell". Glimmer said "im beautiful!" while boo laughed at felipes comment.  Felipe said "just cause your name sounds pretty dont mean you are, glimmy". boo agreed.  Felipe said "gliiiiimmmmmmyyyyyy".  Glimmer told boo "your a degenerated slug", so boo said "no im not." Glimmer said "y'all gross n ugly". Glimmer then left after insulting everyone. Felipe said "bahahah she ran away".  Felipe then told boo "dont feed the trolls" and left. 


    The _PKGEdit

    on july 29 Nigel(named felipe) hung out with Gamerz and Ace for a while. He joined there new group called the "peace keeper group" aka the Pkg. later Gamerz showed them his hack where he could fly upsidedown and what not. Bloodwolf came on and caused trouble as usual.   after hanging out for a while, Angryswan came on. Her first name was "someone" and it tried to lag everyone out but failed. Nigel lagged her and everyone els out (except gamerz he had left) to mock her. When it got back, he said "that worked, didnt it?".  Someone said "aha" and left. When sit got back, it had renamed herself "angryswan_pkg" so Nigel said "god kill me now please".  Angryswan said "as always........" and left again. When it got back, it had renamed itself again, now named "felope_pkg". it asked nigel "what is the "_pkg" you speak of?". Nigel told her  " its called peace keeper group. its for keeping trash like you out of the game". After getting no answer, he told it "well, you asked".  Angry said "why would i join that!!!!!!!!".  Nigel told her "well, your not cause were not letting you" "dont even dream about it". Angry said "you cant make me!". Nigel replied "we dont want you in it". he then told her "you actually on our kill list, you better be carefull". Angry said "oh... idea(^_^".  Nigel asked what idea, but she didnt answer.  Bloodwold came on, and said "oh a clone" seeing angry who was named felope. Nigel told him "meet angryswan the ________".  Bloodwolf said "you just ruined the funny moment" so nigel told him to shut it.  Blood said "dammit stop doing that".  Blood then killed Felope while Nigel cheered him on. Blood laughed after killing angry, so Nigel said "be happy now. it might clone you next".  Blood said "it wont though....".  Angry then came on as "ihateyou_pkg" so Nigel, who had enough, left. 


    the rebelEdit

    On july 31 Nigel met ace. The two went to Hill5, after ace said he wasn't happy. At Hill5, ace told nigel "were sharing our turf with a rebel."". Nigel asked him where there "turf" was, so ace told him it was city5 and down. Nigel asked who it was, and it turned out to be "baby hawk". Nigel had known Babyhawk a while ago, and was friends with him even though most others hated him. Nigel asked ace "wait i thought he left?" so ace said "no". Nigel told ace he hadent seen Babyhawk for a while, but ace and the other pkg's had. Nigel went on saying "last time i saw him was with some barn owl at city 5". Ace only stared at nigel, so Nigel, realising what ace was telling him, said "uh.. is he bad..?". Ace said nothing, then said "nigel.". Nigel asked what so Ace said "are you in my clan?". Nigel, now realising what ace was saying said "um... your enemies with him?". Ace said no, supizingly so Nigel asked why ace hated him. Ace said it wasn't him who hated baby hawk, it was baby hawk who hated him. Ace explained to Nigel what had happened between him and Baby's sister.  

    After this, Ace and Nigel started deciding who would be in what group of the PKG. There were 4 groups, as ace explained. First one was the leader, deputy, and an old PKG member. second one was fighters, third debaters and forth was people who teach others about the pkg. Nigel asked ace what the PKG did, so ace said "peace keeper gang, we stop fights and bad hackers". Nigel asked "do you kill killers and bad people?" ace said they did, so Nigel asked if they had a "wanted dead list". Ace said someone was on his, and told nigel not to tell anyone who it was for only him and Gamerz knew about it. Nigel then asked Ace if they should add Ariana and Angryswan to the list, seen as they were nothing but trouble. Ace ignored him and said "i think you'l fit in with the debaters or the teachers." Nigel said "probably debaters". so Ace said "they help the whole clan".  Nigel asked "do you have like an advisor who tells you who you should kill?". Ace said "debate on what ever a person needs debating on it the clan".  Ace then said "you need to know the whole clan". Ace then listed off the people who were in the clan, one of them being "mei", she was decribed as being quiet, but a good fighter.   

    After this, Nigel set up a website for ace to use for the pkg. 

    August Edit

    today august 3(not done) Edit

    vespula is back... fuck .

    Nigel went to city 1 as usual and met a noname there. for some reason the noname told him "cant talk here go to hill7". Nigel, thinking it was ace or gamerz, headed to hill7. When they got there, Nigel asked who this noname was, so it said "i am for babyhawk". Nigel said "ok. i know him/her" but he then realized what ace had said the day before. he asked noname "wait.. isnt babyhawk the pkgs enemie...?.". Nonme told him "first you must leave the pkg!" so Nigel said "..why should i?" Nigel flew over to the noname, who didnt think nigel could see his/her name. Noname said "you have nn seeing hacks?". Nigel told it " its not a hack, its called stupid nn who and be a nn" Noname said "oh..uh...well............................................thepkg has to die!".  Frost came on as nigel was saying "and, what you doina do? wipe us out when you cant even hide your name properly? i dont think so." he then say frost was there and said "hey frost!". Frost said ":| should i leave."  Noname emidiatly said "yes!!!!!" while nigel told her "uh.. maybe". Frost decided to leave so she did, leaving nigel and noname alone again.  Nigel told Noname "your -


    nigel confronting vespula

    -going up against me, and 2 hackers, you really think you can stop the pkg?".  Noname said "pkg stole my territoy". Nigel, not believing it, said "so, tough." Noname said "blackfire is now dead" so Nigel told it "shes not dead theres a clone of her if thats what your thinking of".  Nigel then asked  who are you anyways?".  Noname said "thats a long story....." Nigel asked it to say its name, but it ignored him saying "but you pkg will die!".  Nigel said "good luck with that, no ones there to help you". Nigel then told it "wait till gamerz n ace find out, there goina have a good time... killing you".  Noname said "i knew all along you worked for them...". Nigel said "so you better look out.". Noname said "quit the pkg", so nigel said "make me". Noname said "its time to join the...super colony...". Nigel was saying "if your ariana, you will suffer..." but then realized what noname had just said and said "wait what. oh hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".  Noname said "no im someone els".   Nigel said "oh no.. your one of the crap wasps... are you..?". Noname said "i never forgot you."  nigel listed off some named he knew, including priso, vespula, and vokun. Noname said "possibly" when he said vespula, confirming who she was.  Nigel said Vespula....." while she said "nigel...."  Nigel then flew at her saying -"die!!!!!!!!", and killed her. When she got back, he told her "you better watch out your on our kill list now. your going to die".  Vespula said "well i could take pkg for myself!". Nigel then left for a minut and went to the pkg website and reported her to gamerz and ace.  

