these are just some secret chat code colors ;)

blue - <color=#w071r4>  </color>

tan - <color=#q071l4>  </color>

teal - <color=#G071l4>  </color>

pinky purple - <color=#s071R4>  </color>

grey purple  - <color=#O071O4> </color>

deep purple - <color=#L000R4> </color>

hot pink - <color=#B000L4> </color>

red - <color=#T000Y4> </color>

olive green - <color=#M83> </color>

black - <color=#000>haha </color>

invisible purple(dont ask.)  - <color=#90d2> </color>

redy-brown - <color=#S447> </color>

lime green - <color=#lsk> </color>

olivde yellow - <color=#omg> </color>

other colors you can use aqua, brown,  black, magenta,  purple , blue, light blue, lime , green,   red,  yellow,  orange,   grey

and to lag the game </size=900000>HAHAHA</size> . and have one space behind it. always use 5 zeros to lag the game!

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