The cityscape is a place in fly like a bird3, it was the first scape gamevial everr made for fly like a bird 3, and was in the first 2 games, the city in flab2 was more like the one if flab3! gameviall then added trash cans and power lines(yes there was a time when there where no power lines or trash bins!) to the cityscape! the first birds to fly in the city were pigeons crows and seagulls. crows were the most common bird to find. there are a number of glitches in the cityscape. as a swan you can go in any building and get underground! cityscape one is often the most popular scape people go in, its that, or they are just to lazy to find a different scape


  • swan glitches = fly sideways at any building to get in it.
  • underground glitch =

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