    WHen he got back he told her "i just reported you to gamerz" good luck". she asked him who that wa-


    "you" -nigel

    -s, so he told her "the person whos goina kill you".   Nigle then asked her if she really was vespula and she admited it this time. he said "you." while she said "why are you still alive" he told her "i had hope that you had died, but i guess thats gone now." he then nswerd her question and said "because im not stupid like you little s__y wasps".  vespula claimed "i came back, and im not leaving this time.". nigel said "i still remember when i killed melicafrons or whatever her name was, you should have seen that other who was with her's face".  vespula said "the others may not return.. but i will end the pkg.."  Nigel told her "well. i wish you luck.". Frost then came back, right as nigel was saying "what you you going to do?? sting us to death?? bahahahahahahahahahahahaa".  Frost said "sorry nigel, have you seen gamerz?" so he told her he hadent, so she left.  Vespula, realizing that nigel had mention gamerz earlier, said "but you said..? "ok nigel no more tricks!". Nigel, realizing what she ment, said "i reported to him on a website dips__".  Vespula asked "was blackfire the quen?" so he told her she wasnt. she asked "who is gamerz?" so he told her "gamerz is the leader".  Vespula said "i dont understand you pkg's very well.  Nigel told her "well, i dont understand you wasps".  Vespula asked "wheres the queen?" so he told her "there is no queen."   she started laughing and asked "no queen??!??!" so nigle told her that they didnt need one. she asked "polygyny?""is that what you pkgs do now?".  Nigel wnet and looked up what polygyny meant, and this is what he got: "polygamy in which a man has more than one wife."  when nigel got back he asked vespula "what kind of sh__ do you come up with?". she ignored him and said "how many queens do you have?".  Nigel told her they had non, so she said "all drones?". he told her that they wernt wasps. she asked "pkg are polybinea? so he told her "we are birds, who protect other birds from trahs like you".  [67][68][69][70][71] pkg are polybinea? we are birds. who protect birds from trash like you pkgs... why did you come back? because.. i could ask the same about you wasps.. u know -.- ur a low dominant drone! i would never mate with you o.o ? whatdid the others see in u? i dont want to.. uh.. do stuff with you ace has been my friend for a long time and so has gamerz. irregular abdominal spots? ace...!!!!!!!!! im a bird idiot. not a wasp i hoped he was dead hes not :) long silence anyways ur blackfires phereoms are week. time for a new queen ...? we are not wasps im taking pkg good luck pkg! wheere is ace?! u have to ask gamerz, then ace, then me. unless we all aprove ur not coming neer the pkg and ur colony is run by mainly drones???!! hahahahah!! and, its not a colony, its a group u... live for a few months anyways. ...? pkg stil own i5? we own all of the scapes doen from 5 :) well, not own, but protect from other drones.. ???? no queen wants to mate with you no. we stop trollers, and bad hackers. hhahhahahah!!! not even protecting ur own hve! we dont have a hive i own i5 idc we protect it. not own it pkg will suffer quen blackifre is dead from ur stupidness lol n shes not b enough!!! we will fight!!!! u dont even have anyone to fight for u plus u dont hack ill get wokers good luck i kiled ur last two workers lol they were pathetic i can find more n i'll fly swat em all over again =) nigel join my colony. are you... retarded...? your worse then angryswan lol we can be stornger good luck oh n i have a question. was someone named "pristobrycon" related to the wasps? or not what? was she? are u dead?ves no you are what?? poo on her 3 time like that dead run how? killed her hahahhahahahhhaha she back as vespula now nigel!!! what pkg is half dead idc i kiled a wasp yesterday btw no qyeen..consits of drone... we will come back at you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i stepped on a wasp and itsinsides exploded out lol :) she no say anything lol you may have one against one wasp... but u will never defete the swarm! i blew up a wasp nest once. that got rid of em goooood :) nothing like the smell of roasting wasp lol thats it you have declared war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! prepare to die all of u pkg ....... ehem. 3... 2.. 1.. eh. still wating. i need workers gigetyas polterguist come on yay ur not getting em whos this another pkg? are u 2 friends gg no no get ur fct right twat gg i hate all pkg!ves assholepolt wanna help team up with the pkg and kill the wasps with us? yes or no ur colony is weekvesp bitchpolt me? no the other guy want to help kill it nigel.. who is she? its a he im a boypolt ur giggety, right? a from? another one? nigel? what is that thinggg its a wasp. a pest yes a parasite ur giggetygoo right? omg dont look up parasidic wasp. it will give u nightmares o_o im a vespine.. not parasitic i kill every wasp i see >:) thank god your an itblood a what?vesp itpolt you got that one right lol your a dronevesp back do back to ur colonyvesp why dont u ur a parasite who takes the mick out of other people coz u feel bad about urself. eg u have no friends ur parantes hate you ectgg hes a sugestion get a lifegg no im a vespul sqaumosa. ur a pest who no one wants bye and a queen polt? dont leave me with it pls leae whar? me. ok i wont... thank you!!!!!! im being attacked by drones...?vesp no        back at h 7   wait by drone do u mean robot? or a bee?gg she means male bee  wb  ty    nigel wat dos the crazy bitch men by drone?   she means male wasp   aah ok  u have no queenvesp  i dont need a queen......nigel whys she obsessed with wasps?gg   2 words.  fuc.ked and up   :)  gamer on  kill it pls   whos this now??vesp    u got my message??? ye  ok good  on the pkg website right?   no  what? where?      were here with a cray bitch who is so obsessed with wasps she wthinks shes a part of there colonygg     theres a pkg website where?vest  oh..    ye.. shes pretty messed up.   check the website.  witch one  theres only one  can i be a pkggg   yes   ok how?gg  ask gamer  no ones joining!vesp     gamerz how can i join/polt   well if u ask our leader.  ace     ace said u make the desesion  ???   yes  so let him be in it   ill text him laterpolt  or he  pkg weres the queen vesp its a he or she?gamer she i think   nah. its a it   im a wueenve   no its a nothing ignore it.  not a wokrer    did u see the wiki message or not    ok  o-o   why u not checking it???  nigel wheres the queen    i forgot the websitegamer  bithc go awaygg  go to my user on flab3 wiki. it there.  k?      then book mark it   i will not be chased away by drones!vesp   polt add pkg to ur name    where not being chaded away by a wasp obsessed bitch who had no grip on reality!polt   im not a member yet.        imsure ace would let u join   i;ll text him later   ace is female?vesp  no hes a malegame     "you have no queen" says vespula lmao      or workers  we dont use slaves. bitch shes giving me a headachegg  leave for min   they all left    thye just left me?  they coe back 1 by 1  where she go????  i dont knowpolt  wheres the thinggamers?    idk   btwblood is u want to jojn ofc u cangamer  ok n shes back    add pkg to ur name     its back at queen wasp    now? yes  suregamer   frost is on  hey frost  hi   itll mess up my name but ok.....polt left   is she a member?e.egamer   shes faking it :.  vesp named herself queenwasppkglol      shes like ariana  but kinda differentgamer   there the same person i think  it could be her though..     ive known vesp for a while.     i think she is ariana.  -.-  see no emojis?polt    ikr     who is arianaqueenwasp  no shes crazypolt    ariana was with the wasps. thats for sure   my name looks terriblepolt    no it dont  it looks coolgamer  frost is back n gamer come on with pkg in name         i have to go guysfrsot  see utomarrow  forst left      do y have an wokers at all?vesp   ya.. fly in the sky ya coward.....    i said already.  we dont use slaves like u do  ignoring people is the keey nigel  but its funny  :/ how is it funny???  thats funny?    shes so stupid its funny  e.e  well sorry  this pkg nonsense is a jokevesp   then take it offgamer  so is the wasps   if u dont like the kg,  do something bout it.  :|  nothing that is.gamer  um oknigel    ok?   like become queen and slowly take over   shes deaf. i think  ikgamer  not goinna happengamer   last year i killed both her helpers lol  well weres ur queen malecifrons n polesties  my queen?gamer  im not the leader    i thought u was  no ace is      where is she?vesp  kidlat entursted that duty to him    and he was the keepergame  kidwho?     the leader of the pkg   cherie said she was    nope     thts a lie nigel   thats lier  e.e she told me a long time ago she was the leader n i couldnt join :|  o  the leader was kidlat  but idk the founder  i never met him :/   hes coolgamer    but also funnyxd    lol    vesp left    tell him i want to meet him   he will come back at the time of "eed" he said  i                                    [72][73][74]  thought u talk about the thing  but idk when   he will come back       gamer    so if there a war, he will return?    he siad in the time of need.    you have been warned pkg trash! dont worry   got a plan     shes so dopy  lol  ikr   i got a plangamer    what plan???   all the pkg member will beet up  for a special meeting  i will tell u then   ok    except for the mebetr who had left    how will u get everyone together    just me you ace blood and the rest that have joined      mie is one too     can u let met know on the wiki what time  ell me be so i have it written down?     i forgot what it was   go to my wiki user on flab3 wiki n look at my favorit ewikis        he went n look  polt is back     wb  ty  u find it?  yes  ok  bookmark it k   i mean no harm came on   vespula fu ck off  ies her  gamer     gtg  let me know on the wiki? k?  i be back  


    found donna and jack at island 5  then   h7 with hawkstarz   nigel  who r u?  >hawky   o.o i thought u left???  aiana cloned me :(    i saw that  :/   nigel   is there really anyone she dosnt clone?   yes?  have u seen jeff? no  not for a while :/     brb new name       leaves    back as   - hawky    wb    i gtg :/  ima go say by to donna               

    this will be done eventually.  this will suck  :|                    


    Discussing VespulaEdit

    On august 5, in the morning,  Nigel met Gamerz at city 1 and headed to hill5 with him.  He asked gamer if anthing new had happend with the pkg, but nothing much had. only vespula was making fun of them.  Nigel commented on this saying "you really think she wouldnt?". Gamerz said "i knew it already". Nigel said "i hate vespula" "last year her n all her followers went to the flab3 wiki and started deleting stuff and ruining things n putting rude comments". gamerz said omg to this. Nigel went on saying "i had to rewrite my whole page e.e". Gamerz asked if her followers still played, but nigel wasnt sure, he knew he killed one last year but there were others. Gamerz said "so she is back."  Nigel said "yes, sadly".  Gamerz said "i have an idea who she is" while nigel said "i thing she was ariana all along, cause soon ater she dissapeard, ariana showed up, and they are very simmilar". Gamerz said "its her. and i found something in common".  Nigel went on saing "she dissapeard, then someone named "pristobrycon showed up for a few months, then vokun the ariana.   its all her". Gamez said "they both like to end relationships".  Gamerz then said "so its all her". Nigel said "i know its all them cause at one point theve all accidentaly(lol) said something about the wasps  and avenging them and whatnot".  Gamerz started listing what they all did  saying " Ariana: an annoying person who clones people for fun to end relationships, Vespula: someone who likes to make fun of people or things, and Vokun: someone who is always serios".   Gamerz said "they could all be the same person" but then realized nigel wasnt saying anything, so he said "nigel, you awake?". Nigel said "  i think there all one person to tell u the truth.  i have never seen em all in the same room at once,   someone els who she was emily ". Gamerz said "ikr " to this. Nigel went on saying "cause this emily idiot said shes the "wasp leader" too.  Nigel then asked Gamerz if he wanted to hear something stupid the wasps did. Gamerz said he had to go soon, so Nigel quickly told him, saying "when i killed them last year they left then came back claiming they were all "fish". Gamerz then had to go. 

    taste of her own medicineEdit

    later on that evening Nigel had been at city 1 helping cherie fight off a clone of herself. Nigel told her that it was probebly ariana. Digital, named sarabi, was also there trying to kill it. Sarabi and nigel then started poo fighting after the clone left.  after a little while ariana came back, now clonning nigel. he decided to leave, and the clone followed him. everywhere he went, it found him. once he got to hill5, he told the clone "if thats you vespula go ___ yourself.".  she asked "who's vespula?"  so nigel said "i guess you not then, thank. god.". the clone said "uh.. ok". Nigel then asked ariana why she cloned him, so she told him "cause i hate you". he told her "not a rea reason" so she said "and... why not?". he called her and idiot and left, after getting an idea.  his idea was to clone ariana and give her a peice of her own medicin. when he got back, he started laughing while ariana said "stop!!!". he told her(she was still named nigel) "hey nigel, i hate you! ima clone you! f__ing a __hole". ariana said "no! dont do that!!!!". so nigel said "why shouldnt it?". Ariana then blerted out some random giberish, while nigel told her "you cloned me, now you get it back!".  Ariana said "i hate you.." so Nigel told her "i hate you too, sweetheart".  she told him "take it off" so he told her "make meh". he then asked her "what you want off? my shirt?" my feathers? be specific idiot!".  Ariana then lagged the game, but it didnt work. he told her "thats not lag, thats poor" "poor poor poor". ariana said "stop....." so he asked her "stop what? walking? i can stop that *sits down*".  Ariana asked nigel "what are you going to do!?!?!?!" so he told her "i dont know? what do you think? hm?". he then flew over to her and started killing her saying "maybe this?". he then killed her and said "go die in a hole".  

    when she got back she said "dont clone me!!! so he told her "same to you mother __er". she said "im real!!!""(and, who the f__k is there ot prove it to? just realized that lol) so nigel mocked her saying "eww dont clone me waaaaaaaaaaaaah".  she told nigel "i hate you" so he told her "you too!". he then told her "see how it is to be cloned? maybe this is a lesson to you, maybe your to stupied to comprihend it, idk, but anyways, thats what its like to be cloned".  Ariana said "stop clonning me" so he told her "read what i said". she said "what??" "you didnt say anything.....................". Nigel told her "i did" "think you going dead, maybe check your ears? i highly recomend it".  Ariana said "if you have to clone me pls dont say annything". Nigel told her "i will say everything, how im a ___ who hates all of my friends, how im nothing but a s___". he said this for she had cloned people and did the exact same thing. ariana said "no!" so he said "yes". she then said "Stop!!!" so he told her "nuh uh" "ill go tell fighter and gamerz and all of them to come kill me".  Nigel then told her "thats enough for one night, hope you think about what happend. see how it feels to have someone clone you. bye" and left her. 


    killer katEdit

    august 6  Nigel had been hanging out with fighter, showing him different glitches.  he first showed him the seagull building one at cityscape after they had been poo fighting. nigel had gone in the buuilding to get away-


    "killer kat"

    -from fighter, then ended up showing him howw to get in.  they then went to different scapes showing each other different glitches they knew.   a noname started following them from industry1. nigel thought it was vespula at first, for he had been pooed on by it earlier at city 1, but it turned out it wasnt. once him and fighter got to snow5, fighter had to go so nigel was left with the noname. the noname revealed herself as being "killer kat", someone nigel didnt know.  Kat for somereason asked "wheres your girlfriend?" so nigel told her that he didnt have a girlfriend(he split up with spring a while ago).  She then asked him where fighter had gone, so he told her he probebly went back to city 1. she said "probebly out flirting with the girls", so nige told her "its not all about that you know".  

    after a little while kat told nigel that she wouldnt kill him, only if he killed her first. she said "im cool as long as your cool".  Nigel was brb for a minut, and kat said "that nn is going to die one second". Nigel asked her w-


    "that nn is going to die"

    -hat she meant, so she said "im nn in snow 1, and theres another nn i dont trust noone".  SHe then asked "where ya from boy anyways?". he told her where he was from. she then asked "why you back here?" so nigel asked her "what?". she just laughed. she then asked if he wanted to go the the city, but he said he didnt want to for there were to many birds there. she said she needed something to ___ on. he told her to poo on the "hunter thingys".  she said "i'll sit here.". Nigel then asked he what she wanted to do, seen as it was getting boring. she said "idk, you from the u.s?". Nigel told her where he was from again, and she said she thought he was making it up.  he told her "no. im [77]

    kat in nigels nest

    not.". she said "must me lonely" "an island soo far away". Nigel told her that there were quite alot of people there. she said there were only 20k people in her town. she said she lived in quebec, canada.  she then asked nigel a bit about where he lived.  he then had to leave. [78]

    nigel and kat


    Later that night nigel(named felipe) was at city 7 and someone named "topaz lagged" told him to go to hill7. he went and while he was waiting he said "this better not be her" thinking it was vespula or ariana. when it showed up it turned out to be non other then angry swan, for it had now renamed itself "felope". Nigel said "oh wonderful just what i needed". Felope said "its about topaz". Nigel said "angry f off" "and what about cherie". Felope continued saying "and her "daughter". Nigel told him "she has a 16 year old daughter, what about them?". Felope said "she's 48 lol" so Nigle told him "she's 35 not 48". Felope then changed the subject caging "and.. pkg, how can i join?". Nigel told him "are you angry swan?" so Felope said no". Nigel asked "then why is your name Felope". Felope left and then came back as "felipesmother" so Nigel told him "you rally think naming yourself that will get you in the pkg???". Felope said "felipe you should let me in" so nigel said "no, not unless yu tell me who you really are". Felope aid "no?! >:o" "I'm in the pkg". Nigel said "no your not" "and you never will be, you must ask ace if you can join, he's the only person who can add people to the pkg". Nigel then left.  


    august 7  was at city 1 pooing on people as a noname when eren came on   [79][80]alk about beta fish and birds   with erenn   then    about levi   he seemed a bit off. eren   he was following me around but hiding    not telling me it was him  i think i know why hes maderen   a stalkere.e    hes weird :/   i think i know why hes mad    he was using the name beebo    he want me to email him       dont email him. dont give him ur email    i wont  good   dont fall for that kinda stuff  he once said to me he had a friend who could find anyones ip adress..   he such a lier     and i dont want to do that    he told me "just send one mail" and iw as thinkin   one mail is enought for him to find me    yup.  dont fall for it.  if his friend can find ip adress  but anyways      i dont know him in real life. so i be very carefull   i would sty away from him.    yea.. but its nice to hvae someone to talk to     but someone like levi....    i feel like ive been geting close to him.  but not that close that i wanna mail    thats all part of the trap.   and.. he told me he moved to florida    he told me that to    and getting into medical stuff to work with...   he also told me he cant play till next june nex year  ...?  cause of work..   well good.  then he cant bother u     but i told him i could stay up late nights to talk to him wen i had to go to school   hes a lil bit selfish  but dont tell im that   he is. i think  dont tell him i said any of this   i wont    have u seen pruple lately?  no  i think gamerz said she look for me   oh   levi got mad when i told him that   lol    i think hes jelous   hes a bit to attached to u i think :/    she asked for me but not him  brown come on   hi birdieeren    one time wen u didnt come on he started killing people and going mad :/   want me to leave?bw   i  [81]dunno..nigel?eren   u can stay  brown left   were spreading gossip here.   lol   so..what now?eren  id    anyhting to tell?  not really  how r ur fluffly chickens?   theres a new group. called the pkg if u want to join.    and  there good :)  ace leads it  ive seen that name around   oh.  then is a good group     are u part of it?  its for kiling killers and trolls and what not yes   enyone els? gamerz?   hes the deputy should i join? sure how?  add pkg to ur name  its just that easy?  i think ok    eren go change his name  dou need the _ in u name  usually    oh ok brb   eren change again lol   back! mrok is here  who is that  dunno   kills it  o_o  it could be a spy e.e   it back o_oeren   did i tell u my enemie returnd?   no, who?    vespula the bich   sound like a careren     she thinks sh [82]e is a wasp :|     wats a wasp?    the insect  insect? bbrb     she is convinced that shes the queen wasp and she will take over the pkg :|    oh..  and i hate her. e.e  how the hell can she do that?   like them.. she have to murder ace   i dont know?  i asked her if she would sting us to death but i got no answer     hah xd  brb music!leaveseren   i killed her idiot helpers last year ^^ hide in tree  hi  ovo  hello   silence   yeah....eren   mrok back  wtf  he a stalker!  >:(  maybeeren kills it  hahahahahahahahaha  go nigel  ill wathc from hereeren it dies  yes  haahhaha  yes!eren       it come back    i take dat back  im ur chearleatereren   jou so crule!mrok kils nigel while he brb   i was brb. poor.   - one point   killed it again go nigel!eren  >:)  yay e_e itback  i dont stopid >:(mrok    ..?     does.. does it spek english?  kills it  dont>:(     if i were u id change my name to mr"not"ok    hahahahahhahaaahha  back mmy dog stole the cats fooderen   dam dog  hes always steeling food    my mom lets my dog scare the cat away then gives it the cats food as an award  :)   i hate him mor ethen i love him   oho.o   i belive i can flymrok    r u guys friends now?eren   guess*while killing him*       victory is ours  up     its back    and then they come back. cause there to stupid :|   h 7 see if it follow  they go  heheh  o_o  what?   i cant swime.e   oh.   its dark here i didnt see that water  poor crows goina drown   goes in house  o_o   u can get in there too?   i used the secret pas s word :)  i didnt kno that   i walsways use this way    i used the secret door    brb musiceren   lol  wat muic were u listning to? full sail   whats that sog? its quite good   brb to look up   i cant listen to it now  moms home im to fateren about going in the house   i gtg


    be sure to enjoy ur childhooderen    eren and poltergiest are there    eren! back!   life gets togher when ur older.  eren  ill be fine e.epolter  my childhood were ruined by bullies n stufferen   back  hi polter!  hi.  i thought u said potter erenlol   harry potter loleren brb  back   wb    silence...eren   whys polter not sayin anything   hes shy.eren    hes not e.e  trust me .  i know him :/  when he have his mouth full of fooderen   ah i cant ype   my fingers and brain wont cooperateeren    brb one min mom waching me e.e  oi potter r u sleeping?eren     lol. thats for the idea of calling him potter. ;)   yor welcome bro   now he have to change his name again  bakc potterguisteren  o_o  eb  ye?  nothing^v^   ya. nothing :)    he gtg byeeren c7 poo fight?potter   nah  now im stuck with you e.e    wow u are fun    right.polt    i dont want to go to city 7.  ok   pottergiest. lmao   i dont know that that means  :/   its a name eren made for you ^^  right. in a "mean way"    potter.  :P  ^^ what? nothin. no serisly what?  what?  dont say my name if u dont want me   did i say something? :o  attack nigel lol back  give me a reaon why i shouldnt?   shoudnt what? looon you..  loo? poo* poo on him  he died   polt chase him but crashed hahah  then dead  heheheheh! thanks hill!!  shut it.    ah crud.  it have to be nighttime now???   its day...   ya for u it is  the game hates me .-.    go underground   hahahaha yes!!!!!!   lol undegroundhack     its not  a hack i mean mine  ok go ahead   ok   if he only knew   lol   flies out from undergound  dam u keyboard    its on.e  e.e bloodowlfgirl come on  .../?  hey blood!bwg   hey blood!     u have a gf now? great  :/    my hacks r off now   underground  hahahathis time i aint coming out  chicken. idc im a seagull  makes chicken noisedpolt    :)   thanks. i got one life. e.e eren on  eren save me  from?   him  potter?  yes   dies   back pretty odd come on levi?? he leave o_oeren   i see i ca get u undergroundpolter   ...    hes gone.     yup    oooooh potter?  come n kill meh  im right herepot   come get me  eh hes gone.    ill be in in7eren  goes  by by potter ^^ hi  polt come on   that was enough of him e.e  nvm  hihi nigelpolt   hahahaeren   maybe hell come here soonerem    why u follow us potter  lols i know what u doing and it pathetic  .?  vegaslight is levi  levi?   oh hi  vivalasveags eren   haieren o.o   i didnt see youlmaolevi  hi levi    hi nigel    i have so many nameslei want me to get them all?  ok lmoa leaves n get namelevi   im going tog polt  oi potter?   v  :) underground   gamer on hiii big g!eren  hi little g!gamer    why u call him g?  say themtoleviabout names  whoopsies  ive drempt another homestruck dream latelyeren  sweetlevi   kankri and karkat set barn on fireeren   i could expect kar to do but kankir is to innocent wtflebi  in the middle of a snoyflatplaceeren  it was fun thouheren   now gamzee would join in with the karkattbh    gamzee got chainsawed in hald and im madlevi  that deem as funny thougheren    o_ooheren   like eridanlevi im bored     how many times did eredan die?levi    i dunno i think once   u cant die then live   how can u die twiceeren  did u dont even know homestruck everyone dies twicelevi dont dude himeren        i gtg for a while leaves  i7 n blakccat is there  o.o hi?  donna  yes hi? hi   wat u doing here  nothing   waiting for jack?  ues why have u seen him?  no  hes creepy   

    not done

    later polter did what?

    Later on that afternoon nigel met poltergeist again at city 5. he was with someone named "bella" and when nigel asks who she was he said it was his girl friend. Polter had already been with someone named "bloodwolfgirl" earlier that day and had claimed that she was his girl friend too. So Nigel asked polter why he was with bella is bloodwolfgirl was already his girlfriend. Bella overheard this and got mad a polter and started pooling on him saying "how could you" and when polter died nigel told her "he did.". Nigel left the two alone for a minute, planing on going back but when he did they had left. 


    Where is he?

    he went to industry 6, and met donna and cherie there, so he asked the two if they had seen polter. donna had seen him 10 minutes ago. Polter then came on saying "nigel how could you!!" so nigel said "speak of the devil". Nigel told him he did it because he cheated on his girlfriends. Donna tried to help polter telling nigel "i know him well". Nigel told her "i know him a lot more then you do donna". Polter told nigel "I'm going to slit your neck in your sleep!" so nigel told him "go ahead". Donna then randomly said "maybe he's not the same blood(blood wolf) i mated with". Polter was telling "just you wait" while nigel asked donna "wait what. YOU WHAT WITH HIM????". Polter went on saying "thanks nigel. all cause i pooed on you!". Donan said "i was with a blood. not sure it was him" while nigel asked "YOU WHAT WITH HIM????". Polter said "no i didn't do that with donna". Nigel told him "your the only blood around". Donna told nigel "no he aint" so nigel said "you sick people". Polter said "just you wait!" and left. Nigel said "he's so stupid, so he's cheated twice now. good god". Donna said "no he didn't" so Nigel said "he did, i saw him". Donna said "lord it wasn't him" so he said "ya it was". Nigel said "now i know what he's up to." "n i know him, he would do that kinda stuff". Nigel then said "got, ill never look at him the same way again. what a sicko.". Donna asked "he with bella?" so nigel said "he was with bloodwolfgirl this morning then with bella later". Donna said "yes bella cheat on him" so nigel said "they both cheat? what a wonderful couple!". Donna said "at the end of the day it between them". Nigel said "i'll let him deal with it i guess, but bella hates him now". Donna said "yes. best way". Nigel said "i hated him anyways". there was then silence, and eventually nigel said "well, now I've got someone hunting me down. again. yay!" and left. 

    at i7    hat was this earlier about u being with pltrgesit?  oi donna answer me   i was with someone called blood but it wasnt him.    im sure it was  i know what hes up to -_-    i hate him even more now!   god. and i thought he was getting better.  f__ tht idea.   ur not rlly friends with it are you? yes.  dont be.  hes a jerk  he ok  ya right  he tried to murder me for no reason!  a few day ago aww    dont do that aaaw crap with me e.e   dont start  start what? another bc come on  um wtf it leave   did i have a clone   donna who was that  yes i dont know.    ah fack arians back  maybe    i got her a few nights ago though lol  good    i cloned her name. you should have seen her face   lmao   she acted like she was dying >:)  yes i bet    anyways, call her ariama if u see her she hates it ;   i gtg by   if u see poltergiest tell him his bff is looking for him ;)    


    Angryswan vs nigel and bloodwolf

    on august 8 in the morning he was with gamerz, eren, and someone named "emof___" who turned out to be blackfire. 

    later Nigel had been hanging out with a bunch of people at city 7 including fighter, gamerz, brownwolf, frost, and a fe others. they got into a huge fight.  Nigel ended up leaving to hill5 with frost and someone named "chucky boy". they hung out there for a while. 

    he then went to island 7 and got in an argument with donna over jack. 

    later nigel met gamerz and went to hill5. angryswan(names hatred) found them there. he followed them everywhere, untill they finnaly lost him. nigel named himself "angrybird" thinking angry wouldnt guess that as a name he would use. gamerz got bored and left to city 1 while nigel found angry(now named feer me) again and told him to go to hill5. he told angry that his name should be "fear me" and not feer me, but he ignored him. at hill 5 they were joined by someone named "mystic" that turned out to be poltergiest(aka bloodwolf aka giggety goo). Nigel appoligized to polter for what he did the the day before, and they were friends again.  Angry was saying "ur meking me mad >:O" so nigel told him to shut up. polter started correcting angry, making him even angrier. angry said "curect me wun mure time!!!!". Nigel said "i cant understand half of what your saying" and then asked poler "can you".  polter corrected angry again on his spelling, so angry started saying random gibberish.  Nigel asked Polter what he should call him, for he now had 5 different names. he told nigel to call him blood.  angry then left,so nigel said "yess it left" but then it came back so he said "nvm..".  Angry then said "aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! and started spamming gibberish again.  blood left saying "im going to be spirit wait here". Angry then pooed on Nigel and laughed.  Blood returned now named "spirit" and killed angry, so nigel told him "hil2 now!!! we can get away from it!!!!!!!". angry came back, and blood didnt go to hill2. so they were stuck there with angry. Blood then left for a few minuts,  while angry said "in u ugely fake bish >:o".  Nigel told him to stop and said "why i have to be stuck with.. you..".  Angry said "no wun correct mi evurrrrrrr >:o".  Nigel told angry "im not". Nigel said "ur an idiot, brb im eating pancakes" and left for a minut.  

    when he got back angry said "sut up and take out da garbage!!!!!!!!!" and left.  it then came back as "pancakeupyourface".  Nigel said "rlly" while angry said "Stop eeting ull get fat!". nigel then said "where the hell did gg go, he left us? coward. god, he left me to deal with you.......".  Angry said "u wellcum fatty!" to this. Angry then said "hee caym back!" so nigel said "no he didnt". just then blood came back so nigel said "oh nvm there he is". Blood asked you talking about be?" so nigel told him "i was asking where u went".  Chuckyboy then came on, and said "eeeeyyyy wad up!".  Angry was still saying random gibberish while Blood correcting him.  Angry said "out! get outta me house!" to chuck, not liking him already. Nigel said "why.. why does this thing even exist???". Angry started spamming again, while blood told nigel that the e was mising from his name. Chuck asked nigel where his "sis" was refuring to frost from earlier. nigel told him she wasnt on at the moment.  Angry said " yo moma dont exist" while blood said "i love to anoy you". Nigel asked who he was talking about so he said "feer me". Nigel told him it was angry swan to be corect.  Blood then left so nigel decided to leave too. 

    later that night  [84]

    discussing angry


    screen shot


    killing da swan

    angry swan up to no god  he maing me cry irl  i need help brownwolf  nigel was killing duchess again at hill3      i know hill5   they go to hill5    angryswans an a ss hole :/   he named himself "felope" to mock my name felipe and followed me around   look at angry cloned chucky and said were braking up and after he left  then i cryde... the reason y that i know it was angry was because he was hiding in the building as a swan....  wait.. ur with chucky?????   and, angry also says >:o alot well,angry thought we was dating  swan chucky come on   but o.o  crap.  perfect timing.. eh?  brown  its a swan..      brown start to ill em   dye  kills it h2 now   as bubba  change name now!!!!!  he does to  -  kawaii_gurl   ok if it comes act like u cant speek english   i will randomly leave to make it convincing k??? u stay here  shes a rrobin  be a ringnekc  she back wb   that will make it convincing   anfry on as clownwolf n kill nigel dam    real chcuky come on wad up  i know it youangry   nigel gtg for 5 min  have few more min   i got few more min  theres 2 chucks   dam   :|  angryswan.  f off hm idea!  angrys in a house i go undergorund >:) git away from me wife!!!!!!!angry im not ur wifebrown   im more kawaii then ubrown     wur the last 7 years a lie?!?!?!??!angry  o.o  yes cuas on not ur wife   da fuc    i dont care how koweewe u ar!  bubba  he knows  know what  im kawaii u bish    whats kawaii  omg..   u dont know??  go kaweewee in ur baby    look at screen shot  3.. 2.. 1..  kills angry  bahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha its back   ulittle shitkaw    hoeangry   some back   no   before i feed u to my hungy packk    aw man i can tkill em now  dum dawg>:O   thanks.      sit  stay!!!!angry    i wouldnt expect myself to be smart.   aahhh!!>:o angry   what   angry come too close get pooed on   take dat  no!!!!   yeeees  ima.. gooo leaves  ok see yakawaii left  now u   what me?     u u .>:o    you think i would leave you all by urself?  hell no.  lmao     wut now  pooed on him is what now    u dye   no :P   brown is back    what u goina do now? hm?  wb   he wont come out kill by brown change to ɴιgєʟ!_ᵖᵏᵍ  sorry  it fine  brown left      u cheeted on me i seeangry  :/  brown back   wasnt me   brown leave  clownwolf!!!!!!!! realize its a mock name on brownwolf lol   not even a funny clwon angry        i gtg out!anry    bye

    not done


    The next few days Edit

    through the next few days, Nigel would often meet up with Chuckyboy and digi and hang out with them. he also helped mufasa when digi was stalking him. she had named herself "sarabi".  Kaprosuchus also returned for a day named "brokenjaw" claiming that he was using that name now. Angryswan also started bothering people at city 1, naming himseld "hoepaz" to mock cherie. one day both him and ariana were on at the same time at city 1. you know how that goes.      


    kidlat meets the one and only angryswan + rain and shan's return   Edit

    On august 12 Nigel met shan at snow 1. he hadnt seen shan for a long time, so he told shan to go to hill5. when he got there he asked shan "are you the one who knew rain?". Someone named "crow" came on and started randomly killing nigel. Nigel asked shan if he was the shan who knew rain, so Shan told him that she was. Crow then killed shan so Nigel told him to stop. When Shan got back nigel asked her "i thought u left?". Shan said "i haven't left" "i play different games with rain". Nigel said that he missed rain, so Shan said "but i wanted to come back". Shan then told Nigel that she had been wither win at hill4 the day before. Nigel asked Shan to tell rain that he was still around. He then told shan that he talked to rain a bit on the SOS website. Shan said that her and rain texted each other a lot. Nigel told shan "she made me the leader n left". Shan then randomly left claiming that she would be on later at hill1, and left without even saying good bye. Frost then came on, so Nigel told her that Shan left. Frost asked where she went, so Nigel told her he didn't know. Frost then told nigel that she knew who shan was but she didn't know rain. Nigel said "rain said she left flab3 over this website thing she made". Emma then came on and said "heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy!". After greeting her, Emma told Nigel and frost "i been looking everywhere for you guys!". Nigel told her "well you found us now!". Nigle then asked her if she had seen Chucky boy anywhere, for he hadnt seen him in a few days. Emma said she hadn't seen chucky for days. They then talked for a little while then Nigel left for a little while.            

    later  on Nigel met Kidlat at city 4 for the first time. he had only ever heard about Kidlat from Gamerz and Ace. Him and Kidlat went to Hill5 After Ariana had been trolling city 4. Nigel went underground incase Ariana decided to follow them. sure enough they were followed by someone named "stare". Nigel then asked Kidlat if he wanted to know all of the "trolls of flab3". Kid said he did so Nigel told him        

    "Angryswan: stalks people, mocks peoples names using swear words.  

    Lisha: stalks people and says she "wants you". 

    Ariana: clones people and makes there friends hate them".  

    Stare then told Kidlat "wait kidlat!". Kidlat asked what so Stare said "rant you as posed to be dead?". Nigel went on saying "i think angry is the worst out of all of them to tell you the truth". Kid said "dead? e.e who are you". Nigel continued going on saying "you know its him cause he says >:o a lot". he then answered kid saying "its ariana". Stare told nigel "not" so Nigel asked him "angry?" so stare said "wrong again...". Kid said "my friends and enemies in the past are haunting me". Nigel went on asking stare "lisha?" so stare said no. Kid asked for a hint, so stare said "I'm kidlats worst enemie!". Kid said "ah.. fox?" so stare told him no. Nigel asked "vespula?" so stare said no. Kid asked "fighter?" but got the same old no. Nigel said "well idk then.. at least its not angry...". Stare said "i grow tiresome of this pathetic guessing game". Kid said "aaahh... your the pizza guy?". Nigel asked him who the "pizza guy" was, but was interrupted by Stare who said "you have awoken me from my 10000 year sleep.". Kid said "shen.(nigel) this guy is creepy.... what do you advise?". stare said "waris will" so Kid said "e.e" to this. Nigel said "er.. i think its ariana.. or angry.. or one of dem wasps... i say ignore it and it will get bored and leave haha".  

    Someone named "rainy" then came on so Nigel asked her if she was the real rain. it turned out it was. Meenwhile kidlat asked stare "are you my ex". Stare said "no o_o". Kid told Nigel "shen i think its my ex gf..". Nigel, still trying to figure out who this stare person was, asked stare "hm... is it polska?". Kid asked nigel "what should i do?" while stare said "ima change my name to something fancier soon enough kidlad!". Kid said "you creepy shoo!" to stare. Stare then told kidlat "we will fite >:o" confirming himself as Angryswan. Nigel said "aw hell naw its angry.......". Kid said "shen what do you advise??". Stare said "change of names!" and left. Nigel said "if it comes back as felope I'm murdering myself.". instead of coming back as Felope, which nigel feared, angry came back as "Kidfat" to mock Kidlats name. Nigel told Kidlat "kidlat, i introduce you to the one and only angry swan!". Kidlat said "who da hell is this weirdo". Angry answered kidlat saying "yer werst nitemarir!!!!! >:o".  

    While Kidlat and Angry were arguing, Nigel asked Rain if she had banned giggetygoo from the SoS website, for he had been asking her to do this. She calmed that she had, so Nigel thanked her. Angry then started spamming, so kid told Nigel "i think he needs some medicine". Angry asked kid "you wanna dye? >:o". Nigel and rain then went to hill 7 after angry died for a minute. when they got there Nigel changed his ahem to "bubba" and waited for rain. Unfortunatly rain didn't show up so Nigel went back to Hill5 and said "i lost rain". Angryswan was gone, so kidlat told nigel "i lost the creepy dude" but just as he said this Angry returned now named "kidlat_assfat". Nigel told kidlat "no comment". Rain then came back now named "dandelion" so Nigel told her to go to hill4. So Rain and Nigel left, leaving Kidlat to battle angry swan.  


    Rain vs Angry!!!

    After discussing the banning of Giggetygoo again, Angryswan joined Rain and Nigel, naming himself "nihoethefake1" to mock nigels new name "nigel!tʰᵉrᵉᵃˡ1". Nigel told Rain who angry swan was, and they started fighting with him. Angry then left and named himself "here?there?". Rain started killing Angry repeatedly. Rain left for a minute after being killed by angry, and Angry renamed himself "everywhere^^". Rain came back and killed Angry, so they went to hill2. Nigel changed his name to "happy bird" while rain changed her name to "iwannabe a duck". She asked nigel "remember this name?" "old faithful". Nigel said he did, then said "i hate angry swan :(" Someone named "R R" then asked "can anyone see me? tell me the truth please" for he was obviously trying to be a noname and failing. Nigel ignored r r and told rain "if he comes here act like your not english k?". Rain said she would speak russian if angryswan found them. They then went to hill4 after someone named "Kima" kept pooing on Rain.   At hill4 Nigel said "if angry comes i will randomly leave to make it convincing its not us but you stay here". Rain said she would claiming "good idea, i will speak another language". Rain then started speaking in Russian. Rain then left to get a russian name. wen she got back nigel said "even better". Rain then claimed that she was making a "role play" website, so Nigel asked if she would still keep the SoS one. She said they would, the role-play one was only a new website. Rain then claimed that she had 50 websites, naming a few as "silver sparrows, misty pumpkins, legacy, warrior clan". she said she had a ton of others as well. Nigel asked Rain if she could get more people to join the SocietyofSavers, for it was practically dead, so Rain said that she would remake it. Nigel told her that there was already a group, and told her about the PKG and what they did.  [89][90] kiled by rain dam lol the pkg was just re made :| fu cking computer we got the website what website? sos website and the pkg dosnt do thay i made a wiki for them :/ wiki isnt as good as our website but thats all plus they have like 20 ppl in it already unless.. we could get the two groups together n make one big website? i will ask gamers later good idea we could ask them to team up with us and ill add the website for us or kl whats kl kidlat ooh me being lazy again :| lol or we just do the rp one? but i dont like roleplay.. after what happen wiht the cats... e.e cause tons of ppl on here love it what heppend the cats joined thumb|link=|118x118pxthumb|link=and first of all there cats on a bird game wth then they went and made "terrirories" and kicked people out of the game and so on. i hated them i dont want that to happen again but u rp on the site not the gamem ooh then fine lol its gonna be where u can creat a rp and join others rp just dont need a repeat of what happend with daplefrost. what happend then nvm she took over flab3 and started kicking innocent people out cause they wernt "cats" what happend to her? she left eventually along with her stupid friends i think i actually made someone leave flab but im not sure oh who? im tryuna remember why he leave? it was faithsnowfox n eher friend when did this happen? her firend left about a year ago i dont rly rememberrain she was clonned alot yeahrain by non other than ariana lol i remember i cloned her once u did? lol just once though well.. she wasnt that nice. first time i met her she killed me for no reason thumb|link=thumb|link=and first of all there cats on a bird game wth then they went and made "terrirories" and kicked people out of the game and so on. i hated them i dont want that to happen again but u rp on the site not the gamem ooh then fine lol its gonna be where u can creat a rp and join others rp just dont need a repeat of what happend with daplefrost. what happend then nvm she took over flab3 and started kicking innocent people out cause they wernt "cats" what happend to her? she left eventually along with her stupid friends i think i actually made someone leave flab but im not sure oh who? im tryuna remember why he leave? it was faithsnowfox n eher friend when did this happen? her firend left about a year ago i dont rly rememberrain she was clonned alot yeahrain by non other than ariana lol i remember i cloned her once u did? lol just once though well.. she wasnt that nice. first time i met her she killed me for no reason thumb|link=thumb|link=and first of all there cats on a bird game wth then they went and made "terrirories" and kicked people out of the game and so on. i hated them i dont want that to happen again but u rp on the site not the gamem ooh then fine lol its gonna be where u can creat a rp and join others rp just dont need a repeat of what happend with daplefrost. what happend then nvm she took over flab3 and started kicking innocent people out cause they wernt "cats" what happend to her? she left eventually along with her stupid friends i think i actually made someone leave flab but im not sure oh who? im tryuna remember why he leave? it was faithsnowfox n eher friend when did this happen? her firend left about a year ago i dont rly rememberrain she was clonned alot yeahrain by non other than ariana lol i remember i cloned her once u did? lol just once though well.. she wasnt that nice. first time i met her she killed me for no reason thumb|link=thumb|link=and first of all there cats on a bird game wth then they went and made "terrirories" and kicked people out of the game and so on. i hated them i dont want that to happen again but u rp on the site not the gamem ooh then fine lol its gonna be where u can creat a rp and join others rp just dont need a repeat of what happend with daplefrost. what happend then nvm she took over flab3 and started kicking innocent people out cause they wernt "cats" what happend to her? she left eventually along with her stupid friends i think i actually made someone leave flab but im not sure oh who? im tryuna remember why he leave? it was faithsnowfox n eher friend when did this happen? her firend left about a year ago i dont rly rememberrain she was clonned alot yeahrain by non other than ariana lol i remember i cloned her once u did? lol just once though well.. she wasnt that nice. first time i met her she killed me for no reason thumb|link=thumb|link=and first of all there cats on a bird game wth then they went and made "terrirories" and kicked people out of the game and so on. i hated them i dont want that to happen again but u rp on the site not the gamem ooh then fine lol its gonna be where u can creat a rp and join others rp just dont need a repeat of what happend with daplefrost. what happend then nvm she took over flab3 and started kicking innocent people out cause they wernt "cats" what happend to her? she left eventually along with her stupid friends i think i actually made someone leave flab but im not sure oh who? im tryuna remember why he leave? it was faithsnowfox n eher friend when did this happen? her firend left about a year ago i dont rly rememberrain she was clonned alot yeahrain by non other than ariana lol i remember i cloned her once u did? lol just once though well.. she wasnt that nice. first time i met her she killed me for no reason thumb|link=thumb|link=and first of all there cats on a bird game wth then they went and made "terrirories" and kicked people out of the game and so on. i hated them i dont want that to happen again but u rp on the site not the gamem ooh then fine lol its gonna be where u can creat a rp and join others rp just dont need a repeat of what happend with daplefrost. what happend then nvm she took over flab3 and started kicking innocent people out cause they wernt "cats" what happend to her? she left eventually along with her stupid friends i think i actually made someone leave flab but im not sure oh who? im tryuna remember why he leave? it was faithsnowfox n eher friend when did this happen? her firend left about a year ago i dont rly rememberrain she was clonned alot yeahrain by non other than ariana lol i remember i cloned her once u did? lol just once though well.. she wasnt that nice. first time i met her she killed me for no reason thumb|link=thumb|link=and first of all there cats on a bird game wth then they went and made "terrirories" and kicked people out of the game and so on. i hated them i dont want that to happen again but u rp on the site not the gamem ooh then fine lol its gonna be where u can creat a rp and join others rp just dont need a repeat of what happend with daplefrost. what happend then nvm she took over flab3 and started kicking innocent people out cause they wernt "cats" what happend to her? she left eventually along with her stupid friends i think i actually made someone leave flab but im not sure oh who? im tryuna remember why he leave? it was faithsnowfox n eher friend when did this happen? her firend left about a year ago i dont rly rememberrain she was clon